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Aww, not to worry. I wasn't gonna leave ya without giving you website links to take my place. Not that I think I'm totally replaceable but... these ought to help ease the strain 'n' pain during the post-STMcC-partum depression period.

There's an extremely intelligent, logical, witty writer whom I've been a fan of for several years now. He is a Christian conservative thinker who possesses exceptional skill at cutting right through the B.S. and getting to the heart of a matter. His big hero is apparently G.K. Chesterton (as he quotes him in many of his articles) and he is fond of imaginative wordplay.

In my last blog bit's comment section, reference was made to my tendency to wink and nod at a whole lot of disparate sources in my writings. Well, this superb writer does the same – so much so that I'm sometimes jealous, left thinking: “Why didn't I think of that?” He has a very creative style that incorporates a sense of humor (something lacking in so many of the liberals he skewers with his superior logic).

You know the bloke is good when you see that he gets so under the skin of libs that they try to retaliate with stupid, anti-intellectual, lowbrow distorted photos like this...

...and try to criticize his viewpoints with pathetically childish, barely-literate non sequiturs like this... http://urbaniak.livejournal.com/201111.html


I first became aware of SELWYN DUKE in the years when I was subscribing to The New American, as Duke was a periodic contributor to that excellent magazine. Some time later I discovered that he had his own website...

and wrote regularly for the website RenewAmerica:

Below are a few quotes from a few Selwyn Duke articles to whet your appetite:

It's not that I don't think Obama knew there are 50 states. Rather, he doesn't have the intellectual foundation you'd expect of an educated Western man, and this includes a lack of the rote knowledge that, like an actor who has spoken a certain line in 500 rehearsals and performances, is expressed the same way every time. And this, by the way, has nothing to do with where anyone thinks Obama was born. He simply is not truly American in mind, heart and spirit.

But to fully grasp the nature of leftists' ignorance, an understanding of their philosophical foundation is necessary. There is a certain experience many conservatives know very well: You debate a liberal, and he just seems immune to facts and reason. No matter how airtight your point, it rolls off him like water off a duck. …

Second, pride can get in the way, as correcting oneself involves admitting error, often with respect to ideas we've spent an entire lifetime defending. It can be like giving up a cherished son.

Anyway, the left may be upset that another one of their themes, the white-mass-killer myth, has bitten the dust. But all is not lost. In the area of massacres as in so many other things, they can always celebrate diversity.

Yet the very same people who claimed they could orchestrate the health care of 317 million people will insist that "we can't deport" 20 million people. In fact, even though deportation should be reflexive, it isn't even on the radar screen. To suggest it brands you bigot or xenophobe, and the only thing really at issue is the rate of surrender: will it be sudden with full-on amnesty or the slower "path to legal status," the coup de grace or the death by a thousand cuts? ...
Particular indignation is exhibited when defending children of illegals, who, we're told, "are here through no fault of their own." This also is meaningless. Countless millions of children throughout the world are poor through no fault of their own, yet we don't propose they all be allowed green cards. And how many children have ended up in foster care through no fault of their own after their parents were imprisoned for committing crimes? Perhaps we should stop enforcing laws, period – "for the children."

And what do we see 20 years later? Criticism of homosexuality will get overseas Westerners punished through law and Americans punished through social pressure.

How's that tolerance workin' for ya'?

"Tolerance," as it has been marketed, was always a con. Aristotle said that "[t]olerance is the last virtue of a dying society," but it's also the vice that kills it. And it so often is a vice because it's generally misunderstood. For one thing, tolerance
always implies a negative, real or perceived; you wouldn't have to tolerate a beautiful car or a delectable meal – you relish those things. But you might have to tolerate a cold or bad weather. Thus, tolerance is only noble in two situations: One is when dealing with something objectively negative that cannot be eliminated, such as irremediable pain. The other is when confronted with something you don't happen to like and could avoid, but that is objectively good or neutral; an example would be tolerating a food you detest in order to avoid offending your hosts.

