Thursday, November 10, 2016



Ding!-Dong! The Bitch is dead. 
Long live President Underdog!

Do you want what's behind Door Number 1 or what's behind Door Number 2? Me, I choose Door Number 2.

Without a trace of hyperbole, I am declaring the 2016 Presidential Election to be The American Revolution, Part 2. In keeping with my personal tradition, I'm going to be blunt. In this analogy...

If you voted for Donald Trump, you were a courageous American revolutionary fighting against overwhelming odds for your nation's liberty. (I truly love all of you, my fellow "Deplorables". I thank you, and may God Bless you all! )

If you voted for Hellary Clinton, you were a Redcoat, an anti-freedom soldier of the British tyranny.

If you voted for a Third Party candidate, then you were a Tory -- an American supporting the British enemy. Also known as "a traitor to your country".

How's that? Which part did you play in this second Revolutionary War?

Considering the fact that it was a 100% certainty that either Donald Trump or Hellary Clinton was going to be the next president of the United States, and without even taking into account the exceedingly important Economics issue, my vote was based on four essential points:

#1: A vote for Hellary Clinton was a vote for untold millions more Late-Term and Partial-Birth Abortions. 

2: A vote for Hellary Clinton was a vote in accord with the strong voting advice of the Communist Party USA. No genuine American Patriot could possibly vote the way the Communist Party advises them to.

3: A vote for Hellary Clinton was likely a vote for World War III with Russia and the launching of nuclear weapons.

4: "Real Men" don't vote for Women to lead them. Anyone who thinks this is a joke does not know, or disregards as unimportant, The Holy Bible -- the Word of God. He established the order, not me.
I repeat, it was a 100% certainty that either Trump or Clinton would be the president. Therefore, anyone who voted for a Third Party candidate, although they may not have voted FOR Late-Term / Partial-Birth abortions, FOR the Communist Party USA, or FOR a nuclear World War III with Russia, they sure as hell DID NOT VOTE AGAINST THEM! Shame on you Tories! Now you should thank a "Deplorable" for standing against those things for your sorry ass.

I've been telling people that this election is one of the most astounding things I've ever seen. Trump had to fight EVERYTHING -- The Wizards Behind The Curtain (aka International Bankers), the Mainstream Media, the cheating, lying Democrat party (aka the Marxocrats), the millennial Snowflake Libtards, and Communists everywhere. And he even had to fight against his own political party, the Repugnantcans.

The ONLY thing Trump had on his side was..... US, the everyday people of both genders (SURPRISE! -- there's only two) and all races -- Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, you name it. Yes, WE the patriotic, working class people (aka the "Basket of Deplorables"). And guess what. WE were enough to help Trump overturn the whole demonic system. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back and have a drink -- you sure as 'Hellary Clinton is going to Hell' deserve 'em!

In an election campaign that has been so improbable, the IMPOSSIBLE has happened!

In my 57 years, I have only witnessed one other thing that I might be able to use as an analogy for Trump's improbable campaign and impossible victory, and here it is...

Up until the very end, when Election Campaign Fatigue really set in and I started to get cranky -- feeling violent and starting to lose my sense of humor -- I enjoyed like mad the stuffs I was reading at the Alternative News sources I frequented. People at sites like Breitbart, World Net Daily, The Conservative Treehouse, InfoWars, Gateway Pundit, YouTube, NeedToKnow.News, Wikileaks and Project Veritas did a FANTASTIC job of countering the lies, exposing crooked Clinton's corruption, and highlighting the outrageous bias of the Mainstream Media.

And my fellow Conservatives kept me in stitches. (I'm so proud of y'all!) It was a blast to read (and contribute to) the arguments in website comment sections, where the Deplorables routinely knocked the Libtards for a row of lib-labs. We made them look even sillier than they were to begin with. All the Marxocrats had were the usual false accusations like "racist", "homophobe", "xenophobe" et al.

But the Conservatives really rose to the occasion with some of the most clever, guffaw-out-loud remarks and memes I've ever encountered. I have a Word File filled with hilarious Conservative comments and rebuttals I copied from comment sections where the Deplorables defended Trump while doing battle with the minions of Hell's Grandma.

If nuttin' else, make no mistake about THIS: The 2016 Presidential Campaign proved once and for all that Conservatives are wittier and more creative than are Liberals.

