Monday, August 22, 2011


Who is Harrison J. Bounel?

Dogged if I know.

But he might be a Marxist.

And he might be a Muslim.

And he might be living in The White House.



Analyst Confirms 'Harrison J. Bounel' Identity Getting Scrubbed From Databases


~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. This was news to me.

    Why do you say "Marxist" and "Muslim" as if they were bad things?

    Fargin' biggited bastige!

    It is kind of funny how when you peel the layers of the Obama onion away, it keeps on smelling worse.


  2. I think: It can't possibly get any worse ...and then it does.

    Truthfully, it would be a better country if everyone who voted for this phony phuck were sentenced to life in a federal penitentiary.

    Heck, I'd even be willing to pay more in taxes to house them there.

    If Obama represented any party other than the Democrats, he would have already been impeached and imprisoned.

    Incredible how much this one presidency has completely exposed the mainstream media for its bias and protection of the Illuminati... and that includes the pseudo-conservative media outlets like Fox News and Talk Radio stations, who are as silent about these things as is the New York Times and the Washington Post, etc.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Holy crap! I finally got around to this, and I'd not heard anything about it yet.

    This is without a doubt the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the electorate in America. It boggles the mind that NOBODY of any power is saying a damned thing about this! You are right in blasting ALL the news services for not doing their jobs as newsmen (not women) and actually doing a bit of journalism.

    The magnitude of this fraud is the biggest in the history of the world. Does he go to sleep each night wondering if he'll be found out? Or is he so arrogant that he knows he'll never be touched because his enemies are weak?

    A major Ferret-Faced Fascist welcome to you!

    It almost boggles the mind to think what this fraud is capable of getting away with right in front of the entire nation. I've never seen anything like it in my life. (I know you will reject this explanation, but I can't help wondering if USAP is literally protected by the prince of "this world", because it's difficult to fully explain otherwise.)

    No one - not even Bill Clinton - was able to elude the radar like Obama. It's true that Clinton sold war-making materiel and technology to the communist Chinese in exchange for campaign funds; he got away with sexual abuse, quite possibly including rape; he assisted drug-runners in bringing in cocaine through the airport in Mena, Arkansas - all of that is factual!

    But, in order for a person to become aware of these things, he/she would need to do a little digging, a little investigating.

    But with USAP Obama, everything is just right there in your face, and all one needs to do is take a look and think about it.

    Logic ALONE should have told every American with even average intelligence that USAP's long-form birth certificate was a forgery. (Why'd he wait so long to produce it? Where'd it come from so suddenly, when others - such as the governor of Hawaii, etc. - couldn't locate it?)

    Then, just a cursory examination of the certificate would confirm the suspicion - with its misspelled word in a rubber stamp message, the smiley face, multiple type or fonts, chronologically incorrect file number, and multiple layers. I mean, take the scissors and all other sharp objects away from anyone who can't immediately see that the long-form birth certificate is a forgery!

    Then there's the obvious problem with Obama using a Connecticut-based Social Security Number. How'd he get that when he never lived in Connecticut?

    And now this bit about his Harrison J. Bounel alias, which has apparently been known since May, although it was news to me as well.

    The guy can do ANYTHING AT ALL and no one in the mainstream press will even say "Boo" about it. Incredible! I've never seen anything like this in the political realm.

    They called Reagan "the Teflon president" because charges never seemed to stick to him. But in the case of Obama, THERE AREN'T EVEN ANY CHARGES! Just incredible!!

    And I'm not so sure it's "because his enemies are weak". I'm more inclined to believe that in the mainstream press, he has no enemies. And the same goes for the Republican party and Talk Radio.

    Heck, the founder of Fox News is Rupert Murdoch - a CFR member. It's no wonder that phony bastion of Conservatism won't touch Obama. And "conservative" Talk Radio is comprised of nothing but NeoCons like Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, and Michael Medved.

    The so-called "opposition" isn't really opposing the Marxist-In-Chief at all. And you know my position on all of this: it's a pretend war to keep the people divided and voting the Establishment candidates who promise the right things but do none of them.


    Thanks for the comment, McBrother.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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