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Yes, right up front I’m providing advance notice that this Blog installment is lengthy. If you already fully understand that both the Democrat and Republican parties are colluding to condition America toward a tyrannical Global Socialistic State and you are already aware of how the Hegelian Dialectic is utilized in moving the nation ever Leftward, or if you don’t know about any of these things but the next episode of ‘American Idol’ is coming on in five minutes and you don’t want to miss it, then you’ll probably want to save yourself the time it would take to read the following and click off this Blog Bit now.

However, if the aforementioned items are not already well understood by you and you don’t give a damn about the next episode of ‘American Idol’, then I feel confident in saying that the information presented below will be worth the time you invest in reading it.


Section 1) - Overview (Or, Political Reality 101)
Section 2) - My "Fascist" Friends Weigh In
Section 3) - The Nuts And Bolts Of The System
Section 4) - Bait And Divide, Switch And Conquer
Section 5) - "The Making Of A President"
Section 6) - "USAP", Sarah Palin, And Glenn Beck
Section 7) - X-Y-Z (Or, "The Hegelian Dialectic")
Section 8) - The Endgame


There are only two differences between the Democrat and Republican parties: what they SAY they stand for, and the speed with which they install Federal tyranny over We The People in “the land of the so-called free and the home of the brave.”

However, sometimes even the latter difference is nonexistent. Despite verbally railing against government encroachment over individual civil liberties and about the need for greater economic efficiency through smaller government and more localized responsibility, in actuality, Republicans sometimes increase the cost and scope of the national government even beyond that of their liberal, Democrat predecessors. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush come immediately to mind. “Talking” and “Doing” are two very different things – that’s the reason they’re spelled differently.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that “Neoconservatism” (that which we call “the Republican party” today) isn’t really conservative at all? Neoconservatism is just another form of Big Government Fascism, but this particular brand of fascism dresses in a suit and tie and seeks global dominance through military intervention and corporate regulation, whereas the liberal, Democrat brand promotes Big Government Fascism while dressed in tie-dyed clothing and seeks global dominance through military intervention and ecological regulation. Your choices are Military intervention with either Corporate or Ecological regulation . . . vote for the death of your choice, Amerika.

In the process of “ramping up” (to borrow one of Sarah Palin’s favorite terms) Federal tyranny, the Republican Neoconservatives pretend to be primarily concerned about protecting the rights of the person. The Democrats ramp up Federal tyranny as well, but while doing so, they pretend to be primarily concerned about protecting the rights of the people. In other words, “group rights.” But regardless, Orwellian Big Brotherism progresses right on schedule and EVERYONE’S Constitutional rights get flushed down the toilet.

Every once in awhile, I will write something to a friend in a personal Email, or I will post a comment on a Blog installment, and then afterwards think to myself: That might make a pretty worthwhile addition to a Blog Bit.

And so occasionally I will incorporate a sentence or even a paragraph that I have written elsewhere into a Blog posting that I’m working on. Rarer still are those times when I take something I’ve written elsewhere and actually build an entire Blog Bit around it. Such as I’m doing here.

Back in early November of last year, I posted a Blog Bit titled ‘Impalin’ Palin’. The discussion that this installment engendered in the “Comment” section amongst my friends and I was perhaps the best exchange in my time as a Blogspot blogger. I later got the idea to use these comments as the nucleus for yet another political Blog Bit.

Below are those November 2009 comments which I have transported here. I have done minor editing, such as removing some of the more personal remarks which didn’t really pertain to the general theme under discussion, etc. And that theme being the essential sameness of both major political parties in the United States – Democrat and Republican. Since these comments were previously posted in a public forum, I feel no hesitation in reposting them here. I thank all of my friends who took part in the discussion; I found their comments so valuable that they inspired a whole new F-FFF installment.


Nov. 2, 2009
MOUSIEMARC (of the Blog
Historic Words’) said:

… Glenn Beck makes a lot of good points but ALWAYS falls short of naming The Federal Reserve as THE PROBLEM. I remember watching a town hall meeting with moms on his show. A mother who happens to work for Ron Paul’s ‘Campaign For Liberty’ started to mention The Federal Reserve. Glenn quickly cut her off and stated, "I don't want to get into that right now." That is not an exact quote (coming from memory) but it’s close. I was a little on the fence with him until he showed his hand there. However, I know people who hang on his every word. He even had a segment where he stated that after we go bankrupt the government will probably back a new currency by taking our property rights and will ask China and Russia to help squash civil unrest. They would be promised our resources. Did they get a little cocky there and show their hand? It won't matter because this is a done deal anyway.

I have heard Michael Savage mention the Bilderberg group in passing. However, he once got a caller who started to mention Carroll Quigleys book, "Tragedy and Hope." He quickly cut him off and stated, "What do you think I care about some book you've read? What do I care about someone else’s book?" He then went to the next caller. How uneventful unless you’re someone like me who knows what’s in that book. I used to listen to that show all the time, read a couple of his books, and at that moment I find out he's a fraud. I began to suspect it but that moment confirmed it.

Below is a quote from ‘Tragedy and Hope’ that I got from Freedom Force International’s site. It seems to fit your blog piece:

"The National parties and their presidential candidates, with the Eastern Establishment assiduously fostering the process behind the scenes, moved closer together and nearly met in the center with almost identical candidates and platforms, although the process was concealed as much as possible, by the revival of obsolescent or meaningless war cries and slogans (often going back to the Civil War). … The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy. … Either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies."

