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"American Patriot And Martyr"
November 14, 1908 -- May 2, 1957

Today, we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity.
~ Senator Joseph McCarthy

Whenever I ask those who object to my methods to name the objectionable methods, again I hear parroted back to me the Communist Daily Worker stock phrase, irresponsible charges and smearing innocent people. But as often as I have asked for the name of a single innocent person who has been smeared or irresponsibly charged, nothing but silence answers.
~ Senator Joseph McCarthy

I have never seen such a shocking exhibition of distorted reporting and reportorial untruth, as I witnessed throughout the coverage of the Army-McCarthy hearings. It was a journalistic lynching party, spurred on by powerful and frightened groups, who were in for the kill. The objective was to discredit a man whom they feared as much as death itself. … And the same was true of the members of the Congress, particularly the members of the United States Senate, who were stampeded into passing judgment on him.

Never, in 35 years of reporting, have I seen such an organized lynching as was given to the junior Senator from Wisconsin, and I have no hesitancy in sitting here at this microphone and saying so, forever and forever.
~ Fulton Lewis, Jr.

Who was Joe McCarthy? He led the Fight for America. He lost. Which means that you and I lost.

The great commandments of Communism are: Thou shalt hate God, and thy neighbor as thyself.

You can imagine the approaches that must have been made to McCarthy. How many times do you suppose he was taken up on the mountain top and shown the kingdoms of the earth and promised them in return for just letting up on Communism? They probably wouldn’t have wasted much time threatening him, but they would have promised him anything. No deal. … Joe McCarthy never sold out.

Many if not all of those who destroyed McCarthy KNEW that he was a good man. Indeed, that was the reason why he was destroyed –- he was too fearless to be intimidated, too innocent to be corrupted, too charismatically gifted to be ignored.

The restoration of McCarthy … is a necessary part of the restoration of America, for if we have not the national character to repent of the injustice we did him, nor … the intelligence to see that he was right, then it seems unlikely that we can or ought to survive.
~ Medford Evans

The deceased was a good man, and I have come here to bear this witness. I knew him, not too well, but well enough to testify. And about the hound dogs that kept snapping at him until he fell prostrate, I know everything there is to know. So here I am to deposit testimony, for a certain tomorrow of trial on an epoch of insane guile, an epoch in which Joe McCarthy was tarred and feathered by genteel Ivy Leaguers, by gracious ladies of Women Voters Clubs, and by noble princes of the press.

Joe McCarthy became the center of the century’s most scandalous fracas because he had the strength and the defects of organic innocence. When his day of destiny came, he looked around, innocently, saw the gargoyles of antichrist staring and sneering at him from everywhere, and innocently he reached out to crush them. …

There he came, from the heartland of America, a tenacious and quite ordinary politician; and in a sudden and lasting moment of recognition, he saw the central truth of his age; that his country, his faith, his civilization was at war with communism, war pure and simple. “This war will not end except by either victory or death for this civilization,” he said again and again. And it was this hot urgency which distinguished him from all jovial practitioners of the political trade. It is this hot sense of urgency which he, for a short moment of truth, forced upon his country. But… the country grew tired of the truth and of the man who kept shouting it, redundantly and, at the end, hoarsely. The country went to sleep again. And the man lay down and died.
~ William S. Schlamm

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”
~ Anonymous Woman
[writing in the McCarthy visitor’s book at Gawlor’s Funeral Home]

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. I do not comment much on your other blog mostly due to your vast fan base there. There simply is no need for me to do so. However, this blog (and much more important one) I will comment on because it needs to be heard.

    Most people run from the truth as if it were a vial plague. If they can't avoid the truth they will attack it. Such was Senator McCarthys fate. You did a good job compiling these quotes, and at some point the vultures will find you here as well. Stand strong, tell the truth with relentless passion, and those who really want to understand will always come and read.

    Meaning.... You'll always have fewer readers for this blog. Make sure to remember it's the one that really counts. Good job.

  2. BR'ER MARC ~
    --> I do not comment much on your other blog mostly due to your vast fan base there.

    Well, 20 "Followers" is hardly "vast", but even so, it's a very temporary thing due to the "A To Z April Blog Challenge". Most will stop reading it fairly soon now that "A To Z" is over. The rest will dump me the very moment they discover how politically incorrect I am, or the moment I write something they happen to disagree with, with or without evidence to support their viewpoint.

    I know how it works, Brother - I've seen it happen again and again: I'm the most entertaining guy... until they find out I HATE Socialism, Feminism, and all the other liberal "isms".

    But I know you, Br'er, will stick with me, even though you disagree with me from time to time.

    --> Stand strong, tell the truth with relentless passion

    You know me, Bro. I can't do it any other way.

    --> You'll always have fewer readers for this blog. Make sure to remember it's the one that really counts.

    Don't I know it. 'Stuffs' may be entertaining at times, and it might even contain some important stuffs at times, but THIS is where the really important truth is told, and so THIS is the Blog that "this world" hates. I knowz it, Brotherman. I knowz it! THIS is my Blog that will always be ignored. And I understand why, too. What was it again that some "wise guy" once said?... ;o)

    --> Good job.

    Love ya, man! (J.W.)

    ~ Stephenboy
    "As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11

  3. Prodigal Traveling Ferret FriendMay 3, 2010 at 12:24 AM

    Stuffs? You have another blog besides this one?

    I didn't know. "Weeelllll doggies!" as Jed Clampett said.

    Interesting quotes on Sen. Joe. You and Marc have read the quoted books, I am sure, and I have not yet. But they are on the list. Keep plugging away at the public's misconceptions about McCarthy. As I've said to you before, my mother says that Joe was right about everything. And I always listen to my mother!

    By the way, skip reading the book (I am sure you already came to that conclusion anyway) that I recommended last year: "The Next 100 Years".

    I think you may not see another hundred years in ANYONE'S future!


    Dude, you have more identities than Yoey O'Dogherty!

    Yes, I do have another Blog called 'Stuffs', but all the best people avoid it like the plague.

    Your Ma said that Joe was RIGHT about everything? I recall our conversation, but somehow I remembered it in the opposite way. You mean I've been hating your Mother all this time for nuttin'? Oh, foolish me!

    And as for "The Next 100 Years": I would have been willing to read it once I got to a point where I had run low of currently owned nonfiction. But yes, you're correct, I would have gone into that book with a skeptical "gotta convince me" mind-set because indeed I really don't see 100 years left of this world as we now know it. The world will certainly be around for another 1000 years, but not in this corrupted state.

    Thanks for reading my stu-- er... for reading my Blog, Brotherboy 6.

    ~ Stephenboy

  5. Stephen-

    Interesting post. I never really learned much more about the good Senator than they told me in Catholic school, and I don't remember much of that now that I've been out of high school a couple of years...thirty-one is a couple, right?

    I may have to do some reading on your namesake.


    I've been out of high school a couple of years...thirty-one is a couple, right?

    Ha!-Ha! Uh... yeah. I'd say that thirty-one is a couple.

    Well, having been educated in a Catholic school, Senator Joe probably didn't get unjustly smeared by your teachers the way he does in the taxpayer-funded, government-controlled public schools.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMeboy


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