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In this first short video, Ron Paul puts Newt Gingrich down like a rabid dog. The video probably should have been titled “Old Yeller” rather than . . .

Ron Paul CASTRATES Newt Gingrich!

[And in case you’re wondering, the word in question that Ron Paul had previously applied to Gingrich is “chickenhawk”. Get it? That’s a cowardly war hawk.]

In this second short video, Newt offers us a half-assed remedy wholly insincerely; followed by a young Ron Paul giving us the whole truth and with full sincerity. This video also illustrates that Ron Paul has consistently given the American people the same warning/message throughout his three decades in Congress:

Newt Gingrich Vs Ron Paul: Federal Reserve Question - Huckabee Forum, Fox News

OK, in this final short video, a “Faux News” talking head has some positive words about Ron Paul’s candidacy:

Fox News says Ron Paul is the biggest threat to Barack Obama. Not Mitt Romney

That seemed positive, didn’t it? And in some respects it was. But are you an astute enough observer of psychological manipulation and media spin magic to spot the couple of places where that “Faux News” talking head very deceptively slipped in a kind of subliminal negative commentary against Dr. Paul?

In response to another poster’s comment in which he wrote “It's clear that Dr. Paul isn't the brawniest guy”, someone going by the name Deet wrote the following on 01/08/2012:

Are you aware that Dr. Paul played professional baseball with the Astros? That he is the ONLY congressman to ever hit a home run at the congressional baseball game? Or that he is an intellectual heavy weight without equal?

Can you even imagine the intestinal fortitude required to state a true but unfavored position on national TV, be laughed at, ridiculed, and demeaned, never strike back, blow up, or totally lose it, while standing your ground and be proven right. Can you even fathom the strength it takes to maintain one's positions under the weight of peer pressure that that would implode the deepest underwater sub ever made by man?

Could YOU even begin to take on, single handedly, some of the most powerful interest groups IN THE WORLD, including the unlimitedly funded Federal Reserve, and the MILITARY Industrial Complex, AND BE WINNING! He "may" not look "muscled up", but I can assure you, Dr. Paul is a real life "Superman" merely disguised as a harmless grandfather!

Well, Deet has it all right except for one detail. Dr. Paul did not play professional baseball with the Houston Astros, but he DID appear in an Astros uniform (remember that Dr. Paul is a TEXAS Congressman) at one of the Congressional baseball games.

["Ehh... nice swing, Doc!"]

When going to the polls during the Republican primaries, all voters need to keep in mind the adage
“No Newts Is Good Newts!”

It is patently clear to anyone with even two brain cells to rub together that a vote for any presidential candidate other than Ron Paul is a vote for “Mr. More O. Thesame”.


~ Stephen T. McCarthy

The following video came recommended by my friend Br'er Marc (the originator of that classic political analogy in which Republicans and Democrats were likened to "filtered and nonfiltered cigarettes" - both of which will kill ya, only at slightly different rates of speed).

At any rate, Br'er Marc's only criticism of this video was the mention of Ronald Reagan. And I agree wholeheartedly with Br'er on that; mentioning Reagan in the same breath with Ron Paul is to place "Dr. No" in inferior company. And, of course, Judge Napolitano is careful not to say too much and spill all the really important "New World Order" beans. Nevertheless, the following video is well worth watching.

**The Real Reason Why Ron Paul Is Feared And Censored**

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“...But even to say, ‘God allowed 9/11 to happen’...”

“It happened, Nouriel. Therefore it had to have been allowed to happen. That’s not the question. Rather, the only question is whether it was allowed to happen for no reason or whether there was, within it, a redemptive purpose.”

“On 9/11 people were asking, ‘Where was God?’”

“Where was God?” he said, as if surprised by the question. “We drove Him out of our schools, out of our government, out of our media, out of our culture, out of our public square. We drove Him out of our national life, and then we ask, ‘Where is God?’”
~ The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn
Page 31

Early last year I posted a blog bit here called THE “HO BIB” TELLS ME SO. Therein I shared with my vast following of loyal readers [*sarcasm*] some insights that I believe were given to me about Biblical End-Time references related to the United States of America.

It wasn’t pretty, and if my interpretations were correct, some prophetical verses in The Holy Bible indicate that in “The Last Days”, so to speak, New York City will be detroyed in an hour, and with it, America’s place in the power structure of “this world”.

Well, just a couple weeks ago, my brother Nappy directed my attention to the World Net Daily’s website review of a newly released book by Jonathan Cahn titled
THE HARBINGER: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret Of America’s Future’.

The book proposes that there was a connection between the Old Testament verse Isaiah 9:10 and the destruction that came to New York City on 9/11/2001.

I found the review sufficiently intriguing to special order the book from my local book store (because at the liquor store, where I spend most of my money, they said they didn’t have a copy and couldn’t get one delivered).

The book is only 253 pages long and it is a very fast and light read, considering the weighty subject matter. As far as the topic is concerned, this “stuffs” is right up my alley; I absolutely love books that delve deeply into the most remarkable artifact on planet Earth: The Holy Bible.

I myself have always enjoyed digging deep into Bible passages, contemplating them, seeking that mystical, half-cloaked, esoteric gold ore that only the most diligent Bible students are able to bring to the surface (with the necessary assistance of God’s Holy Spirit).