Of course, Freedom Force also talks about the the Quigley Formula. Which is in short to make your own opposition. Instead of waiting for genuine grass root efforts to rise up, just create false grass root movements like Glenn Beck or Michael Savage. They make good points and even tell the truth. However, they work for companies that are owned by these people and they have to stay in line to keep their jobs. People like Beck and Savage probably justify it somehow to themselves. "Well at least I'm giving some truth. If I wasn't here no one would have any clue."


If you weren't there a real genuine movement would rise up. But … you accept favors from these people and [give] only half the message. People believe you’re for real, so they feel they don't have to do it ‘cause Beck’s doing it’, and they'll just follow Beck like everyone else in the Patriot Movement, right? That’s the scam because Beck’s going to make sure we lose. It becomes obvious once you see it. However, from personal experience I can tell you, it takes people who are informed and [it takes] … time to come to this reality. Though given the events to come, I'm sure they'll get some reality to wake them up soon.

God Bless,
Brother Marc

STEPHEN T. McCARTHY (Yours Truly) said:

SPOT ON, Br'er Marc!

It's funny that you posted that particular quote from ‘Tragedy And Hope’ because I was thinking of posting on F-F F F that same quote as my next Blog Bit, as a follow-up to this one. But you just saved me the trouble. Thanks!

Yes, Brother, you've definitely got the scam figured out. The dirty little secret about today's so-called "conservatives" can be found not in what they say but in what they always seem to leave unsaid. I pointed this out clearly in my previous Blog Bit here at F-FFF titled "#1 Rule Of Politics", but since no one reads my Blog, it won't make any difference to anyone.

And then when the White House makes a lot of noise about trying to shut down Fox News, it only further convinces the viewers of Fox News that they are really involved with the real patriotic counterculture. But of course, the truth is that the pseudo-conservative Fox News is just the other side of the New World Order coin. As you said, they exist to control what might otherwise turn into a genuinely dangerous conservative element. It's all about a formula for control that could be called "Bait And Divide, Switch And Conquer." Hey, that's not too bad, if I do say so myself. That saying has within it the seed of a future Blog Bit.
Great comment, Brother Marc.


Another good bit, STM.

It's the conservative brand sheeple that disappoint me most of all. They still think the "talkin’ heads" are on their side and have their best interest at heart.

They think that Rush, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly and the rest are "just like them", and are their voice against the "liberal media". IT'S ALL THE SAME MEDIA!!!

ARLEE BIRD (of the Blog ‘Tossing It Out’) said:

As promised, Stephen, here's my two cents on Sarah Palin and all the other people you mention. And I'm sure it won't mean much to you or your commenters because, let's face it, I don't study it and analyze it as much as you do but I respect that you do. I enjoy reading what you all have to say though.

My take on the issue is that the absolute hard line in either direction is not going to work because most of us uninformed ignoramuses are more toward the middle. It's politics and it's about ratings or winning. There will always be some kind of collusion between sides because diluting the issues - giving a dose of sugar with the vinegar - will make the whole package more palatable. So Palin or Huckaby or Beck or Medved, I'll take them over some more extreme left wing agenda.

But what do I know other than I'll take a Buster Bar over a Dilly Bar any day and if I do have to settle for a Dilly Bar then it better be chocolate. (If anyone doesn't get my reference then check my blog entry about Texas Stop Signs.)



Hey, thanks for your comment, rLEE-b.

However, I don't believe there is any "middle." In the U.S.A. there is one coin which has two sides: One side of the coin is "The American Way" (a.k.a. "Constitutionalism" or “The Rule Of Law”) which is the standard set by our Founding Fathers, and it is represented by the great system they established in spirit by The Declaration of Independence and in law by the U.S. Constitution. This is the framework that quickly made us the envy of every other nation in the world.

The other side of the coin is "Socialism" of one type or another from, say, Keynesianism to Marxism. Marxism, of course, being Communism - and Communism has probably been best described as "Socialism in a hurry."

In this country there is no real middle ground; there's only Constitutionalism or Socialism in varying degrees.

Now, a major problem is that there also exists an unelected body called The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and it has been well established that the true goal of the CFR is to create a single, totalitarian world government based on Socialism. In other words, “The American Way” of life must be destroyed to make way for this World Government (often referred to as "The New World Order”).

Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes, the CFR directs both major political parties in this country, as well as Congress, and it pretty much sets our foreign policy. For about a century now we have been shifted ever Leftward (into Socialism) primarily by use of the Hegelian Dialectic. The two political parties have the same aim but they know that We The People (if we caught on) would never support it, so a false front "political war" has been established to make the people choose sides: Conservatism = Republicans; Progressivism (which is really Liberalism, which is really overt Socialism) = Democrats. But the truth is that both parties really represent nothing other than Socialism in two different speeds.

Or as my friend Br'er Marc (Mousiemarc) put it so perfectly once: It's like smoking cigarettes. You can acquire your lung cancer quickly by smoking unfiltered cigarettes, or you can acquire your lung cancer more gradually by smoking filtered cigarettes.

It translates into the political realm like this: You can acquire your totalitarian Socialism quickly by smoking unfiltered Democrat, or you can acquire your totalitarian Socialism more gradually by smoking filtered Republican. Either way, you invite the poison into your system and the end result will be death of “The American Way” of life. In other words, the political war between the Republicans and Democrats is a FAKE FIGHT (and both parties know it!) It’s all for public consumption, designed to keep the Americonned People deceived and unaware of where this WILL eventually lead: Totalitarian World Government essentially based upon the Keynesian model.

A superb overview of all this can be found in the small book (only 130 pages of text) titled ‘THE NAKED CAPITALIST’ by W. Cleon Skousen. Used copies of it can be found online for only a few dollars. I’d say start there, but buckle your seatbelt and hang on to your hat; you’re in for a surprising, E-Ticket ride!