Heck, the Conservatives even took Commie Michael Moore's words and turned them into pro-Trump videos that went viral:

God knows you People were great!! I've got tears in my eyes while typing these words. If you didn't vote for Donald Trump, it was as if you watched the whole game except that you went to the bathroom during the bottom of the ninth inning when Kirk Gibson came to the plate.

Here are links to a couple of post-election articles I really liked and recommend to you:

Trump Victory Is A Win For The Little Guy Over The Elite
by Michael Goodwin

This excerpt comes from the following article: 

At 7 p.m., there was no sign of a popular uprising led by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. There was no sign at 8 p.m. There was still no sign as time inexorably marched on. Something would have to break.

And then it did.

Like a scene out of the film “It’s a Wonderful Life”, people had begun to pray. But not just in one small town. Across America. And around the world. ...

As they prayed, something began to stir... 

Signs Of Divine Intervention In Trump Victory
by Garth Kant

Yes, I'm inclined to believe in that. For one thing, I saw it happening. I also had prayed about this and from work I was watching live updates on the voting results. Check my older posts -- I had said all along that Trump was going to win this election easily and that the only way Hellary could get the presidency was if the Marxocrats cheated big enough. My sole worry was whether the Trumpslide would be large enough to overcome the voter fraud and machine rigging of the Dumb-O-Crats.

But while watching the live returns, I saw that Trump was losing Florida and was WAY behind in Ohio. I knew that he HAD to win at least one of those states, if not BOTH. My friends and I were texting each other furiously. But Trump fell so far behind that for about 10 minutes, I confess, I lost faith. I kept watching, but I thought the contest was OVER and very early, too.

Trump was getting clobbered in North Carolina. I was shocked to my toes! I didn't think he could lose North Carolina. My friend in Tennessee with friends and family in Ohio texted that she found it hard to believe he was losing so badly in Ohio because everyone she knew was voting for him. At 5:08 my time, she texted: "Yeah, looks like Florida is a goner." Some of us were losing hope.

But then suddenly I noticed that every couple minutes Trump started ticking up another percentage point in Ohio. And then his numbers started shifting upward in Florida and North Carolina, too. After about 10 minutes of this, a fellow Deplorable at work came rushing up to me and said excitedly, "Are you watching this?!" He'd seen it happening too. Trump was surging. My Brother texted, "This is freaking interesting! This is a long way from over." I texted a friend in Lake Tahoe, "He's making a massive comeback!" And my Colorado friend texted: "I just cannot believe what I'm watching. I am in complete and utter awe. I have chills down my spine."

The Florida friend texted: "He's winning in Michigan. ... He is going to win Ohio. ... He is winning in Florida. I think he will win here too."

And then some time later she texted: "People are losing their shit on social media. ... They are using words like 'distraught'. ... When MSNBC starts talking about a Trump win... They look like they are going to cry."  

And then finally, "Clinton has shut down her HQ. People are leaving."

And that's when I started texting out: "Hokey-Smoke! The Fat Lady is singing... er, I mean, LEAVING!"

WE THE PEOPLE had won The Second American Revolution!! And the next day, November 9th, my Brother texted me to say, "It's mornin' in America. All aboard the Trump Train!!!!"

But the night before, after some of us had lost faith and hope, only to see Donald Trump come fighting back in the voting returns, my friend in Washington state put it all succinctly in great Biblical form: "I'd lost it [faith] too. "Could you not watch with Me one hour?" And me, after my recent post about how an angel had visited me in 2001 with a basic message about Faith... I was a bit ashamed of myself, I must confess. Well, live and learn... over and over and over again.

Some folks are yakking about Hellary Clinton winning the Popular Vote. Yeah, right. Tell ya what, get back to me on that AFTER you have deducted the Democrat Dead People's vote, the Illegal Aliens' vote, the Bussed-In Multi-Voter votes, the Voting Machine flipped votes, and all the votes of the Ex-Con Felons who were suddenly granted permission to vote. After you clean up that stinking mess, THEN and ONLY THEN will we discuss the Popular Vote.

And now, if Donald Trump can manage to stay alive, perhaps we can finally... DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

Alright, that's it from me. Now I'm gonna do my meditation session, then get on my trusty old bicycle and ride to The Peppermill casino, because God knows that after this emotional roller-coaster ride of an election.....

~ Stephen T. McCarthy



  1. The dead, the relocated, the double-dippers, the illegals, the snowbirds, the felons, the imaginary, all were in places she was going to win anyway. Last I heard, she was ahead in the popular vote by 200,000 or so. There were at least that many deceased voters in Chicago.