In some ways, ‘The Harbinger’ reminded me of those Robert Cornuke books I dig so much – ‘In Search Of The Mountain Of God’, In Search Of The Lost Ark Of The Covenant’, ‘The Lost Shipwreck Of Paul’. The primary difference being that whereas Cornuke’s books were facts written in a nonfiction format, Jonathan Cahn’s book presents facts that are written in a fictional format. And that brings up the only negative remarks I have to make about ‘The Harbinger’ . . .

I’m sure the book’s author (and Messianic Jewish believer in Jesus Christ) Jonathan Cahn realizes that few Americans read nonfiction anymore. (Sadly, I think STMcC is a dying breed, as nonfiction is about all I read.) And so he decided to take these facts pertaining to 9/11 and his incredibly awesome insight into the Isaiah 9:10 Old Testament passage and wrap them inside a very superficial, fictionalized outer shell. Think of it as an M&M: thin candy coating on the outside; deep, rich, substantial chocolate on the inside.

Personally, I feel that the book would have been better had it been stripped of all the fictional dialogue and “mysterious prophet” candy coating and presented strictly as nonfiction. I’m a Dragnet - “Just the facts, Ma’am!” - kinda guy. But to be entirely honest, had Mr. Cahn NOT wrapped these amazing insights inside a thin, candy, fictionalized coating, it’s likely that only Stephen T. McCarthy and a small handful of other “Dragnet” Americans would have ever considered reading the book. (You know Americans today, they just gotta be entertained.)

Cahn’s characters are merely vehicles for the dissemination of the information, so they’re rather cut-out cardboard-like one-dimensional. The exception being his nameless prophet character. “The Prophet” actually has some personality, but I couldn’t help thinking that he seemed and sounded so much like “The Master” – Don Shimoda – in Richard Bach’s ‘ILLUSIONS: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah’, that I strongly suspected Cahn must have read ‘Illusions’ at some point in his life.

Cahn’s dialogue is actually pretty natural sounding, but I eventually grew weary of it regardless. All of the words and sentences that get repeated by the listener in the dialogue exchanges and the interruptions where the listener completes the speaker’s thought, finally got tiresome for me. But you know what? Putting up with that pattern was a very small price to pay for the astounding information that one will surely take away from this book.

And now on to what I liked about ‘The Harbinger’:

The Biblical insight that is revealed in these 253 pages is jaw-droppingly amazing!

What happens is that one “coincidence” relating to Isaiah 9:10 and September 11th gets placed on top of another “coincidence”, and then another one on top of that. And then another one, and another one, and pretty soon the incredible “coincidences” just begin dog-piling on top of each other until it finally reaches the point that only a blind person (or a “pseudo-atheist”) could deny that what Jonathan Cahn has unveiled is an authentic, Divine prophetic warning from the Old Testament that relates every bit as much to contemporary America as it did to ancient Israel!

Speaking in general terms, nothing I encountered in ‘The Harbinger’ caught me by surprise. Read through my old blog bits and comments and you will find countless allusions and outright, direct statements in which I make known my unshakeable certainty that the United States of America is going to be severely punished for its sinful, immoral, wicked ways. On at least three different occasions, I have posted this Billy Graham quote on my blogs:

“If God doesn’t judge America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Not long ago, I read a little gem of a book titled ‘Can God Bless America?’, published by John MacArthur the year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The book had been sent to me by my old friend Kevin, “The Kansas Kid”.

Now I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I don’t agree much with John MacArthur, but he surely nailed it in ‘Can God Bless America?’ Here are a few selected quotes from it:

Originally, “God Bless America” was a prayer for Divine blessing. In its current form it sometimes seems nothing more than a patriotic battle-cry. …

If God did bless America, what would He be saying about His holiness? What would He be saying about our morality? What would He be saying about our spiritual condition? Can God bless America without compromising His reputation as a holy God? That is the vital question. …

Frankly, our nation is in no position at the moment to be blessed. We’re actually more likely to be cursed by God. … All who resist God are, in effect, in league with the devil, whether they realize it or not. …

Perhaps no society has ever taken a more dramatic turn against God than America did in the latter half of the twentieth century. Divine judgment seems inevitable if our nation continues down that road. … We have no right as a nation to anticipate anything but God’s judgment.

So, no, it didn’t surprise me to find ‘The Harbinger’ making the claim that 9/11 was a chastisement from God and a warning that even worse chastisement is coming unless this nation repents from its wickedness and turns toward God. [Overturning the concept of legal abortions is the VERY FIRST step I would recommend to you, America!]

But what did catch me by surprise in ‘The Harbinger’ was seeing how remarkably the Isaiah 9:10 & 11 verses apply to America’s 9/11 disaster and the subsequent events and prideful attitudes adopted by our so-called “leaders”. Even down to the smallest details in that Bible verse and the smallest details of those tragic events a decade ago – the how, when, and where of their unfolding – are captured in this truly mind-boggling book.

Regardless of how much or how little a reader currently knows about The Holy Bible and Biblical prophecy, ‘The Harbinger’ is going to snap his or her eyes wide open and shake their being to the very core.

And if it doesn’t? Then that reader is in the midst of a personal, spiritual crisis from which likely only prayer and the Grace of God can save them.