~ Stephen
<"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
so a fool repeats his folly."
~ Proverbs 26:11>

ARLEE BIRD (of the Blog ‘Tossing It Out’) said:

Good answer, what else can I say? I am not as well studied on these matters as you and Mousie, but I sure admire you for it. I'm conservative in tendency but from the way you put it all across we're all doomed no matter what. And so is the way of the world and man.

I won't let it bring me down ‘cause it's only castles burning.


rLEE-b ~
Yes, Brother, we are doomed, primarily because our politicians, our talking heads on television, and our pundits in the print media and talk radio - of both Socialist stripes (blatant socialist Democrats and pseudo-conservative Republicans) refuse to either tell The People the truth (Democrat leaders) or the WHOLE truth (Republican leaders).

And, of course, We The People don't really want to hear the truth anyway because we are so busy stuffing ourselves with cheesecake and Duff beer while being preoccupied by mind-rotting "entertainment" (bread and circuses).We simply accept our statist chains and passively follow (or as in the case of "Tea Parties", more rambunctiously follow) our deceitful leaders to our inglorious execution. But we didn't have to go out this way.

In case you're interested, below are Blog Bits I'd previously posted which elaborate on two of the major points I addressed above. This is a "nutshell" look at two forms of Socialism - the Russian version and the American version: Marx Vs. Keynes: Comparative Socialism In Miniature
[See link at Blog Bit conclusion.]

And this is a clearer explanation of why I dislike and distrust what passes for conservatism all across the talk radio dial: #1 Rule Of Politics
[See link at Blog Bit conclusion.]

I still say you're better off reading Skousen's ‘THE NAKED CAPITALIST’, but even as inexpensive as that slim book is, my writing is the "cheapest".

~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stevieboy

THE MAN WHO STEPPED ON CHICKENFOOT (or, The Great L.C. from the Blog ‘DiscConnected’) said:

Sadly, if the Repubs are dumb enough to nominate Sarah Palin in 2012, she will fall before the messiah as he wins a second term and further scuttles the future of this country (unless of course those Mayan prophecies turn out to be dead on).

The 'Pubs need some new blood. Ron Paul's message was striking a nerve with young folk. If the Repubs could find a like-minded soul who was maybe their side of fifty, maybe things would change. Otherwise, I think the great god Obama will continue to mesmerize the youth and minorities, and will score both the liberal vote and the vote of people who maybe wanted a change from the same old Repub mess and see this as a way to get that, and prove they are politically correct and not rascist.

But by then, the Chinese will stop lending The Great One money, and we'll all need to learn Mandarin anyway.

-The Man Who Stepped on Chickenfoot


MANDARIN?! Don't tell me THAT! I'm still taking Spanish 101 just so I can conduct business here in Arizona.

You see that, my dear Blog Reader? I have some pretty sharp ferret-faced fascist friends, don’t I?


In the remainder of this Blog Bit I will elaborate on some of the statements that were made above. To begin with, many years of very intensive study of some highly credible sources has proven to me that the American political scene is governed like this:

International Bankers essentially control the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which represents the Bankers’ corporate, political and media interests. The CFR, for all intents and purposes, directs both major American political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, in both foreign and domestic policies.

Naturally, that’s putting very succinctly a political paradigm that is in reality somewhat more complex than that. Nevertheless, minute details aside, this is indeed how the American political scene basically operates. This represents the “Active Ingredients” in the “Product.”


The ultimate goal in American politics is to dismantle, piece by piece if necessary, the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights and to replace it with a Socialistic World Government.

In order to achieve this goal, the American People must be convinced that it is in their best interests to scrap the American system for the newly evolving global system. In other words, the American People and the form of government established by their Founding Fathers must be conquered. The first order of business in conquering the American voters is to “Divide” them.

To do this, their “leaders” must first set the “Bait”. The Republicans decry the eroding of Individual rights and the corrupting of the Capitalist system. The Democrats protest injustices against select Groups and insist that those greedy Capitalists should spread the wealth around. Both of these arguments are meant to appeal to different mind-sets and “Bait” those sharing these world-views. As the individual takes the bait offered, he finds himself aligned with one group or the other: Republicans or Democrats. Candidates and representatives from both parties know what they need to say in order to attract and retain their potential vote and support groups.

Democrats primarily apppeal to the bleeding-heart emotion-based voters and those perceiving themselves to be disenfranchised. In other words, mostly to women and minorities. And the party says, “We are going to make the government help you!”

The Republicans reach out to the voter block which is more individualistic and objective; proponents of ‘individual rights’ and ‘limited government’. And the party says, “We are going to make the government get off your back!”

Both types of American Voters have now taken the bait and have been effectively “Divided” from each other.

As long as The People are divided and bickering amongst themselves, it’s not likely that they will ever raise their heads above the fray to see who the real enemy is. Keep The People involved in political warfare, party versus party, and infighting against one another, and they will never notice the barbed wire being wrapped around the battlefield where they are engaged in their combat. Then, at some point when the time is right, the leaders of the factions will announce that the war is over and all combatants are prisoners in the Global Concentration Camp. That’s what is really going down, folks; the sheeple are being encircled with barbed wire while they argue, sleep, and watch TV.

However, since tyrannical Big Brother Global Government is the ultimate objective, it’s important that the group opposing centralization of power and overbearing government regulation (i.e., the Republicans) is not allowed to be very successful. That’s where the “Switch” in the “Bait and Divide, Switch and Conquer” comes in.