So while we might admire a person who can bear a cross with a stiff upper lip, what if he abides a negative he needn't put up with? He then is either a doormat or a masochist.

That's us.

The doormat, that is. ...

Our culture war is a fight to the death. The barbarians are inside the gate, and they don't listen to reason. Show them the same tolerance they show you – and then show them the door. In the case of A&E, what should happen is that they be boycotted till brought to their knees. 

To their knees.

Returning to Vanity Fair writer Purdum, the reality about Obama he's struggling to reconcile is explained well by the first part of his magazine's name. After all, he also wrote, "'I think that I'm a better speechwriter than my speechwriters,' Obama told his 2008 campaign political director, Patrick Gaspard.... 'I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I'll tell you right now that I'm going to think I'm a better political director than my political director.'" As per his subtitle, Purdum sloughs this attitude off by claiming Obama "didn't need feedback." The correct explanation is a bit different.

Obama is a self-centered, arrogant, and quite probably megalomaniacal and narcissistic - and possibly sociopathic – jerk.

Truth: everyone needs feedback. A good leader knows this and is wise enough to both surround himself with competent people and to separate good counsel from bad. He exhibits what Confucius spoke of when saying, "Wisdom is, when you know something, knowing that you know it; and when you do not know something, knowing that you do not know it." And Obama? He's not dumb, as some suggest, though his intelligence is overrated. It's that he doesn't know much that is true -- and, more significantly, he doesn't know what he doesn't know.

This is when even intelligent people can do profoundly stupid things. For example, Adolf Hitler, a master manipulator who could mesmerize masses, thought he knew better than his generals and was best suited to choose battlefields, strategies, and tactics on the Soviet front. Evil people, you see, tend to be ridden with that intellect-occluding thing called pride; they consequently make bad decisions and eventually sink their own ship. And if at the helm of a nation, it can be a mighty big ship they sink.

Speaking of pride, G.K. Chesterton once said, "[A] great man knows he is not God, and the greater he is the better he knows it." This is brought to mind by an interview Obama gave to Chicago Sun-Times religion reporter Cathleen Falsani in 2004. When asked if he prayed often, Obama offered this curious response: "It's not formal, me getting on my knees. I have an ongoing conversation with God. Throughout the day I'm constantly asking myself questions...."

So a "conversation with God" = "asking [himself] questions"? Literally interpreted, this means Obama considers himself God. Of course, allowing for loose talk, there's no saying the president is like an Egyptian pharaoh and actually believes he is a deity. But was his comment akin to a Freudian slip? Did it reflect not only how he is at the center of his own world, but how he naturally assumes he should be the center of the world?

I can almost hear all y'all thinking: Damn! I wish Stephen had turned his blog over to Selwyn years ago.

No, you're not going to get all the straight poop on the New World Order conspiracy with Selwyn Duke like you did with me. (Duke probably believes in the non-Michael Jackson “Moon Walks”; probably believes that Timothy McVeigh was the major player in the Oklahoma City bombing; probably believes the “official” Uncle Scam version of 9/11; probably believes that the Sandy Hook “shooting” and Boston Marathon “bombing” were real events like the Lamestream Media reported them.) No, I don't ALWAYS agree with Duke's assessment of a story - and if I did, one of us would be unnecessary. For example, Duke believes that George W(ish I had a brain) Bush's war in Iraq was based on faulty intelligence reports about Weapons of Mass Destruction. While I say, “Bush lied, liberties died!”

So, no, Selwyn Duke isn't going to always relate to you the same sorts of truths that I would have related to you but, nevertheless, the guy is a brilliant thinker and writer. And I am very glad to be basically the same sort of “Conservative” that Selwyn Duke is, because I would not want to have to debate him if I were “Left” of him.

It was probably in the year 2000 that I first began to notice the “Chemtrails” in the skies over (Phuckin') Phoenix, Airheadzona. I had a job that kept me outdoors for the first three hours of my shift, and countless times I saw the Chemtrail skies being created.