I wholeheartedly urge everyone to read ‘THE HARBINGER’ by Jonathan Cahn. It will dramatically alter the way you think about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the relevancy of The Holy Bible to our modern times.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


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It’s true that Ron Paul is the only 2012 presidential candidate who is a medical doctor, but let’s not forget that Mitt Romney is a doctor, too. Mitt earned his Ph.D. in Flipflopology.

I couldn’t decide which of those two images of flip-flops (or “thongs” as they were known in my boyhood days) I should use for this blog bit, so I did what Mitt himself would have done: I selected BOTH of them.

[At the bottom of this blog bit you will find a very interesting video that illustrates many of Romney’s most outrageous examples of Flipflopology. The guy is a true doctor of that science.]

I’ve read some of Ron Paul’s writings – a couple of books and a number of articles – but I think my favorite is his book ‘A FOREIGN POLICY OF FREEDOM’ which I read in 2007 or 2008.

In the Introduction, Doctor Paul writes:

This book is a collection of statements I have made over the past 30 years dealing with foreign policy from the date I was first elected to Congress in 1976. Though I wrote and spoke less about foreign policy during my 12-year hiatus from Congress (1985-1997), I remained interested and continued to study carefully the case for noninterventionism. … In various places throughout the book I have inserted current thoughts and insights into my reprinted speeches and articles.

The book also contains selected notes from Ron Paul’s personal diary, and it is so chock full of wisdom, inconvenient truths and valuable views that I had a hell of a time trying to select just a small sample to quote here.

As everyone knows, there are two types of lies: Lies of commission and lies of omission. Every political personality/talking head who presumes to explain to the Americonned People what the biggest SECULAR problems in this country currently are, and yet does not repeatedly return to the subjects of the ‘Federal Reserve’ system (being privately owned and having no reserves, is the most misnamed entity imaginable) and the ‘Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) is committing a lie of omission.

In other words, all your Neoconservative heroes, from Glenn Beck, to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt, and (the devil himself) Michael Medved, et al., are all DELIBERATELY committing lies of omission when they presume to educate you about politics.

You’ll learn more truth about American politics from reading this one Ron Paul book – ‘A FOREIGN POLICY OF FREEDOM’ – than you would from five years worth of watching and reading the aformentioned NeoCons (and getting unwittingly conned by them).

They’ll not argue with Dr. Paul about economics because they know he’d hand each and every one of them their own neoconservative ass on a silver platter. So what they do instead is try to convince YOU, the voter, that Dr. Paul is an “isolationist” with a dangerous view of foreign policy. This book will set the record straight for you. Let’s look at a little of what Congressman Ron Paul has said through the decades . . .

'Commerce with all nations, alliances with none', should be our motto.
~ Thomas Jefferson
(from Page 9)

During the Reagan years I began to realize how special interests, with bipartisan support, drive our policy of foreign intervention. We sent troops to Lebanon and Granada; financial aid to Nicaragua; weapons to Iran and Iraq; military assistance to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein; and bombed Libya – all for reasons other than American national security.
. . .
These events motivated me to speak out more frequently on foreign affairs, and vote (often by myself) to make that point that we should follow the Constitution and the Founding Fathers by staying out of the affairs of foreign nations – especially when our meddling has nothing to do with national security interests.
~ Pg. VI

I believe that the American people are sick and tired of supplying, either deliberately or through accident, both sides in the conflicts since World War II. We saw this happen in Vietnam. We were shipping both wheat and weapons to the Soviet Union, who, in turn, shipped them to North Vietnam, at the same time that we were shipping wheat and weapons to South Vietnam. We have seen this happen in the border wars between India and Pakistan. We have seen it happen in the wars between Israel and her neighbors.
~ Pg. 8

To this day we still prop up Communist China through the Export-Import Bank, thus subsidizing oppression while harming our own competitiveness.
~ Pg. 16

It is outrageous that the American taxpayers are being forced to subsidize Communist China while domestic programs like Social Security are in jeopardy.
~ Pg. 17

Recently, the national Taxpayers’ Union gave me their annual Taxpayers’ Best Friend Award for voting for the least amount of taxes and spending of any Member of Congress.
. . .
This past year, I am recorded as having voted against 99 percent of all spending – to me that means voting FOR the taxpayer 99 percent of the time and AGAINST the tyranny of the state at the same percentage.
~ Pg. 42

Our official policy currently is to be tough on communism, but at the same time promote low-interest loans, allowing Red China to buy nuclear technology, F-16’s and other military technology – all this by the strongest anti-Communist administration that we’ve had in decades. We participate in the bailout of bankrupt Argentina as she continues to loan money to Castro’s Cuba, which prompts us to send men, money and weapons to counteract the spread of communism formed by Castro.
~ Pg. 44

Our Export-Import Bank financed the building of the Kama River truck plant in Russia – trucks then used in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan over a road built by our own Corps of Engineers. Our response? Draft registration and an Olympic boycott!
~ Pg. 45

Campaigns are won on promising tax cuts; some are given, but are quickly canceled out by numerous tax increases associated with accelerated federal spending.
. . .
We routinely preach about helping the poor, then plunder the working class to subsidize foreign socialist dictators … through abusive taxation and inflation.
~ Pg. 46

The best way to support our troops is to bring them home as quickly as possible.
~ Pg. 61 [Yep! 1997. Some things never change!]

