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I suspect that even some of my friends wish I’d just drop this Barack “USAP” Obama birth certificate issue. Sorry, friends, but it’s not going away. I even showed it to my doctor but he says he can’t help me. Nothing seems able to clear it up. I’ve tried salves, ointments, creams, and even suppositories, but nothing will alleviate this issue.

I’m probably being viewed now as a bloggin’ boondoggler and being called things even worse, like a f--

...well, never mind.

But apparently I am far from being the only person suffering from this ailment, this condition, this skepticism turned open wound.

According to a recently posted article at World Net Daily (WND) . . .

… a WND Wenzel Poll, produced just days ago revealed that fully half of Americans want Congress to investigate Obama's eligibility – including 28 percent of the self-identified Democrats.

"There's no marginalizing those who want this matter investigated by Congress," said pollster Fritz Wenzel.

"If Barack Obama thought that by releasing an electronic version of what the White House said was his long form birth certificate, the question of his eligibility to serve as president would be settled once and for all, he was badly mistaken. My latest polling shows that only a bare majority of 51 percent believe the release of his birth certificate proves he is eligible to serve, and now, half of adults nationwide want a congressional inquiry into his eligibility to serve," he continued.

"This reflects a deep distrust of the White House on this question. More telling is that 57 percent in this national telephone survey were either greatly or somewhat troubled by assertions that the electronic birth certificate appears to have been either forged or tampered with…”

Prez 'Painted Himself Into Corner With An Issue He Can Never Escape'

Now, this next bit of evidence is old news to those who have been following this developing story that is bigger than Watergate and weirder than a traveling carny – I myself have made reference to it on this blog numerous times but I don’t believe I previously posted photographs that illustrate it. Again, this comes from a WND article:

As seen below, the [Alvin T. Onaka] registrar's stamp applied to Obama's April 27 birth certificate has an error in the word "THE" that reads instead "TXE." The error did not show up on the stamp used one month earlier on someone else's birth certificate [and neither did the smiley face in the "A" of "Alvin"!]

To see larger photos of these two stamps click HERE and scroll down to them, then please return.

Only one of two explanations can make sense of that. Either, 1) the forger of this document was sticking his/her tongue out at us, certain that they could do ANYTHING on this fake birth certificate that they wanted to and get away with it, or 2) the forger of this document was deliberately attempting to make it look as bogus as possible in order to “out” the Marxist in Chief.

Considering the almost countless errors and questionable details related to this patently phony birth certificate, I am currently leaning more toward the idea that the forger was semi-secretly attempting to tell the American People that Obama is a fraud and his birth certificate is a fake. I have yet to find any other person well-versed in the glaring problems of this birth certificate forgery who is making the same claim I am, who is more inclined to think that the forger is a “whistleblower” than that the creator of this document was just an almost unbelievably stupid, very bad document-forging “Commiecrat” (to borrow an epithet from Senator Joe).

Maybe I’m giving them too much credit for smarts, but I can’t help believing that even a Leftist is bright enough to produce a more believable phony document than the one that our Undocumented Socialist Acting as President has presented to the American people as “proof positive” that he was hatched in Hawaii.

Nope, no question about it. USAP Obama, my skepticism has erupted, it’s leaking pus all over the place, and no pill's gonna cure my ill; I got a bad case of 'Not Believing You'.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. "Remember when we were young
    And Socialism was fun
    Shine on you crazy birther..."

  2. Of course it's up to the rugged Pennsylvanians to lead the way.

    It's probably my brothers who put up the billboard. Good pioneer stock that we are.

    On a serious note, I wonder why Harrisburg. It is the state capital, but not a huge city.

    I wonder why not closer to the DC area.

    "So, so you think you can tell
    An "X" from an "H"
    "A's" with a smiley face?
    Can you tell an IBM Selectric
    From a Brother Daisy Wheel?
    Do you think USAP can hear
    Is the certificate real?"


    Looks like I'm not the only ‘Weird Al’ at this blog.

