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It's just been too damned quiet here lately, so I'm-a let a couple dogs out to howl a li'l bit.

Those propagandists at the MSN News website are at it again. In the last few days they’ve posted two stories about the Sandy Hook (read: “Hoax”) Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

That second one is a bit risky on their part if you axe me. Why? I didn’t explore much of the second link MSN PROPAGANDA provided, but I did read the front and center article that the first link led to – an article by the Florida professor they are attempting to turn the Americonned People against - and that article contained a good amount of truth that ought to cast doubt about the official Sandy Hook line in the mind of anyone whose Bullshit detector’s battery hasn’t gone belly up.
Y'all remember that clown Dr. Carver, the man who supposedly examined seven of the supposedly twenty-something children shot dead by Adam Lanza but couldn't seem to answer a single specific technical question? Carver, is that an appropriate name for a coroner or what?! Anyway, he turns up again in this video I recently discovered at another blog and I'm posting it below.

The video is about an hour and a half long, so you may need to watch it in segments over time. I saw the whole thing in two sittings and thought it was pretty good. Some of this, of course, we have covered previously but, for me, starting at about the 50-minute mark it became very compelling as I was introduced to some new facts I hadn't previously encountered (such as the people walking in circles at the firehouse near the Sandy Hoax Elementary School crime scene, the Firehouse Christmas trees, the peculiar abundance of black and silver automobiles, and a few other oddities that were news to me).

Public speaking is not one of the talents possessed by the woman who gave this presentation, but if you can forgive her slow, monotone way of yakking I think you'll find that she has some interesting ideas to convey.

It's been just over a year since the event - whatever it was - took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. To this day I have not seen one single piece of evidence that strongly indicates to me that any child was shot dead at the school. I'm not saying none were, but I have not one firm reason to believe Uncle Sam's story... unless you think that Uncle Sam's word for it is strong enough evidence that it ought to convince us all.

Likewise, a couple photographs of a broken window and a picture of a gun supposedly found in a classroom at Sandy Hook just isn't pow'ful enough presumed "evidence" to convince me of anything. (You know, we tinfoil-hatters are not easily swayed once we dig our teeth into a conspiracy. Some of our fellow Americans may think that Uncle Sam's word and a few photographs are decisive evidence for the mainstream lie story, but we smarter Americans go "Pshaw!")
Of course I have heard the rumors that Newtown, Connecticut, is a kind of center for occultists, witches and warlocks. But what was new to me was learning that the man wearing camouflage (to decorate gingerbread in his daughter’s class?!), who was caught by law enforcement officers running in the woods from the school, was actually heading straight toward a Masonic temple. Now, sure, one can say that it's merely coincidence that the direction he was heading led straight to the temple and that he wasn't necessarily hoping to reach it for concealment and protection (provided by his fellow Masons?), and that's a valid argument.

However, anyone who has done as much research into Freemasonry as I have - and has even conducted a little undercover work in a Masonic temple (as I did at “The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Of Free And Accepted Masons Of Arizona”) - will not quickly dismiss things like this as purely coincidental. Maybe yes... and... maybe NO.

Freemasonry is an occult, luciferian organization - in other words, it supports the work of Beelzebub in his fight against the God of The Bible and the Father of Christ Yeshua. That Newtown, Connecticut, might be a kind of gathering place for witches and warlocks who would work hand-in-glove with Barack Obama and other vile agents of Uncle Sam in an attempt to fake an elementary school shooting in an effort to further the aims of the gun-control crowd requires no stretch of my imagination whatsoever.

Anyway, enough of my yakking. Watch the video and see what you think. Mighty strange things took place for a couple of days in the vicinity of the Sandy Hook Elementary School and some of them are revealed in this interesting (if not too terribly exciting) video presentation.


Note: A feature of classical music is its range of volume -- from barely audible notes to the crescendo. Please allow the introductory piece to be just that -- an introduction. The music is meant to dominate; the narration is secondary. Don't worry if you can't catch every word of what's being said; that was how the intro was designed.

For a larger view, click the URL link below:

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. So... Are you a conspiracy theorist then? Free-masons and all that jazz?

  2. and also does this mean Columbine was fake as well?

    1. ADMITTING ~
      Well, one thing I most definitely am NOT is a "Coincidence Theorist".

      Yes, what about the victims families? Do some research on that. Very few family members of the victims have been seen and interviewed in public, and the few that have been have behaved very oddly. Not one has been seen to shed any tears. (Did you completely watch the video I posted here?)

      Go to YouTube and start surfing for that; you will find plenty and ALL of it will seem strange, unnatural, bizarre when compared to the normal sorts of reactions human beings generally exhibit during times of stress and emotional turmoil.

      No, I do not believe Columbine was fake. But look into Columbine and all of the other irrational shootings and the one common denominator you will find in nearly all of them is that the shooter(s) were under the influence of some form of prescribed psychotropic drug. I have covered this a few times over the years on my blog, but I would urge you to start Googling, exploring the Internet regarding this subject and see for yourself.

      It is known that these drugs supposedly meant to balance the mood swings of people with emotional issues actually cause, in some cases, deep depression, anger, and suicidal tendencies. And yet these drugs are still being prescribed to people, some who later go on nonsensical killing rampages. So... why are these drugs still in use?

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Stephen-

    A little off-topic but something I have always wondered....

    At the beginning of your blog where you parathetically typed "Read:Hoax"....