    Have you seen the map that shows which counties voted for Trump and which voted for her? Except for the big cities and their suburbs, this is a red country.

    1. Howdy, JOHN. I'm pleasantly surprised to find you at my F-FFF blog. (Have you been lurking here in the shadows? Ha!)

      I'd probably have to partially disagree with the first sentence. It would be bad campaign strategy to concentrate all of the bogus voting strictly in places where the Democrats already expected to win. And say what we will about the DNC, they are indeed great at cheating.

      As I recall, the first (not only, but first) reports I personally heard of Vote Machines flipping votes from Trump to Clinton came from Texas and Utah. I think it was in Pennsylvania where I heard the first report of bussed-in illegal voters. And if memory serves me, it was in states Hellary lost where they kept the polls open later than they were supposed to be, in order to squeeze in those last illegal votes.

      However, your overall point is definitely SPOT-ON!

      In fact, on the morning of Nov. 9th, FAE (who was born and raised in Chicago) and I (who am from Los Angeles) were joking that if we could put California, New York, and Illinois in a big room and let those people all fight to the death, it would greatly improve the country.

      But your observation more clearly defines and illustrates the situation. Forget the states, we only need to focus on the cities.

      So let's put Los Angeles, Chicago, New York -- and I absolutely insist on including my #1 hated city, San Francisco -- into that big room and let 'em fight to the death. Then we'd never have to suffer another Barack Oliar or Crooked Clintons ever again.

      Great point, Brother. (I didn't know you were deplorable, John. Glad to have you on Team Deplorable!)

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. Maybe Baltimore and Boston too, and how can we forget Washington, DC and Seattle? Philly?

      Bill&Hill made me a deplorable when they were in the White House. I've always considered her a crook and a liar. Remember the Whitewater investigation, where she swore up and down she didn't have her billing records from the Rose Law Firm, only to have them turn up in a box headed for Arkansas, with her fingerprints all over them? That still chaps my ass. I'm convinced the whole Monica Lewinsky thing was a misdirect because Ken Starr was getting close, or at least they thought he was. I was shocked that my county, said to be the most Republican in Georgia, if not the entire country, went for her. My neighbors must be Never Trumpers.

    3. Incidentally, Don Surber, who was a columnist until his paper fired him, wrote a great book about how wrong the press was about Trump, "Trump The Press." He wrote it six months before the election, when everyone was calling it for Hillary. He has a blog, too:

      He's a great writer and a good guy, and his blog is worth reading.

      Oh, for sure, Boston! In fact, let's just nuke Massachusetts altogether so we can wipe the world's most annoying accent off the map. Ha!

      I'm reminded of something Senator Joe McCarthy once said: We need not worry about the Communists dropping nuclear bombs on Washington D.C. They would kill too many of their friends that way.

      I was politically aware back when Bill&Hill were in the White House, so yeah, I am up on ALL that crap they pulled. Most conservative people, even today, have no idea how corrupt that couple really is.

      And you are EXACTLY RIGHT about the Monica Lewinsky misdirection. The one thing I'll add is that I believe Ken Starr was in on it. He knowingly shifted to the Intern Affair in order to avoid having to reveal the REAL SERIOUS CORRUPTION. Now did he do it willingly, or because he knew his life and family's life depended on it? That's open to debate.

      As I'm sure you know, Ann Coulter actually came to fame with her first book, 'High Crimes And Misdemeanors', which detailed Scoundrel Bill's misdeeds. A very good book. As was 'Year Of The Rat' by Timperlake and Triplett, which chronicled Clinton's traitorous deals with the Chinese: Military Technology for Cash.

      And then there's the documentary 'The New Clinton Chronicles' which is a must-see.

      Both Clintons, genuine traitors to our country, ought to be hanged side-by-side in public as a warning to future traitors of the USA. That's what our Founding Fathers would have done with 'em.

      Thanks for the info about Don Surber. I'd never heard of him before but will absolutely check him out.

      I'll recommend G. Edward Griffin's stuffs. His book 'The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve' is the first one I recommend to people serious about politics and what is being done to our country.

