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Sunday, July 27, 2014


DOG(town) DAMN-IT! THIS IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN... again and again and again and again and again and...
This morning, my co-worker was scrolling through some humor website in our last 30 minutes of work, and I was looking over his shoulder. Then he came upon this one video and I began howling with laughter.
I later located it at YouTube.
The following remarks are found in the YouTube 'Comment Section':
A good dad always takes one for the team. :D
Your dad is soooooo stupid.......that 
he got hit by a parked car!
And this one's my favorite:
If the car hadn't been there, he'd probably still be going.
I can't even THINK about this video without 
'Guffawing Out Loud' all over again...

Remember this the next time the doctor prescribes a 'Laugh' as the medicine for what ails ya. ("If you don't think that was funny, you better not go to colledge.")
~ Stephen T. McCarthy
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Friday, July 25, 2014


Below are a couple of recent stories I came across at the websites 'POLICE STATE USA' and 'WORLD NET DAILY'. Again we have Uniformed Totalitarian Dogs (aka “Pigs With Badges”) abusing their power and... NOT using their power when they SHOULD! Read on and you'll see what I mean. [For the full stories click the links.]


ALASKA-CANADA BORDER — A group of boy scouts on a back-country excursion were detained, searched, and threatened with arrest after one scout took a photograph of a border patrol agent.  The Scoutmaster says that one of his scouts had a gun pointed directly at his head during the 4-hour ordeal.

The incident occurred earlier this month, when Iowa-based Boy Scout Troop 111 took a drive up to Alaska to do some camping.  Their passage through the American border left the scouts traumatized.

As the four van-loads of scouts and leaders went through a federal checkpoint crossing into Alaska, one of the boys, eager to document his trip, got out his camera.  When a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent witnessed him taking pictures, things grew hostile.

Agents forced the occupants of the van to exit and submit to an extensive search.  They seized the boy’s camera, deleted the pictures, and threatened the minor with imprisonment.

The agent immediately confiscated his camera, informed him he would be arrested, fined possibly $10,000 and 10 years in prison,” said Jim Fox, Scoutmaster of Troop 111, in an interview with KCCI.

Meanwhile all of the occupants of the van were having their personal belongings shuffled through by federal agents.  Hostilities peaked when one scout reached for his luggage without permission.

[The boy] hears a snap of a holster, turns around, and here’s this agent, both hands on a loaded pistol, pointing at the young man’s head,” Mr. Fox recalled.


Police officers in Jackson, Mississippi, are being accused of letting thieves walk away with the property of pro-life activists who were exercising their First Amendment rights on public sidewalks, and a video has been posted to support the claim.

The video shows the activists approaching police and reporting the thefts. An officer, who is holding a drink and appears to be leaning up against a vehicle, states: “I see that. I’m dealing with something right now.”

The video accompanies a lawsuit against the city’s police department over the officers’ behavior.

The complaint was filed by Pro-Life Mississippi and a number of individuals against Police Chief Lindsay Horton, the city and officers Jesse Robinson, James McGowan, Mary James, Marie Hampton, James Ross and Willis Thomas.

The police department refused WND’s request for comment, and the city attorney’s office did not respond to a WND message. [...]

The lawsuit alleges:

In June, there were threats of arrest for exiting a parked vehicle to share pro-life literature on a public sidewalk.

In March, there were multiple threats of arrest and orders that pro-life speakers move.

In February, and in December 2013, there were arrests of people with pro-life signs or literature for sitting in chairs on public property.

Other arrests have been made of people holding pro-life signs.

Charges were dismissed in most cases, and the legal firm said that in some cases, police even refused to inform the courts of the charges.

Also, personal belongings have been confiscated and converted to police use, the claim alleges.

[To see the video, click the link below...]

And then we have these pseudo-conservative clowns at Faux News telling us how wrong it is for citizens to film police officers because... “There’s enough stress on police” already.


It is helpful to examine how the American media subtly influences audiences toward tolerating oppression when they should be resisting it.  Illustrating this point, two major cable news hosts devoted airtime toward denigrating citizen activists’ efforts to hold the government accountable.

