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These days the stock market moves up and down like a john on a prostitute. You’d have to be a real yo-yo to put or leave your money in that bouncing, babbling behemoth.

A week or two ago, I used an analogy while speaking to a gentleman where I work. I likened the stock market to a skyscraper that’s swaying from side to side. I asked him, “Would you even think about entering a tall building that’s rocking back and forth and appearing for all the world to see that it’s on the verge of toppling over at any moment? Would you walk into something that unstable? I think not! Well, the stock market is just like that building; it’s ready to fall over.”

When we see the stock market making huge, nonsensical and ridiculously quick mood swings like a woman suffering from PMS, it’s time to holler, “Get out and stand back!” because that baby is just looking for a place to land. We now see the market making 400 point swings in just a matter of hours; it can be 200 points up at 9 A.M. and then be 200 points down two hours later at 11:00. Oh yeah, that’s a real safe place for your money!

Evidently my imagery made an impression on my friend at work because he told me yesterday that he’s repeated it to several friends and coworkers in recent discussions. Well, think about it: if you were a flea on a dog, would you choose to live on its wildly wagging tail? Or would you choose a safer location?

In the building where I work, there used to be a capital management company leasing one of the suites. That company went through employees like I used to go through beer. Every week there was some new young gun guy or young gun gal coming to work for them, undoubtedly with a fresh degree in Keynesian economic theory tucked under their arm from some socialistic university (where they'll teach anything but honest, free enterprise Capitalism). Each new employee would eventually approach me and inquire as to whether or not I’d like to meet with them and get some advice on retirement investments. The new employee had no way of knowing that I’d previously said to all of his or her predecessors, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Then they’d always start trying to pressure me about what sort of plans I’d made for my economic future. I told them all the same thing: “If I were you, I’d forget about stocks and bonds and invest in gold. Some silver, too.” Naturally, these bright, young college-educated guys and gals would laugh at me and scoff.

Well, that was in the very late ‘90s and very early Aughts. Gold was probably selling in the neighborhood of about $250. an ounce at that time. Today it’s in the neighborhood of $800. an ounce. And that’s despite years of behind-the-scenes manipulation and a deliberate suppression of the price of gold. Meanwhile, most of those stocks those kids were trying to sell me are probably lining bird cages.
Tweet! Tweet! Ain’t she sweet?

I sometimes think about those young dudes and dudettes and wonder if they remember me and what I told them. I can’t ask them because they’re all gone now – the company loaded up all of its furniture one weekend and skipped out on its building lease about five years ago. That’s how ethical, smart and sound your capital management advisors are. There’s something to be said for doing business with people who are not moved by greed and then forced to move in the dark of night.

Solely by the Grace of God, I was directed to read and listen to men with greater honesty, understanding and integrity than could be found at that long gone capital management company. Many years ago I knew of the financial woes that were coming to this country because “The Father” was sending me to the right places for information and I was listening to Him. I credit God and I thank Him for caring for an idiot like me!

One of the many various sources of information that I came across and took very seriously back then was a forty minute 1993 documentary produced by Jeremiah Films titled “THE CRA$H: The Coming Financial Collapse Of America.”
I bought that VHS tape about ten years ago and subsequently watched it many times. It foretold what we are seeing today, and believe me (this time!) folks, we ain’t seen nuttin’ yet! It’s going to get a whole lot worse. Oh, yes it is!

A number of knowledgeable individuals are interviewed in the documentary and here is just a very brief sampling of some of the 1993 statements found therein:

“We face the possibility of a depression that could make the depression of 1929 look like a mild recession by comparison.”
~ Mark Ritchie; Commodity Trading Advisor and Author

“If the United States Government continues to spend more than it’s taking in, we’re headed for economic collapse.”
~ Ed Meese; former U.S. Attorney General

“Washington is irrevocably out of control. Congress has to find ways to pay its bills, and the only cash it’s got available is YOURS.”
~ Chuck Missler; Executive and author

“We’re going to have an economic collapse … God is doing everything spiritually possible to awaken His people.”
~ Larry Burkett; Economist, Author

One of the most intriguing quotes is this:

“There are forces in this country that keep our entire society off balance with the huge budget deficit that is paramount in this country today. While we hear senators and congressmen talk about wanting to solve the budget problem, I don’t think they really want to in earnest. … Twenty years we’ve been fighting this battle over the budget and somehow or another, out of all the brains, out of all the legal minds in this country, out of all of the people that are running around supposedly the brightest and the best in Washington D.C., it cannot be solved? No, sir, somebody doesn’t want it solved.”
~ Emanuel McLittle; publisher, Destiny magazine

That statement probably goes a lot deeper and points to a far greater truth than most people could possibly even imagine, but I’ll leave that unsaid for now because most Americans really “can’t handle the truth.”

While the stock market hasn’t nearly reached the bottom yet, neither do I believe that gold has yet reached anywhere near it’s top value. The economists and analysts that I’ve been reading for more than a decade have predicted that it can be realistically expected that gold will eventually be selling for anywhere from two thousand to five thousand dollars an ounce. I don’t think that anyone should take the position that it’s too late to invest in REAL money. (Let’s just hope that the government doesn’t try to return to confiscating the peoples’ gold like that socialist scoundrel Franklin Roosevelt did. They’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands, along with my “second amendment right.”)

