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Howdy, You All.
I believe that my last post (HERE) and a comment I left (HERE) as a guest on the blog Fellowship Of The Minds may have clouded where I'm coming from in regards to President Trump. I want to clear that up.
But first I want you to know that if you aren't already familiar with Fellowship Of The Minds, you should be. The website is a collective involving 4 or 5 different bloggers and over the last several months it has become one of my real go-to sites for political news. Along with G. Edward Griffin's Need To Know News, Selwyn Duke's blog, Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit, Fellowship Of The Minds is a site I check on every day. It's not uncommon for FOTM to post a story even before I find it posted on the other aforementioned sites. And there are a lot of intelligent, informed, and friendly commenters at FOTM. It's a great site that comes with my highest recommendation!
Now then, a few days ago, I left a comment at FOTM in which I expressed some dismay about a bill that President Trump just signed into law. I said that I was becoming somewhat disillusioned with Trump and that my earlier enthusiasm had been curbed to a notable degree.
One of the regular readers there -- a friendly and knowledgeable person using the pseudonym Chemtrailssuck -- responded to my comment and, acknowledging that he(?) too had voted for Trump, stated that he felt we had all been fooled. He said he now believes Trump is just another New Word Order shill, but a bit more disguised. 
I decided I would respond because I wanted to express what I feel is really going on with President Trump, and to let Chemtrailssuck know that I thought he was being too hard on himself, and that his judgment was actually better than he was giving himself credit for.
So, below is a copy of the second comment I left on that thread:
Howdy, Chemtrailssuck. Thanks for the comment!
Actually, take heart a bit, Brother, because I strongly believe that neither you, Steven Broiles, nor I really got “scammed” or “conned” by Trump and “fell for the same trap”. I feel quite certain that what we are dealing with is a case of....


That is something that was once privately stated by a famous U.S. Congressman whom I’ve known personally. If you’re interested in the full story, you will find it [Link:) ​HERE​​.​

​I don’t believe I’ve ever publicly said who the Congressman was, but if you’ve been interested in politics for some time, you’ve definitely heard of him. (He once even ran for POTUS.)

By the grace of God, I’m a good judge of character. And I don’t know precisely when it may have occurred, but I believe somewhere along the line (perhaps while he was actually campaigning) God tapped the heart of Trump. I believe he was and IS sincere. I also believe that he really didn’t realize the magnitude and scope of “The Swamp”. He didn’t know just how difficult a job he had really signed up for. But his speech during the Inauguration — no, that man was SINCERE!

I’m currently deep into the book THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL by Nick Bryant. And as entrenched, dangerous, and potent as that conspiracy was, we’d need to magnify it about a godzillion times to conceive of what Trump is up against. I think he’s made some blunders, but I also believe he is genuinely trying to “do the best job that he can for the American people from within the given parameters”, and while also trying to keep his family alive. (If they can’t compromise and blackmail the subject, they threaten the lives of their loved ones. Most men will cave in when it comes to that.)

I was saying all along — during the presidential campaign — that unless the Democrats could rig enough dead, illegal, and machine-counting votes, Trump would win. But I also said that the best we could hope for is that Trump could buy America a little more time in order for us to convert more souls to Christ before “the end” (which I believe will likely occur in 2029). The Bible is too clear for me to have ever deluded myself into believing Trump could “MAGA”. And I’m convinced that he too now realizes that. So, he’s trying to win us as many victories as he can with the time and personalities that he has to work with.

So, Brother, don’t beat yourself up. I don’t think you got bamboozled, snookered, or taken. You got it right. (The nearly countless forces that have been fighting against Trump for so long and with such ferocity PROVES that they perceive Trump as a real, genuine threat to their agenda. They’re not that good at “acting”.) I think we all just need to downgrade our expectations and celebrate whatever Trump is able to do while still keeping his loved ones above ground.

Sorry for being so long-winded, but I wanted to clarify my outlook and let you know that I truly do not believe that in the case of Trump it’s really a “meet the new boss; same as the old boss” situation. (Love that Who quote though, and I’ve also used it many times in political discussions!)