      Griffin also has a website which includes the segment NeedToKnow.News which is published once a week. He collects links to what he considers the most important stories of the week and gives you a brief synopsis of each one. He covers a lot of stuff that one won't find even at most Conservative or Alt-Right sites.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  2. I've been checking here often to see when you'd blog about the election. Hooray! I love your comments here and agree in its entirety... except possibly the part about "real men" not voting for women. Biblical referencing aside, I'd vote for a Margaret Thatcher or Ayn Rand type in a heartbeat, particularly if the opponent is an Obama, Kerry, Gore, Carter, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, or Clinton (Chelsea??). And I certainly consider my self a REAL man. (Wanna make sumpin outta it? Huh? HUH?)

    I wish I'd seen all of the texts to your other Deplorable friends, but I certainly enjoyed our few exchanges on election eve.

    I love your Revolutionary War analogy and think it is correct. Amusingly, I watched a video of some nitwit Latino woman on CNN advocating a sort of revolution: violence now because Trump won, saying "people have died for 'our' freedom" and that people are going to die in this conflict. She demanded that Trump stop "breaking up families."

    The founders of this nation did fight and die for Americans' freedom... but NOT for the freedom of citizens of Mexico... or Thailand, or Azerbajan. Trump wants to follow the law and to protect our country from invasion by illegals. Frankly, voting for ANY other position is casting a vote in support of illegality. Might as well vote for robbing banks or for legalizing violence. HEY, WAIT! That is what this moron is advocating. I was HIGHLY offended at her remarks... more for dropping the "people have died for our freedom" remark (which has some much deeper layers to it anyway for discussion some other time) than I was for her suggesting violence. She should think twice about that, since the Trumpsters are the law-abiding citizens who support the 2nd Amendment... and we are far better armed than she and her people advocating violence.

    Trump may not be a good President... but then again HE MAY BE! And whatever he is, he SURE AS HELL will be better for this country than Hellary.

    Tories and Redcoats can kiss my tuchas! The Constitutionalists won one, finally. As you said: the rest of the nation should be thanking us.

    1. PART OF 2:

      >>... Tories and Redcoats can kiss my tuchas!

      Ha!-Ha! There's some meme and video potential in that statement.

      Oh, yeah, let the Leftists start a Civil War and let's see how well that works out for them. Good luck with THAT!

      Conservatives are armed to the teeth. That's why Uncle Scam has never attempted to disarm us by force. Even Uncle Scam knows it couldn't be done and if he ever attempted it, he would NEVER AGAIN have a chance of regaining control of us.

      Another reason the Leftists would be dumber than dumb to start a violent Civil War with the Conservatives is simply STRATEGY & TACTICS: Conservatives are SO MUCH SMARTER'N LIBTURDS ARE that it would be a short and disastrous idea on their part.

      Oh, yeah, you and I exchanged several texts. Of course I had to be very selective in which to use in this blog bit so as not to drag it out too long (as I often do). But I also liked the text you sent after the reality set in for Hellary that she'd lost to that deplorable man:

      "She's probably feeling even more sick than she's been hiding from us."

      And of course that old classic that those of us of "a certain age" all recognize:

      "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

      That's EXACTLY what the Trump win is saying!

      >>... except possibly the part about "real men" not voting for women. Biblical referencing aside,..."

      Oooh! Gotta stop you right there. Since when do we put Biblical referencing aside? As a matter of fact, EVERYTHING should begin with "FIRST and FOREMOST, what does God say about this in The Bible?" And then we go from there.

      Some things may not make sense to us in our fallen state, but God doesn't always explain. The pot can't demand answers from the potter. We are to simply follow His instructions, knowing that ULTIMATELY they are for our own good.


    2. PART 2 OF 2:

      God has clearly established a Patriarchy for us. But Women have absolutely CRUCIAL parts to play in our system, which Men could not do as well. God says, however, that Leadership simply is not one of them. That doesn't mean there are no women who COULD lead effectively. (There are exceptions to most rules.) Just that they are not supposed to lead in God's order for "THIS world".

      What happened the very first time a man followed the lead of a woman?

      "So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate."

      That order is very significant. And it's also significant that our genderless God presents Itself as "Male" in The Bible. That the Ultimate Leader God sent us manifested in "this world" as male and He referred to His God as "Father". God established the order for our good in this temporary place we find ourselves.

      Jesus made it clear that when we leave here and go to our REAL "HOME", we will no longer be male or female, but pure spirit without genders. But here, for now, it's not so.

