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At the end of this Blog Bit you are going to find a link to a YouTube video that I have been meaning to post for quite some time. I got so caught up in posting "stuffs" on my STUFFS blog recently that I have unfortunately neglected FERRET-FACED FASCIST FRIENDS - the far more important of my two blogs.

This links to a video segment of the Alex Jones show which, I believe, dates back to April of last year. I didn't see the program when it originally aired. In fact, I have never watched the Alex Jones show, although I do own a number of his documentaries. I found this clip several months ago while doing some researching into the Fox News star Glenn Beck.

The subject being discussed was the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.) and the controversy regarding whether or not they are in the process of erecting prison camps designed for future use in the holding of genuine American patriots opposed to the establishment of the "New World Order" (and perhaps for the incarceration of other political prisoners as well).

Now this very notion may sound like off-the-wall, wacko, conspiracy theorist nonsense to the uneducated in these matters. Maybe it would surprise some of those skeptics to know that F.E.M.A. has already divided the country into ten regions, that the Department Of The Army's memorandum of 27 July 1994, expressly discusses "civilian inmate labor utilization and establishing prison camps on Army installations", and that the idea of rounding up entirely innocent American civilians and incarcerating them in federal camps is not a new idea to Uncle Sam. Don't believe me? Just ask the Japanese-Americans what happened to them in the good ol' U.S.A. during World War II.

Never having watched the Alex Jones show, I can’t tell you whether or not the attitude he displayed in this segment is standard operating procedure for him, although I tend to doubt it. Particularly since Jones even rebukes himself at one point saying, “I should be more professional”.

What’s clear is that Alex Jones truly detests Glenn Beck, and the repeated ad hominem remarks here - calling into question Beck’s masculinity among other things - probably isn’t going to win Jones many fans from the crowd that prefers “measured and intellectual” political discourse.

Although I’ll concede that this clip is (as Alex himself said) unprofessional, I’ll also confess that it did make me laugh several times. I undoubtedly found this amusing in large part due to my own dislike and distrust of Glenn Beck. I mean, honestly, even if I thought the man was an authentic patriot and I agreed with 100% of what he had to say, I still would find it impossible to watch his program. There is just something about his big, marshmallowy face and soft Pillsbury Doughboy body that rubs me the wrong way! Heck, I’ve seen tropical fruits that were more . . .

Well, I’ll stop there lest I tread into Alex Jones territory (and I can’t afford to get sued for plagiarism).

I’ll add, however, that for those of you who would prefer not to sit through all the needless Alex Jones yakking and the potshots he takes at Glenn Beck (humorous though some of them are), and would rather skip straight to the meat and potatoes of this segment, you can just fast-forward the video clip to the seven minute and thirty second mark and let ‘er rip.

The real question at hand is: Do the American people have any reason to be concerned about the construction of F.E.M.A. facilities that have the unnerving appearance of prison / labor camps?

Glenn Beck says that such thoughts are just outlandish paranoia, and the good people of the U.S.A. shouldn’t concern themselves about such rumors that get stirred up by the wacky conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and his ilk. There’s no cause for alarm, uberpatriot Beck assures us. But even he is not prepared to deny the existence of these F.E.M.A. camps. Instead, he simply whitewashes them as facilities constructed in order “to help people”.

Glenn Beck: There are things that, yes, F.E.M.A. has a right to have camps and they could do things to help people. And if you wanted to go down the crazy road of . . . “But, they could be turned into—” . . . they actually could be. But there’s like a million other steps that have to happen.

Yes, yes! So, you see, Uncle Glenn (or is it Aunt Glenda?) has looked into this issue for you, Mr. and Mrs. America, and he says to lay your empty head down on your pillow like trusting little children and go back to a sound sleep. OK, yeah, so maybe there’s camps. But they are merely “to help people”, and “there’s like a million other steps that have to happen” before they could be converted into prison or labor camps.

I am now going to list for you the “like a million other steps” that would be required in order to turn the F.E.M.A. Helpful Camps into F.E.M.A. Prison Camps. I hope you have the spare time necessary to read all of these steps. Ready? Set? Go! . . .

The president of the United States would need to declare a national state of emergency and proclaim that Executive Orders 10995, 10997 through 11005, and 11051 are now in effect.

