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Second, it is violently opposed.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


[From the STMcC archive; May 30, 2007.]

Book: “THE UNSEEN HAND” by A. Ralph Epperson; 1985

Grade: A

“The man in the street does not notice the devil even when the devil is holding him by the throat.”
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How many books have you ever read in which the author printed their home phone number on the first page, allowing readers to contact them directly? Well, you’ll find Mr. A. Ralph Epperson’s number just inside the stark black, white, and gold cover of his excellent “Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History”, THE UNSEEN HAND. I have never met Mr. Epperson, though I have spoken with him by phone on 3 or 4 occasions over the last 12 years; he is one of the nicest, most accommodating authors I’ve ever been in contact with, and this 1985 book is one I would strongly urge every red, white, black, brown, and yellow American who deeply cares about the Red, White, and Blue to read.

THE UNSEEN HAND is the first of Mr. Epperson’s publications I perused - that was about a dozen years ago. I subsequently read several more, and while they all contained valuable information, this nearly 500 page tome with the small print and comprehensive approach to the infamous “New World Order” was easily his best.

[In the year 2000, I was practically forced by The Spirit to undertake an extensively detailed study of Freemasonry. This is far too complex a subject to address in this review, but that same year, I managed to persuade a high-ranking Mason to give me a personal tour of “The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge” of Phoenix, and I was granted a limited time to study that same afternoon in their library located in the Grand Lodge. Part of my mission was to confirm to my satisfaction that the quotations that Mr. Epperson used in his book “Masonry: Conspiracy Against Christianity” did indeed originate with genuine Masonic publications, and that he was not quoting out-of-context in order to twist and misrepresent their meaning. Not only did I find Mr. Epperson to be a very reliable researcher who was adhering to truth, but when I was unable to locate a particular book even in the Masonic library, he xeroxed the pages in question from his copy of it and mailed them to me at his own time and expense. A VERY nice gentleman! And for my part, I was happy to relate to him a few pieces of interesting information that I was able to gain knowledge of as a result of my guided Lodge tour by maintaining an “Aw-shucks, gee-whiz, golly-gosh, I’m so impressed” attitude. It’s amazing what you can learn by playing dumb. Of course, in my case, some folks swear it ain’t an act.]

THE UNSEEN HAND is a thoroughly researched and referenced study that briefly examines nearly every aspect of the “New World Order” conspiracy, from Forms of Government to Science, from Laetrile to The Atomic Bomb, and everything in between, such as Secret Societies, The Federal Reserve, Population Control, Income Taxes, The Civil War, and about 32 other related topics. With each chapter addressing a separate facet of the conspiracy, obviously no subject herein is given a full treatment - for that you will need to search out books targeting a particular area in question, and those books ARE out there. Nevertheless, THE UNSEEN HAND is a remarkable overview, large and densely packed with solid information (including an index) that draws a lucid, meticulous, and faithful picture of the unseen forces that shape our world while we sit mesmerized in front of the glowing box of superficial and misleading images that serve only to fill our minds with the ideas “They” wish us to entertain.

Although this book does contain some, what on its face would seem to be, outrageous and insane charges, I would caution everyone not to dismiss ANYTHING out-of-hand. Dig deeper before dismissing! It has been suggested that Epperson’s contention that Jesse James lived to the age of 107 and that Karl Marx was a satanist raises some doubt about the validity of his book. While I tend to believe that the outlaw’s assassination by a Robert Ford bullet has been fairly well established now, there is reason to believe that James may have been a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, as Epperson claims. And though Marx’s connection to satanism is unproven (and thus Epperson ought not to have framed it quite so affirmatively), I’ve looked into that question sufficiently to state that the suspicion most definitely is not without merit. (See “Was Karl Marx A Satanist?” by Richard Wurmbrand.) As for Epperson’s opinion of the John Birch Society: buy the book, dial his phone number, and ask him directly.

Overall, THE UNSEEN HAND is an illuminating Introduction To The Conspiratorial View Of History by a very serious researcher. The book collects an enormous body of evidence from a massive amount of sources and organizes it in a very logical way. Along with “The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve” by Griffin, “None Dare Call It Treason: 25 Years Later” by Stormer, and “Foundations: Their Power And Influence” by Wormser, I consider THE UNSEEN HAND a “must-read” for all American patriots. It may be a history book, but don’t kid yourself, it is really all about our future!