But when a foreign war comes to our shores in the form of terrorism, we can be sure that our government will explain the need for further sacrifice of personal liberties to win this war against terrorism as well.
~ Pg. 120 [Yep! Spoken in Congress on 4/21/1999!]

The USS Cole … disaster was needless and preventable. … It’s positively amazing that, with a military budget of $300 billion, we do not have the ability to protect ourselves against a rubber raft, which destroyed a $1 billion vessel. Our sentries on duty had rifles without bullets and were prohibited from firing on any enemy targets. This policy is absurd, if not insane.
~ Pg. 137

The excuses are endless. But it is rarely mentioned that the lobbyists and the proponents of foreign intervention are the weapons manufacturers, the oil companies, and the recipients of huge contracts for building infrastructures in whatever far corners of the Earth we send our troops. Financial interests have a lot at stake, and it is important for them that the United States maintains its empire.
~ Pg. 140

For over 50 years, there has been a precise move towards one-world government at the expense of our own sovereignty.
~ Pg. 141

It’s surreal! It’s almost as though our policies are controlled by an external force, and not a good one.
~ Pg. 251

Congress is like Tony Blair, a puppy dog that tags along and wags its tail when told what to do. But the amount of power the president has didn’t come overnight. It gradually was ceded to successive presidents over many decades. This president, for whatever reason, has relished his omnipotence. Probably the worst thing that can be said about George W. Bush is that he sleeps well at night, without remorse and without concern for the death and destruction he causes.
~ Pg. 253

Communism surely lost a lot with the breakup of the Soviet Empire, but this can hardly be declared a victory for American liberty, as the Founders understood it. Neoconservatism is not the philosophy of free markets and a wise foreign policy. Instead, it represents big government welfare at home and a program of using our military might to spread their version of American values throughout the world. Since neoconservatives dominate the way the U.S. government now operates, it behooves us all to understand their beliefs and goals.
~ Pg. 264

The #1 function of the federal government – to provide for national security – has been severly undermined. On 9/11 we had a grand total of 14 aircraft in place to protect the entire U.S. mainland, all of which proved useless that day. We have an annual Department of Defense budget of over $400 billion, most of which is spent overseas in over 100 different countries.
~ Pg. 307

Before 9/11, our C.I.A. ineptly pursued bin Laden, whom the Taliban was protecting. At the same time, the Taliban was receiving significant support from Pakistan – our “trusted ally” that received millions of dollars from the United States. We allied ourselves with both bin Laden and Hussein in the 1980s, only to regret it in the 1990s. And it’s safe to say we have used billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in the last 50 years pursing this contradictory, irrational, foolish, costly, and very dangerous foreign policy.
~ Pg. 308

There’s no free lunch, and no free war.
~ Pg. 337

Though many Americans are starting to feel the economic pain of paying for this war through inflation, the real pain has not yet arrived. We generally remain fat and happy, with a system of money and borrowing that postpones the day of reckoning. Foreigners, in particular the Chinese and Japanese, gladly participate in the charade. We print the money and they take it – as do the OPEC nations – and provide us with consumer goods and oil. Then they loan the money back to us at low interest rates, which we use to finance the war and our housing bubble and excessive consumption.

This recycling and perpetual borrowing of inflated dollars allows us to avoid the pain of high taxes to pay for our war and welfare spending. It’s fine until the music stops and the real costs are realized, with much higher interest rates and significant price inflation. That’s when outrage will be heard, and the people will realize we can’t afford the “humanitarianism” of the Neoconservatives.
~ Pg. 357 [Yep! Spoken in Congress on 4/5/2006!]

War, and the threat of war, are big government’s best friend. Liberals support big government social programs, and conservatives support big government war policies, thus satisfying two major special interest groups. And when push comes to shove, the two groups cooperate and support big government across the board – always at the expense of personal liberty. Both sides pay lip service to freedom, but neither stands against the welfare/warfare state and its promises of unlimited entitlements and endless war.
~ Pg. 365

And now, let me ask YOU, my dear reader: Are you...

Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'?

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

YE OLDE COMMENT POLICY: All comments, pro and con, are welcome. However, ad hominem attacks and disrespectful epithets will not be tolerated (read: "posted"). After all, this isn’t, so I don’t have to put up with that kind of bovine excrement.

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The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”
~ Psalm 14:1

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness … For since the creation of the world, [God’s] invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made … so that [unbelievers and the unrighteous] are without excuse … professing to be wise, they became fools…
~ Romans 1:18-22

The Greek word translated “fools” there is moraino – literally, “simpletons.” It is the root of the English word “morons”.
~ John MacArthur
‘Can God Bless America?’

Most of the self-professed unbelievers aren’t really atheists.
They’re just haters.
~ Stephen T. McCarthy

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I can stop trying to “play nice” and get back to telling you what I REALLY think:

In December of 2009, I posted a blog bit here titled “Fighting For The True Meaning Of Christmas”, in which I wrote about the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee (SMNSC) in Southern California. [See the link at the bottom.]

Of all the charitable organizations I donate money to throughout the year, the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee has always been my favorite. In a nutshell, here’s what it’s all about . . .

Every year in December, a coalition of 13 Santa Monica Christian churches and the Santa Monica Police Officers Association erect 14 life-sized dioramas or crèches along Ocean Avenue so that people driving or walking along the Palisades Park can see the unfolding of the Christmas story - the birth of Jesus Christ.

