Wednesday, November 7, 2012



First, let’s look at the silver lining of yesterday’s presidential election:
#1. Those who threatened to riot if Barack “Marxslim” Obama wasn’t re-elected as president had their prepared excuse to act violently stolen from them. (Ahh, but don’t they HATE IT when that happens!)
#2. The life of Big Bird was spared.
#3. The American people voted for and will get the government they deserve.
OK, that’s all I got. So much for the silver lining. Moving “Forward” now, I s’pose I got some splainin’ to do. (California wine and Tennessee whiskey, don’t fail me now!)
Frankly and Surely (and everyone else), unless the presidency was stolen from Mitt Romney by fraud and corruption on such a massive scale that I can’t even wrap my mind about it, I’m at a loss to explain what happened yesterday! I mean that sincerely. I am dumbfounded, flabbergasted, and shocked to my toes!
And while Democrat voter fraud was easy to predict and clearly evident [see Steve’s comment below], I believed prior to the election (and I think I still believe) that no amount of typical Democrat corruption could steal this election from Mitt Romney.



Exclusive: William Murray warns one city's fraud today could re-elect Barack Obama

Let's see.
Ballots not mailed to military.
Black Panthers at polling places.
Voting machines changing Romney vote to Obama.
GOP poll watcher forcibly removed from polling places.
No Photo ID required.
Obama murals in polling places.
Election Judges with Obama hats signing in voters.
25,000+ Dead on voter roles in San Francisco.
Announcing to Democrats only that absentee voters can have ballots printed at polls.
Nothing here, must be GOP paranoia

Before the election, one friend told me, “Personally, I think the wizards [i.e., the Illuminati] want to keep him [Obama] around, while keeping America on the verge.” And another said, “I still think Obama's going to be reupped. I know the brain dead of America will not let me down!”
No one needs to tell me about the Illuminati’s wishes and the general stupidity of the uneducated American masses. I don’t personally know anyone who’s investigated the Illuminati to the degree I have. And I was yakking about dumbed-down Americans back when they were merely semi-stupid.
And I was not hoping Romney would win because I saw him as some kind of savior to the U.S.A. A rich joker and a big player in an occultist cult the savior of America? Hardly. But I wanted Romney to win because I wanted Obama to lose! I felt Obama’s presence in the White House was almost a personal insult to me.
I knew Romney was not the answer to our nation’s problems. My thinking pertaining to the Illuminati angle?: “Romney or Oliar: Damned or Double-Damned.” And my thinking pertaining to the brain-dead of America?: “It's just that I believe most people can still recognize CRAP when they smell it.”
The preference of the Illuminati and the stupidity of Americans - those were two very good reasons to think that Obama would be re-elected. But I believed that viewpoint was too simplistic this time. Sometimes even the Illuminati must apply the brakes lightly (remember Ronald Reagan?)
I followed the details of this election to a greater extent than I had followed any other presidential election in my lifetime (I’m 53). And I could cite at least a dozen details and reasons to believe that Romney would win, and probably win BIG! I won’t bother splaining all my reasons, but will simply note that they pertained to general dissatisfaction, the awful economy, broken presidential promises, polling data, number of registered voters in each party, early voting ballots submitted, focus-group reactions and input, etc., etc. There were at least 12 excellent reasons to believe that “Marxslim” Obama was in for a major ass-whuppin’.
In the end, it seems that three factors were the cause of America slitting its throat yesterday: The preference of the Illuminati [who control the mainstream media]; the stupidity of most Americans; and Obama’s “presidential” photo-op in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. Un-friggin’-believable!
Referring to Hurricane Sandy, here’s Chris Matthews, one of those “good-hearted, non-mean-spirited Liberals” you brain-dead, drug-addled socialists love so much. Swallow this spoonful of reality, you Socialist Shit-Fer-Brains:

FOXNEWS FOX NEW: Chris Matthews is so GLAD 
we had Hurricane Sandy & Obama Won!
At the risk of sounding like the ever-boastful Rush Limboob, I am not accustomed to applying my powers of logic to objective analysis, examining the details, and turning out to be wrong, let alone THIS wrong. And I admit it, I was terribly wrong about the 2012 presidential election!
After months of much thought, weighing all the evidence and reasoning things out objectively, I figured that at best, we’d have a “Romney Romp” and “our sprint toward the totalitarian ‘New World Order’ will be slowed down to a mere march, for appearances sake”. And I was convinced that the worst case scenario was a narrow Romney victory with the same result. That said, ALL the evidence pointed to a “Romney Romp”, and so I publicly predicted it. I dislike being wrong; I HATE being THIS wrong!
I realize, of course, that none of my friends flew to Las Vegas with my opinion, only to bet and lose money on it. Nevertheless, I apologize to my six blog readers. This is the first time in my public life that I have completely lost credibility. It’s a big serving of crow to swallow (and I thank Tennessee for the Jack Daniel’s to wash it down with). A couple of kind friends have sent Emails to console me. (You two know who you iz.) I genuinely appreciate them and will reply when the binge comes to an end.
I’m sorry I disappointed some of y’all and let ya down. It was a pretty good run of bein’ “right”, but maybe God decided it was time to bless me with mo’ “humbility”. Yeah, that must be it! It’s all about ME! Praise The Lord And Pass The Crow.
No less than a year ago, I was certain that ANY Republican candidate (barring Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Newt Gingrich) could/would beat Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. I had very good reasons to believe that. Or so I thought I did. I now realize that NO Republican could have beaten Obama.
Did you know that in this election there were MORE registered Republican voters than registered Democrat voters? And leading right up to election day, the registered Independents were polling in double-digits in favor of Romney? WTF happened here? [Massive voter fraud indeed?] It scarcely seemed statistically and logically possible! After 4 years of Obama’s deceit ‘n’ destruction, Romney received fewer votes than John McCain did when McLame ran against Obama in 2008! If the Repugnantcans couldn’t beat the Dumb-O-Crats by running a flip-floppin’ liberal as their candidate, can you even imagine how badly a Constitutionalist like Ron Paul would have gotten creamed?!
During the Republican primaries, Lush Limbaugh lamented that Ron Paul was likely to ruin Limboob’s precious Republican Party. Well, how do you like your political party today, El Rushbo? It is a smoking, stinking, splintered pile o’ shit on the scrapheap of history! It’s a mass of reeking Republican rubbish!
Ultimately, the Republican Party itself is just as responsible for the Barack Obama presidency as is anyone who ever voted for him. Had the Republican Party challenged him about his patently phony Birth Certificate, his stolen Connecticut Social Security Number, and his obviously forged Selective Service Registration form, the Marxist Muslim never would have attained the presidency, let alone held it for EIGHT YEARS!
The 2012 Presidential Election was . . .  I don’t know. I still don’t get it. I s’pose the majority of Americans have been so brainwashed, dumbed-down and deceived by the devil that they now actually EMBRACE and CELEBRATE the devil’s deception. Honestly, friends, I can’t really mentally grasp this one - “it’s too many for me”.
My peeps, I ‘pologize for my political boo-boo poo-poo!
My brother Napoleon called me this morning and he said, “Well, don’t forget, God already KNEW this was going to happen.”
I answered, “Yeah, He knew. But, boy, it sure caught me by surprise!”
Nappy replied, “Me too!”
Perhaps it was no coincidence that my scheduled Bible reading passages for today included chapters 7, 8, and 9 of Ezekiel.
United States of America, I now pronounce you . . . dead.
I already know your damned destiny because . . . 
It Is Written.
Cheezburger LOLs by ProvDog
Jeremiah Wright God Damn America Remix Obama
~ Stephen T. McCarthy 
YE OLDE COMMENT POLICY: All comments, pro and con, are welcome. However, ad hominem attacks and disrespectful epithets will not be tolerated (read: "posted"). After all, this isn’t, so I don’t have to put up with that kind of bovine excrement.


