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[From the STMcC archive: February 21, 2007.]

For years I received THE NEW AMERICAN magazine, but when my subscription ran out in late 2003, I opted not to renew it, thinking that I would simply keep abreast of politics via The New American Internet site. And while my Brother and I do fairly regularly visit their web pages, I’ve found that I miss the beautiful full-color layouts, the in-depth research, and the scholarly reporting that makes THE NEW AMERICAN magazine - in my unequivocal opinion - the preeminent current events periodical in the country.

THE NEW AMERICAN is an organ of the John Birch Society – an antiliberal, anti-NeoConservative, pro-Constitution conservative organization. This isn’t your dad’s conservatism (nor Limbaugh’s, nor Buckley’s, nor O’Reilly’s, nor Hannity’s); this is the genuine article – Thomas Jefferson’s, Benjamin Franklin’s, George Mason’s, and Stephen T. McCarthy’s conservatism: strict Constitutional Republicanism.

Following is just a very small sample of the variety of enlightening articles that appeared within THE NEW AMERICAN’s pages during the last few months of my 2003 subscription:

TRADING FREEDOM FOR SECURITY: When it comes to many of the “anti-terror” policies and laws being fastened upon us, the “cure” may be more deadly than the disease.

BAGHDAD BAIT-AND-SWITCH: Even as the Bush administration tries to justify the absence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, it is quietly revising its mission objectives in Iraq.

BETSY ROSS: A JUST SEW STORY: Did Betsy Ross sew the first Stars and Stripes? An unbiased look at all historical sources – written, oral, and pictorial – lends credence to the story.

KERRY POSTURES AS A WAR HERO: As a presidential hopeful, Senator John Kerry touts his military experience. But 30 years ago he led anti-war protests and marched alongside revolutionary Communists.

DOG DAY: Exercising their Second Amendment rights, two men manage to save the lives of a woman and two children viciously attacked by two Rottweilers and a Pit Bull.

MORALITY MELTDOWN: The culture war waged by America’s liberal elite has taken our society far down the road to perdition. But it is not too late to turn back.

FDR’s PATRIOT PURGE: In its efforts to suppress patriotic dissent, the pro-Soviet FDR administration used many of the tactics falsely attributed to Senator McCarthy.

HOPE IN HOLLYWOOD?: With the entertainment industry bent on subverting Christian values, a few celebrities are breaking ranks…by speaking out on faith, family, and morality.

DEFLATING THE DEFLATION MYTH: Fed chief Alan Greenspan is claiming that the specter of deflation is upon us. The truth, however, is that Fed-created inflation, not deflation, is threatening American prosperity.

IS CONGRESS AWOL?: While the Bush administration has aggressively strengthened the Executive Branch – even to the detriment of liberty – Congress has meekly surrendered its constitutional powers.

THE CONSERVATIVE INDEX: Our first look at the 108th Congress shows how every member of the House and Senate voted on key issues, including abortion, the debt limit increase, and tax reductions.

REINING IN THE COURT: The Constitution offers Congress powerful means to deal with an increasingly lawless judiciary.

BORDERING ON INSANITY: Republicans and Democrats alike support immigration policies giving thugs and terrorists easy U.S. access.

VICTIMS OF THE FURY: The tragic story of Wenatchee, Washington, is but one example of child protection services run amok.

WAR UNDER FALSE PRETENSE: President Bush was able to play up the uranium issue only by ignoring his own intelligence agencies.
If you would prefer a current events publication with ties to the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, then consider subscribing to Time, Newsweek, The New Republic, U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, or just about any other ink-covered paper with a masthead that you can think of. And if the name “COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS” holds no meaning for you, then you need THE NEW AMERICAN far more than you could possibly know! It exhibits no allegiance to a political party, but champions the ideals of American independence, individual liberty, Constitutional principles, fiscal responsibility, and Biblical morality. In other words, everything now foreign to the United States of America.

THE NEW AMERICAN magazine is what NATIONAL REVIEW magazine would be if it was published by a constitutionalist rather than a globalist. Subscribe today, if not to educate yourself, then to drive your socialistic co-workers into an apoplectic fit.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
'Loyal American Underground'

The New American magazine's website
[Take a look, patriots!]

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  1. I think I definitely need to give this website to my daughter and her guy! Are you this conservative? I know Sterling, JB's, my daughter, guy, is. How come you're not in Washington DC this weekend?

  2. It gets Catman crunch (I mean captain crunch) from me. Thanks for turning me onto this mag three years ago.

    Brer Marc

  3. I looked at the website and read a couple of interesting articles. Looks like a good magazine to subscribe to, but currently it's not in my budget and I don't seem to read any of the magazines I have subscribed to in the past for much less money. I don't suppose New American offers any of those super cheap subscription rates that the other magazines have offered thru Publisher's Clearing House and the like?

    Anyway, I mark the website.

    Tossing It Out

  4. JUDY-Three ~
    >>Are you this conservative?

    To the degree that the U.S. Constitution is conservative, I am conservative. Although I spent most of my life as a "Republican", for a number of years now I have been registered as an "Independent".

    I am a genuine "American Patriot", which means that I am a "Constitutionalist", which means that I am a "Conservative".

    Why am I not in Washington D.C. this weekend? When, since the 1800s has an American patriot been in Washington D.C.?

    BR'ER MARC ~
    Let's split the difference and call it "Catwoman Crunch". That's more than good enough for me!

    r-LEE-b ~
    No, I doubt you can find a discounted rate for 'THE NEW AMERICAN' Magazine through the Publisher's Clearing House. There's a reason that certain magazines are made more readily (and cheaply) available to the general American public. I call it "Insider Conditioning". If someone wants to see our country as it really is, they will need to venture beyond the Elite-controlled and reduced-rate media.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. Stephen-

    Well said!

    To anyone who is concerned about the subscription price, I'd point out that this is a bi-weekly publication so you get a lot of information for the price.


  6. I haven't had the new american for a year. I miss it. Stephen is right. Your not going to get cheap patriotic magazines. Corporate (read fascist) America controls those magazines and can offer them at those rates for a reason. Patriotic mags haven't sold out so they won't get bail outs, pay outs from non profits (which are really just communist money laundering schemes), and the such. They have a real bottom line to pay, and truth be told the ones I've checked into are not getting rich off of it. I've looked but the only mag I know of that is worth having an free is the Philadelphia Trumpet. It is however religious in nature with very correctly and accurately told political trends.

    Thanks, Bro.

    And let me point out to anyone who might stumble upon this blog bit that even if you can't currently afford to subscribe to THE NEW AMERICAN magazine, nevertheless, check out their website (see link at the bottom of this blog bit), as they do post the majority of their major articles on the web, so you can still get much of the information Free O'Charge.

    Am I right to assume that you be Br'er Marc? Or iz u Kalamata Br-O?

    Well, whoever u r, thanks for submitting the good comment. Yeah, I have found over the last couple of years that I do not agree with much of The Philadelphia Trumpet's take on End-Time prophecy, but their political reporting is very insightful and timely. Just can't beat it for the price!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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