Monday, May 14, 2012



by ProvDog . [The boy’s a jeen-yes!]
It was truly my hope that I would get Part 2 of ‘Womanolatry & The Beast' written and posted before I left for vacation, but that’s not gonna happen. Somehow, sufficient sobriety eluded me. And what a shame, too, because I know the hope of the country was resting upon my posting.

Oh well, shit stuffs happens. I’ll get to it upon my return. Hang on, Americonned People, and I promise to return and save you soon'z I can. 

In the meantime, listen and tremble, men!  I realize that their high-pitched voices aren’t likely to make you shake in your boots, but don’t fur-git that they come “in numbers too big to ignore” and that she “am invincible (invincible).

I'am Woman / Sex and the city 2 (Original de Helen Reddy) [“I’am Woman”, but I can’t punk-shoe-ate.]

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. Ah,oh man remember - 1 Corinthians 11:11

    punk-shoe-ate ~ OK, I'm laughing and waiting to be saved!

  2. FAE ~
    I looked the verse up. Of course, I've read it many times - just as I've read every verse in The Bible many times.

    As you've no doubt figured out, the second and final part of my "Womanolatry And The Beast" series will have to do with the End-Times as described in Revelation, and E.W. Bullinger's very unique interpretation. (I would hope that my title and the little hints I dropped in this very insignificant blog bit clues everybody into what is coming. Did someone mention a facet of "Feminism"? Ahh...)

    Honestly, Bullinger's take on it had never once even occurred to me, although I can now see how he arrived at his conclusions.

    Frankly, I think he's mistaken, and I will briefly explain why I think so in part 2. But, at the same time, I can look around me at the world today - particularly the United States - and noting the trend that has been developing for decades now, it makes me think: WHOA! But Bullinger MIGHT be right!

    He was a brilliant man when it came to Bible study and NOTHING he wrote can be easily dismissed out-of-hand regardless of whether or not I agree with his view.

    Anyway, more to come sometime after I've returned to Hell, Arizona.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. "He was a brilliant man when it came to Bible study and NOTHING he wrote can be easily dismissed out-of-hand regardless of whether or not I agree with his view."

    Totally agree. I don't agree with him on every step, but even when I don't he makes you rethink and really examine your own belief system (and when it's done in honesty that is a good thing). Have a good time on vacation. Hope to talk to you by way of telephone soon.

    Br'er Marc

  4. Thanks, BR'ER.
    Although it's not exactly a "real" vacation, but something that vaguely resembles one.

    Yak Later, Bro...

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. No say it ain't so Joe! I thought this was one of the few blogs I could go to and not see one of those "cute cats with a caption" pictures. Granted you have a message, but do I have to see another one of these?

    Where ya goin' anyway?

    Tossing It Out

  6. Should I succumb to my sins, I imagine that the devil will be waiting for me with that song on endless loop. The devil, btw, will look and sound exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker. And she will think that I want to hear her stories about screwing every guy she meets and how that makes her a modern, empowered woman.

  7. boid & beer boys ---
    I enjoyed yer comments and will get back to you guys mo' bettah when I return from this trip. I'm replying from my SIster's iPad in the worst, most repulsive motel you could possibly imagine. It's called Pavillions, which is short for "drug dealers & hores". What's a hore? A prostitute who doesn't rise to the level of a whore.

    Yak Mo' Later.

    --- D-FensDogg

  8. Hehe! The kitten is so cute. :)

  9. 2 Corinthians 11:14 "And no wonder, for Satan himself disguising himself as an angel of light" Get it right bro.

    1. Ahh, thanks for the assist, ANON!

      I just felt that I didn't have it quite exactly right, but I had temporarily misplaced my Bible, so I had to wing it from my memory which ain't what it used to be and never was.

      Thanks for puttin' me right 'bout this one.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'


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