Sunday, October 2, 2011


Yesterday I told you how I occasionally wake up some mornings with something inexplicable bouncing around in my mind; it might be a word, a new joke, a song lyric, etc. Once in awhile something I wake up with finds its way into one of my blog bits.

Well, it occurred again this morning. It's not often that this happens two mornings in a row. I would estimate that generally these freakish mental manifestations occur maybe 2 or 3 times per month.

But this morning, as my mind was ascending back to the conscious state, I found myself thinking of an imaginary product and I envisioned it being used on the desk in my bedroom :

Is your desk a bit cluttered as is mine? Well, now with the revolutionary new aerosol product .CLEAN SWEEP.., messes like this need not be tolerated!

Just one spraying of .CLEAN SWEEP.. and you can instantly transform this . . .

into this . . .

And .CLEAN SWEEP.. works equally well on bookcases, table tops, refrigerator doors, you name it!

Has your cat used the living room floor for a litter box again? Does your dog continue to urinate on the lawn jockey? It's no trouble at all! With just one spraying of .CLEAN SWEEP.. you can eliminate the crappy cat and the damnable dog forever!

.CLEAN SWEEP.. - it's available exclusively at the Hendrix & Joplin Drug Store near you!

[It's a mystery to me why I awoke this morning with this new product idea in my mind. The only possible clue I have is the fact that yesterday, after the Airheadzona Diamondbacks lost Game 1 of the National League Divisional Series to the Milwaukee Brewers, I had the thought: I hope the D'Backs don't get swept. But how an old baseball term got turned into an imaginary aerosol product, only my subconscious mind knows - and it ain't tellin'!]

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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