These were definitely NOT normal jet contrails that would quickly evaporate and disappear. No, these were Chemtrails. It would start out with just one airplane, or sometimes two or three planes, flying back and forth across the sky emitting a white trail behind them. Sometimes they would line the sky all in one direction, and other times they would fly in opposite directions, leaving a big white criss-cross pattern across the sky.

As I watched, these white lines would begin to spread out across the sky in a milky-like haze or film, and in 90 minutes to two hours the sky overhead would have a massive, artificial cloud cover that went for miles and miles above me.

Naturally I began to investigate this and found that it was a common and sometimes daily occurrence in many places across the United States (and later, beyond). To this day the Chemtrail project is still shrouded in mystery and there are multiple theories explaining the purpose for it.

Some things we now know for sure are that the Chemtrail phenomenon is very real; it is very secret, and widespread; and the trails consist largely (but not necessarily exclusively) of very fine particles of aluminum and barium. There is no question but that “The Wizards Behind The Curtain” are spraying us like we're insects without any right to know or right to protest.

The ultimate purpose for the Chemtrails is still a debated topic but the most commonly held belief is that they are being used in weather control experiments (likely in conjunction with H.A.A.R.P.), but other theories have to do with population control (i.e., sickness and death), mind control, high-tech WMD-like activities such as earthquake initiators, etc.

It's a very interesting topic worthy of further study.


Clifford Carnicom, 2005

I've not yet had the time to fully vet the following two websites, so if there are flagrant errors to be found there, or if they are in actuality disinformation agents, that's news to me as of this posting. However, I have visited numerous pages at both sites and what I have thus far seen has very much impressed me. See what YOU think of 'em:



If you have never noticed any Chemtrails in your area, you really ought to try keeping your chin up, my depressed little friend!

Some days ago I somehow clicked my way to a new (to me) blog. Below are some excerpts from the first few paragraphs of the (at that time) most current blog bit:


You see it’s all to do with evolution and although humans are a smug bunch … the truth is we are not as unique as some would have you think. You see just think how many critters have four limbs and a head at the front end, and dispose of food at the other, the list is huge.  Even birds have four limbs; it’s just that two have turned into wings giving them a rather clever method to get about.

Evolution of course is a long process it takes time. . . . Man now sees himself as Top Dog in this process which is very silly as we are not dogs, and shows the foolishness of us humans.  You see mankind is a relative newcomer to planet Earth and some critters have been about for ages and there are more of them too. …

Now as time passes evolution would normally predict that biodiversity will increase, but us humans are always keen to eat new species so most of the meal sized things are sort of becoming extinct.   One of the odder aspects of man is that we are critters of habit and could be classed as one of the worlds herd animals like Cows or Wildebeest, an old survival instinct from the days when we were shoals of fish and huge prehistoric scary things ate us.  This is why we tend to take revenge on big beasts now and get our own back by eating them. …

I couldn't help having some fun with this, so I left a comment:

Stephen T. McCarthy 3 October 2014 19:06
>>... “This is why we tend to take revenge on big beasts now and get our own back by eating them”

Just think how bad it would be for us if those big beasts ever invented guns and bombs. Then they'd go back to eating US again.

Many billions of years from now, we human beings may be in big trouble. Unless of course, by then, we've developed our own wings and can just fly away from the big beasts with their guns and bombs.

Yes, I know we could do that NOW, on airplanes, but that just gets back to the herd instinct again - you know, buying tickets, obtaining boarding passes, standing in line as we creep down the aisle looking for our seat number. It's just too slow a process when life hangs in the balance. We need our own wings so we can fly away individually at a moment's notice.