  1. Colonel George "Moses" Taylor said it best...

    Republicans now searching for a gay Latino candidate for the 2016 election.

    Saw you at Father Mulcahy's service the other day...and you spoke. Season 10 Ep 13, I think.


  2. SIGDOS ~
    >>...Republicans now searching for a gay Latino candidate for the 2016 election.

    Yeah. And preferably female (lesbian).

    >>...Saw you at Father Mulcahy's service the other day...and you spoke. Season 10 Ep 13, I think.

    Ah, yes. Couldn't say which Season and Episode, but that's the one where the soldier goes AWOL because he's learned his wife cheated on him while he was in Korea?

    If so, yep, that was me. (You've gotten really good at finding me, Bro!)

    Are you just catching these episodes on TV, or renting the discs from NetFlix? Wha'?

    Funny you included a link to 'Planet O' Da Apes'. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but every time I worked on the external set in Malibu, they'd bus us into the canyon from the parking lot. And the van - (it was a van, not a bus, but one can't say, "they'd van us into...") - went right past an old, decrepit set from 'Planet Of The Apes' (POTA).

    Actually, I'm not sure if the set was from POTA or one of its sequels. I've only seen the original, and that was many, many years ago.

    Anyway, the set was built to resemble a mini Roman Coliseum. Does that wring a belly?

    SIG, Q: Did the results of the 2012 presidential election surprise you at all? Greatly? Mildly? Not at all?

    I'm trying to figure out if I was just a deluded maroon or what. Because, truthfully, I'm STILL SHOCKED by the outcome. I would have bet a large amount of money that Romney was going to win.

    Am I just an idjit? An 'American Fool'?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. No need to apologize to this reader, bro!

    I got a blizzard out of the deal!

    Yeah, America is defunct.

    I was surprised you were so sure of Romney-I was convinced it would be close and Kenya Boy would edge Mitt, but that meant of course, Mitt had a chance.

    It almost sounds like you thought it would not be close?

    Is Nappy still alive in his suicide pool?

  4. My first thought was "FEMALE, gay, Latino" but I couldn't bring myself to write it. It may not be too far from the truth.


    Soon after your blog post describing your M*A*S*H history came out, the local oldies television station started airing the old episodes. Searching in the background for a familiar face adds a new dimension to watching the show. Beats watching the local news.

    Regarding the election, it was no surprise although the popular vote was a near dead heat.

    Remember your post "Flip Floppin' Mormon Boy ..."? Whether it was intentional or not, Romney pissed off, or scared off, the Latinos, women, auto workers, retirees, etc. The swing states are full of them all, and votes were lost with each blunder. Throw in a little good disaster relief PR for Obummer at the last minute with the MSM comparisons to Katrina (when a Republican was in office) and there's your 270 electoral votes.

    Maybe you lost your objectivity. Years from now when people can absorb the truth about Obama, they will be saying "how could anyone have voted him into the highest office in the land...twice?"

    You're just ahead of the curve.


    I will be mailing to you soon a Dairy Queen gift certificate good for two 'Blizzards' at the DQ of your choice.

    >>...It almost sounds like you thought it would not be close?

    Uh . . . well . . . YY-EA-HH!

    As I said in this blog bit, you were taking one position and one position only: Americans are stupid.

    Another person was taking this position: The Illuminati wants Obama.

    I had a much more detailed, scholarly, all-inclusive way of evaluating the scenario.

    I was thinking: Americans are stupid + The Illuminati wants Obama + the voter enthusiasm level says THIS + the number of registered voters says THIS + the registered Independents are polling like THIS + Focus-Groups are saying THIS + Obama's broken promises mean THIS + the fucked-up economy means THIS + the overseas military vote means THIS + the polling results from 6 polling companies means THIS + the bumper stickers I see on the road mean THIS + the Obama campaign pulling out of such-and-such state means THIS + 'The Benghazi Scandal' means THIS + ...about 4 to 6 more factors I could include in the above list.