Having been divided from those with the “more government” Democrat mind-set, the Republican voters are now carefully managed and controlled to ensure that they aren’t actually allowed to implement all of the reforms they are constantly promised by their Handlers – they being the movers and shakers within the Republican party.

The Republican leaders talk a great game but are careful to never reveal too much (like who established the Federal Reserve System, how and why; what the CFR is and what it seeks). They will speak often about unnecessary government departments and a need for fiscal responsibility, but once voted into power at either the Executive or Congressional level, they will immediately turn their backs on all that they had previously claimed to represent. In reality, the voters are given a choice between Socialist-R and Socialist-D. The Council on Foreign Relations doesn’t care which brand of Socialism the Americans elect because the CFR directs both camps.

This is the reason that the size, scope and cost of government has never been reduced regardless of whether it was being controlled by Democrats or Republicans. Smaller government is the exact opposite of what remains the secret goal of BOTH political parties. The voters are Baited; Divided; and in the case of the Republicans, they get their “products” switched; and in the end, all of the American Principles – Constitutionalism, Rule Of Law, Individual Rights, a Republican form of government – will be conquered.

To you registered Republicans I ask this: Did you never question why it was that even when your party won the elections the longstanding Republican “smaller government” platform was never installed? Did you never notice that a pattern had developed, as if some secret force was preventing your party from fulfilling its promises even when the majority of voters had sided with you?

Did you REALLY believe that it was only by accidental or unpremeditated shifts in legislation and domestic policy that the United States of America somehow wound up moving so far to the Left of where the country once stood? Did you REALLY think that our slide into Socialism was just a natural evolution or political progression? You thought all of this Leftward movement occurred without forethought and lots of planning and manipulation from influential people behind the scenes – even within your own political party? Or did you ever pause long enough to even consider this at all?


This next section of the Blog Bit contains some excerpts from the book ‘Philip Dru: Administrator’ written by Edward Mandell House and first published in 1912.

Edward Mandell House was most likely the single most influential man of American politics of the last 100 years. He was an important advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt and the right-hand man to President Woodrow Wilson. House was no outsider nor a simple speculator of the inside story on political intrigue. He was the real deal when it came to behind-the-scenes manipulation.

‘Philip Dru: Administrator’ was ostensibly a work of fiction, but in the poorly written novel, Edward Mandell House revealed the way things really work in Washington D.C. and the end result that the political conspirators are aiming for. Read these excerpts and contemplate long and deep about what House is really saying here. And if you had no prior knowledge of last century’s most important political character, you might also want to ask yourself just what your qualifications were when you were casting a vote in the last presidential election:

Chapter XII – “Selwyn Seeks A Candidate”
Selwyn then began carefully scrutinizing such public men in the States known as presidential cradles, as seemed to him eligible. By a process of elimination he centered upon two that appeared desirable.

One was James R. Rockland, recently elected Governor of a State of the Middle West. The man had many of the earmarks of a demagogue, which Selwyn readily recognized, and he therefore concluded to try him first.
. . .
Selwyn settled back in his chair, nodding his approval and telling himself that he would not need to seek further for his candidate.

At Rockland’s earnest solicitation he remained over another day. The Governor gave him copies of his speeches and messages, so that he could assure himself that there was no serious flaw in his public record.

Selwyn cautioned him about changing his attitude too suddenly. “Go on, Rockland, as you have done in the past. It will not do to see the light too quickly. You have the progressives with you now, keep them and I will let the conservatives know that you think straight and may be trusted.

“We must consult frequently together,” he continued, “but cautiously. There is no need for anyone to know that we are working together harmoniously. I may even get some of the conservative papers to attack you judiciously. It will not harm you. But, above all, do nothing of importance without consulting me.

“I am committing the party and the Nation to you, and my responsibility is a heavy one, and I owe it to them that no mistakes are made.”

“You may trust me, Senator,” said Rockland. “I understand perfectly.”

Chapter XIV – “The Making Of A President”
Selwyn now devoted himself to the making of enough conservative senators to control comfortably that body. The task was not difficult to a man of his sagacity with all the money he could spend.
. . .
It was a fascinating game to Selwyn. It appealed to his intellectual side far more than it did to his avarice. He wanted to govern the Nation with an absolute hand, and yet not be known as the directing power.
. . .
In the meantime his senators were being elected, the Rockland sentiment was steadily growing and his nomination was finally brought about by the progressives fighting vigorously for him and the conservatives yielding a reluctant consent. It was done so adroitly that Rockland would have been fooled himself, had not Selwyn informed him in advance of each move as it was made.


Personalities are built up by the media and other political production machines behind the scenes, and these personalities are carefully groomed to appeal to the political factions and give the desperate voters the impression that a knight on a white horse is on the horizon and riding to their rescue.

Of course, over time, it eventually becomes apparent that Last Year’s Savior is just another politician and then the machines replace him or her with This Year’s Model, which gets the voter blocks all enthused and reenergized for another round of Elect ‘N’ Renounce.

Three things I’m certain of: Despite all of the messianic allusions, Barack “USAP” Obama is not near smart enough to be the anti-Christ; Sarah Palin is just another politician who will ultimately disappoint her followers; and if Glenn Beck really represented any threat to the status quo, he damn sure would be removed from Fox News and stripped of his highly influential teaching position at C.B.U. (Conservative Brainwashing University a.k.a. “Fox News”).

First, let’s look at “USAP”. He came in as the most unrealistically praised presidential candidate since John F. Kennedy. And being the first Black U.S. President only raised the bar of expectations and the “hopes” even higher. PROMISE: That he was a new kind of politician offering an “unprecedented level of openness” or “transparency.” But here’s what the American People really got . . .