      I think that's where so many Feminists, and even non-Feminist females -- and even many Christian women -- go wrong. Their egos are offended that men rule over them. But they fail to take into account that this situation is merely temporary, and where we're all (hopefully) going, things will be equalized. They don't focus on The Big Picture and get offended by this "Blink-Of-An-Eye" existence and the way God set it up.

      I actually have a lot of faith and hope that the Trump presidency will set this nation on the right path again. I questioned his sincerity early on, but I firmly believe that as he saw how many people were putting their hope in him he felt OBLIGATED to live up to his promises and his DUTY to do all he can for his nation and the People who are looking to him for help.

      Realistically though -- God knows I hope I'm wrong but -- there is so much money and satanic power at stake here that I sincerely fear a "JFK-ing" is in the future BEFORE President Underdog can really make a positive impact. I pray I'm wrong about that and that God protects Trump for us.

      Great comment, Sheboyganbro.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. Of course you knew what I meant about the "real men" comment, because you verified it with your occasional exceptions remark. My statement allowed you to elucidate of the Biblical point, though. As said, as a "real man," given a choice between voting for Thatcher and, say Barack Obama, it is obvious who should receive my manly vote!

    4. SBB-6 ~
      Yes, you're right, I used your comment as a means to further explain my stance on this Female Leadership question. I knew some people would think it was just sexist, and I wanted to further drive home the point that it's not sexist but Biblical.

      However, by my remark about the exceptions to most rules, I only meant to imply that undoubtedly some women could effectively lead. I didn't though mean to insinuate that I would vote for or suggest others vote for those exceptions.

      For me personally -- and solely because of the Biblical principle -- in a case where a good woman who could likely lead effectively was running against a wicked male such as an Obama, a Bush, or a Bill Clinton, that is a scenario where I would find a strong male Third Party candidate to vote for.

      But, of course, everyone has to evaluate situations for themselves and follow their own conscience. And that's just how I myself would go in that imaginary scenario.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  3. #1 reason (in my book) a Vote for Hillary was a vote for the devil. Satan himself. Is here any doubt he was her real campaign manager?

    I never lost faith, but it wasn't looking too good for a few minutes there, but once it started to turn around, there was no stopping it.

    The truth is in the aftermath...all the poor losers weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth, in public no less. Someone give these spoiled babies a spanking. Oops, I forgot, they already got one.

    1. >>... Oops, I forgot, they already got one.

      GOL! Yep, the spanking they already got is the very reason for their crying.

      There is no doubt that Hellary Clinton and those closest to her were working on behalf of satan. One can even point to the "spirit cooking" crap of her advisor John Podesta. These people are ALL agents of lucifer -- some consciously, some unwittingly.

      You texted after the victory:

      "It was lookin' shaky for awhile and the news coverage was so biased, but he pulled it off. I love the fact that the media just couldn't believe it."

      Personally, I think that most in the Mainstream Media KNEW that the polls were rigged and that Trump had all the voters he needed to win. But they were sure that their skewed reporting in conjunction with all the Democrat cheating and Vote Machine rigging would steal the election from Trump.

      So, I think they're mostly shocked that they weren't able to steal another election -- like they did for Obama in 2012.

      The people who are probably GENUINELY STUNNED are the average, everyday numbskull Dumb-O-Crats who trusted that the Mainstream Media was telling them the truth with the polls. In other words, the stupid sheeple on the street really are aghast and disbelieving.

      Let it be a lesson to them that the MSM and the DNC are full of liars and... just plain assholes.

      Or to put it another way: NEVER TRUST A MARXIST!

      ~ D-FensDogG

  4. Replies
    1. How could they NOT be when such an AWESOME guy personally selected them?!

      ~ D-FensDogG

  5. Hey, I kinda hung in better than you this time, huh? Whodathunkit? Maybe these meditations are helping me.

    1. Well, JUDGE AL, neither of us shifted completely into Panic Mode, and neither of us got into our car and started driving home while Mark Grace was singling in the 9th inning to start the end of the Yankee dynasty (HA!-HA!)

      But I gotta admit, for about 10 minutes or so, I did BELIEVE it was over when Trump was losing in Florida and getting crushed in North Carolina and Ohio. I think YOU DID keep the faith better'n I did, so...

      (You know who's an interesting people?...)
      Whaddaya say? TRT some 'Raymonds' tonight?

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. I'm game. Let's do it Lunger

  6. I typed a great big comment and then accidentally bumped this stupid phone and erased it. I'm an idiot.

    First of all, let me say that I agree with Robin, ha ha.