    In other words, I was taking a very OVERALL view of the election, and not just basing my opinion on one or another extremely basic, simplistic premise.

    In the end, however, it seems that only three things much mattered:

    1: The Illuminati preferred Obama.

    2: Most Americans are stupid.

    3: A lying president showing up for two or three hours at a natural disaster site and promising help from Uncle Sam (just as every other president HAS done and WILL do in the future) translates to mucho votes for 4-Mo'-Years from the Amerizombiecan faction of our citizenry.

    I feel bad that I got it SO wrong, but I also believe I invested more thought, more serious contemplation into my wrong assessment than did those who got it right by K.I.S.S. ("Keeping It Simple, Stupid").

    Regardless, in the final analysis, I owe you a second Blizzard. Hopefully I will remember this 'Lesson Learned' the next time I'm inclined to "over-analyze" a situation or circumstance.

    Dumb J. McDogg in Airheadzona

  6. I, too, was VERY surprised at the outcome of the election. I was quite sure Romney was gonna win, and that was before I read your blog bit about it.

    All the polls showed it neck and neck, but they oversampled Democraps 9 to 11%. I thought there is no way the Dems will be energized like they were in 2008, and the GOP would be VERY energized to rid the nation of the nincompoop sullying the White House.

    Beyond that, independents were polling for Romney, big time.

    But, from what I am hearing, 3 million less GOP voters turned out to vote for Romney than did for McCain! Now THAT is sad. McCain was an incredibly poor Republican candidate. He could have run as a Democrats and been believed.

    My theory is that the Romney camp dissed and pissed off a large part of the young conservative, many of whom are Ron Paul people. They stole their delegates, wouldn't let them be seated, and would not let RP get nominated at the convention. I think many just said "up yours" and stayed home. In addition, Romney may have lost the evangelical vote, since they don't like Mormons. What ever the reason, those 3 million votes that McCain got would have won him the election

    I would have bet the farm (or blizzard) on it myself.

  7. SIGDOS ~
    >>...Maybe you lost your objectivity.

    That's what I'm trying to determine. I want to learn from this mistake, if that's possible.

    But, honestly, for all the reasons I've previously mentioned here, I'm still inclined to think that I did NOT lose my objectivity. Perhaps you're just better at analyzing presidential election factors than I am.

    It's three days after the fact and I am STILL SHOCKED by the outcome.

    You know, every commonly held indicator reflecting on whether or not an incumbent president will be re-elected was flushed down the toilet in that election. Never in our history had a president with such lower approval ratings been re-elected. Never before had an incumbent polling below 50% up to the election been re-installed in the White House.

    Hell, even the Washington Redskins' last home game victory/loss predictor failed this time. Now that's a case of "hard science" failing!

    Maybe I was also wrong about something else pertaining to Barack Obama. Perhaps those "loons" are right who have been saying he's the Anti-Christ. I jest (I think).

    All I know for certain, Bro, is this: I'm never too happy about being proven wrong, but it's not normally a major blow to my ego. Like everyone else, I'm wrong at times, and I can accept that. But, damn, I sure don't like being THIS wrong about something THIS important!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    It seems you were following the details of this thing as closely as I was and we both assessed it (incorrectly) using the same data and the same (flawed) logic. I know that must burn you up as much as it does me.

    Yeah, I know about the 3 million registered Repugnantcans who didn't go to the polls. But I'm less inclined to believe they were Ron Paul supporters. I'd bet (and lose?) another Blizzard that the vast, vast majority (if not ALL) of the Ron Paul peeps are registered as Independents... as I am.

    I think the 3 million are more likely evangelicals who wouldn't vote "Mormon" (as you also speculated) and more hard-core conservatives who wanted a Ronald Reagan-type rather than a slightly stronger, flip-floppin' John McLame-type.

    The thing that really blows my mind though is that Marxslim's standard performance for a couple hours at the Hurricane Sandy disaster site significantly helped him get re-elected, as the exit-polling data indicates.