~ D-FensDogG
‘Loyal American Underground’

My Friends, My Friends, feel free to let me know what you think of this explanation. If you also voted for Trump, how do you feel about your vote at this time? Do you believe that Trump is really doing what he can to fulfill his campaign promises? Or do you think that all along he was just another New World Order shill whose true colors are now beginning to show?

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


  1. Al Bondigas here. No, not a chance. Trump was and still is sincere in making America great again. He just never imagined how many in his own party were owned by the swamp. All these Republicans campaigned on repealing Obozocare and reducing taxes, cutting the budget, etc. etc. But, all along they were all convinced that the witch was going to win, so they would never be called on the carpet. COWARDS!!!!

    1. You, Sir, are entirely correct!

      There's really a whole lot to say about this. For one, the Republican party, for the entirety of our lives, has been in cahoots with the Democrats, and BOTH parties are owned and operated by the same International Bankers.

      It's always been political theater meant to divide and conquer We The People. Just a Punch & Judy show with the hands of the International Bankers up the "asses" of and controlling both parties.

      How many decades have the Republican party yakking heads been saying they would get rid of the Education Department, curtail abortions, end illegal immigration, decrease the size of government and lower government spending, et al.? But every time they've had a chance to do any of these things, they've somehow found excuses NOT TO!

      The Republican party is the Democrat party with a different name.

      Do you remember when that DEFORMED LITTLE FROG, Henry Kissinger, had a private meeting with Donald Trump? If memory serves, I believe it was shortly after Trump was elected. If I were to make an educated guess, I would say THAT was probably the meeting when Trump was informed about how things would need to be. That was likely when the real muscle laid down the law. And Trump was informed that if he got too far out of line, he would be burying members of his family and other loved ones.

      Henry Kiss-My-Ass-Inger has always been a front man for The Wizards Behind The Curtain. And I'd bet a good chunk of change that he was the messenger sent to Trump with a warning from The Wizards.

      Nevertheless, Trump has done some good things in these first 7 months -- more than any other so-called "Conservative" president has ever done in our lifetimes.

      And the good news is that it's still early in his presidency and The People are beginning to wake up to all the political theater. Plus, the communist traitor John McStain has cancer. May he repent, confess to Jesus, and meet his Maker soon.

      Things could get better still. We've got a lot of innings of baseball yet to play!

      ~ D-FensDogG
      [Link:) Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

  2. I still as strong of a Trump supporter as I've ever been. His presidency is proving the legislative and judicial branches of our governments have been mostly taken over by the most asinine opportunists of all time. President Trump seems to be weathering it all well and driving the swamp mad with his strategic approach to the presidency. Yes, I do see a method behind what many are seeing as madness while their own ranting and frothing is blinding them to what is going on. Their hearts seem to have been hardened.

    If Trump can conquer the media then he should see greater success in the upcoming years of his term/terms. The media--primarily television since many Americans are too dumb or brain-dead to read--controls the minds of much of the populace. Now if they would only start delivering the message and attitudes that will truly make America great again. Get rid of those panels of pseudo-experts and the left-leaning agenda-driven hosts. Dump Don Lemon and all of the other idiots who are influencing the feeble minds of their audiences. Down with FAKE NEWS!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. LEE, I believe we're primarily in sync. I feel confident that Trump is mostly doing the best he can from within those given "parameters" in which he must operate while still keeping his loved ones alive. (This is bigger than serious business, and The Wizards are evil beyond a normal person's understanding. Most of them are literal satanists who have killed and will do it again without batting an eyelash.)

      All significant sectors (e.g., Congress, the Judiciary, the Mainstream Media) are owned by the International Bankers and are all aligned against Trump's MAGA agenda. So he has his work cut out for him, and I believe he's finding it a more impossible task than he initially envisioned.