2011 marked the 57th year of this tradition which, due to the number of scenes and their arrangement, is unique in the United States, as far as I know. I literally grew up with this tradition (being younger than 57) and I can distinctly recall our family driving alongside that 14-part Nativity Scene on Christmas Eves when I was young.

Over the decades, the SMNSC has had to fight off one obstacle after another in order to keep the tradition alive – from funding issues to bogus “Separation of Church and Stage” challenges to ordinance maneuverings by the City Liberals in “The Soviet Socialist Republic Of Santa Monica”. Keeping this tradition alive hasn't been easy.

"Why for fifty-six years I've put up with it now!
I MUST stop Christmas from coming.
But HOW?"

Well, this year, the so-called “atheists” (who are largely “pseudo-atheists” as I will explain shortly) came up with a new dastardly trick from their black bag of evil in an attempt to kill the Nativity Scene tradition in Santa Monica.

Damon Vix, a self-professed atheist (sorry, Damon, ain’t buying it, man!) appealed to a number of out-of-town atheist organizations (filled with pseudo-atheists) and prompted them to petition the city of Santa Monica for spaces to occupy along Ocean Ave. thus competing with the SMNSC and trying to wrest control of the area from it.

A new lottery system was introduced by the notoriously liberal leaders of “The People's Republic Of Santa Monica” to secure the lots available along Ocean Ave. The many pseudo-atheists who applied for the available lots got all but four, leaving one for a Jewish organization to erect their yearly menorah, and the SMNSC’s 14-booths showing the story of Christ’s birth were reduced to three this year.

According to one article, the atheists didn’t even use all of the lots they’d won in the lottery [and most of those that they did use were occupied by a single, simple sign saying something stupid].

Why did pseudo-atheist Vix go to all this trouble, and why did the so-called “atheist” organizations rally around him? Well, Vix says that the Nativity Scenes depicting the birth of Jesus and His family’s flight to Egypt and later to Nazareth “are offensive."

A Los Angeles Times article, “In Santa Monica, Battle Over Christmas Displays Takes A New Twist”, informs us that:

Damon Vix called national organizations seeking help because he felt marginalized by the display, and tradition alone didn't merit saving it. Vix, a 43-year-old prop maker from Burbank, said the display "defines Santa Monica as a Christian city, and I feel very excluded by that."

Well, my first response is this: Hey, Damon Vix, you whining weenie! If you don’t like it, if you find it offensive, if it makes you feel “marginalized” and “excluded”, then why the f##k don’t you just stay in Burbank? Who the hell said you had to go to the western-most edge of Santa Monica and then drive down Ocean Avenue along the Palisades Bluffs and look at the Nativity Scenes displayed there? Me, I generally just DON’T GO to places where I feel uncomfortable. Problem solved!

Secondly, is there any good reason why the “fool”, the “simpleton”, the “moron” Damon Vix SHOULD feel “marginalized” and “excluded”?

Of course there is, and of course he should - it’s only natural, seeing as how a 2011 Gallup poll found that 92% of Americans believe in a God, and 78% of that 92% identify themselves as “Christian”. [Christianity Remains Dominant Religion In The United States]

So, the fool, Damon Vix, has - by his own “supposed” lack of belief - marginalized himself. Like all (pseudo-)atheists he CHOOSES to be in the minority, and like most of them, he then whimpers because he feels he’s being “excluded”. What a puss!

(Dude, if you’re going to act like you’ve got the courage to hold a minority opinion, at least follow through with it like a man and stop crying like a little girl because the rest of us don’t share your non-belief!)

See, here’s the thing: According to that recent Gallup poll, only 8% of Americans do not believe in a God. Of that 8%, some are probably agnostic, the rest are presumed to be atheists. But I don’t believe that 7% or 6% or 5% of the remainder are genuine atheists.

Real atheists believe that this material life is all there is, and after death . . . NOTHING .

Well, when you believe in Nothing, there ain’t nothing to talk about. Therefore, I contend that the vast majority of real atheists out there (of which there are very, very few) probably rub elbows with us believers without us ever even becoming aware that they’re atheists.

During my life, there have been a few persons I had known for quite awhile whose unbelief I was blissfully unaware of for the longest time until it eventually just happened to come out in the course of casual conversation. These folks didn’t feel compelled to inform me, loudly, shrilly, angrily, that they didn’t believe in God and a hereafter; they felt there was nothing to talk about so they simply didn’t talk about it.

But these self-professed “atheists” who wear their atheism on their sleeves - who shout, who carry signs, who protest, who post bullcrap on blogs and in chat rooms, who make it a point at every turn to inform you that they “don’t believe in God”, who make certain that everyone within the scent of their anger knows that they are unbelievers, who pull out the same tired cliches (“God is a myth”; “there is no Santa Claus!”), who file lawsuits and join organizations devoted to suppressing Christianity and promoting atheism/secularism – there’s one thing I’m certain that all of these people have in common: They’re not atheists.

These, my friends, are “pseudo-atheists”, also known as “haters”.

Their blatant anger and their efforts to interfere with the traditions of believers and the public expressions of faith by Christians gives them away as poseurs. These people just want to rain on everybody else’s parade simply because they are MAD AT GOD! They hate Him.