    Some Republicans were concerned that the "timely hurricane" would boost Obama over the hump. I considered that to be ridiculous thinking. How was a normal, expected, SOP appearance at a disaster site going to help him win votes? A promise of financial aid, which EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENT would have also made? That's going to trump 4 years of ineptitude, a dismal economy, and a brewing Benghazi scandal that was looking worse by the hour?!

    I mean, I know the majority of voters are uneducated and unintelligent, but I NEVER would have DREAMED that they were THAT moronic! And yet exit-polling data indicates that Obama's appearance at the Hurricane Sandy site convinced a significant number of people to vote for him in the last few days before the election.

    Now THAT is the saddest thing I can think of about this whole, ugly, retarded election disaster. Hard to believe, really hard to believe, even for me!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. >>...I'm less inclined to believe they were Ron Paul supporters. I'd bet (and lose?) another Blizzard that the vast, vast majority (if not ALL) of the Ron Paul peeps are registered as Independents

    I'll take that Blizzard bet. Good luck to either of us to figure out how to prove it, though.

    I got a different feeling about those disaffected Republicans the last couple of days. As you know, I HATE michael medved. He is by far the worst of all the radio talk show hosts, and that is saying something. He is a sanctimonious moderate, and he loathes and belittles libertarians and Ron Paul supporters. I don't listen to him any more, other than maybe 5 minutes a session until I get nauseous.

    When I drive, I turn on the radio. If political talk radio gets too repulsive, I switch to sports talk. Last TWO times I pushed the "on" button, Medved was on. Each time, he took a call from a very intelligent and polite RP supporter who suggested that the GOP alienated many young voters with their dismissal and unfair treatment of RP at state and the national conventions. Each time, Medved came back with the patient-but-tired-school-teacher schtick explaining away their concerns, insulting them, and Ron Paul. The second guy just got pissed and said "OK, never mind, Michael... you have all the answers. Good luck with it."

    That anecdotal experience has me thinking that there must be many more people like that than I had thought. I don't agree that most RP people are registered independents. Ron is a registered Republican (for now) and the RP people tried to work in the system to get him elected. I know here in WA that the RP contingent in the local caucuses was huge. I believe a lot of these people just said "f-you" after the convention rules were changed so that he could not even be nominated. Had he been treated as having "valid ideas that we welcome, but that people voted and we're going with Romney," it would have felt more fair and civilized and as though SOME day his principles may be followed. But Romney just shoved it up our asses.

    Given all this: I am also surprised that more people don't read your blog. I think that many of these disaffected GOP people would like it.

  10. I gamble in the stock and options markets; I'm used to being wrong.

    I don't think this election is that important in the big scheme of things, do you?

    Go ahead, jump back in the saddle...I need to know who will win the Super Bowl this year.


    >>...I'll take that Blizzard bet. Good luck to either of us to figure out how to prove it, though.

    Mmmm... well, let's take our own poll here (if my few readers will participate).

    Five of us voted for candidates outside of the two major parties: You, Sig, Disc, and I wrote-in Ron Paul. Br'er Marc voted for the Constitution Party candidate (as I also would have done had Ron Paul not thrown his hat in the ring).

    So, how're y'all registered?
    I'm an Independent.
    SBB 6, you're registered Republican, correct?

    Sig, Disc, Br'er - ya wanna say how y'all are registered?

    >>...As you know, I HATE michael medved.

    Yeah. And he's by far the NeoCon I dislike the most. Totally wid ya on dat. And I noticed how you declined to capitalize his name. I LOVE THAT, and I'm going to do the same from this day forward!

    >>...Each time, Medved came back with the patient-but-tired-school-teacher schtick explaining away their concerns, insulting them, and Ron Paul. The second guy just got pissed and said "OK, never mind, Michael... you have all the answers. Good luck with it."

    Man, I DIG IT! I would have cheered and honked my horn if I'd been listening to that!

    >>...I believe a lot of these people just said "f-you" after the convention rules were changed so that he could not even be nominated.

