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Well, hot dog and cold, hard facts! Arizona’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, has already done more with this 'Barack “USAP” Obama Fake Birth Certificate Issue' than I expected him to. I figured he’d just make a little noise over it for awhile to get some ink and then he’d drop it in someone else’s lap.

Then again, maybe Joe sees this as his official entrance into politics – a desire on his part that has been rumored for some time. Sorry to sound so cynical, but I’ve been living in Airheadzona now for 17 years going on 6 lifetimes, and I don’t have much respect for Sheriff Joe or anyone else “serving the public” in this desert wasteland hell hole.

Anyway, read and applaud . . .


Panel Probing Eligibility For 2012 Ballot Wants To See Original Birth Certificate

Posted: October 31, 2011
8:38 pm Eastern
© 2011 World Net Daily

Arizona's maverick Sheriff Joe Arpaio promised surprises in his jurisdiction's investigation of Barack Obama's eligibility for the presidential ballot and his Cold Case Posse is delivering – raising questions that touch on the authenticity of the long-form birth certificate issued last April and the possibility Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security Number.

Sources close to the investigation say the posse has decided it needs to see original birth records before it can conclude whether Obama should be eligible for the presidential ballot in 2012, not an electronic file or scanned copies.

The sources say the panel needs to examine the microfilm documenting Obama's birth, as well as the ink-and-paper original 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health is holding in its vault.

The PDF file and various scanned copies of the birth certificate that the White House released April 27 are simply not good enough, the posse has determined.

Earlier this month, WND senior staff reporter Jerome R. Corsi spent 18 hours over a two-day period in Arizona briefing the Cold Case Posse on a wide range of evidence regarding Obama's eligibility.

"The posse wants to see the entire microfilm roll containing Obama's birth certificate, not just a microfilm copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate in isolation," Corsi explained. "An individual microfilm copy could be forged, but forging the entire microfilm reel on which Obama's birth certificate is in sequence would be almost impossible."

Also, Corsi said, the posse wants the ink-and-paper original 1961 Obama birth records still held in vault by the Hawaii Department of Health to be released publicly and subjected to independent court-authorized forensic examination.

Corsi affirmed that the posse's conclusion it needs to see the Obama birth certificate microfilm is part of the "shock" that Arpaio warned would be forthcoming, when he spoke last week to the Surprise Tea Party group meeting in Surprise, Ariz.

The focus on the microfilm records of Obama's birth arose after Arpaio's investigators realized the birth certificates of twins born the day after Obama, the Nordykes, had been released as white-on-black copies of microfilm to the family by the Hawaii Department of Health in 1966.

WND reported in July 2009 that Mrs. Eleanor Nordyke made public the copies in an article by the Honolulu Advertiser.

WND also has reported that the Obama birth certificate's number appears to be out of sequence with the birth certificates of the Nordyke twins.

The Nordyke twins were born Aug. 5, 1961, one day after Obama, and their birth certificates were registered Aug. 11, 1961, three days later than Obama. Yet their birth certificates have lower numbers.

Eleanor Nordyke displays photostats of her twin daughters' birth certificates (Courtesy Honolulu Advertiser)

Susan Nordyke, the twin born first, has certificate number 10637, and her sister Gretchen has certificate number 10638. Obama, born Aug. 4, 1961, and registered Aug. 8, 1961, has certificate number 10641.

"In 1961, Barack Obama was not a celebrity," Corsi commented. "If the Nordyke twins birth certificates were reduced to microfilm or microfiche by 1966, the date Mrs. Nordyke got the copies she made public, then Obama's birth certificate should have been reduced to microfilm or microfiche at the same time."

Corsi also indicated that the Arizona posse has interviewed court-certified forensic examiners who have advised that they can only issue an expert opinion on whether Obama's birth certificate is a forgery if they can examine the original ink-and-paper records.

Corsi told WND the Arpaio investigation is far-reaching in scope.

In addition to examining whether or not the long-form birth certificate is a forgery, the Cold Case Posse is examining evidence that Obama may have a fraudulent Social Security Number. The posse also is looking at records pertaining to Obama's birth narrative that suggest Barack Obama Sr. may not be the biological father.

"In total, the Cold Case Posse has assembled some 2,000 pages of evidence in the case," Corsi explained, "and is now preparing to conduct interviews to examine a wide range of questions, including that Obama may not be qualified to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution because he was a dual citizen at birth, given that his father was listed as a citizen of Kenya when the future president was born."

Corsi said the Cold Case Posse is currently in the process of briefing various Arizona state officials about the progress of the investigation.