The topic of discussion earlier this week on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor was the subject of filming police officers during on-the job duties.  Or, as host Bill O’Reilly describes it, “spying on the police.”

Mr. O’Reilly and guest commentator Megyn Kelly proceeded to attempt to marginalize a group known as Cop Block (, which has dedicated a great deal of effort toward seeking accountability among police officers through the use of cameras.

The two hosts showed nothing but contempt toward the concept of filming police and the individuals who spend effort to do it.

There’s enough stress on police, without these clowns chasing them around,” Mr. O’Reilly sneered.

Gun-toting law enforcement [Cough!-Cough!] officers are largely out-of-control from coast-to-coast! Keep filming them, People!

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Republican Vs. Democrat, Male Vs. Female, War Vs. Peace, Light Vs. Dark, Good Vs. Evil, Man Vs. Machine, Love Vs. Hate, Dog Vs. Cat, Sun Vs. Moon, Brain Vs. Brawn, Oscar Vs. Grammy, Angel Vs. Demon, Laurel Vs. Hardy, Beer Vs. Wine, TV Vs. Radio, Pitcher Vs. Batter, Paper Vs. Plastic, Reality Vs. Fantasy, Yeshua Vs. Beelzebub, Conservative Vs. Liberal, You Vs. Me, House Vs. Senate, Offense Vs. Defense, Kramer Vs. Kramer, Spy Vs. Spy, Fischer Vs. Spassky, W.C. Fields Vs. Sobriety, Harold Gimpy, Jr. Vs. Sheldon J. Pismire, Rock Vs. Paper Vs. Scissors, Islam Vs. Everything, Singer Vs. Singer, Band Vs. Band...

Shoop-Shooby –
Shooby-duh-Dooby-Doop-Dooby-Dooby-Doo-Wah –

Yes, it’s time once again for ‘Battle Of The Bands’ (‘BOTB’)
Alright, let’s get on it...

In my last installment of 'BOTB' I featured an English garage band (The Kinks) original going up against an American “Classic Rock” band cover (Van Halen). That was a darned close contest, so I've decided to follow it up with something similar.

This time we're putting another “British Invasion” band, The Zombies, up against a cover by a Mexican “Classic Rock” artist, Carlos Santana.

The first and biggest hit by The Zombies was 'SHE'S NOT THERE' – it climbed to #2 on the Billboard music charts in 1964. The band featured a singer named Colin Blunstone and a keyboardist named Rod Argent. Sometime after The Zombies broke up, Argent started a new band called... 'Argent'. Argent did the singing in Argent and in 1972 he had a #5 hit with a song you may have heard titled 'Hold Your Head Up'.
But we're here to hear The Zombies and their original 'She's Not There', so let's do that now:
'She's Not There' – The Zombies

In 1977, Carlos Santana and his band released an album called 'Moonflower'; it featured a combination of live tracks and studio recordings. Their cover version of The Zombies' original climbed to #27 on the Billboard charts.

Santana himself was the guitarist but he employed various singers in his bands over the decades. For a couple of years – including 1977 when 'She's Not There' was getting radio airplay - Santana's singer was a guy named Greg Walker. I thought Walker was a soulful singer, and his vocals were featured especially well on the 1979 hit 'Stormy'.
But now, let's hear Santana and Walker performing their cover of The Zombies' song:

'She's Not There' – Santana

Alright now, “you know the gig”... I welcome EVERYONE to vote for their favorite of these songs in the comment section below. And feel free to tell us WHY you chose one song over the other. (NOTE: Comment Moderation is activated. All submitted comments that do not transgress "Ye Olde Comment Policy" will be posted as soon as possible. Thanks for taking the time to comment.)

After voting here, I suggest - actually I insist - you pop over to FAE’s ‘Far Away Series’, Arlee Bird’s ‘Tossing It Out’, Robin’s ‘Your Daily Dose’, and LC’s ‘DiscConnected’ blogs to see which songs they have chosen and vote there also. (If their ‘BOTB’ blog bits aren’t posted yet, pour yourself two shots of ‘Grand Marnier’ over ice – do it twice – and then return to their blogs to vice your voice your vice ...voice your vote.)

