Friday, January 1, 2010



[Margaritas: Where sobriety goes to die.]

Dogged if I was going to let a January 1st pass by without wishing y’all a . . .


MARGARITA DAY: “A tradition since 1986, except for 1994.”

Hey, I wrote a song for this special day which comes each and every year. The song is called “IT’S MARGARITA DAY” and it’s sung to the tune of “It’s Howdy Doody Time.” The lyrics are not too terribly complicated so you should be able to learn them quickly. Here they iz:

It’s Margarita Day!
It’s Margarita Day!
Hoo-ray! - Hoo-ray! - Hoo-ray!
For Margarita Day.It’s Margarita Day!

It’s Margarita Day!
It's Margarita Day!
Hoo-ray! - Hoo-ray! - Hoo-ray!
For Margarita Day.

Alright, everybody, let’s sing it.
LOUDER! I can’t hear you!

To steal a line from ol’ Ernie ‘Mr. Cub’ Banks: "It's a beautiful day for a margarita... Let's drink two!"

Beginning today, January 1st, 2010, my Blogs can no longer be read free of charge. Readers are now requested to send one dollar per month for the right to read what I’ve written. Or, do consider our Discount Plan in which you pay for the entire year up front and receive a two dollar discount. That’s just $10. for an entire year of information and entertainment. The fee entitles you to read both of my Blogs, ‘Stephen T. McCarthy STUFFS’ and ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’, as often as you like for 365 days. You may return to the Blogs at anytime; it’s an “All You Can Read” buffet for just one dollar a month or ten dollars for the whole year. This is our special Economic Downturn Rate – an unbeatable deal available for a limited time only.


Please send your subscription money to:

Stephen T. McCarthy
P.O. Box 666
Hell, Airheadzona

All subscriptions entered into are final; no refunds can be given (I anticipated your money and have already spent it on Margaritas). Sorry.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


  1. A Very Special Challenge
    For A Very “Special” Person:

    One of the many great advantages of Blogspot over is that not every nimrod who comes along is automatically given permission to pee graffiti on a writer’s work. Here they give the writer the ability to approve or reject comments from drive-by maroons. They weren’t bright enough at Amazon to conceive of this idea. But then everything about Amazon SUCKS! It’s a dishonest liberal website run by dishonest liberals. You probably posted some stupid, pointless comment on one of my old reviews, but since I never read them anymore, I’ll never know.

    My personal policy regarding Blog comments is this: As long as a person does not stoop to ad hominem attacks and/or childish epithets, I will allow them to post any comment on my Blogs. And I will respond to them. I’ll even publicly debate with them if that’s what they’re looking for. I always keep a can of Whoop-Ass within arm’s reach for such occasions.

    But a person like you has what I call “Internet Courage.” That’s when a guy or gal will run their mouth from a safe and unknown location, writing things that they would never even dream of saying in a real eyeball-to-eyeball encounter where safety isn’t guaranteed. You really ought to restrict your posting of comments to, where characters like you are not only tolerated but welcomed.

    Anytime I manage to piss off a person to the nth degree, it’s usually a good bet that the person is one of three things: a liberal, an atheist, or an atheistic liberal. So, which one are you?

    What is it, Roger? Are you one of those non-brainiac Dick Dawkins-lovin’ Darwiniacs? Or, do you prostrate yourself before our Undocumented Socialist Acting As President and worship the ground he slithers upon? Perhaps you’re one of them there Feminist Fellas like Phil Donahue and Alan Alda? What is it, Roger? What did I write that has you cryin’ like your panties are cutting off your circulation?

    Whatever subject you take issue with me about, I’m ready, willing and able to publicly debate it with you. Let’s get on it! Bring it on, Dude; let’s see what ya got! Got facts? Can you debate a topic factually, or are you strictly limited to name-calling and ad hominem retorts? Those I won’t permit you to post here. But do you have any knowledge to go with that mouth?

    No, I didn’t think so. Anyone who uses the word “douchebag” [sic] is clearly intellectually destitute.

    But I must thank you for making my day by letting me ruin yours. Your anger is all the confirmation I need in order to know that I’m doing SOMETHING right. Do you have ANYTHING substantive to say? Or is Roger over and out?

    ~ STMcC
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>

  2. Since I was to be traveling all day Jan 1, I had my margaritas on the afternoon of New Year's Eve--first Margaritas I've had in a long time. Pretty well knocked me out for a couple of hours and I darn nearly missed New Year's Eve.

    Started to put my check in the mail but then I realized how silly it would be that our checks would just be crossing in the mail. Don't bother sending me my check.

    The special Challenge was interesting, but I was missing the context. Well no matter, now I'm craving another Margarita.


  3. rLEE-b ~
    I like the fact that you play along with all my goofball stuffs. That's what friends do.

    So, you're charging the same Blog subscription price that I am, eh? Well, alright then. They just cancel each other out. Damn! Making money at this Blogging bit may not be as easy as I anticipated.

    But I need to find a way to supplement my income. Hey, ya wanna buy my dog?

    ~ Stephen


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