Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Pour yourself a glass of wine, Peoples, ‘cause dis gonna be a long and overdue (and shocking) dinner party...

It was way back in my BigBitch.com years that I learned to love receiving and replying to blog comments. It was the rapport with my buddy Aaron that instilled this love in me. Aaron and I had something really special going on; I have likened it to Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen trading licks and improvising based on what the other person offered.

I’ve not quite found that same level of creative give-and-take again in the Blogosphere, but I’ve gotten close enough to it with some of my wonderful regular readers – my “Magnificent Seven” – who have been a blast to interact with.

This is the reason why I have usually thought of my blog bits as just a jumping off point, a place to start a dialogue where hopefully everyone (myself certainly included) will learn something new. And this is the reason that I very nearly ALWAYS reply to every blog comment left for me.

I am attempting to compose this blog bit with 3 kinds of hangovers: 1) A foggy-minded ‘Sleep Aid’ medication hangover, 2) a hangover of sadness (having just learned that one of my Magnificent Seven won’t be coming around to my blog much anymore, and 3) possibly a very slight ‘Lagunitas SUCKS’ hangover. I hope that, despite the three-fold hangover, this blog bit will come out reasonably OK.

First up, I want to tell you that on January 12th, my Blog Buddy Robin posted a very good and extra-popular blog bit at her site ‘Your Daily Dose’. I encourage everyone to visit, read it, and comment on it.

You’ll find it here: INTELLIGENCE
The overall theme of her blog bit is that ...your favorite TV show (and characters) are trying to manipulate your thinking about the world.”

I’ve already commented there, but I have a follow-up comment to add. Ordinarily, I would post this comment in the Comment Section of the blog in question. But I have decided to post it here instead, primarily in the hope that it will inspire you to go check out Robin’s original post. (If I posted the following comment at ‘Your Daily Dose’, none y’all would be aware of it.)

Regarding my original comment at Robin’s ‘INTELLIGENCE’ post... I want to say that being sleep-deprived as I am (due to 4 months of “graveyard” shifts), I used the word “control” when arguably a better word choice might have been “influence”. Otherwise I stand firmly behind what I wrote.

Additionally, I want to point out that not only is the mainstream media used to condition the mASSES to accept and even embrace their servitude and shackles in the ‘New World Order’ design, but it is used by “social engineers” to manipulate the thinking and beliefs of the mASSES when it comes to basic social structures.

And when I refer to the mainstream media, I am NOT only thinking of the audio/visual facets, but also arts and letters. Book publishing is a BIGGIE! Fictionalized stories of the printed word have long been used to condition you to accept certain false realities as nonfiction. And one of the most significant concepts that has been promoted for a very long time now, in movies, TV shows, TV commercials, book and periodical publications is ‘FEMINISM’.

That ‘Feminism’ plays such a vital and prevalent role in the social conditioning of We The People should come as no surprise, since the ‘New World Order’ is, to some degree, based on Marxism (the ‘Dictator’ phase of it), and one of the primary tactics in establishing Marxism, as stated in 'The Communist Manifesto', is this:

"Communists everywhere SUPPORT EVERY REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT AGAINST THE EXISTING SOCIAL AND POLITICAL ORDER OF THINGS. Communists … openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible OVERTHROW OF ALL EXISTING SOCIAL CONDITIONS."

I don’t want to spend a lot of time dissecting this Feminism fact (as I have other comments to get to shortly), so I will give you just one example, while assuring you that once you open your eyes and mind to this, you will find countless thousands of examples ranging from movies to TV shows to TV commercials, and every genre of the printed word. We are daily being bombarded by ‘Feminism’ as it is one of the most prevalent ideas being spoon-fed to the mASSES everywhere you turn, and one of the principal goals of Feminism is the symbolic emasculation of men – attempting to downplay their masculine traits while portraying women as being men’s equal (more often, men’s superior) when it comes to physical aggression and the ability to defend and to make war – individual war and organized, group war. Once you become cognizant of this fact, you cannot escape seeing this EVERYWHERE, even in cartoons!

For my one example I am going to select the 1994 Walt Disney movie ‘THE LION KING’, only because it was hugely popular, so most people have seen it (and most have enjoyed it). I’m also selecting this example because it’s one I myself noticed immediately, but it seems no one else has. (Actually, I’m certain that other observers of social engineering have discovered this particular example, but I have never encountered anyone but myself publicly yakking about it. I’ve never heard it mentioned or seen it referred to in print.)