REALITY: He is so opaque that he won’t even allow the American People to view his original, authentic birth certificate to satisfy the demands of the U.S. Constitution.

Sarah Palin is “the new kid of promise on the block” but the real Palin is already showing through. PROMISE: That she is a new kind of “rogue” politician, honest and intent on cleaning up the mess in the political realm. But here’s what the American People would really be getting . . .

REALITY: [S]he flunked on the issue of honesty. An interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson zeroed in on Palin’s statement, made at the Republican National Convention and elsewhere, “I told Congress, ‘Thanks, but no thanks, on that Bridge to Nowhere.’ If our state wanted to build a bridge, we were going to build it ourselves.” In fact, Gibson pointed out, she was lobbying for federal funding for the bridge before she was against it, and was against it only after it had become a political embarrassment. Well, every Governor lobbies for projects for her state, Palin countered in a desperate, artless dodge. But Gibson, to his credit, focused in on the duplicity of pretending to have been against it all along. Sometimes those doggone network news people, for all their liberal biases, get it right.
~ from The New American magazine,
“Rogue” Or Ruse? by Jack Kenny.
Jan. 4, 2010.

Glenn Beck is just about the goofiest looking dude this side of Family Matters. Put glasses and shoe polish on his face and you’ve almost got Steve Urkel:

. . [Steve Urkel]

. [Glenn Berckel]
But I suppose it’s not right for me to condemn Beck over his doofus look since he didn’t request it and there’s not a lot he can do about it. So, instead, I’ll focus on condemning him for his deception.

Now, I’ll admit that, as with Rush Limbaugh, I find that I often agree with what Glenn Beck says, but also like Mr. Limboob, it’s more what Beck DOESN’T say than what he does say that bothers me. And in some ways, Beck is even sneakier about hiding his Neoconservative roots than is Ol’ Rushbo. At least he pretends to dislike the Republicans as well as the Democrats, unlike Limboob who has always come across as that loud, obnoxious blow-hard in the Republican Rah!-Rah! rooting section.

But Glenn Beck, like all Neoconservative frontmen and frontwomen, dishes out his criticism selectively, being careful not to spill all of the beans to his audience.

The October 26, 2009 edition of The New American magazine contained a review of Glenn Beck's popular book 'Common Sense' in which writer Alex Newman made the following point:

After highlighting a variety of very real problems in the book, Beck chooses a new, unrelated, and surprising enemy: those who promote the notion of a global conspiracy. In an attempt to equate them with people who advocate violence, he cautions readers to “stay away from these individuals and those ideas” and also says that they “will eventually seek to impose their rule and lifestyle on all of us.” But after warning about those who claim a global conspiracy is afoot, he goes on to expose the increasing efforts to centralize power at the global level through the United Nations and assorted treaties. Does he really believe that the machinations of the global elites to consolidate power through the UN and other institutions of world order have nothing to do with — dare we say it — conspiracy? Here again, common sense is lacking in Glenn Beck’s ‘Common Sense’.

Beck may occasionally “attack the Federal Reserve judiciously but it will not harm them” (to paraphrase Edward Mandell House from his chapter “Selwyn Seeks A Candidate”). That doesn’t cost Beck very much and will only add to his seeming credibility.

But when is Beck going to go full “Constitutional” and tell his audience that the Federal Reserve was established by International Bankers and that it is still operated by International Bankers who have no real allegiance to the United States of America? When is Beck going to tell the American People exactly what the Federal Reserve does, why it does what it does, and why it MUST be abolished before this country can ever possibly recover? When is Glenn Beck going to tell the American People what the Council on Foreign Relations is and how it essentially dictates our foreign and domestic policy and influences the vast majority of what you see or hear on television and radio? When is Glenn Beck going to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth?

Yeah, that’s right: never! Telling the truth to the American People could only cause change – REAL change – to come about. And real change is the very last thing that the Neoconservatives want.

No, Beck will continue to spray a little criticism here and there, while carefully avoiding “The Big Picture”. He will continue to refer to people like Alan Keyes and Philip Berg, who feel Americans have a right to see USAP’s birth certificate in order to satisfy the demands of the U.S. Constitution - the so-called “Birthers” – as “fringe elements”, “anarchists and fascists” and “crazy people who don’t really like America”.

Make no mistake, Beck would hate to see USAP removed from office over the birth certificate issue because that Marxist in the White House serves a useful purpose as a divisive opponent for the Neocons to exploit.

Glenn Beck will agree with the so-called “9/11 Truthers” that there are “some good questions that haven’t been answered” about the 9/11 terrorist acts, and he will then add “but ‘Did George Bush blow up the World Trade Center?’ is not one of them”, thus mocking and trivializing the 9/11 Truth movement at the same time he acknowledges that some valid but unspecified questions remain unanswered. What he won’t mention, you’ll notice, is HOW MANY good questions have been left unanswered and what those questions specifically are.

With friends like Glenn Beck, true Conservatives (read: “genuine Constitutionalists”) hardly need enemies.

Thanks anyway, Glenn, but until such time as you decide to come fully clean with the American People and tell them what is REALLY going on behind the scenes, we don’t need your help. Go get a facelift or something.


The Hegelian Dialectic used in the realm of politics is a form of conflict resolution in which a condition (“Thesis” a.k.a. “Z”) is challenged or endangered by an opposing force (“Antithesis” a.k.a. “X”) and culminates in a resolution or compromise (“Synthesis” a.k.a. “Y”).

Today, we have an ideal example of The Hegelian Dialectic which we can look at in the form of ObamaCare. It is agreed upon at a certain level by our Social/Political Engineers behind the scenes that Socialized Medicine is the goal for a variety of reasons. But getting there can’t be accomplished in one big leap due to some citizen opposition. When a condition must be brought about in stages, the Elites, who manipulate our landscape for their own benefit, will utilize the Hegelian model.