    I know what's being said there, but have always wondered, why use the word "read" instead of "i.e."?

    Is it the same thing?

    The "read" usage seems somewhat recent, and I always wonder what triggered it.

    And are you suggesting that our government would lie to us?

    Even if people do not want to believe that Sandy Hook is a hoax, doesn't it make it even worse that the liberal side of our government would use a tragedy to further their gun agenda?

    While your readers are investigating, they should save some time to look at some of the finer examples of what happens when a strong Federal government disarms it's subjects (like those halcyon days of early 190's Germany, for example).


  4. Great blog bit, and while the New Year celebrations got away from me, this was a great video. I really like the way that woman presents. I know you like Alex Jones (and you know I'm not big on his YELL EVERYTHING line of talking), but this is how I like to hear information. She's soft spoken and more presenting things as 'see for yourself why it's not adding up.' But she's not completely devoid of life. I think the part where she says (paraphrasing here):

    Here's the doctor, at the scene, running in a t-shirt and jeans. He doesn't even look like a doctor. He looks like he's running a 10k.

    I actually laughed out loud at that, maybe if only because I was thinking the same thing.

    I've seen a few of these parts, like the laughter turning to sobbing just 5 seconds before an interview, but quite a bit of this was new. And really, really interesting.

    First off, the class picture photoshop thing. Not just that the pictures are extremely low quality and lack any detail (who, in 2012, didn't have a camera that took at least somewhat decent resolution pictures? Even the camera on my cellphone will take pictures good enough to show you my pores and gray hairs). But that they might possibly be from another time period to make it harder to identify anyone... that was unreal.

    I kid you not when I tell you this. Go to 1:29:00 in the video when she's showing the class picture. Look at the top row, dead center, the kid with the brown hair and the awful blue, green, and yellow striped polo. See him? That looked exactly like me circa 1989. Not just the awful 'my dad cuts my hair' hairstyle, but I had that polo. Literally THAT polo. That was THE cool shirt to have in 1989, and I'd recognize it anywhere. Nowadays you'd never see a kid wearing a shirt like that. Or clothes like those. Those all look like the kind of clothes I'd have seen growing up in the nineties. Again, I'd recognize them anywhere - those look identical to my own class pictures.

    This is what a class picture looks like now.

    Elementary class picture

    Notice how different the clothes are. The hairstyles. And also notice that the picture is huge, good resolution, and you can see everything in great detail. None of the faces are mysteriously washed out.

    Brother, I live in the suburbs, a place that's nice but not nearly as nice as Newtown; I know 8 year old children that have iPads with cameras that can take pictures like the one I posted above. So... they're telling me the school doesn't have a camera capable of taking an even mid-resolution picture? All they have, in this rich town, is a grainy camera from the 90s that uses poor quality film and washes out faces?

    Brandon's now-fiancee (this whole fiancee thing just happened yesterday and thus my lack of response until now, but that's another story for another day) is a teacher in one of the poorest school districts in Denver. Gang-related inner city type of stuff. And you'd better believe even they have a camera that'll take pictures in crystal clear, high resolution for class picture time.


    Another part I found interesting, as you mentioned, is the walking in a circle around the firehouse. Another story for you. The two of us were both in drama in high school, and one of the things I always remember was a lesson in training the 'extras.' The kids in the background just there to act natural.

    Well, the drama teacher always made the mistake of using that term. Just act natural. That almost seems as if to be the one command that makes people most likely to freeze up and act incredibly awkward.

    So kids would just be up on stage walking in circles. The teacher asked, "What are you doing?" And of course they said, "I don't know, just trying to act natural."

    If you don't pay attention very closely, it just looks like people are bustling about. But if you focus in on the things she points out in the video, well, it's just a bunch of people wandering around aimlessly, with no real purpose, trying to "act natural."

    You know, I'm glad to see your answer to your new reader there, and I'll be completely honest, when I first glanced upon your blog I thought you might be a conspiracy theorist. We didn't land on the moon, lizard people are among us, aliens are brainwashing us stuff. It's easy to mistake that at first glance. But after you do some reading it's really a lot of, "Huh, that's a pretty big hole in (big government related story)." And it's also, "Wait, this guy's pretty damn smart and actually knows what he's talking about."

    I'm no conspiracy theorist either, but you watch a full hour and a half video of stuff like this and you just see that the facts don't add up. And unlike conspiracy theory lalaland, it's not saying that every school shooting was faked. That's just crazy. Hell, I was in high school when Columbine happened and we knew a few of the people who were there; Columbine's only like 20-25 minutes away.

    But hey, it's easy to be mistaken for a loon when you uncover things that go against the grain of what we're told en masse. Remember, Stephen, just act natural. Just like this extra in a James Bond movie.

    Just act natural, Mr. Broom Man



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    The fact is, I DID NOT KNOW THEY WERE HERE! I just discovered them late yesterday when I came to this blog bit on a whim. I never saw these comments before – they did not appear in my Dashboard and I did not manually publish them.

    Apparently they self-published without my knowledge, so they’ve been sitting here for a week and I had no idea. I hope you guys didn’t think I was ignoring you.

    Listen, I am going to take my computer in for service ASAP (hopefully within the next couple hours), and I’m not even going to pause long enough to reply to your comments at this time. But when I’ve got my computer back and it is working properly, I will return here and post A-list replies to you at that time.

    Sorry about this mix up, but... I shall return!

    ~ D-FensDogg
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