    I would like to think you're right (and maybe you are). It's just that I believe most Americans who understand and support Ron Paul's Constitutional beliefs also realize that the two-party system is a bait-and-switch scam, and most remove themselves from it by re-registering as Independents at some point.

    >>...Given all this: I am also surprised that more people don't read your blog. I think that many of these disaffected GOP people would like it.

    Thanks for that, Bro. Honestly, it puzzles me too. I've always been surprised and perplexed by what a failure this blog has been.

    I thought F-FFF would be a big hit with those who like Ann Coulter's style but know too much about the 'New World Order' to fall for the Punch 'N' Judy show of the two-party system. I thought wrong (again). I guess I'm wrong more than I ever realized.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    (Sounds like the name of a video game.)

    >>...I don't think this election is that important in the big scheme of things, do you?

    Actually, yeah, I do. I think it was huge. Obama's little message to Dmitry Medvedev, the green light for 4 more years of Communist infiltration, no chance of repealing ObamaCare, etc., etc.

    I'm not sure a single vestige of Constitutionalism can survive four more years of Obama. But not to worry, as I'm probably wrong.

    >>...I need to know who will win the Super Bowl this year.

    OK, but don't forget you axed for this, Brotherman:

    On December 21, 2012 (see the Mayan Calendar), an unimaginably massive earthquake will wipe every location with an NFL team off the United States map, except for three: Washington D.C., New England, and Airheadzona.

    With only 3 teams now vying for the Super Bowl XLVII championship, both leagues will be condensed into one, with the top 2 teams meeting on February 3, 2013.

    The top 2 teams will be the Redskins and the Patriots. But when the Patriots are caught cheating (videotaping the Redskins' practices one week prior to the Super Bowl), the Patriots will be removed from the competition and replaced by the Cardinals.

    The Washington Redskins will play the Airheadzona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLVII, and the surprise winner will be . . .

    . . . Barack Obama.

    Now, take it to Vegas, Sig. It's etched in stone... from God to me to you.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  13. Sweet! Thanks for the Super Bowl pick. I will check the Vegas odds on Barack Obama and bet big.

    I am registered Independent in an attempt to single-handedly break up the two party system. No luck so far.

    I quit my blog at the end of last year and then found myself back again in July. I post less but the option to post is still there. Maybe you will do the same and quit but eventually find the need to blow of steam and return. You should try an experiment for 2013 (unless the Mayans are correct) and start a new blog (easy enough to do with blogger/blogspot) with a different, slightly more user-friendly title, leave Joe McCarthy off the page for now (sorry, Joe), and keep your content the same.

    I think this would draw a bigger crowd where they would focus more on content than be driven away by scary words like 'fascist' or 'Joe McCarthy'. This could create a more improved 'roach motel' effect "They can check in, but the can't check out.' like the old commercial used to say.

    Maybe it doesn't matter to you who reads your blog. It is YOUR blog after all, but it would be nice if your mind-altering, and mind-opening posts got more circulation...for the betterment of all mankind, of course.


  14. SUPER SIG JR. ~

    >>...I will check the Vegas odds on Barack Obama and bet big.

    Uh... yeah. Good luck with that!

    >>...I am registered Independent

    Thanks for responding to my poll, Bro.

    >> an attempt to single-handedly break up the two party system.

    Ha! Uh... yeah. Good luck with that, TOO!

    >>...I quit my blog at the end of last year and then found myself back again in July.

    Oh, I wish you'd told me earlier. Before this day is out, I will definitely find time to add it to the blogs I 'Follow'. I am interested in what you have to say, even though I don't play the market and I'm sure most of what you write will be over my head.

    >>...You should try an experiment for 2013 (unless the Mayans are correct) and start a new blog ... with a different, slightly more user-friendly title ... I think this would draw a bigger crowd where they would focus more on content than be driven away by scary words like 'fascist' or 'Joe McCarthy'.

    Well, Brother, thanks for the suggestion. I WILL give it some thought. When I finally walk away, I'm fairly inclined to walk away for good though. But I'll ruminate on your idea with a bottle of rum.