That's why I'm concentrating and meditating and imagining wings sprouting from my arms. (But just in case that's a fruitless, evolutionary dream, I'm also designing bigger guns and bigger bombs with which to defeat the big beasts 40 billion years from now. I was a Boy Scout and I heartily believe in the motto, "Be Prepared".)
~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

The blogger replied:

Dont give up on growing those wings, it has been said that birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs . So if a 15 ton huge scaly dinosaur can grow wings and fly off then it should be easy for mankind. Please remember you probably will not grow wings yourself, but your kids might...

Bigger Guns and Bigger Bombs. . .mmmmm I take it you are an America you are little rascals with those guns and bombs and stuff, but hey we like you in Britain lets face it we have to be friends because no one else likes either of us much. I think the world is safe in our hands, mankind needs some positive thinkers . . Well Done and thanks for the comment, it is good to get feedback.

I responded:

That's a pretty tall order for my kids to grow wings, since I never had kids and never will have any. So, first, my kids are going to need to invent themselves and THEN grow their wings. But, hey, given enough billions of years, ANYTHING is possible, right? My kids will probably also be flying when pigs fly. Chasing their bacon like World War I flying aces in an aerial dogfight.

No, I am not an American. In fact, I don't like most Americans. What I am is a 'Constitutionalist', which is a nearly extinct entity – unlike the T-rex which is still very much alive and doing quite well. And by T-rex, I do NOT mean the Rock 'N' Roll band but the Godzilla-like beasts that live in the White House using names like Obama and Bush and feeding on others. I only wish the 'Constitutionalists' were thriving and the T-rex was extinct. But given enough billions of years, someday maybe the 'Constitutionalists' will rule the roost... also when pigs fly.
~ D-FensDogg

Then another blogger joined the fun. I believe he was addressing the writer of the blog bit but I couldn't keep myself from offering an A to his Q:

Esbboston 4 October 2014 23:42
Q: If you are wrong about 22 things and 2 wrongs make right, does that mean you are stiLL 11ish right?

Stephen T. McCarthy 5 October 2014 02:32
I believe it would make you "eleventy" percent right. However, I confess that mathematics has never been my strong suit.
~ D-FensDogg

Esbboston 5 October 2014 11:31
People have reaLLy sped up evolution by starting to fly. In airplanes. People committing suicide by leaping to their death hasn't helped, a wrong type of flying. Perhaps a study of knife use in humans causing fingernails to be longer, sharper and grow faster needs to be performed.

Stephen T. McCarthy 5 October 2014 15:38

Oh, that's a very astute observation!

By some strange coincidence, my buddy Bryan [of the blog 'A Beer For The Shower'] and I were recently discussing evolution in an Email exchange (which truly is a strange coincidence because usually we only discuss beer and Film Noir).

So, Bryan writes:
"...we share approximately 55% of our DNA with bananas. ... I had a banana for breakfast this morning, too... I'm starting to feel bad that maybe I ate a long lost relative..."

And that's when I had one of those "Ah-Ha!" moments.

Suddenly it all makes sense: Bananas were the first life form. Over millions or billions of years (don't bore me with details) bananas evolved into monkeys, and monkeys eventually became bigger and stronger... yes, they became apes. (Surely you've noticed the fascination and tender love that primates have for bananas... and not just as phallic symbols either - it's more meaningful than that.)

Then, of course, apes evolved (or devolved?) into human beings. And over many years, human beings evolved into banana cream pies.

Now, I know you're going to ask, "Then why are there still human beings?" And I answer, "For the same reason there are still apes, monkeys, and bananas. I don't know why... but it's for the same reason, I'm sure."

So my theory is that banana cream pies will eventually lose their non-essential appendages like crust and whipped cream, and revert back to bananas again. It's like a circular evolutionary thang.

Hey, it's a certainty that if a bunch of bananas randomly hit typewriter keys for a lot of years they would eventually duplicate all the works of Shakespeare, so ANYTHING is possible!
~ D-FensDogg

You see, Ferrets and Ferretettes, once you know the truth about the Evolution nonsense - knowing you could debate anyone on the topic and win – you can begin to have lotsa fun with those anti-science propagandists.