"Sheriff Arpaio said this would be a thorough and diligent investigation," Corsi said, "and that is exactly what the investigation has become. Sheriff Arpaio once again has proven to be a man of his word."

Well, I would hardly go so far as calling Joe a man of his word, nevertheless, he does seem to be sincere in pursuing this treasonous issue and my Stetson’s off to him for that . . . for now.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. Stephen -

    You know more about the Sheriff than I do, since you have lived six lifetimes in the same area. But I have only heard/read things up here that make me like the guy. He does seem a bit media-hungry, but he also seems to stick it in the eye of the Left at every opportunity. I like that.

    What is it that you don't like. This fake birth certificate stuff is fantastic, as far as I am concerned! SOMEONE (other than you, since your readers are so few) of importance has to address this issue and bore through the derision of the Left to get the truth exposed!

    Hey! You came to F-FFF and read and commented without any prompting from me! (OK, who are you REALLY and what have you done with Paulboy?

    >> . . . What is it that you don't like?

    How much time do you have?

    Well, in 17 years of living here, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done only two things I really approve of: cracking down on these businesses that are employing large numbers of illegal aliens, and now this USAP birth certificate investigation.

    Otherwise he’s just a corrupt, media hound, politician wannabe (according to many).

    It would take me forever and a day to chronicle all of the bad and questionable behavior that has been attributed to Arpaio in the time that I’ve lived here. So, in a nutshell . . .

    It’s often been said that Arpaio never met a camera he didn’t like. He’ll do just about anything for a little more publicity. Case in point: although I have no real sympathy for major lawbreakers and am not overly concerned about their treatment in jail (so long as it does not constitute cruel and unusual punishment), I have no respect for Arpaio’s green baloney and pink underwear tactic, which I view as just another ploy to get additional ink.

    There have been some suspicious jail cell deaths under Arpaio’s regime and from what little I’ve read of them, I wouldn’t be surprised if Arpaio’s goons weren’t the responsible parties.

    He has been accused of and investigated for any number of questionable activities and has been successfully sued more than once (‘bye-‘bye taxpayer dollars!) However, more times than not he seems to skate clear. Nobody (other than Obama himself) seems able to get more dirt swept under the rug and to elude justice time and time again.

    There was a big investigation into whether or not Arpaio had arranged for his righthand fairy Dave Hendershott to unethically “double-dip” into state funds. If memory serves me, Hendershott was forced to resign over that, and Arpaio (as they always do) claimed to be unaware of the situation.

    I actually met Arpaio once in 1995. He was making some P.R. appearance at a WalMart (P.R. is his specialty) and I complained to him about a certain situation (I’ll spare you the details). Arpaio turned to his corpulent righthand fairy and told him to make a note of my complaint, investigate it and get back to me with the results. That was the last I ever heard about it… of course.

    And in conclusion (to keep it short), click this LINK if you’re interested in reading a fairly lengthy article that is just one example of the type of behavior that it is rather common for Arpaio and his goon squad to be accused of.

    And incidentally, for four or five years I worked for the former Sergeant named in that article (in fact, he and I still exchange Christmas cards and I consider him the best “boss” I ever had) and if he says he was a victim of wrongdoing by Arpaio and his henchmen, I believe him.

    But I agree with you, it is long past due that someone in authority took a good, hard, objective look at Obama’s birth certificate fraud. Unfortunately it’s almost a given the end result will be that the Sheriff’s office recommends the Airheadzona State Legislature demand to see the “real” birth record before making Obama eligible to run again in the next election, and the limp-wristed liberals in the State Legislature will completely ignore the recommendation.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  3. I think it would be great to find some devious chicanery to the whole Obama-is-a-legit-citizen thing. There would be all kinds of hoopla in the news about it for a week or two and then Lindsey Lohan would do another wacky thing, or Kim Kardashian would get remarried, or they would discover Michael Jackson's nose on the moon and fake-o Obama would be history forgotten.

    I hope he gets his due no matter who does it.

    Tossing It Out

  4. BOIDMAN ~
    >>...I think it would be great to find some devious chicanery to the whole Obama-is-a-legit-citizen thing.

    Actually, Brother, the "devious chicanery" has already been found. It's just that the mainstream media and the Republican party (who are both in bed with the Democrats in approving the destruction of the American way) won't publicize it.

    For anyone with an ounce more brains than the Scarecrow had, Fake-O's birth certificate was "PROVEN" fake when the multiple typefaces were discovered in it. That birth certificate is as phony as a politician's promises, as queer as a 'Frisco Bill.

    But why should we worry about that when we still have one-thousand "channels of sh#t on the TV to choose from"?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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