Something has happened in their lives to make them angry at God, and so they lash out at Him and those who love Him in a vain attempt to hurt God or “get even” with Him. Maybe their faces are scarred from terrible acne as a teenager, or they were abused by a parent when they were little, or a beloved friend or family member suffered a painful disease and died, or they caught the clap from some mousetrap they bought last night. Whatever the reason or reasons, because these pseudo-atheists do not understand the ways of God (and are unwilling to attempt learning about them), and have wrongly concluded that God is “mean” because He didn’t intervene to save them from some form of pain, they attempt to strike Him and strike at what is His.

But since there is nothing they can realistically do to harm God – their arms are too short to box with God - they attempt to get even by the only means they think is available to them: they pretend to disbelieve in God’s existence. These sad, pathetic creatures think:

I won’t believe in You, God! And I will do all I can to persuade others to give up their belief in You! And I will try to kill the joy of those who do believe by interfering with their celebrations. I will eradicate the teaching about You and the references to You from every school and public place. You’ll see, God! I won’t believe in You anymore!

And so they launch into their pseudo-atheism with a religious fervor that rivals and sometimes even surpasses the fervor of those who publicly profess belief in God. They dogmatically accept every stupid-ass theory and pseudo-scientific explanation that erroneously presumes to explain how we got here WITHOUT God.

Do not be misled by them; all the loud and obnoxious, self-proclaimed atheists you know are really operating from the meanness of their hearts, not from any authentic atheism of their minds. As I said, their own emotional investment in this Nothingness that they claim to believe in gives them away as atheistic poseurs. Nobody who truly believed in Nothing could possibly get so upset with those who do believe in Something. It’s laughable right on its face.

And for 2,000 years they have attempted to crush Christianity and Christians.

Note: Christianity and Christians are STILL standing!
How could it be so?

When will they finally become intelligent enough to concede that their arms are too short to box with God, and if God wills that Christianity shall remain in “this world”, no professed believer in Nothing will ever reverse that ruling?

A young man who wishes to remain a sound Atheist cannot be too careful of his reading. There are traps everywhere -- ... Really, a young Atheist cannot guard his faith too carefully. Dangers lie in wait for him on every side.
~ C.S. Lewis
(former atheist turned major Christian thinker/writer)

Let’s suppose that 92% of Americans believed in a Great Pumpkin, and of those believers, 78% of them believed in the version of The Great Pumpkin that supposedly was born to a virgin pumpkin and later sacrificed his life by volunteering to be made into a Pumpkin Pie Of Salvation, by which all true believers in The Great Pumpkin Pie Of Salvation were saved from their sins.

And let’s say these folks also believe that The Great Pumpkin wants them to be good to others, to love and pray for their enemies, to help the less fortunate and to spread these teachings of The Great Pumpkin.

Now let’s suppose you are one of the 8% of Americans who really and truly believes that The Great Pumpkin and His Pie Of Salvation is a myth, a joke, a preposterously stupid, retarded belief.

Do you think you would spend a lot of time trying to debate with these Great Pumpkin believers? Would you waste the minutes of your life writing rebuttals to the Great Pumpkin myth in books and on Internet sites?

I wouldn’t. No. In the first place, I would probably be laughing too hard to accurately strike the correct letters on my keyboard or to put pen to paper. And even if I COULD write or speak rebuttals despite my laughter, I wouldn’t even bother. Why should I? If belief in The Great Pumpkin by these fools, these simpletons, these morons, actually causes some of them to behave better than they might otherwise do – if their fear of The Great Pumpkin’s retribution, or their love of The Great Pumpkin’s principles made them less likely to burglarize my house or steal my car or rape your daughter - I would be GRATEFUL for their belief in that ridiculous myth!

I damn sure wouldn’t join a group with a title like “The Anti-Great Pumpkin Brigade” or “Americans United Against Great Pumpkinism” (or "American Civil Liberties Union"). How utterly laughable would THAT be? What need would there be and what good could come from joining other Great Pumpkin disbelievers in some formal organization?

And I definitely wouldn’t be saying to them:

“There is NO Great Pumpkin! In fact, the reality is, there’s nothing but you and me and these 80 years we’re living through. Oh, and incidentally, you shouldn’t burglarize my house or steal my car or rape my neighbor’s daughter because that would be... uhm... well...  that would be mean… er... that is, in my opinion... it would be mean... and in my neighbor’s daughter’s opinion, too. Even if we really have no right imposing our opinions on you in this ‘survival of the fittest’ environment”.

What, am I a friggin’ idiot? If their belief in The Great Pumpkin and his Great Pumpkin Pie Of Salvation makes my life a little more secure, a little less crime-infested, I would be a fool, a simpleton, a moron, to try to convince these people that there are no moral restraints on bad behavior other than that a majority of society’s members might think it to be “mean”.

And lastly, The Great Pumpkin would provide me with a lifetime of laughter. Surely, I would be immensely entertained and looking forward to every October when the Pumpkin Festivals started up again and I could take pictures of people singing songs in praise of The Great Pumpkin, giving orange gifts to each other, and setting up Pumpkin Patch scenes in booths along Ocean Avenue so they could drive along and watch as the story of the birth of The Great Pumpkin unfolds.

I would hardly feel “threatened” by The Great Pumpkin and his hordes of foolish followers! And I sure wouldn’t put up signs alongside the Great Pumpkin displays, arguing for the sake of passersby that the Great Pumpkin is just a myth. What a colossal waste of my time, energy, and money THAT would be!