I would like to close by quoting those immortal words of Admiral Yoey O’Dogherty, spoken to the brave men aboard the U.S.S. Queeg after the rout of Communist Chinese forces at the battle of Phatphuc Mao: Men, we’ve kicked enough Red heinie for one day. Let’s get some pizza ’n’ beer and study America’s Constitution. We’ll have strawberry blondes for dessert.”

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


  1. Ya know I remember reading this review (being your last on Amazon) when I first stumbled across your profile. Imagine my surprise the avalanche of information I would find. It all started with thinking your comment on an Ann Coulter book was funny, truthfull, and well said. Here we are a few years later.

    I have been meaning to ask you some questions about this review for a few years now. Mainly, the time you spent looking at information in the masonic lodge. Your one crazy guy ya know that? Man you have bigger stones than I do.

    I see a phone call a comin your way someday real soon.

  2. `
    BR'ER MARC ~
    I'd always imagined that the last review I'd post at ( would be for The Band's "The Last Waltz." Get it? Last Waltz.

    I didn't foresee the nasty ending coming the way it did. But before I left there, I wanted to write a review for Mr. Epperson's "The Unseen Hand" since he had been so pleasant and helpful in my own research. I hoped to help him sell a few more copies of his good book. In all honesty, I didn't think this (my final) review was a particularly memorable one, so I was surprised by the positive comments that were eventually attached to it at

    What was the comment I made on an Ann Coulter book? Do you recall what I said?

    ~ Stephen
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>

  3. Ya know it was on someone else's review of the book. And I was impressed with your comment (though for the life of me I can't remember what it was you said). However, I was most impressed with

    "As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly." Proverbs 26:11

    I was so impressed with the fact that you used that as your signature I had to check you out. I was just getting used to being trashed by the amazon socialists, so I knew you had to have been through some battles. I guess you could say I knew the heat you had to be taking for signing off with that verse from Proverbs.

  4. Ya know, BR'ER, occasionally I miss that going to verbal war. At this site, someone might click "Lumpy Grits" or vote that "Stephen T. McCarthy should take a long walk on a short plank over a vat filled with angry junkyard dogs, riled Okefenokee 'gators, and irritable PMS-suffering women!", but they don't choose to openly debate like the Amazon Maroons (Amaroons) did. How am I supposed to keep my caustic wit razor sharp and my bullets center-target if Liberals don't wanna fight? I'm afraid all this relative peace is going to diminish my Mensa-Donkey Martial Arts skills!

    I needs a new "Patriarch" to do battle with. Ha!

    ~ Stephen (stirring his lemonade with a rusty sword).

  5. Well you could always send patriarch an e-mail and tell him how out of touch he is. Then give him your current blog and challenge him to debate the issues with you. Something he can't stop himself from doing, and would make a donkey out of himself all over again.

    He still visits my profile from time to time. I ditched him as a friend but that doesn't stop him from stopping by here and there. I don't get a lot of hits on my profile over there. Between 25 and 80 a month. But then again that's not really why I do it. Hey, I ordered "The Kinsey Syndrome" on DVD. Have you seen it? I haven't received it yet. If you haven't seen it I'll send it your way once finished.

  6. Ha!-Ha! Right you are, BR'ER! The last time I heard from Patriarch via e-mail, he told me that I was a "disappointment" to him. ME a disappointment to HIM?! Can you imagine that? Well, pardon me, but I'm not the one who falsely claimed to be both Christian and Conservative.

    Hey, much thanks for the kind offer, BR'ER, but unless you come away from it thinking The Kinsey Syndrome is a "Must-See", I think I'll save ya the shipping costs and pass on it. I think I already have a pretty solid understanding of The Kinsey B.S. from previous reading on the subject. But thanks for your generosity all the same.

    I loaned the Aaron Russo interview to a trusted coworker to view, but will have back in my hands this Friday and will return it shortly thereafter, Bro.

    ~ Stephen
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>

  7. No problem the more people who see it the better.


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