The Republicans, pretending to fight for The Individual and professing a wish to retain the status quo, have set up at position “Z”. The Democrats, pretending to fight for The People and professing the need for an entirely reorganized and outright Socialized medical system, have set up at position “X”.

(Left) X ----------------------------------- Z (Right)

Everyone knows that a significant segment of the American People is still a bit squeamish about overt Socialism, so the move to “X” will have to be accomplished by degrees.

What will ultimately occur with the ObamaCare proposition is a compromise. The medical/insurance system we presently have will indeed be altered, but not to the degree that the Democrats are calling for. The Republicans will give some ground while engaged in “the good fight” and the Democrats will reluctantly accept a position to the right of their desired “X”. When the pseudo-fighting is all over, when the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, you will find that we will have been moved left of “status quo Z” and met the Democrats at Y. The compromise at Y will be a semi-socialized system. This fake fight will eventually lead to this:

X >>> compromise >>> Y <<< compromise <<< Z

Afterwards, the Republicans will be able to say, "We defended America against the Liberals and managed to avoid X." The Democrats will be able to say, "We fought against the Right-Wing Extremists and we managed to get Y for The People."

But the next time this issue is brought to the table, the Democrats will set up at “W” and the Republicans will be defending the NEW status quo at “Y”.

(Left) W ---------------------------------- Y (Right)

After the phony fight is over and the two parties have made their compromises toward the “center”, the healthcare issue will stand at “X” which, of course, is where the socialistic Democrats had intended to take us all along and the point that the Republicans knew they would eventually reach during the process of “yielding a reluctant consent” (to again borrow a phrase from Edward Mandell House).

W >>> compromise >>> X <<< compromise <<< Y

Make no mistake about it, both political parties knew all along that our destination would be “X” because it was determined by the Council on Foreign Relations which guides (read: “directs”) both the Democrats and the Republicans.

This formula is played out over and over again in both the Big Colosseum (at the National level) and in the smaller arenas (in the state legislatures). And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most ingenious tactics by which our elected representatives have been able, over time, to move this country ever Leftward into Socialism and Big Brother Statism.

A variant of this Hegelian Dialectic model in which both political parties work in concert might look something like this:

Let us suppose that Uncle Sam sought to gain control of a segment of the Middle East in order to control the flow of oil reserves or for any other strategical geopolitical purpose. The American Government could establish justification for a Middle East invasion by maneuvering according to the X-Y-Z Hegelian formula.

The “Z” or Thesis would be to create a frightened American citizenry concerned about its safety

The “X” or Antithesis would be to promote the idea that a madman in the area that Uncle Sam hopes to invade has weapons of mass destruction and is, one way or another, a genuine threat to American security.

The “Y” or Synthesis is to invade the madman’s territory, take him into captivity and install a puppet regime or new “democratic” government in that area which has a more favorable view of American interests.

By establishing a condition (Z), and by setting up its opposition (X), and by proposing a compromise or resolution (Y), any predetermined outcome can be surreptitiously stage-managed by a government in order to move the masses in any desired direction.

My Mother (God love her) passed away in 2005, but I still have her old Social Security card. Printed on the card just below the line upon which she signed her name is this: “For Social Security Purposes * Not For Identification”

Of course, these days, one can scarcely visit a restroom in a Federal Building without first having to provide their Social Security number for identification. So, how did you reach this point where you are constantly required by your Big Brother Government to “show your papers”? Take a guess. Anyone? It’s as easy as X-Y-Z.

How have they been able to get away with this unnoticed for so long? That’s easy! One can put anything over on a populace that, rather than safeguarding its civil liberties, wastes its time watching Survivor, American Idol and Buffy The Vampire Slayer when not reading fluff fiction by Dan Brown, John Grisham, J. K. Rowling and all the others.


Once a person comprehends the targeted “Endgame”, which is Global Government designed and orchestrated by a world body of wealthy Elites, all of the assumed stupidity and insanity emanating from Washington D.C. on a regular basis suddenly takes on a very rational, understandable, and in fact, even predictable character.

A stupid person doesn’t become influential in Washington D.C. and non-stupid people don’t consistently do stupid things. The experienced Chess Player who makes what appears to you to be illogical moves on the board is in fact playing the game of chess at an advanced level beyond your comprehension. Odds are that you aren’t far from being checkmated.

If you think they’re dumb in Washington, you’re the REAL dummy, and the upcoming, smug pronouncement of “global checkmate” will soon confirm that.

Ladies and gentlemen! - all off for ‘Collapsing Dollar’.
Next stop: ‘Global Currency’.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


Marx Vs. Keynes: Comparative Socialism In Miniature

#1 Rule Of Politics

Palin Backs Off The Bridge

Glenn Beck’s B.S. – 2/17/2010
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  1. It's late and this is a lot for me to attempt to absorb at this sitting. But what the hell are you thinking?! This isn't a blog bit, this is the start of a durn book. Not sure who you will be getting to read all of this, but this is a tough one for tired eyes like mine to read off a lit screen.

    And what's with the adult content warning there? I thought I was about to step into some pornography here. And no comments about this being political porno or anything. If you think your going to trick the sex searchers into reading this -- well, you may be right, or you may be crazy.

    I guess you saw that thing about whatever Republican gathering happened over the past few days where Ron Paul won the straw poll for next Rep prez candidate handily with Romney second at @ 22% and Palin doing something like 12% for a surprise runner-up.