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As I've done in the past, I will continue to return to my 'BOTB' blog bits on the 7th and 21st of each month to post my own votes and announce the winners in the comment sections.

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We interrupt this blog to announce that we are having technical difficulties (i.e., this computer is in the crapper).

Hopefully I will be back sooner than later. (Looks like I’m about to put my wallet on a weight-loss diet.)

For now, however, and until further notice, I have no computer access. No way to blog, no way to receive and reply to Emails, no nuttin’.

To quote from the movie ‘AIRPLANE’: “What a pisser!”

My Friends, I have not and will not forget y’all, and we’ll yak when back.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
so a fool repeats his folly."
~ Proverbs 26:11

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


For Part 1 click HERE.

So, I went back to that ‘Police Brutality’ YouTube video page ( to see if my buddy Aaron had responded to my last comment. It took him quite awhile to work up the courage to do so, but he finally found it and posted something. But first... here’s something else I came upon and felt compelled to respond to:

I couldn't agree more +Aaron Coulter. I have gotten tickets, or been pulled over at DUI check points. All you have to do is answer a few questions. How hard is that to do? People will yell, about their rights being violated, etc... I say, SHUT UP already. A cop has a very stressful job, and never knows if he is going home that night because of some scumbag out there! Every single officer I have EVER encountered, or seen encounter someone has ALWAYS been respectful, and helpful to anyone. Be it black, white, asian, hispanic, etc... they have always handled situations properly. People just want to act tough, and post youtube videos, and try and sue. For the most part, that is what it's for. I really think it is dumb, and silly.

STMcC [Me]:
ATTILA, all you have to do is answer a few questions at DUI check points? That's easy, and then you can just drive on?


Have you EVER read the U.S. Constitution? Of course you don't know when your rights have been violated, because you don't even have Clue #1 what your rights ARE!

You're like a dog taking a beating and wagging your tail because at least your masters didn't kill you.

Sheesh, with Americans like you, this country doesn't need enemies!

And now, my friends, we’re back to the main show. Take it away Mr. Coulter...

Actually, I'm a 21 year United States Marine...and I spent my 4th of July forward deployed in defense of our nation against enemies foreign and domestic. It sounds to me like you may fit into the latter group, so believe me when I say that if we ever end up on your doorstep, it will be a very bad day for you. You sound a little misguided and possibly mentally ill, so I'm going to stop talking to you. My advice is to get out of the house a little more and stop reading those conspiracy theory books and web pages. 

Oh, Boo-Hoo! My new, ultra-patriotic American friend Aaron is going to stop talking to me. I feel crushed! How will I ever get over this personal rejection?

I KNOW! I’ll just make some new American friends... 
Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, allow me to introduce muhself...

Well, since he’s not talking to me anymore, I guess this was the last thing I’ll ever get to say to my old pal Aaron. (I’m sure gonna miss him though.)

STMcC [Me]:
AARON, you’re a 21-year-old Marine, eh? Ha! Why am I not surprised?

If you ever show up on my doorstep, be sure to bring lots and lots of help, because you’ll need it, and it will be a very bad day for you, too!

But, hey, it’s great that you’re in a foreign nation saving America from being utterly destroyed and our Constitutional rights from being wiped out by a bunch of foreigners who scarcely even know what toilet paper is. I’m sure Barack and the American oil companies appreciate your service.

When you get home, you’ll become a great cop, just like so many other military men have. All those “breaking-things” and “people” skills you’re learning will come in handy.

Yes, sir, I surely do intend to continue reading that “conspiracy” book The Holy Bible from cover to cover every year, just as I’ve done for the last twenty years.

I sincerely (really!) hope you come home safely... 
and wiser, too.

My ferret-faced fascist friends, I leave you for now, but before I go, let me lighten the mood just a li’l bit.