And when you know what is contained in this book...

...then you will know the truth about Evolution.

And I'm happy to say that all 977 pages of 'THE EVOLUTION HANDBOOK' can be accessed for free at...



A few weeks ago I received an Email from my dear friend The Flying Aardvark (not to be confused with a plucky flying squirrel). A couple years ago The Flyin' Aard's aging Mom moved into the Aard's apartment because independent living was not so easy for the elderly woman anymore. And the Aard is such a lovely woman she welcomed her Mom to live with her.

Well, Flyin' Aard told me the following in that recent E:

I am sorry I have been off the grid for a while.  We had some problems at home (they painted the bedroom ceilings in my apartment and I had to stay at a hotel, plus our ancient stove finally went nuclear and wouldn’t shut off so we had to cut off all the circuit breakers to prevent a fire in the apartment until they could send someone).

We have a new stove now -- but it sticks way out in the middle of the floor.  In order to open the silverware drawer, you have to lower the oven door, but first you have to open the refrigerator door because otherwise there is no space to open the oven door.  It’s kind of comical (and fairly annoying).

I replied:

That is one of the FUNNIEST things I've heard of in a LO-OOO-NG TIME! It seems like something you'd see in an old episode of 'The Carol Burnett Show' or sumpin'. Maybe 'I Love Lucy'. OH, THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!

Thanks so much for telling me your "kitchen layout" story. I gotta remember that. Here it is 3 weeks later and I'm STILL literally laughing out loud every time I mentally picture that. You couldn't make up something like THAT!

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

YE OLDE COMMENT POLICY: All comments, pro and con, are welcome. However, ad hominem attacks and disrespectful epithets will not be tolerated (read: "posted"). After all, this isn’t Amazon.com, so I don’t have to put up with that kind of bovine excrement.


  1. Did I miss a post?

    I thought you had the Mother of All Posts coming...


    1. What was this, chopped liver?

      Actually, I'm not sure if you're referring to the Mother Of All Posts regarding the U.S. Military, or my 2-Part F-FFF Finale.

      If it's the latter, I'm still working on it.
      If the former, that may never get written and published, but if it does, it won't be for a very long time (and I'm not sure we'll all be here for a very long time).

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. Actually, this was reminiscent of chopped liver...but my mother always said liver was good for ya!


  2. There's so many statements I want to respond to - all in agreement. The that jumps out at me most is The Obama Purchase.

    Having long thought that BO considered himself a god (little g), I appreciate someone laying it out so simply. This guy loves the sound of his own voice and I'm quite sure he take counsel of himself, 'cause he is so fond of himself.

    Woe is us.

    1. Thanks, CHERDO!

      All of the Selwyn Duke quotes were just excerpts from his articles, but you'll notice that the longest excerpt came from 'The Obama Purchase'. I wanted to cut it down a little bit due to the overall length of this blog bit but... I just couldn't bring myself to cut any more from it. I felt it was too good and really needed all of those paragraphs for even the excerpt to work well.

      He's an exceptional writer and none of my excerpts really do him justice. I highly recommend you read some of the articles in full and see what ya think.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  3. I'm still smiling from your kind words about my silly poems! Despite your high accolades for Selwyn Duke, it would be nearly impossible for him to ever take your place. So I hope you're only talking about going on a short break. The kitchen lay-out story does sound like a classic Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett sketch. Very funny! BTW, I won't be offended if you go back and spruce up my story. We need to laugh more about these things.


      I sincerely thank you for the kind words, but I'm objective enuf to know that Selwyn Duke is a better writer than is I am (and literat enuf to know that enuf is really spelled "enouph").

      Nah, he's got me beat. However, when 9/11, the 'Sandy Hook shooting', and the 'Boston Marathon bombing' took place, my Bovine-Excrement-O-Meter was pinging and the needle was in the red even before the sun had set. I'll bet Selwyn Duke can't say that. Actually, his "B.-E.-O-Meter" may still not have gone off regarding those events.