    I like how you played along with the “Adapt-A-Rock-Song” theme. I’m guessing you were listening to ‘Wish You Were Here’ earlier in the day.

    Yeah, I too wondered about the placement of that first billboard. Why there? But perhaps they can’t be overly choosy. The article did mention that five of the largest billboard companies in the U.S. will not allow WND to purchase space from them. Gotta love the way the corporations and the mainstream media have circled the wagons around the Impostor In Chief and are attempting to prevent the average American from learning about all the things that are wrong with that long-form birth certificate.

    The whole thing really pisses me off though! As it states in another WND article:

    “…Lakin, the Army doctor who refused orders because neither the military nor the White House would document Obama's eligibility. He spent five months in Fort Leavenworth and only recently was released.”

    Do you remember that looooong conversation you and I had in the East hallway about a year ago regarding Doctor Lakin? We didn’t see eye-to-eye on the subject then. But Lakin has been proven correct: Obama had no more legal authority to send him to Iraq than I did!

    A good man was imprisoned in Leavenworth for five months because neither the Congress, the Courts, nor the mainstream media is willing to pursue this blatant disregard of “the Supreme Law of the land”.

    If Obama were a Republican, he would ALREADY BE UNEMPLOYED! Because the Leftist bastards don’t fool around – they are willing to FIGHT for their cause. Unlike the lily-livered, unmanly, Repugnantcans.

    I hate to admit it, but the Commiecrats actually DESERVE to win the Culture War; they’re the only side that really knows how to unify and fight their opposition.

    What’s incredible is that this birth certificate issue is the BIGGEST COMMONLY ACKNOWLEDGED POLITICAL STORY in my nearly 52 years of life and only a few courageous, small-time sites and bloggers want to touch it. It’s a thousand times bigger than Clinton’s ‘Monica Lewdinsky Scandal’ and five hundred times bigger than Nixon’s Watergate, but you’d never know that to read the NY Times, the LA Times, or Time magazine!

    When the Kenyan liar is finally out of office - when it’s safe to talk about - this whole story is going to break wide open and a lot of people are going to have egg on their faces.

    The so-called “Birthers” are destined to be vindicated – mark my words about that! - and never again will anyone be able to suggest that the mainstream media is not exceedingly biased toward the Liberal freaks.

    And, unfortunately for a lot of so-called “Conservatives”, their credibility is going to be called in to question and tainted as well because of their reluctance to hammer on this birth certificate issue and drive it home to the minds of the people.

    How will Rush Limboob, Glen Or Glenda Beck, Ann Coulter, and all the other supposed guardians of the Constitution explain their silence when this birth certificate is so obviously a forgery and when it is later PROVEN to be exactly that?

    Yes, sir, lots of credibility will ultimately be lost over this issue, and not just on the Left either.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  4. I didn't put too much into the whole birth certificate argument until they released the "real" one. Now I'm convinced that it's a phony and this whole where-was-he-born question has a lot of legitimacy. I wouldn't be surprised if we discover that he was manufactured in a laboratory and not actually born of a woman at all. The history of Obama may one day be written by the likes of Stephen King.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Sadly, the Lewinsky thing was attractive to the press because of the sex. Creative cigar use trumps suspicous ink stamps every time.

    Do you really think the story will get press after his tenure?

    I'm not so sure, mainly because the attention span of this country is so limited.

    It is far more important to the average American to know whether Jordan Swift (or whatever the heck the Idol chick from AZ's name is) looked better in the same dress that some other nameless piece fo eye candy wore at some ridiculous awards show.

    Real story on Yahoo's main page.

    Big news.

    Important to know.

    There's too much thinking in the BC story for anyone who looks at the "Dress Scandal" and thinks that is worth knowing.

    And I'll leave you with another lyric:

    "Oh beautiful, for empty heads
    TV-radiated brains,
    People magazines and my MTV
    We're going green for acid rain
    America, America
    Your freedoms we've betrayed
    On your throne we've sat
    A wetback Kenyan rat
    Franklin's rolling in his grave"

    My records show that the first time I posted a piece on THIS blog regarding Obama's missing birth certificate was a few days after Christmas in 2008:

    However, I know for certain that I had left comments at other Internet sites prior to that date - in fact, prior to his being elected "Undocumented Socialist Acting as President" of the United States.