At work about 3 AM Monday, I was reading this conservative website, ‘LIBERAL LOGIC 101’, which I often visit when I’m behind the desk on the job. Believe me, at 3 AM I’m never really in a laughing mood, but this one picture that someone posted really got a good laugh (or two) out of me. So, I wanted to share it with ya:
~ Stephen T. McCarthy

YE OLDE COMMENT POLICY: All comments, pro and con, are welcome. However, ad hominem attacks and disrespectful epithets will not be tolerated (read: "posted"). After all, this isn’t, so I don’t have to put up with that kind of bovine excrement.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Rarely do I ever leave comments on the YouTube website, and on those rare times that I do, they are almost always positive and complimentary. Every once in awhile though I run across someone or something that really ticks me off, and on a Blue Moon when my ire is up, I’m apt to leave a negative remark or rebuttal.

That “Blue Moon” was yesterday when I ran across the following video at YouTube:


I have a very low tolerance for injustice of all stripes, and just watching that video I could feel my blood boiling and about to go through the roof.

Then I started reading some of the comments left below that video at YouTube. There was a lot of the usual racial bullshit posted by the usual racist retards of all colors, but I also found some comments I agreed with and copied below:

Hey people, just imagine what cops used to get away with before camera phones. Just type in "cop caught on camera" on YouTube. This is happening all over the country, what seems like on a daily basis. Something needs to be done about police brutality, or in my opinion, there is going to be another Rodney King situation. Except this time it's going to be more widespread, because people have had enough.

There is loads of these types of videos on youtube and other sites of American police doing this kind of thing! American cops are the modern day SS, dirty fu#king Nazi's, a lot of racist comments here but the American cops treat white people this way also.

I'm from an old school police family. Grandmother and grandfather were cops. Cousins who were cops. I tried it a couple of years as a reserve back in the 90s. Not my granddaddy's force anymore though. These days, if a cop was getting his ass beat, I'd stand there and watch. I wouldn't do a damn thing to help. Fu#king tools of tyranny. I've got no use for a cop these days. I'd trust armed neighbors more than I do cops. I wouldn't call them for shit. 

Yeah, well I did it for a couple of years myself before deciding I wanted another career direction, and there's no justification for this. You're a fu#king moron. Disregard of authority does not lawfully justify such a battery, and if you actually knew a fu#king thing, you would know that much. He jerked her around like a rag doll and had her on the ground with little effort in about a second, yet you want us to believe that any "disregard for authority" coming from her at that moment warranted his beating her in the face? Shut THE fu#k UP you police state co#ksu#ker.

This is appalling that we let our government hire these thugs to drum up revenue for them, so they throw all these mentally deranged thugs on the street with a gun to shake us down. People fear cops more than thieves these days, all they are is revenue agents for the gestapo government we have. This criminal should get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to make an example that this type of police brutality will not be allowed by the AMERICAN PEOPLE NO MORE!!!

Then I came across a few comments that I felt compelled to respond to - and NOT in a nice way - because these yo-yos were justifying this obvious case of police brutality:

Fine, Hate the police, but the next time you need help because you have just been robbed, raped or even shot? Dont ring them because they are clearly "all animals"

STMcC [Me]:
>>... ‘...they are clearly "all animals".’

I agree with THAT!

The criminal is not allowed on the freeway.
It clearly is running from the law and attacking the officer. 
Too bad they only used the minimum force needed.

STMcC [Me]:
CALIFORNIA CHEEZ is probably just another cop. You can tell by the lack of intelligence in his comment and his loud approval of excessive violence. Just another Neanderthal with a badge.

I'm waiting for the day, and it's coming, when all hell breaks loose in the cities and the cops are going to find out just how much we normal, law-abiding citizens have appreciated their "service". We will treat them the same way they've been treating us for so long.

And, of course, the tough cops will all scatter for their lives and disappear from the streets... EXACTLY the way they did in
L.A. during The Rodney King Riots. We saw just how tough they really were then, when the going got tough and they got GONE! Psycho sons-of-bitches! They'll get theirs.

The bitch tried to leave the scene and resisted arrest, WHERE IS THE CRIME??????