    Am I the only one who stopped by the rioting and general crazy backlash that's happening? This is by no means an original thought, but I keep seeing mention of the fact that no one rioted when Obama was elected. Does anybody think that was because we all we're okay with that outcome? Is there really an in-game there? Does anyone think that the writing will lead to an official standing on the steps of the White House proclaiming "okay, we changed our mind? We don't want to make anyone mad!!"

    God bless America.

    1. Hey, DOC, if anything good has come from these protests, it's that now the whole world has seen that these Progressives, Democrats, Leftists, Liberals, Libtards (or whatever one chooses to call them) are complete frauds!

      These people do NOT care about humanity, people, individuals, or what is fair and right, like they say they do. They have no respect for decency, peace, or order.

      These people are nothing but a bunch of narcissistic, "Terrible Twos" tantrum-throwing cry-babies who care about only one thing: getting their way. Along with their leader, satan, they are lawless enemies of humanity, and I look forward to the day when they will be brought before that Great Golden Throne, where there is no protesting, only Divine Judgment.

      When the Progressives, Democrats, Leftists, Liberals, Libtards and Marxists have been removed from our midst, it's going to be Paradise on Earth for 1,000 years, as you already know.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. As I went back to this post, I'm making a mental note never to post from a phone again. "Writing" should have been "whining" and "stopped" should have been "shocked"...but maybe my phone knew better on that one. Come to think of it, I'm not shocked at all. This infantile behavior has been seen before.

      1000 years...ahhh....

  7. It was truly an amazingly campaign and election night. I was on the Trump train from the very start and despite some of the things he'd done in his past, I felt that the hand of God was on Trump. Whenever DJT got hit, he came back stronger. God had a plan and none of the pundits got it and I'm still not sure that they get it as they are back to yapping their claptraps once again.

    Maybe I was starting to suffer election fatigue as Tuesday started coming upon us, but I was really starting to get despondent. However, my wife (legal Latina Trump supporter) kept encouraging me and assuring me that Trump was going to win. She really propped me up.

    Election night was so uplifting! Then the downer came when I looked on Facebook the next day. I just wanted to see pictures of my grandkids and what my family members had to say. Instead I was greeted by so much hate and vitriol from certain family members (mostly my wife's Dem family members who have not yet allowed themselves to be educated to the truth), old friends, and fake FB friends that I don't really know. Oh, there were some very nice posts and pictures with nice sayings and those gave me smiles and were even uplifting at times. But the meanness and venom was shocking.

    And so it has continued on Facebook as it does with the Angry snowflakes and anarchists on the streets of the city. People could talk respectfully but they haven't been to a great extent. I tried to add a voice of reason that got shouted down and insulted in abhorrent ways. I guess that's why you're wise to avoid FB.

    Anyway, now I'm cautious about what I say on my blog. Besides what you and I say on our blogs is probably like farting in a hurricane. Like you, I might not be able to resist saying something, but for now I feel almost like just shutting down.

    Well, I'll still do the BOTB posts. Those are important to me, but I'm not sure yet what else on line is important other than just being able to vent.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote

    1. LEE, going way back, my perception (right or wrong) of Facebook was that originally it was a classier, more professional version of MySpace. But MySpace somehow got trampled by Facebook which then became a disgusting site for slurs, ad hominem attacks and just plain meanness.

      I'm glad I never got involved with any social media formats other than my blogs. If I had, I would be spending all my time AWII (Arguing With Internet Idiots).

      But don't let it get you down, man. We WON, and they can STICK IT up their Democratholes!


      These people are all operating at a purely blind emotional level; there's no intellectual capacity in them at all.

      And the reason is because, the closer we get to the Apocalypse and the Second Coming of Christ, the more people are having their minds clouded by satan. Half of the world's population is already influenced / possessed by demons. I mean that LITERALLY! They have chosen AGAINST God, so He has allowed the veil of demonic deception to come down upon them, separating them from truth and from Truth. (It's all in The Bible's prophecies.)

      Don't worry about those people, and don't let them affect your mental / emotional states. They are lost and most will remain lost.

      Rejoice in what we have accomplished! It won't save the world, or even save the country, but it has probably bought us a little more time for people to choose right, to choose God. Celebrate, and ignore the Mental Defectives!

      ~ D-FensDogG


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