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Eve ate the apple and then urged Adam to do likewise, right?

Not exactly. The Bible doesn’t say anything about the forbidden fruit being an apple; that’s simply mankind’s tradition.

Every animal on Earth, two by two, male and female, Noah loaded on to the ark: aardvarks, bears, cats, dogs, elk, ferrets, all the way to and including xeruses, yaks, and zebras, right?

Not exactly. The Bible has more (and less?) to say about that.

When I was young and dumber, the story of Noah’s Ark was one of the reasons I dismissed out-of-hand The Holy Bible. I mean, seriously, how could Noah’s Ark be anything but a fable? And therefore, how could The Holy Bible possibly be the inspired Word of God?

Well, I learned a lot over the years, and I came to God through Christ, and thus came to believe that The Bible was inspired by God long before I came to realize that there are a lot of varied reasons to believe that the “myth” of Noah’s Ark was no myth at all, but a fact.

In The Holy Bible – which is a collection of writings produced over several centuries from many Divinely-inspired prophets, kings, scribes, and apostles – God tells us that all things are to be established by two or more witnesses.

The first of the remarkable “Dead Sea Scrolls” discoveries was made in 1947.

In 1948, an earthquake caused the reappearance of Noah’s Ark in Turkey.

In that same year, Israel was reestablished and "officially" recognized as a sovereign nation.

Hmmm… in two years’ time, that was three unexpected witnesses emerging in support of ‘The Word Of God’.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The following 1993 video from G. Edward Griffin (author of the outstanding books ‘World Without Cancer: The Story Of Vitamin B-17’’ and ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve’) is of somewhat fuzzy audio-visual quality, but it is very much worth watching nonetheless.

Has Noah’s Ark been found? Watch, listen, and decide for yourself:

The Discovery of Noah's Ark

- - - - - - - - 
On April 4, 2009, at Biola University, Christopher Hitchens, the famous atheist descended from a monkey’s uncle, who is responsible for such books as ‘God Is Not Great’ and ‘The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings For The Non-Believer’, debated Doctor William Lane Craig.

“But I think it’s indisputable that there has never been a time in history when the hard evidence of science was more confirmatory of belief in God than today.”
Doctor William Lane Craig
‘The Case For A Creator’; page 123

Having previously read Doctor Craig’s chapter in Lee Strobel’s 2004 book ‘The Case For A Creator’, I was already convinced prior to watching this video that the famous atheist was gonna get his arse handed to him. I was not disappointed.

I’ll give Hitchens credit for one thing though: at least he found the courage to go toe-to-toe with Doctor Craig in a public debate. That’s a lot more than I can say for the equally famous atheist Richard Dawkins who has been dodging a debate with Doctor Stephen C. Meyer for years. That’s a debate Dawkins would lose even worse than Hitchens lost to Craig.

Anyway, this video is worth watching just to see how the pseudo-atheistic world’s fat-assed hero, Christopher Hitchens, starts sweating, stuttering, and fidgeting (watch his hands!) while undergoing cross-examination by Doctor Craig, beginning at about the one hour & nineteen minute mark.

Sorry, Hitch, but “nothing” can’t trump “God”.

Are you r-r-r-r-ready to r-r-r-r-rumble?! . . .

Christopher Hitchens vs William Lane Craig - Does God Exist Debate

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. You'll get no argument from me but then an atheist arse, I'm not.

    Did have a conversation once with a few scientists who worked on the projects at Los Alamos N.M. - the big atomic projects - these guys said that everything they did and the results, only reinforced the existence of God. Another friend who was on the Nuclear Energy Commission and worked at the corresponding facility in Idaho, said much the same. "Real Science' concurs with God and His Son. At least in private.

    I've responded twice. Once via email and here. Now, I believe you owe me something. Or are you gonna plead you email is broken.

  2. Stephen,
    I am glad for one that you brought up the fruit of the tree from the book of Genesis. The old apple dogma gets old. Your right it doesn't say apple. As a matter of fact we really don't know what it is. All we know is that it brought knowledge of both good and evil, and our father stated, "Don't go there." To summarize it. Most people also don't tie it together that he (jesus our lord and savior) was tempted in all things but was yet without sin. No one but Eve and our Lord was ever directly tempted by the devil. I firmly believe Jesus had to be tempted by the devil in like manner (meaning directly) in order to be the perfect sacrifice for all (including Eve). I'll never truly know the answer to that one until I get there though. Eve gave to Adam to eat. So Adam wasn't directly tempted by the devil.