Make no mistake about it: The minuscule number of genuine atheists go quietly about their business, their unbelief rarely even mentioned, for they say nothing when they believe there’s Nothing to talk about. Meanwhile, the greater number of obnoxious, radical, loudly self-proclaimed pseudo-atheists prove themselves to be liars; lying not only about the “Separation Of Church And State” myth, but lying even about their supposed “atheism”.

If I could work my will, every idiot pseudo-atheist would be boiled in figgy pudding and buried with a stake of holly through their heart. After that, I would sentence them to ten years and one day in a Russian gulag or the Chinese laogai. That would give ‘em a firsthand chance to enjoy the zero-tolerance-for-God environment they claim to so desire.

Damon Vix and his “atheist” organizations HADN'T stopped Christmas from coming.
Somehow or other, it came just the same.

All you radical, strident, so-called “atheists”, it’s well past time you acknowledged the simple fact that you are not nearly as “atheistic” as you are “assholeyistic”.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of love, The Great Pumpkin tells his believers:

Liberals’ creation myth is Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which is about one notch above Scientology in scientific rigor.
~ Ann Coulter

100 REASONS WHY EVOLUTION IS STUPID - Kent Hovind [Full Length]

~ Stephen T. McCarthy




Wednesday, January 4, 2012


In an ill-fated attempt to garner a larger readership for 'Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends', my ol’ blogging buddyette, Judy, once wrote the following about me:

Do you like people with a dry sense of humor and that love to talk about subjects that are popular, only [their] take is usually the opposite? I'm still trying to get a handle on Stephen, but I've never been disappointed leaving his posts! Some are funny and some I think, does he really believe that or is he pushing buttons!

Well, the truth is, rarely am I pushing buttons, and the vast majority of the time my iconoclastic view of things is genuine. This is rather ironic because deep down I am an Old School Traditionalist, and believe it or not, I do not enjoy swimming against the (main)stream so often and being forced to defend my credibility by explaining in detail why I’ve come to accept the “alternate” view so often, rather than the “accepted” view. But Mark Twain wrote . . .

Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.

Unfortunately, objective research has shown me that this is the case more times than not. That’s not to say that the mainstream view of a thing is NEVER correct, but frequently it is not.

If you’ve read much of my blogs over the years, you know that my view of some subjects – like “orthodox” Christianity, Senator Joseph McCarthy, the attack on the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, etc. – is not in line with the generally accepted belief.

Another topic in which I am forced to take a contrarian view is that of President Abraham Lincoln’s legacy. Yes, I hate slavery; yes, I believe all men are brothers because regardless of our race we have the same Creator/Father in Heaven. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I view Abraham Lincoln as an American hero.

The fact of the matter is that Lincoln’s political life was one that should be remembered less for The Emancipation Proclamation and more for the economic boondoggles, the tyrannical dictatorship he established, the mass murders he was responsible for, and the lies he told.

Yes, my friends, I’m afraid that as children we were indoctrinated into false beliefs by Uncle Sam’s brainwashing centers (also known as “public schools”) and we were bamboozled to the nth degree when it comes to ol’ Honest Abe. “Honest Abe” was a liar.

If I were asked to compile a top ten list of what I consider the best and/or most important political books I’ve ever read, I’d have to give that a good deal of thought because I have read so many excellent politically-themed books in my lifetime.

However, there are a few I can state right from the get-go that would certainly make my list: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’, ‘Foundations: Their Power And Influence’, and ‘None Dare Call It Treason...25 Years Later’ would definitely be among my top ten.

Another one that would certainly be included is the 2003 update of Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s ‘THE REAL LINCOLN: A New Look At Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, And An Unnecessary War’.

There are a lot of surprising things about Abraham Lincoln that you will find in DiLorenzo’s excellent book. For example, Did you know the following? . . .

Lincoln was a racist. Yep, a White supremacist! In 1858 he said:

“I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. … I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position. I have never said anything to the contrary.”

Lincoln also said that he was not and never had been “in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people.” (Pgs. 11/12)

The Emancipation Proclamation was nothing more than a political gimmick.

Lincoln, one of the nation’s preeminent lawyers, was careful to craft the Proclamation in a way that would guarantee that it would not emancipate any slaves. …

Lincoln’s own secretary of state, William Seward, mocked the Emancipation Proclamation by saying, “We show our sympathy with slavery by emancipating slaves where we cannot reach them and holding them in bondage where we can set them free.” (Pg. 36)

Lincoln ordered the arrest and imprisonment of virtually anyone who disagreed with his views. …

One victim of Lincoln’s suppression of Northern newspapers was Francis Key Howard of Baltimore, the grandson of Francis Scott Key. Howard was imprisoned in Fort McHenry, the very spot where his grandfather composed “The Star-Spangled Banner”, after the newspaper he edited criticized Lincoln’s decision to invade the South without the consent of Congress and his suppression of civil liberties in Maryland.

After spending nearly two years in a military prison without being charged and without a trial of any kind, Howard wrote a book about his experiences titled ‘The American Bastille’. (Pgs. 132-134)

Hundreds of Southern churches were put to the torch, and priests and ministers were imprisoned for not saying prayers for Abraham Lincoln. (Pg. 180)

Does this sound like a book you’d be interested in reading? It just so happens that I have an extra copy of it – a brand-spanking new $16.00 paperback – that I am willing to give away, free of charge. I’ll even cover the postage.