      So... yeah, Selwyn can't replace Stephen COMPLETELY, but... Stephen is being put away for a good long time where he can't hurt himself or anyone else anymore. (We, the administrators at the 'Phuckin' Phoenix Loony Bin', have decided to let him post one mo' thang: a 2-part "Adios".)

      Regarding the Flyin' Aard's kitchen situation... I think only Lucille Ball and Tim Conway with Carol Burnett could really understand it. It really is hilarious, ain't it?

      Hey, thanks for the open-mindedness, but I'm really only funny on the spur of the moment (or when my audience is extremely intoxicated).

      I can't even remember now what it was I was tempted to include in my comment, but I'm sure part of it had to do with not screwing the cap back on the bottle of Manischewitz wine soon enuf to prevent a fall.

      You can see now why I hesitated. We're talking about a serious fall. I kinda suspected you would take my comment the right way, because I think 'sense of humor' is one of the great traits of the Jewish people...

      [My best friend, Marty - murdered in 1989 - was Jewish and had a great sense of humor. Woody Allen... well, is there any question about it? And in my opinion, the funniest stand-up comedian of all time was Jackie Mason, in his prime (e.g., 'The World According To Me - Jackie Mason').]

      ...but I didn't want to risk offending you, in case you didn't "get me" right away.

      Next time, however, I will "offend away" (which hopefully you'll find amusing).

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Oh dear. If you're right, and all banana cream pies (and maybe even 'naner pudding) are gonna devolve back to banana status, I'm gonna have to start eating faster. A good pie (or pudding) is a terrible thing to waste.

    1. Have you ever known me to be wrong?

      And, yes, I too am scarfing down the banana cream pies (I'll send the puddin' yer way).

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground;

  5. Hmmm, I haven't seen any chemtrails. Then again, I go outside about... once a week? And that one time I go out, I'm usually drinking with my co-author. So maybe that would explain why I haven't seen any. But if they start spraying chemtrails on bar ceilings, well, I'll be at least the tenth to notice.

    As it stands, I don't really like the consistency of bananas. Too mushy. I don't suppose they can evolve into a bacon cheeseburger? I like those a lot better, but I prefer the nutrition of the banana. Plus, if that happens, you can still be a vegetarian AND have a bacon cheeseburger - just eat a banana instead!

    And if that isn't solid evolutionary logic, I don't know what is.


    1. 6-B ~
      Oh, you have DEFINITELY seen Chemtrails. At this point EVERYONE has seen them, even if they didn't realize at the time that it was a Chemtrail they were looking at.

      A lot of people just glance up, see a white streak (or more) across the sky and assume it's a jet contrail. But if they just watched for awhile they would notice that instead of gradually dissipating, the white streak would begin spreading out to form a hazy, filmy, artificial cloud cover.

      Nowadays there are more Chemtrails than contrails, and everyone has seen them because this Uncle Scam deception has been going on for about a decade and a half.

      Certainly a banana could eventually evolve into a bacon cheeseburger! Are you kidding? Given enough years and enough attempts, anything could evolve into ANYTHING. If you don't believe me, ask an Evilutionist.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  6. The Douche, I mean Mr. Duke, misspelled Murderers. But that's the only criticism I have of this post. Yeah, I didn't read it, but I loved watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, and bananas are my favorite fruit. And I'm sorry for taking so long to visit. Thanks for your comment on my blog post last week. I hope you're well, Stephen.

    1. ROBYN ~
      Actually, it wasn't "The Douche" who misspelled "Murderers". I'm the person (douche) who inadvertently left out the last "R" when I typed that article headline.

      I noticed that I had left out an "R" within minutes of publishing that blog bit, but since I am attempting to correct the "perfectionism" hang-up I've suffered from for many decades, I decided to leave the spelling error alone and not correct it.

      ...But thanks, Robyn, for pointing it out to me.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'


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