    Anyhow I start rambling when it gets late and I get tired so I'll stop before I zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. Stephen,
    It's too bad more people won't read this because I feel it's one of the best I've ever read.

    Seriously, you get people up to speed so quickly it's a shame more people don't read this. Lengthy? Yes. However, I sat through it in one reading eyes glued to the screen. I'm not a fast reader either (it rhymes). Lee is right on one of his points. Most will not take the time too read it if they stumble across it. Don't let that frustrate you!!! People love feel good blogs, and being told what they want to hear. Plus, as a wise man once said, "There is nothing as unpopular as the truth. If someone says it long enough (with conviction) they will find themselves both an enemy of the people and the state." Maybe they'll let us bunk up together in our FEMA camp? I'm not counting on it either.

  3. `
    Hey, Brother rLEE-b ~

    >>[But what the hell are you thinking?! This isn't a blog bit, this is the start of a durn book. Not sure who you will be getting to read all of this...]<<

    Well, Buddy, if a book it takes, a book I'll write. Besides, no one has any business complaining since the very first thing I said was "FOREWARNING: This is a lengthy Blog Bit..."

    Aside from that, who should be bitching about getting a FREE BOOK?!

    There's a guy named Len Hart who has a Blog here at titled "Existentialist Cowboy" and some of his Blog Bits of Liberal crap make my longest installments seem like little blurbs. And yet his lengthy nonsense doesn't adversely affect his popularity: he has a very large number of Followers.

    If Americans are not willing to spend as much time reading the truth as they do that liberal spin of Len Hart's then they deserve EVERYTHING they're going to get. (And make no mistake, they are indeed going to GET IT!)

    >>[but this is a tough one for tired eyes like mine to read off a lit screen.]<<

    Well, maybe you should give it another go when you feel more refreshed.

    >>[I guess you saw that thing about whatever Republican gathering happened over the past few days where Ron Paul won the straw poll for next Rep prez candidate handily with Romney second at @ 22% and Palin doing something like 12% for a surprise runner-up.]<<

    It means nothing. Prior to the last presidential election, Ron Paul was kicking butt in the straw polls then, too. But when it came time to vote, the dimwit Republican voters listened to everyone in the media saying Ron Paul had no chance to win and so they cast their votes for lesser candidates whom they mistakenly thought had a better chance of defeating the Democrats.

    Of course, what they wound up with was John "McSame" who got his arse handed to him by Mr. "Hopeless And Changeless."

    The Powers That Be have too much invested and will make sure that no true conservative (i.e., a Constitutionalist) ever gets elected. But if one ever did, he would be removed the very first time he turned his back on a book depository - if you catch my meaning.

    ~ Stephen
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>

  4. My dear Brother Marc! ~
    I thank you so much for this comment! Your words have bolstered my spirit and reestablished for me the belief that the time and work I put into this one was indeed worthwhile.

    When the first reaction this got was essentially "It's too long and I'm too tired to think about it", I have to confess, it got me down. But your comment has raised my spirits about it again. I feel truly honored by what you've said and I THANK YOU!

    >>[Plus, as a wise man once said,...]<<

    And as if that weren't enough, you even made me laugh, too. A wise man...? Ha!-Ha! Pshaw! :o)

    Br'er Marc, I tell you with the utmost honesty that I would consider it a great privilege to share a FEMA camp prison cell with you. Maybe that is one way in which God will bless us. ;o)

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  5. ----There's a guy named Len Hart who has a Blog here at titled "Existentialist Cowboy"---

    My take is that it's a people problem, and I use the word problem only in the sense that it's a problem for your long posts.
    My theory is that since the Cowboy's readers are mainly liberals, many of these people aren't working or feel entitled to read these while at work. Whereas, conservatives are busy working and tending to families and such and don't spend as much time reading about what should be their cause.

    It's kind of like protests-- traditionally people who engage in protests apparently have more time on their hands to march around and stand in front of places with signs. Usually there is not as much conservative protesting like that. The tea parties have probably been getting more participation because people are pissed and there are more of them out of jobs right now.

    That's just one theory, but I could probably think of more.
    But I'm not going to reading that Cowboy's long blogs. I couldn't even finish that Roman Polanski blog although I read an awful lot and skimmed through most.
    And I have been reading yours in doses. Like I said I do better reading a printed page.

    But don't let it discourage you--you probably just need to find a better forum where more readers are already going or something. Wish I knew all the answers cause if I did I'd have a million readers for my blog and getting a paycheck every month for writing it.


  6. `
    Yo! rLEE-b ~

    >>[My theory is that since the Cowboy's readers are mainly liberals, many of these people aren't working or feel entitled to read these while at work. Whereas, conservatives are busy working and tending to families and such and don't spend as much time reading about what should be their cause. ... The tea parties have probably been getting more participation because people are pissed and there are more of them out of jobs right now.]<<

    I'm not quite sure just how seriously you intended the remarks above to be taken, but regardless, I found them wickedly funny. And there just might be some truth to them, too. (Ha! Good stuffs, man.)

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  7. Lee,
    What you say makes a lot of sense. People who are working and taking care of families won't often engage in political protests and such. As a matter of fact most people won't participate in much of anything until they feel it impacting their own life. I have seen this in politics, the work place, and from personal friends and cohorts. That my friend I feel is part of the problem. It's hard to cry "He done me wrong" when the rope is already around your throat and their pulling the trap door to hang ya. Most people don't, and won't get that until.....