      And we differ when it comes to the idea of his having a "strategic approach to the presidency". He may have begun with that concept, but I think he's been attacked from every conceivable angle in ways he did not anticipate, that he's now operating more from a day-to-day, improvisational approach. The whole idea of him playing 3-D chess and outwitting his opponents with undetected foresight I have had to dismiss.

      His presidency seems chaotic to me, with many stops, starts, sidesteps, blunders, retreats, and then new advances from a different tactic. Like I said, "Improvisational".

      However, like you, I still believe in his sincerity, despite some disappointing acts which seemingly have betrayed some of his early campaign promises. (Example: Increasing troop numbers and force in Afghanistan when we were promised that the "America First" agenda included getting the U.S. out of foreign military adventures. That disturbs me no end, and I wish I could imagine it's all part of some 3-D chess move, but I can't.)

      Regardless, like you, I have no buyer's remorse, and I remain hopeful that by the time his presidency concludes, the U.S. will be in much better shape than it was when he took over, even if it's never really going to be "Great Again".

      Thanks for the comment, Lee!

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

  3. Yup, yup and yup.
    At first I thought I would be disagreeing with you but spot on, in my book. That poor, dear man with a beautiful family, as they all believe in "right" as they stand in danger. I am sure the word from on high came early to him, the interloper. I believe Kissinger and I are the same age BUT he seeing things from the real inside and me chewing on bites of fakery the media chose to toss out. I used to watch his wife, tall Nancy, prance about in her finery on the pages of W, an off-shoot of Women's Wear Daily, and secretly wishing I could afford gowns like that. At that time I didn't connect where the money for finery came from. Well...... kinda.
    Autumn is fast approaching and I'll have more time after the harvest is in. Then there will be the choice I have to make regarding Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Do I want to sit at a festive table with all liberals? How can these people be my "issue?"
    How and where did I fail in teaching the importance of freedom? Was it by giving too much and removing their struggle? I honestly don't know.
    You are good, Stephen, on opening that can and the worms struggling to wiggle out. Gives me lots to ponder....but right now, I ponder on my hens who are literally waiting to fly the coop.
    In spite I do love my simple life.
    Take care and thanks for the words.

    1. Howdy, BELVA! And welcome to my blog. (Well, this one, anyway. I have others as well, but I consider THIS my primary blog.)

      Sorry I'm so late in publishing your comment and responding. Hopefully you didn't give up on me. I was gone all day to the Ribs Cook-Off in Sparks, Nevada. Which is kind of odd when one considers that I've actually been a vegetarian since late 1985.

      But they have lots of good Mac & Cheese there, also. And Bleu Cheese Cole Slaw, and great cold beer. Lots of stuffs even for a veghead like me.

      I'm glad to hear you agreed with this blog bit. One is known not just by his friends but by his enemies, as well. And Trump has all the RIGHT enemies. And the vitriol they spew is clearly not artificial, manufactured, synthetic, and for public appearances only. They truly DESPISE what he is trying to do. More Power to him, sez us, eh?

      I'm a [Maverick] Christian and believe in what The Good Book says. So, I already know how all this is going to end, but in the meantime, the struggle to bring more souls to Christ goes on, and Trump is surely buying us more time than we'd have had with Killery Klinton as president.

      Good luck with that seating arrangement for the holiday meals. Ha! I think I'm well past even trying to pretend that I can tolerate Liberals, even as long as it takes to wolf down some stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie!

      Thanks again for stopping by, and feel free to do so anytime. F-FFF is always open, and the first bottle of Scotch is on us. (I jest. Never liked Scotch myself. But "God is great, Beer is good, and Liberals are crazy!":o)

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

  4. Yes, I agree with your post, which kinda elaborates on my comment after your last blog bit.

    In the old days, I thought there was a difference in the parties. Shortly after I first met you online, you and Br'er Marc set me straight on this. After looking into it further on my own, I decided that you were right. No WONDER the GOP never got anything done. I always had bought their excuses before.

    But these guys that pretend they are on our side and lie to us for decades at a time... that get our votes by saying the right things but never follow through: those rats are the worst scum. We have to wake people up and vote them out. We need a bunch of George Washingtons. Men (MEN... sorry, ladies) who are willing to vote AGAINST their own personal gain or self-interests just to do the right thing.