Below are photographs I took this past New Year’s Eve. The first person who can accurately tell me what is depicted in these pictures will receive my extra copy of ‘THE REAL LINCOLN: A New Look At Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, And An Unnecessary War’.

It’s a rather abstract image and I kind of doubt anyone is going to guess correctly. Should this prize go unclaimed for the next two weeks, I’ll go to Plan B. I don’t know yet what Plan B is but I’ll come up with something. (Maybe a contest to see who can best tell me how handsome, brilliant and humble I am in 1,000 words or more.)

Good luck, y’all. (Gee, I sure hope someone enters this contest!)

I took two photographs of the same thing. What is it? Anyone? . . .


Congratulations to Farawayeyes!
She wrote: "Picture looks like your looking up someones Christmas lights. Inside of a tree, maybe?"

More than "maybe" - precisely.

Not far from where I work there is a small company - I don't even know what product they sell or service they provide - and they had created a large Christmas tree of lights against one side of their building. One night I stepped inside the middle of it and looked up. Why? I dunno. Just because I've always done weird things, and because there's still a remnant of the "little boy" in me.

Well, looking up through this Christmas tree, I thought: That would make a pretty neat, abstract photograph.

Several nights later I returned with my Brother's cell phone camera and took the pictures. Here's the full image:

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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Sunday, January 1, 2012



It’s Margarita Day! - It’s Margarita Day!
Hooray! - Hooray! – Hooray!
For Margarita Day!

Well, 2011 is in the books, and mostly . . .

It was a year for the birds
That went to the dogs
‘Cause the cats in Washington
Turned out to be rats
Who golfed and fished while
The Eagle flew the coop
Leaving We The People
To clean up the poop.

Or something like that. At any rate, that sentence is a reasonable facsimile of 2011.

Nope, it was not a banner year for anyone I personally know, and for some of them it was downright lousy.

Nevertheless, my Christmas was fairly good. Here’s a few photos of it:

Brother Nappy and I kept alive our “MAKE A WISH FOR TINY TIM” on Christmas Day tradition by driving to Park Central Deli near downtown Phoenix, tossing a couple quarters into the fish pond on the back patio and making wishes with the fishes that Tiny Tim will someday score a second Top 40 hit song.

While we were there to cast our wishes into the fish pond, I took a picture of my “Ron Paul For President” baseball cap to “cap”ture the moment:

My friend the Flying Aardvark sent me a couple things that really tickled me. One was a photo she had seen somewhere of two houses decorated for Christmas... somewhere. Talk about stealing someone else’s thunder, and with minimal lighting:

Also, on a Christmas gift the Aard had sent me, she had integrated into the wrapping a margarita Christmas tree ornament (she wraps beautifully, too!) I loved the ornament so much that I immediately removed it from the gift and hung it on my tree. It’s very appropriate that I am revealing this here on Margarita Day 2012:

The maggie ornament goes perfect next to my other ‘New Year’s Day’ Christmas tree ornament – a pink elephant holding a champagne glass, that I purchased in Westwood Village circa 1988:

And the margarita ornament segues beautifully into the real point of this January 1st blog bit: I want to wish y’all a . . .


“A Tradition Since 1986, Except For 1994.”

To those with less imagination, “Margarita Day” is known as “New Year’s Day”. On this day I always ring in the new year with a margarita or two; a tradition that my dear Pa (may he rest in peace) inadvertently started in ’86, and which we both somehow inexplicably forgot to maintain on New Year’s Day 1994, thus giving birth to what I think is a funny slogan.

I have one pretty hysterical Margarita Day story I could tell, but you’d need to get to know me “personally” rather than “virtually” to hear that one in detail because I’d be too embarrassed to reveal it publicly.

Now think about that for a second. After some of the shit stuffs I’ve written on my blogs, here is something too embarrassing to write! How embarrassing is THAT? Here’s just a snapshot of it and you can fill in the blanks with your imagination:

This was perhaps 1989 or 1990, when I overindulged my enthusiasm for the celebration a bit and Margarita Day turned into Irish Coffee Night at El Torito Mexican Restaurant/Bar in Marina Del Rey. Then, after setting what was almost certainly the all-time point total record on the video game PAPERBOY in a nearby arcade, I got on my “real” bicycle and attempted to ride home. Let’s just say “video games ain’t real life!” and leave it at that.

Anyway, feel free to join me by celebrating a new year with a margarita. Well, you’re only going to get ONE Margarita Day 2012 in your lifetime, so why not?...G’wahn and have two. What the hell! Besides, ya know, if there turns out to be any truth in all that Mayan Calendar end-of-the-world prophecy yakking, you’ll look back with regret that you... only had one maggie on Margarita Day.

You lucky folks living in L.A. can enjoy the BEST margaritas (as seen in the pictures above) by going to El Coyote Mexican Restaurant on Beverly Boulevard. Me, I’m going to have to settle for maggies here in Airheadzona.

Regardless, I raise my salt-rimmed glass and wish a Happy Margarita Day to you all! May we bless and be blessed in 2012.

Oh, and – psst! – don’t be a maroon by
forgetting to remember on election day . . .

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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