    Your a smart guy Lee. I don't know about you guys but I often analyze people thinking to myself, "Just what is it that makes you tick" while I'm out at work or about. I've literally been able to tell a coworker what their life revolved around, who they hated and why by looking at the arrangement of pictures on their locker. Of course it was pretty obvious that this coworker was obscessed with her daughter (almost worship), hated the boyfriend (who's head was tucked behind another photo), and that she didn't know what she would do with herself once the daughter left the home. I'm not a genius, just perceptive. The guy with the big "I wanna be crocadile dundee boots) couldn't figure out how I knew he owned a boat (and that it was his passion in life). If a nurse like me is this perceptive, what about the men in the government and media who are paid to make MONEY off this? I use this kind of information to motivate my patients to make healthy choices and improve their lives. Much smarter people than myself use it for nefarious gain.

    Anyone who joins a genuine Constitutional movement will be marginalized by our media, politicians, and business. We are all guilty of being read like a book at times, and I don't care how closely you play your cards. Oh, and trust me, most people don't hide their cards well. Drug addicts are some of the best at it though.

    Think about it. If you control the media you control how most people think. People want to hear that the sunshine and roses are around the corner. It is easy to spin our current financial state of affairs into a rose pedals around the corner scenario. People will latch onto it no matter how insane the lie is. People don't want to hear that our government is paying farmers NOT to grow food, that the real financial troubles haven't hit yet, or that some really really hard times are coming our way...

    This nation has been conditioned to hate those who speak the truth, to seek instant gratification, and to think only of themselves. This conditioning has gone on for years in our school systems. It is not wrong to call a toad a toad but in this country they will rail on you for doing so.

    When the poop finally does hit the fan people will not stand up for freedom. They will seek security from those who have been tightening the rope around their necks. Question is, are they going to hang us this time. My guess is yes.

  8. M&m Thank you for your concurrence with my point. I wasn't trying to make a joke, it's what I've said for a long time. When I was young, in college, and had lots of time I would hang around demonstrations and such just to watch. But when I started working I didn't have time to watch or demonstrate no matter what the cause.

    And I agree with you about the general state of humanity. We're a lazy bunch, and especially more complacent in a land of abundance like the U.S. It's a lot easier to have someone (the government) take care us than take care of ourselves.

    The Bible warns us that the governments of this world want to own us and if we submit to them we reject the eternal glory of God's government. We may seem to get some temporary benefits in our time on earth, but we'll be paying a dear price for that.

  9. "The Bible warns us that the governments of this world want to own us and if we submit to them we reject the eternal glory of God's government. We may seem to get some temporary benefits in our time on earth, but we'll be paying a dear price for that."

    I totally agree!!!!

  10. Hey STM,

    I held off on reading this for awhile because as you know I fall into category A)...

    ..."you already fully understand that both the Democrat and Republican parties are colluding to condition America toward a tyrannical Global Socialistic State"...

    Your knowledge on this subject matter is unmatched IMHO. Because of you my knowledge has increased ten-fold. I've read about 10 great books on the subject because of your Amazon recs. For all that I say much thanks.

    But unlike yourself, I just can't be bothered thinking about it and discussing it as much as you. It agitates me, depresses me and proselytizing about it isn't my calling. It definitely is part of yours though, and for that I'm grateful. I do what I can to prepare for the inevitable worse, both spiritually and materially, but I now pay attention to the political landscape (except for the occasional highlights) as much as I do American Idol.

    I very much prefer your "stuffs" blog, which entertains me to no end. Your stories about your coming of age years, and road trips with Nappy always make me laugh out loud.

    You got two good gifts there buddy. I just pay attention to one more so now. Keep trying to wake up the sheep!!


  11. Hey, OL' WP, my Ferret-Faced Fascist Friend...

    Thanks for the many kind words, Brother. My "knowledge on this subject matter is" certainly not "unmatched", but I do think I've earned my Ph.D. (Just call me "Doctor Conspiracy":o)

    Come to think of it, I myself have been depressed ever since I learned the truth about American politics and started writing about the subject. Hmmm... Maybe I should adopt your new approach and just "fuhgeddaboudit". It might make me happier. And besides, I'm under no delusion that I can change anything because "IT IS WRITTEN."

    Ya know what? Most of the time, I enjoy writing the stuffs for "STUFFS" more than the stuffs for this Blog. However, this one contains more important information. But mostly I keep returning to it because... I LOVE THE "FERRET-FACED FASCIST FRIENDS" TITLE.

    Aw, well, to put it all succinctly but in a very philosophical, intellectually deep way: "It is what it is."

    Thanks for your comment, Mr. Breeze. Always glad when you blow through.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  12. Ya know, Stephen, I usually make my comments to your posts a little tongue in cheek, mainly because if I didn't try to laugh about the sorry state of things, it'd be depressing.

    The American people do not care to know the truth. And the truth is that their leaders are traitors to the Constitution, let alone what they may need to answer for before the Big Kahuna. The One up aobve, not Obama. Who is an illegal alien, which explains his very liberal immigration policy.

    If you could figure out a way to get this post printed on a March Madness bracket, or maybe give it a centerfold, maybe our countrymen and women would read it and learn something. Or at least question something.

    Alas, I do not have high hopes. So sing along with me-"Teach-your children Chinese, because the Far East, will own their mortgage"

    That was the lyric that CSN&Y left off of Deja Vu...

  13. >>[So sing along with me-
    "Teach your children Chinese, because the Far East will own their mortgage"
    That was the lyric that CSN&Y left off of Deja Vu...]<<

    Ah, yes. I remember reading about that in 'Rolling Stone(d)'. Or was it 'The New American'? Anyway...

    You read this ENTIRE Blog Bit? Good for you, and I thank you. It's highly unusual for a "concerned Conservative" to read so much.

    ~ McStephen
    "As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11


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