That’s it. Done.
Did that seem “like a million” steps to you? Yeah, me neither.

OK, being the bright dudes and dudettes that you are, undoubtedly you are now axing, “What do those Executive Orders pertain to?” Well, I’m glad you axed. Lemme tell ya. Executive Order number 11051 authorizes the Director of the Office of Emergency Planning to put executive orders into effect during “times of increased international tension or financial crisis”. [Hmmm… But that could never occur in the good ol’ U.S.A.]

When activated, Executive Orders number 10995 and 10997 through 11005 permit the Federal Government the seizure of: all communications media; all electrical power and fuels, including gasoline and minerals; food resources, farms, and farm equipment; all kinds of transportation, including personal automobiles, and control of all highways and seaports; aircraft and airports; railroads, inland waterways, and storage facilities.

They authorize the Federal Government to seize all civilians for work under federal supervision, and permit Housing and Finance authorities to shift population from one locality to another.

They permit the takeover of all health, education, and welfare, and grant authority to the Postmaster General to register every man, woman and child in the United States. [See ‘The Final Warning’ by Kathleen A. Keating]

Oh, but don’t give any of that another thought, good people. For you see, Uncle Glenn says it’z all good! Yeah, maybe he got that part about there being “like a million other steps” that would need to be taken before F.E.M.A. could utilize their Helpful Camps in unhelpful ways, but would Uncle Glenn lie to you? Mislead you? NEVER! And if Uncle Glenn (or Aunt Glenda) says that the very concept of the American Government imprisoning totally innocent American citizens in time of crisis is preposterous, you can take his word for it. (Or you can ask an elderly Japanese-American citizen about it instead.)

Yeah, that’s right, people. Uberpatriot Uncle Glenn is staying awake nights watching so that you don’t have to!
Count sheep and go to sleep.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
Doggtor of Research & Development,
Morpheus Mattress Factory;
Somnambula City, Land Of Nod

Alex Jones Vs. Glenn Beck On F.E.M.A. Camps
[Skip forward to the 7:30 mark to hear the empty Glenn Beck assurance quoted above.]

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  1. Brother,
    Jones is absolutely correct. I've seen this before. Where Beck is the most dangerous is that he is right 80 to 90 percent of the time. Says some good things, and he totally rips on the two things that people need to know the most. 9/11, and FEMA. Think about it. What does it matter at this point if we know about everything else but those two things? Nothing and they know it. Were already in check mate. Plus having one guy that "told us" bad things were coming gives them a guy the sheeple can turn to when it hits the fan.

  2. Stephen, that was quite insightful!

  3. >The president of the United >States would need to declare >martial law and proclaim that >Executive Orders 10995, 10997 >through 11005, and 11051 are now >in effect.

    So why are you concerned, Stephen. We do not have a President. We have an undocumented illegal alien who has pretty much set himself as emporer (after the example of our last emporer, King Bush).

    So all the Great Obama need do is borrow some money from China, print a little money for good measure, accuse you of being un-American, and it's off to FEMA-Land for you!

  4. BR'ER MARC ~
    I agree, Brotherman. Infiltrating and controlling your opposition is one of the essential ingredients of political intrigue. And these people are masters at it.

    Glenn Beck says all the right things but only up to a point. Anybody with any political and economic sense knows that social stability relies on sound monetary principles. You simply cannot have sound monetary principles as long as you allow private bankers to control the money supply. That means that the FEDERAL RESERVE must GO, and be replaced by a system of exchange that does not permit itself to be artificially inflated. And that, of course, means precious metals. This is Common Sense 101.

    So why aren't Glenn Beck and all the other (pseudo-conservative) saviors on the Right pounding on that friggin' nail on their TV and radio programs day in and day out, week after week, month after month, year after year? You know why and so do I! They'd rather hack at the branches of evil than strike at evil's root. Why? Because they're secretly working for the root and leading by the nose those who might otherwise discover THE REALITY behind THE CURTAIN!

    What you posted recently about Beck actually mentioning the CFR and the "Philip Dru" book I find interesting. But, of course, unless he really goes into full exposure mode and explains to his audience the great significance of those things, his viewers will go away with just a new name and a new alphabet organization in their minds but no real understanding. And if in the future Beck's viewers should come across wackos like you and me discussing the CFR and Philip Dru, they will think: Oh, heck, that's nothing new; I've heard Glenn mention them before.