Like i always say, Cops are jerks UNTIL YOUR COWARD-ASS NEEDS THEM TO COME SAVE YOU!

STMcC [Me]:
B.S., I mean, J.S. ~
I'm armed, I can take care of myself, so I won't be calling any tax-sucking government leech to help me.

The real "Coward-Asses" are the cops the moment the odds aren't in their favor. Those of us who lived in Los Angeles during The Rodney King Riots saw that illustrated perfectly. As soon as it got hot, the tax-suckin' fu#kers disappeared from all the L.A. streets for 3 full days.

When it was all over... the coproaches reappeared and started writing their traffic tickets again.

We don't need no stinkin' badges! Let's police ourselves and save the cities money. Most cops are already a-holes even before they graduate from the police academies, because the job appeals to a certain deranged mentality to begin with.

This next dimwit actually replied to the response I left to his first comment. He decided he wanted to try wordslinging with me. (“Alright, Lunger, let’s do it!”)


I will never understand why people give attitude and resistance to the police. Even if the officer is wrong, just suck up your pride and give the officer the benefit of the doubt. It's nothing personal, just business. If I am ever approached by an officer I always do exactly as they say for no other reason than to avoid further trouble and confrontation. 9 times out of 10 if you are respectful and courteous, you'll end up with a slap on the wrist if you're wrong. If you're not, then take them to court and work it out there. You've got to be a complete idiot to resist a cop on the street. You deserve a good beat down in my opinion for no other reason than being a moron. Besides, it's not like we're living in Russia or Afghanistan for Christ's sake. These guys are just trying to do their jobs and stay alive. There are a lot of maniacs out there in the public.

STMcC [Me]:
Aaron, you're either the most naive person I've encountered in six months or... you're a cop.

Start doing some Google and YouTube searches on "Police Brutality" and wise the hell up! You might also start monitoring the website and see how commonplace this sort of thing has become all across
America on a daily basis.

You've got a long way to go before you're educated enough to be taken seriously in a public forum.

Aaron Coulter's physiognomy


Naive? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. Just because I don't believe all of that conspiracy theory garbage about the US being a police state. I bet you're one of those nuts that believes that 9/11 was an inside job, and that the illuminate controls the secret world government. I don't know where you live, but the cops are doing a fairly good job keeping the crazies off of my doorstep. You go ahead and continue resisting the police, I'm fine with the way things are.

STMcC [Me]:
AARON, I retract my assessment regarding your naivete. It's now clear I drastically understated the case: you're just a simpleton (it's written all over your physiognomy) who embraces the black boot of tyranny.

You seriously need to smarten up in a big way! (I'll bet you still don't know that Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate was a blatant, on-its-face forgery, do you? If it were so, Fox News would have told you, right? Pshaw!)

Start following worthwhile blogs like the aforementioned, and also Pro Libertate, whose author William Grigg emerged from the womb knowing more than you do now!)  You might also try reading a book sometime. I recommend starting with The Bible because the coming Global Police State is clearly mentioned in God's Word (see 'Revelation'). 

I know you'll be one of those Americonned Sheeple in a brain haze, meandering in a FEMA prison camp and muttering to yourself, "How could anyone have seen this coming? How could anyone have seen this coming?" (Yes, the FEMA civilian prison camps are mentioned in official government documents, but one would need to take off their blinders and do a little genuine research to know that.) 

I usually celebrate the Fourth Of July by reading the Declaration Of Independence. I'll bet you celebrate it by suckin' on chili dogs down at the Tastee Freez. 

And here's a fundamental difference between you and me: I don't need the help of tax-eating, steroid-injecting, meat-faced cops to keep a fool like YOU off of MY doorstep. I could make you leave it in no-time-flat. Only a puss needs a cop to do what a MAN ought to be able to do for himself.


For Part 2 click HERE.
~ Stephen T. McCarthy

YE OLDE COMMENT POLICY: All comments, pro and con, are welcome. However, ad hominem attacks and disrespectful epithets will not be tolerated (read: "posted"). After all, this isn’t, so I don’t have to put up with that kind of bovine excrement.