A few of those men interviewed for the documentary “THE CRA$H” point to our economic problems in this country as a spiritual and moral problem. I couldn’t agree more! Greed is based on a faulty spiritual understanding and moral problems are the result of a crumbling or nonexistent spiritual foundation.

Even The Holy Bible warns in Proverbs 22:7 that “The borrower is servant to the lender.” Well, with America borrowing money from China and the Federal Reserve Bank, it’s Biblically clear that America is destined to become the slave to some very nasty, un-American forces in the near future. And we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

But morality and spirituality aside, the single biggest problem with our economic situation today is the un-Constitutional, economic law-denying, private Federal Reserve System. And neither man running for president as the Republican and Democrat party nominee in 2008 has any intention of doing a damn thing about the Federal Reserve.

I realize that a large percentage of people who consider themselves “conservative” are going to hold their nose and vote for John “Lesser Of Two Evils” McCain. I’ll agree that Dumb-O-Crat Obama-Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong IS the greater evil, but only marginally so. Both will grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants in this country; both basically believe in Marxism, only their terminology differs: whereas Obama might prefer a slick term like Social Egalitarianism, McCain just thinks of it as a Council On Foreign Relations goal – and he’s a Council member; Obama strongly supports abortion, while McCain doesn’t much care about the fate of the unborn either way – he’ll do and say whatever’s politically expedient at any given moment; neither Obama-Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong or John “Lesser Of Two Evils” McCain will raise a serious word or raise a hand against the Federal Reserve – the un-Constitutional, private banking consortium that literally controls the destiny of this nation and the economic situation of its people.

Wonder why you’ve never heard Limboob, O’Really? or Sean “You’re a bad American” Hannity talk about this most important issue? Well, yes, you SHOULD wonder about that! And beware of what lurks in the dark recesses of the Neoconservative movement; a socialist by any other name stinks just as bad.

Only CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL, however, has made it clear that as president, one of his principal goals would be seeking the dissolution of the private Federal Reserve System, uncoupling it from our official economic life.

Well, I don’t want to see Nimrod Obama in the White House either, but why should I have to compromise MY vote and sacrifice it in an attempt to counteract the vote of some unintelligent and uninformed Liberal in my state of Airheadzona? Pure and simple: why should I be influenced to vote for John McCain, a man I don’t like and whom I KNOW would be a bad American president, just because the majority of the ignorant electorate is inclined to vote for the greater of two evils? Now that’s what I call “wasting MY vote.” As I wrote to a friend of mine recently about the sad state of this country:

“A long series of compromises has brought us to this point, and McCain is just one more phony-Conservative Compromise.”

If We The People are going to elect Barack Obama for president, then I say, the country be hanged; it’ll get what it deserves.

Well, I won’t do it! I won’t give my vote to John McCain, or, as Elmer Fudd might call him: “A wascally wibuwul in Wepubwican cwothing.” And just yesterday I heard a small bit of Sarah Palin’s speech in Ohio but was forced to turn it off before long because I just couldn’t stand any more of that grating, high-pitched, moose-killing voice of hers. The one silver lining in an Obama presidency is that we won’t have to listen to anymore of Palin’s annoying Rah!-Rah! Cheerleader Speeches. Gah!!! Can you imagine being married to her and having to listen to that voice every day and night? “Did you eat all of your moose and vegetables, Honey? Oh, GOOD! I’m SO proud of YOU!” Just serve me 30 tablets of Ambien for dessert, Sarah Darling.

In that 1993 documentary, “THE CRA$H”, then Congressman Bill Dannemeyer makes the statement, “It’s time for a second American revolution at the ballot box.”

Let me remind you that nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it say that only the nominees from the two major political parties are eligible for presidential election. In fact, a number of America’s “Founding Fathers” hated the idea of political parties and spoke out forcefully against them. In other words, theoretically speaking, Congressman Ron Paul could STILL be elected president if enough conscientious voters wrote his name on their ballot on November 4th. That’s what I’m going to do. Ron Paul may not have gotten the Republican nomination (thanks a lot, you dumb Wepubwicans!) but that doesn’t mean he’s now disqualified from being elected to the White House. Obviously, he’s not going to be, but it won’t be for a lack of effort to get him there on my part. (And when the “fhit hits the san” later, the old “RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2008” bumper sticker still clinging to my old truck will proclaim to the world: “Well, it weren’t THAT dude’s fault!”)

Below is a link to numerous articles on a wide range of topics which RON PAUL has contributed to the Lew Rockwell website over many years. Why not read some of these writings and see if you don’t find that you agree with Congressman Paul’s position on these issues more often than you agree with Obama-Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong or John “Lesser Of Two Evils” McSame. And afterwards, maybe you ought to consider writing in Ron Paul’s name on your ballot. And then consider liquidating your investment portfolios and acquiring precious metals instead, in order to protect your retirement funds from financial collapse and inflation. Broke, Hungry, Regretful, and Kicking Yerself is no way to live in the future.

But in the meantime, while you’re reading these forthright and revealing RON PAUL articles, I’m going to practice over and over again writing his name so it looks nice and legible on my November 4th ballot. Remember: Just Say No to hanging “Chads” and sloppy “Pauls.”

Link To Ron Paul @ Lew Rockwell:

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
[“Shhhhh… Be vewy, vewy quiet; I’m hunting scwewy Wibuwuls.”]


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    ~ STMcC
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