Friday, November 5, 2010


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.
~ Rita Mae Brown

So, the Republican party trounced the Democrats on Election Day Tuesday and took back control of the House Of Representatives. The Elephants also gained seats in the Senate but not enough to wrest control away from the Jackasses.

I am genuinely pleased to see that Ron Paul’s son, Rand, was elected to Congress. I expect this apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, and two Pauls is better than one.

But overall, it’s like deja-1994-vu all over again. And you remember how well that turned out for us, right? I mean, look around – HERE YOU ARE!

If all we got on Tuesday was another freshman class a la the 1994 Republican Takeover, well then, whoop-dee-doo!

I don’t mean to put a damper on the festivities, I don’t mean to curb your exultant mood but . . . oh, the hell I don’t.

C’mon, haven’t we been here before? Don’t we recognize the landscape and the circumstances? Has the odor really improved? Don’t we EVER learn ANYTHING from history?

A General Overview Of Leadership
(plus or minus margin of error: Uhm… 2-4%)

1960-1961 – Republican president - Democrat Congress

1962-1969 – Democrat president - Democrat Congress

1970-1977 – Republican president - Democrat Congress

1978-1981 – Democrat president - Democrat Congress

1982-1987 – Republican president – Congress divided

1988-1993 - Republican president – Democrat Congress

1994-1995 - Democrat president – Democrat Congress

1995-2001 - Democrat president – Republican Congress

2002-2002 - Republican president – Congress divided

2004-2006 - Republican president – Republican Congress

2007-2009 - Republican president – Democrat Congress

2010 - Democrat president – Democrat Congress

OK, so now we’re going to have a Democrat president and a Divided Congress, and conservatives are excited? Conservatives think this marks the beginning of a new and better chapter in American politics? Conservatives believe this represents a paradigm shift? Conservatives think we can expect different results despite the fact that we are doing the same thing that we have done before, over and over… and over? Have conservatives lost their minds? Are they insane?

In my lifetime I have seen every possible configuration: Democrats in full control; Republicans in full control; Democrats with half control; Republicans with half control. The one thing I have never seen in my lifetime, however, is a meaningful change in politics resulting in a better American life. Isn’t that strange? Each party has had their chances, and both parties have failed. And now I’m supposed to dance in the streets because the Republicans have regained control of the House? Sorry, but I’m just not insane enough to do The Dummy Dance again.

I expect we’ll see this new Republocrat class go quickly to work on an effort to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare with the Republican’s version of ObamaCare: ObamaCare Light. And this, of course, will be a fine example of the Hegelian Dialectic in action, as I previously illustrated it here at ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’. (See the link below.)

But genuine conservatives (read: “genuine Constitutionalists”) would not work to “repeal and replace”. Instead, they would read the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (yeah, the first and only sentence that comprises the Tenth Amendment in its entirety) and then they would work to pull the Federal Government’s overreaching hand out of health care altogether, allowing a completely free market – free of all Federal meddling, mangling, and mismanagement – to do its thing and bestow its superior benefits upon all American citizens. But that, as you should know by now, is NOT what our neo conservatives in Washingdumb D.C. (District Of Conspiracy) will do.

To quote writer William F. Jasper:
“Of course they [the Republicans and Democrats in the Federal Government] have no more constitutional authority to provide children with insurance than they do to provide them with McDonald’s Happy Meals, Xbox games, or Teletubby dolls.”

With this new Republican takeover of the House Of Representatives, the most we can realistically expect is a periodic tapping on the brakes as we continue careening down the left side of steep Marx Mountain. (It’s a mountain that has only “left” sides.)

How did we get here? Carter. Reagan. Bush. Clinton. Bush. USAP Obama. That’s how we got here. Establishment Politics: The Democrat and Republican party – one party pretending to be two in order to give you “a choice”.

Or to borrow from the ultimate analogy conceived by my friend Br’er Marc, all we did on Tuesday was switch from unfiltered cigarettes to filtered cigarettes. Down with Democrats – Up with Republicans! Meet the new lung cancer – same as the old lung cancer!