    And, of course, few if any of Beck's viewers are going to go out and explore those things on their own. Why should they when they have Uncle Glenn/Aunt Glenda on their side? They know that he, like Rush Limboob, will tell them everything they really need to know. [Pshaw!]

    ~ Stephen
    "As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11

  5. Thanks, DISCMAN ~
    I even went back and amended it to this:

    The president of the United States would need to declare a national state of emergency and proclaim that Executive Orders 10995, 10997 through 11005, and 11051 are now in effect.

    Because in truth, he would not even need to invoke martial law in order for those Executive Orders to go into effect; he could achieve the same result by simply declaring a national state of emergency. (That is in theory, of course. In practice, the odds are that the declaration of a national state of emergency would likely be immediately followed by the declaring of martial law.)

    And to those who might protest, "But the president couldn't do that without the approval of Congress", I respond with this: "Executive Order number 11921 says that when the president declares a state of emergency, the Congress cannot review his action for six months".

    Now axe yerself: "Is anyone in Congress still going to be fighting for us not-with-the-New-World-Order-program guys who have been tucked out of sight and out of mind for the last six months?"

    --> "So all the Great Obama need do is borrow some money from China, print a little money for good measure, accuse you of being un-American, and it's off to FEMA-Land for you!"

    Yup. My only real hope at this point is that the Feds will incarcerate me with my friends. If you and MousieMarc are sharing a cell with me, at least I won't be so lonely while I'm licking the gruel out of my F.E.M.A.-approved, made-in-China plastic bowl.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens

  6. Never heard of Alex Jones before and after watching this clip I am not impressed. Jones and Beck are very similar in that they are both entertainers in same realm of politi-thought. Jones is resorting to his ad hominem attack against Beck when the truth is they could almost pass for brothers and their delivery techniques are pretty similar, except I find Jones to be more gratingly annoying and Beck is the smoother entertainer.

    I see no benefit in this kind of infighting. It's like different preachers and evangelists within the same cloak of Christianity criticizing and condemning one another when they should be working together to achieve a common goal. Sure some may be spreading incorrect theology or whatever-- this can be exposed and discussed without creating acrimony.

    For the political commentators it's all a show. Beck, Jones, Limbaugh, Medfed, et al are not much different than Howard Stern or that cowboy hat guy that got fired for talking about kinky haired black ho's. If there are real issues at hand maybe there is a more even keeled approach. But then again, if it wasn't entertaining and didn't rile people up then who would want to listen to it.

    Tossing It Out

  7. I'm not convinced their going to feed us. Experiment, starve, beat. Oh sure. Feed? No way.

    As I said, I doubt that Jones consistently comes across this over-the-top outrageous on his program, but I agree with you that there is an element of entertainment involved in the presentations of all the people you named. I imagine they figure they must entertain the viewer/listener first, in order to hook him and keep him coming back. The issues under discussion, however, are GENUINE and of great IMPORTANCE, and should not be dismissed simply because one doesn't care for the entertainment cloak they come wrapped in.

    Anyone who wants to avoid the superficial or unnecessarily entertaining aspects is free to study the subjects via well researched books - and that is what I would recommend to everyone, regardless of whether or not they enjoy the Alex Jones or Glenn Beck shows.

    You make a good point. Perhaps I have overestimated the decency of our future captors. Since gruel costs money and it would only be keeping alive someone they don't really want alive (me), maybe they will just starve me to death.

    But then again, if they think they can get a fair amount of forced labor out of me, perhaps they'll think me worthy of my gruel. Oh, I sure wouldn't want to be in their shoes: they have so many difficult decisions to make.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens

  9. Come on guys don’t be fooled by Alex Jones. He’s a PROVEN liar.

    See the YouTube link above, where Jones was unwittingly recorded on camera. This is what he REALLY thinks but dares not speak of. The elephant in the room has got everyone tongue tied due to Marxist political correctness.

    Well done arlee bird for not trusting this man! I’m surprised you’ve never heard of him as he’s well known in ‘Conspiracy theory’ media and has done a lot of harm through his disinformation.

    I viewed the video clip.
    Would you mind telling me your name or what pseudonym you post under? Did you post any remarks in the comment section of that particular YouTube video?


    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens


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