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[From the STMcC archive; 2006, October 22nd]

Book: “WAS KARL MARX A SATANIST?” by Richard Wurmbrand; 1976.

Grade: B

On page 71 of my 1979 edition of WAS KARL MARX A SATANIST?, Richard Wurmbrand writes: Marx did not love mankind. Mazzini, who had known him well, wrote that he had “A destructive spirit. His heart bursts with hatred rather than with love toward men.” I know of no testimonies to the contrary from Marx’s contemporaries. Marx the loving man is a myth constructed only after his death.

This is a factor that all men and women who lean toward Communism/Socialism as a result of genuine concern for the welfare of all people would be wise to seriously consider before ascribing any noble aspirations to the manifesto Marx gave to the world. If what Marx wrote was true, that he harbored “hatred against all gods” and that he wished to avenge himself “against the One who rules above”, should it surprise any of us then that the fruit of his philosophy is responsible for unspeakable torture, terribly unjust acts, and the murder of about 100 million people worldwide? Should any thinking person be mystified by the obvious unfeasibility of Marx’s materialistic Communism/Socialism wherever it has been tried, and by the destruction and unhappiness it inevitably leads to for the people it proposes to benefit?

WAS KARL MARX A SATANIST? by Richard Wurmbrand is just a small, 84 page booklet, but it contains lots of food for thought. If I was part of a jury given the responsibility to officially answer this question, in all honesty, I could not say that Wurmbrand’s booklet proves its contention beyond all reasonable doubt. Wurmbrand essentially concedes this point when he writes, “I am conscious that the evidence which I give here is only circumstantial . . . I do not claim to have provided undisputable proof that Marx was a member of a sect of devil-worshippers, but I believe that there are sufficient leads to imply this. There are certainly enough leads to infer satanic influence upon his life and teachings . . . The sins of Marxism, like those of Nazism, surpass the ordinary. They are satanic.” With that I wholeheartedly concur.

For the student such as myself, interested in the study of secret occult societies, there are a number of little “dots” provided in Wurmbrand’s booklet that aid in seeing “the big picture” when one is connecting those dots. For instance, there’s Karl’s association with Moses Hess, whose family name appears in any detailed study of the Illuminati, and Karl’s own son-in-law Edward Aveling, friend of luciferian Annie Besant, and a leading personality in her luciferian Theosophy organization.

On page 67, Wurmbrand makes the extremely intriguing supposition: “Communists have the habit of creating front-organizations. [The above text] suggests the probability that Communist movements are themselves front-organizations for occult satanism. This would also explain why all the political, economical, cultural, and military weapons used against Communism have proved so inefficient. The means to fight satanism are spiritual, not carnal . . .”

I’ve given this book a B grade only because of its cursory examination of a topic worthy of rigorous, scholarly study, and because it is not ultimately able to conclusively prove what it proposes. But anyone interested in this idea will find WAS KARL MARX A SATANIST? well worth reading and considering.

On February 27, 1852, Karl Marx wrote to his comrade in evil, Friedrich Engels, about an inheritance he would come into if his wife’s ill uncle passed away: “If the dog dies, I would be out of mischief.” On March 2nd, Engels replied, “I congratulate you for the sickness of the hinderer of an inheritance, and I hope that the catastrophe will happen now.” As bad luck for Marx would have it, the old man recovered and did not depart for a better world until 1855. But on March 8th of that year, Marx wrote again to Engels, expressing his glee: “A very happy event. Yesterday we were told about the death of the 90-year-old uncle of my wife. My wife will receive some 100 Lst; even more if the old dog has not left a part of his money to the lady who administered his house.”

These are the two great “humanitarians” who gave this world the joys of Communism. I’ll say this much: If Karl Marx was NOT a satanist, he certainly missed his second calling. (God called him first – as God calls to each of us first – but we KNOW that Marx wasn’t listening to THAT Voice!)

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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