Changing political parties obviously won't change anything. Only changing political direction will change anything! When will people understand they’re the same party? Socialist extreme and Socialist light. Do you want filtered or
non-filtered cigarettes, sir? Either way they’re both going to kill you...
~ Br’er Marc (A.K.A. Mousiemarc)

So before we go putting on the ritz, or putting on the dog, or hosting a celebration party, or posting a hardee-har-har, we’d better remind ourselves of what professor Carroll Quigley told us. This, people, has all been for show. This has been a Cecil B. DeMille production to appease your outrage over government spending and government intrusion. You have just been given the opportunity to “throw the rascals out”, all the while retaining the status quo.

The two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.
~ Carroll Quigley

Did Tuesday’s election dissolve the Federal Reserve System and disband the Council On Foreign Relations? No? Then what the hell are we celebrating? New lies for old?

The show is over. You were given the opportunity to protest and express your disgust by throwing the rascals out (and don’t you feel much better now?) Now, however, the REAL government – the shadow government – reconvenes and takes it from here. [“Thanks for your input, people, but we’ll take it from here.”]

Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
‘Loyal American Underground’

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  1. A constitutionalist who is quoting a liberal rock lyricist.

    Isn't that a contradictions in terms?

    Sadly, most Americans will never understand the difference.

    Change we can believe in!

  2. Absolutely brilliant. And I couldn't be more honored. To quote little old me? I am truly honored.

    Brer Marc

    Yeah, well, I'll admit it's a bit unorthodox but... truth is where ya find it. And I've grown accustomed to applying that line of lyric to our politcal circumstances because it's spot on. I think the first time I thought to use it was in my epic "Stop Being A Useful Idiot" but I've reused it several times since then.

    It works well and most everyone is familiar with it.

    BR'ER MARC ~
    Thanks a lot, McBuddy. And heck, I've used that quote of yours a number of times in politcal discussions - it's an absolute CLASSIC! It’s actually the perfect analogy. In fact, I like it so much that I’ve included it in one of my blog bits of all-time favorite quotes. I only wish that it had been I who thought of it.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. The only real meaningful change on the agenda was California's Proposition 19 which would have legalized pot and that got voted down so no meaningful change here either. And even if it had got voted yes, the courts would have probably stopped it dead and the Feds would have taken over California.

    Tossing It Out

    Rightchuare, Brother!
    The will of the State Machine trumps the will of the People ever' time!

    But for the record, if I were a California voter (and until 1995, I was), I would have voted thumbs up on Prop. 19. Not because I'm a pot-smoker (never even was), but because I feel it should be a legal, controlled substance in the same way alcohol is.

    I'm sick and tired of my tax money going to house inmates in our already overcrowded jails whose only crime was to get caught with a joint in their automobile's glovebox. C'mon! Enough of this nonsense already.

    In my youth, most of my friends smoked pot, and it made them so slow and dopey they couldn't have even hurt themselves if they were trying to! Enough already!

    Did you see DiscConnected's comment about how in California you can have a non-straight wedding, but you'd better be straight while you're having it? In my opinion, that was one of DiscDude's greatest hits!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. Lee,
    Having done enough research on the drug trade I can tell you it's a total scam. I'm still reading "Crossing the Rubicon" but I've read enough to know the government and big biz make a lot of money through the drug trade. The money laundering, the war on drugs, it's all a big lie. Once people come to realize that the drug trade is in fact used by big biz and big government, it's hard to justify the incarceration of our fellow citizens by that same government. A friend told me years ago of a book called, "Dope Inc." which at least in the early 90's (which is when I heard of it, though it was written far before that) was a tell all on this subject. So much so that it landed it's author in prison for 20 plus years without charges and without trial. I've never read it, but I heard a few examples from the book. According to him it had great foot notes. In any case, the drug trade is government sponsored. It's just funny that they are fighting a war against themselves.

    Bre'r Marc


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