    Yes, I've encountered other comments posted by others at other sites stating that, like you, they did not pay any attention to the Birth Certificate issue until AFTER he unveiled his supposed "long-form" certificate, and THAT is when they first began to notice that something was dreadfully wrong with this situation.

    It seems that whereas his releasing of the copy of his long-form BC was intended to put this question to rest once and for all, it actually only caused MORE Americans to begin seriously considering the fraudulent nature of the whole thing.

    I don't think the Marxist In Chief did himself any favors by releasing the long-form certificate, but then he WAS under a crapload of pressure to do so at that time.

    I know there are plenty of Americans who disagree with me (DiscConnected being just one of them) but I think there is a strong possibility that Obama will lose the 2012 election, and this birth certificate question will play a larger than currently realized part in his downfall.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    >> . . . Sadly, the Lewinsky thing was attractive to the press because of the sex. Creative cigar use trumps suspicous ink stamps every time.

    True. But what was the least bit “sexy” about Watergate?

    No, my friend, this is simply a matter of the Commiecrats protecting one of their own.

    >> . . . Do you really think the story will get press after his tenure?

    You can bank on it! In fact, I’m willing to make a 10-Blizzard wager on it. Once the Marxist phuck is out of power and is no longer in a position to aid the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Marxist program, he will be thrown under the bus and the mainstream media will spotlight him in an attempt to regain its credibility. It’s happened time and time again, as anyone’s detailed study of Communism in America will illustrate.

    According to the media, the Liberal is NOT what the real conservatives are claiming the Liberal to be until AFTER the damage is done. And then after the fact, after the damage has been done and the Marxist fraud is no longer in a position of authority, that’s when Time magazine comes out and says: Oh, yeah, it turns out that Alger Hiss really WAS a communist. “It’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend”, and this sordid story will turn out no differently from those in the past. Bank on it!

    For some odd reason, the mainstream media never seems to recognize the truth until every possible amount of damage to the American Republic has been wrung out of the situation, and then - and ONLY then - does the mainstream media suddenly discover that what the Chambers’ and the McCarthys and the Budenzs and the Dodds and the Bentleys were saying all along was in fact a fact. Funny how that works.

    And I have no reason to believe that 'The Obama Operation' will deviate in any way from the previously well-established pattern.

    >> . . . Your freedoms we've betrayed
    On your throne we've sat
    A wetback Kenyan rat
    Franklin's rolling in his grave"

    Hmmm... You’ve got me stumped with that lyric. Not sure which song you’re “Yankovicing”, but I like what you’ve done with it. What is it really?

    I gotta say though, Franklin is CELEBRATING rather than rolling over in his grave. (Unless, of course, you were referring to Benjamin rather than Roosevelt.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  8. Dogg-

    I still think Kenya-Boy is a shoe-in, but if he were a One-Term-Wonder, I'd hold out hope that the BC issue would maybe get some play after the fact.

    Not that I discount WND or TNA, but when I ask do you think there will be coverage, I mean the mainstream media.

    If Alex Jones does a video in five years, I'm not sure it reaches a much bigger audience than those who purchased the Tiny Tim box set.

    And everyone who buys the video is probably on board today.

    Somehow, the word needs to get to those who still think they're free from European tyranny.


    It was Benjamin I was referring to, by the way...and I was “Yankovicing” "America The Beautiful"

    >>...when I ask do you think there will be coverage, I mean the mainstream media.

    Yes, I took you to mean that, and that's what I was referring to when I responded. Yes, there WILL be mainstream media coverage eventually. But probably not until after USAP is out of office, whether that be in 2013 or four years after that.

    And yes, I also was certain that it was Benjamin you meant, and not Roosevelt. I just saw it as an opportunity to play with the wording.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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