    HA HA HA HA! Sometimes I really tickle myself.

      You are quite correct. This is essentially a continuation (or perhaps clarification) of my previous blog bit.

      The first positive thing that came from Trump's campaign and win is that it illustrated - and on a yuge scale - what so many of us had been saying for so long. Namely, that the two political parties are really one. They are two puppets being controlled by the same Unseen Hand.

      Trump was clearly perceived as an outside threat to The Wizards Behind The Curtain who control both parties, and thus he has been attacked and undermined by all parties and institutions invested in the status quo.

      Never before has a political figure been attacked with such venom and unrelenting force, with the possible exception of Joe McCarthy, who happened to have the same enemies and for the same reasons.

      HA! Yeah, you made me laugh, too! With each passing year, the hope of our Constitutional Republic's survival becomes dimmer. I mean, who is waiting in the wings to pick up our weapons and continue the fight after we have departed from the scene? The Millennial Generation? HA!-HA!-HA!

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

  5. Having read all of the comments (and the original post, of course), I'm not sure there is anything left to say. I'm way behind on all of the politicking as I didn't keep up at all this summer. I did see that Steve Bannon resigned. That was upsetting as I think he was the person most aligned with Trump's initial vision. Probably most able to help him find a way to accomplish it. But then maybe they decided he would be more effective at Breitbart. Of course, his statement saying that his departure was the end of the Trump Presidency we all voted for wasn't a big happy for me.

    I think the strongest deterrent for the President is Congress. The others are all forces, but Trump has made the media look like the joke it is to MANY people. Of course, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the Senate and House are all on the same side and it isn't the side of We The People. The fact that health care hasn't been repealed and replaced and ole Mitch is apparently yammering on about how tax cuts won't happen this year... It all says that Republicans aren't on the side of the President or the People. They were just spewing what the people wanted to hear to get elected to keep running the IB's agenda. It's disgusting.

    The President needs to fire as much of the swamp as possible. Better to have NO ONE doing the job than someone set to undermine you. And maybe he can gain ground by backing opponents in the next House/Senate races who challenge Establishment Incumbents. The People are beginning to see the truth. They just don't know who the guilty people are within the party. But the President does, but if he backs contenders in these races who aren't part of the problem maybe he can gain some traction.

    1. Good comment, GIRL WONDER.

      Yeah, "The Swamp" is so big and powerful that it's a bigger job than any one person can handle in a 4-year presidential term. Frankly, I don't think draining it can be done, period. So, I relish every little victory we can get which buys us a bit more time.

      And let's face it, at least Trump WANTS to move in the right direction, and that's a helluva lot more than we could say about ANYONE ELSE who was running for the presidency. The rest of them were 100% Swamp-approved. I still say voting Trump was the biggest no-brainer correct political decision ever -- other than the two times Ron Paul ran.

      There's a long, long way to go, and we won't ever really reach the destination we would like to. But at least Trump has already taken some steps toward it. More steps than any other so-called "conservative" president ever has in our lifetime. And we've got over 3 years more of Trump to go (assuming the IBs don't have him removed feet-first before then).

      As for Bannon, I was bummed at first too. But the more I thought about it, the more I came to believe he was right. He can spotlight the enemies and fight harder and more effectively from outside rather than from inside.

      While Bannon was representing the Administration, he had to maintain a certain level of decorum and civility. But from the outside, he's free to say and write anything he wants and to fight more viciously, divorced from the necessity of having to put on a dignified, respectable D.C.-mandated facade. Like he said, he has the street fighter mentality, and I think he can do more for We The People by holding the proper feet to the fire as an outsider who can engage in a no-holds-barred approach.

      I believe that up until 2029 is about as much time as we can hope to have to prepare people for the return of Christ. Had Hellary or any of the other candidates been elected, it might well have been less time than that. So, all things considered, I have no buyer's remorse regarding my vote whatsoever.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...


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