    Funny thing I heard about Pilate's place being unearthed some years back as well. That used to be a popular one for athiests who wanted to prove the bible as a fable. That one must of really ticked them off when they lost that feather in their cap.

    Oddly, athiests used to bug me. It wasn't until I realized that they were either directly lying or reproducing another atheists lies. Artifacts that are forged, unproven theories, rigged scientific data, and eliminating superior science from journals if needed. There has been proof to this in plenty of books such as, "The Evolution Handbook."

    However, I've decided that arguing with such people is pointless. 99.9% of them already have their minds made up. The 0.01% that don't only have to look for alternative points of view. Or just at who funds the lies and why.

    The only reason I get mad anymore is because I know how lies of submission and omission can influence and distract those who are new in their faith. But there are plenty of books, historical data, and science it self to disprove the lies. I have come to a point where I just refuse to debate the validity of the truth. It's as stupid as pointing to a glass of water and having the guy next to you try and tell you it's a brick.

    Did either of you watch the Noah's Ark video? It's really interesting.

    MARC ~
    There's a lot of wisdom in your comment. I don't necessarily agree that only Eve and Jesus were ever tempted by the devil, but I do agree that Jesus HAD TO BE, for the same reason you gave.

    And, yes, I understand your reasoning for declining to debate with the atheists. I myself never seek them out, but I'm here, ready, willing, and able, if any of them wants to submit their thimbleful of Evolutionary evidence and see how it compares to "real" objective science. (And make no mistake, stripped of all the theories, assumptions, cooked-book lying statistics, and outright lies, a thimbleful is all they'd have to support their position... if even that much.)

    Yes, most have made up their minds and are no longer willing to view contradictory evidence. And as I've said plenty of times before, there are very few genuine atheists; the vast majority of them are really "pseudo-atheists" in open rebellion against God. Most of them no more believe that there is no God than did Karl Marx. Good ol' Uncle Karl knew better, but he was angry at his Creator and merely lashing out childishly and foolishly.

    Anyone who really wants to know the Truth, who will examine all the evidence, pro and con, objectively, with an open mind, will not long remain a skeptic, because the preponderance of the evidence overwhelmingly supports the idea that there is a Creator - and a rather amazing One at that!

    Incidentally, what is the name of the author(s) of that book you mentioned, "The Evolution Handbook". I know I've asked that before but I always forget to write it down.

    Br'er, be watching, because soon I hope to be posting something here that might interest you. The next F-FFF blog bit will be something that pertains to 9/11 and is based upon a conversation I was recently having with my friend SigToo.

    After that, I intend to post something here that relates to Bullinger and something I read in one of his books. (I would have gotten it posted yesterday, but Brother Nappy seems to think he has a right to use his computer sometimes.) Yak Then, Bro.

    Apparently you misunderstood my last comment here and it led to some unfortunate feelings on your part. So I deleted the prior comment altogether and will Email you privately instead. Wait for it...

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Stephen:

    Thank you.

    I did watch the Noah's Ark video and found it extremely interesting. I find it remarkable that there isn't a bigger deal made about something like this. The corresponding facts are too much to be coincidence. (and you know how I feel about coincidence)

    I found it fascinating how some of the 'long held facts' about measurements, distances, and locations, were proved to meet the Biblical descriptions and yet not be what everyone had thought.

    Haven't had the time to watch the other one yet. Maybe tonight.

  5. NWB ~
    >>...I find it remarkable that there isn't a bigger deal made about something like this. The corresponding facts are too much to be coincidence.

    I agree, there are probably far, far too many "coincidences" for this to be anything other than Noah's Ark.

    However, unlike you, I am NOT surprised that there hasn't been a bigger deal made of this. We both know perfectly well who The Bible identifies as "the leader of this world" [John 12:31, et al.], and that "leader" has his minions, many of them in entertainment and information publishing and broadcasting.

    The story of Noah's Ark seems so preposterous that it is undoubtedly one of the principal reasons more people don't explore The Bible and take it seriously.

    I think it would not serve the agenda of this world's "leader" if the discovery of Noah's Ark was better publicized.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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