    However... I haven't meditated in years, and I feel I really need to get back to my spiritual focus. You won't believe this, but once upon a time I was a really nice guy, with peace of mind, and not the political debate martial artist I've become.

    I think I hear that "Still, Small Voice" calling me Home.

    >> would be nice if your mind-altering, and mind-opening posts got more circulation...for the betterment of all mankind, of course.

    Ha!-Ha! Thanks, Super Sig!

    I vow that should I continue blogging indefinitely, I will always use my powers for good and never for evil!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. No need to apologize. I'm wrong on a daily basis. In fact, as I type this, I'm probably wrong about something. Just ask my wife.

    Also, for a lame joke, I noticed that you said you're a political debate martial artist, but you want to get back into spiritual focus. Well, it just so happens that I'm a spiritual martial artist. I'm a master in Jew Jitsu.

    Ba dum TISH.

  16. >>...I'm a spiritual martial artist. I'm a master in Jew Jitsu.

    Ha! Good move, BEER BOY!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  17. I still haven't read your current blog bit, but I followed the link here when I came across it.

    I imagine you are long past your angst over calling this one wrong. You were not alone. I was CERTAIN that Romney had the election.

    Let me also say that I was devastated (but not surprised) when Ron Paul fared so poorly in the primary and didn't get the nomination.

    Like you, this election was more about Obama losing than Romney winning for me... but I was SURE it would happen. I remember after that first debate feeling MORE CERTAIN THAN EVER that Obama was going to get his butt handed to him.

    In Ohio (where I am from) Romney was killing it in attendance at rallies (filling stadiums) whereas Obama couldn't fill my high school gymnasium. My liberal pals on Facebook whined about the traffic snarls when Romney was in town. Boohoo.

    And I crowed. I laughed out loud. I played the YouTube footage of Chris Matthews having a temper tantrum after that first debate on a loop. NEVER have I followed an election the way I did that one.

    We visited FL (always a swing state) and saw Romney signs in yards everywhere with the occasional Obama sign. It was OBVIOUS that Republicans cared and intended to VOTE in this election. My friends in CA even reported that the abundance of Romney bumper stickers was downright shocking.

    I went so far as to verbally (not in writing) to predict that Romney would win it by a landslide taking FL, CA, and OH. And Obama would crawl out of the White House.

    Never before have I cried during an election. Never before have I been as ANGRY at the American Sheeple than I was after that one. I posted as my FB status the quote about people getting the government they deserve and went to bed. Exhausted and pissed.

    I tell you all of this just so you know that you were never alone on this one. Other people were sure Romney would win. All of the data pointed toward it. Never have I been more certain that an election was rigged than 2012.

    And even though Rand Paul appears to be in this thing for 2016 never have I been more certain that whatever Democrat candidate wins the primary will also take the election. The IBs are pedal to the metal.

    Can you hear that One Republic song All The Right Moves playing in the background. I can. It is loud and clear.

    They have all the right friends in all the right places. Oh yeah, we're going down.

  18. Great comment, GIRL WONDER! ~
    I will reply more appropriately tomorrow.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


    I don't disagree with ANYTHING you wrote.

    There is no question that 2012 Presidential Election was rigged, and I mean BIG TIME! (That's still not where I'm placing the bulk of the blame though, as you shall see in my 3rd and final installment of that blog bit I'm currently working on.)

    There wasn't one single, solitary piece of evidence a person could have pointed to prior to the 2012 election that would have indicated Obama was going to win, or even had a chance to win. Every last indicator pointed to a Romney win. So why did it not turn out that way? You know why and so do I.

    One final remark here about that election:

    If I recall correctly (and I'm pretty sure I do) there were a total of 3 presidential debates between Obama and Romney.

    In the first debate, Romney absolutely cleaned Obama's clock. Even the leftest of the libs admitted that Obama looked half asleep and gave a lousy showing, while Romney was alert and on the attack. That debate was a debacle for Obama and everyone knew and admitted it.

    In the second debate, Obama at least "showed up" for it, but Romney won again, although not nearly as convincingly.

    In the final debate, Romney had several opportunities to hit Obama hard with facts but every time he kind of backed off and didn't go on the attack like he could have and DID in the first debate.

    Many people called the 3rd debate a win for Obama.

    The liberal press bemoaned how poor Obama looked and sounded in the first debate, and some speculated that he wasn't fighting because he already knew deep down that he was going to be leaving the White House very soon.

    That's not what I said. I told people (and I think I may have even posted it on my blog and/or the blogs of others) that the reason Obama came out so lackluster in the first debate was because he already knew the election was "in the bag", and so he didn't really need to exert himself at all.

    I also speculated that the Wizards Behind The Curtain probably took him aside after that first debate and warned him in no uncertain terms that he had better IMMEDIATELY start making the fight "look" real or he really would be leaving the White House soon (and maybe feet first).

    And THAT'S the reason I believed then - and still believe now - that Obama showed 100% more life in the second and third debates than he did in the first.

    Just because a person is the president doesn't mean they can't be replaced on any given day. Planes do mysteriously fall out of the skies; bullets do come from book depositories (as well as grassy knolls).

    I believe Obama got a warning after that first debate and he took that warning seriously enough to make it look like he was "fighting for his presidency" in debates 2 and 3.

    I think it's also likely that Romney was told to "back off" in debates 2 and 3 as well. And that's the reason we saw such a drastic change in the two debaters between the first and last debate.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  20. I wasn't reading this blog back in 2012 so I missed partaking in the conversation. However, I remember all three debates very well and YOU ARE SO RIGHT.

    It makes perfect sense to me that the IBs told him that just because he "had it in the bag" didn't mean he could stop putting on a show. And so he was given a STRONG WARNING that he better shape up or he would be replaced. I mean Romney wasn't a terrible choice for the IBs either. He would do what they wanted so it was a Win for them either way. If Obama didn't play the game he could and would be replaced.

    The fact that Romney did back off, particularly in that 3rd debate, fully indicates that is/was also taking his orders from the IBs. Paul Ryan's debate with that idiot Biden was comical. And sad. Because Paul Ryan knew the facts and managed to allow that horse's patoot Biden beat him. That was the craziest thing in the entire debate. I fully expected Ryan to hand Biden his behind and make him look a joke. Despite Ryan's best efforts at making Biden look good, he still made an ass of himself with those crazy faces, guffawing, and all-around antics.

    In hindsight, that election should illustrate for anyone who doubts it that the IBs really are running this "show."

    1. Yes, yes, yes.

      The problem is that few Americans want to accept (or even CAN accept) that they are really out of the decision-making process; everyone wants to believe that they have some say-so, some measure of control over who leads them and their country. It's a very psychologically disturbing thing for a person to realize that they are merely victims even in a "game show" where every illusion has been crafted to give them the sense of some empowerment and genuine participation.

      In the end, who wants to believe that other human beings dictate all of the major decisions and the working stiffs are merely pawns in a grand game of Word Chess being played by high-powered, well-connected, and well-funded prison guards, wardens, and Master Chess Players who view the game board from above and make all the truly relevant decisions?

      I've come to the conclusion that the ONLY real decisions we get to make are who we align ourselves with spiritually, and how we conduct our own small, private affairs, and treat people on a day-to-day basis.

      From the time I finally realized that ALL political decisions are actually hand-in-glove associated with the overall game plan as outlined in The Holy Bible, my perspective changed and my priorities became aligned in a more healthy manner.

      The great mystical Book tells us how this play will end just before the curtain drops. I think our job is to side with the True Hero and try to convince those in our circle of acquaintances to likewise align themselves with the play's Hero and the Writer of the play, who also happens to be the Owner of the theatre that the play is being presented in. When the Owner says the play is being closed, no one and nothing can change His verdict. We want to be in the Owner's circle when that decision finally comes down to us players on His stage.

      Good discussion, Sister. Thanks!

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'


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