The Disney Company is one of the most powerful and successful “social engineers” in the world today, and in their hugely popular movie ‘The Lion King’, Disney made sure to slip in a little Feminist propaganda... and I’ll bet most (mindlessly entertained) Americans never even noticed it and contemplated it.

When Simba and Nala were young cubs, they got into a playful wrestling match. Here’s how it turned out:

Alright, that’s cute, right? Two little cubs playfully wrestling, and the little lioness wins and the future king of the realm loses. No big deal, right?

But look what happens later on in the movie...

When Nala – who hasn’t seen Simba since he ran away as a little cub – goes hunting Simba’s pig pal Pumbaa, Simba comes to rescue his pal. Now, Simba, the male future king, and Nala, the female, are fully grown. The results of their wrestling match ought to be quite a bit different, right? Let’s see:

So, according to Disney, Nala is still superior (in every way - intellectually, morally and even PHYSICALLY) to Simba. One might ask the question, “If Nala can still whoop Simba’s ass, why was it necessary for Simba to fight his uncle Scar in order to save the African kingdom? Why wasn’t a 'superior' fighter, like Nala, sent to confront the evil lion Scar?"

Well, the ONLY answer one can really come up with is this: It was the job of the rightful heir to the throne – the male lion and would-be king, Simba – to wrest the leadership role away from the usurper, Scar.

In other words, Nala could have defeated Scar and saved the kingdom long ago, but the nonsensical Patriarchal social structure dictated that the weaker male lion, Simba, was obligated to try to win the kingdom back for the good of all.

You see, people? This is the sort of conditioning and social engineering that the entertainment industry and the media (all forms of it) slip into your subconscious minds while you are drinking Coke (or the Kool-Aid) and eating popcorn (or flipping through the pages of Time magazine). Only when you become conscious of these techniques and learn to look for them will you find them popping up EVERY-phu#king-WHERE!
And by the way... The modern-day Disney Company’s evil is hardly restricted only to the promotion of Feminism; Disney’s wickedness is varied and constant. I used to love Disney and I’ve been to Disneyland more times than you have (whoever you are), unless you once worked there. But I went into full-on ‘Disney Boycott’ mode many years ago when I first read the book ‘DISNEYTHE MOUSE BETRAYED: Greed, Corruption, And Children At Risk’.
I’ve read that book a couple of times. I recommend that YOU read it at least once.
On December 30, 2013, I posted a blog bit titled ‘Uncle Sam Wants Your Guns By Hook Or By Crook’ (Or, ‘The Continuing Saga Of The Sandy Hoax Elementary School Shooting’). Shortly after that I experienced major computer problems (followed by separate Email problems) which shut me down for a bit and cost me time and money. Both have now been corrected (my wallet is commensurately lighter, too).

But while having the computer issues, two comments submitted to the aforementioned blog bit were somehow automatically published, despite the fact that I employ ‘Comment Moderation’. Because they didn’t appear in my Dashboard for my approval to post, bypassing my eyesight, I had no idea these two comments, from two of my ‘Magnificent Seven’, even existed until I randomly stumbled upon them later and was shocked to see them there.

Although I’m very late, I still want to reply to them so my friends won’t think they had been ignored by me. (Brother Beer Boy Bryan, as a minister of The Gospel now, surely you are aware of the importance of forgiveness.)

The first comment was from my friend DiscConnected of the political blog ‘BACK IN THE USSR’. He wrote the following:


A little off-topic but something I have always wondered....

At the beginning of your blog where you parathetically typed "Read: Hoax"....

I know what's being said there, but have always wondered, why use the word "read" instead of "i.e."?

Is it the same thing?

The "read" usage seems somewhat recent, and I always wonder what triggered it.

And are you suggesting that our government would lie to us?

Even if people do not want to believe that Sandy Hook is a hoax, doesn't it make it even worse that the liberal side of our government would use a tragedy to further their gun agenda?

While your readers are investigating, they should save some time to look at some of the finer examples of what happens when a strong Federal government disarms it's subjects (like those halcyon days of early 190's Germany, for example).



That’s an interesting question, and I’m not edgeukated enough to give you an “official, take-it-to-the-bank” answer. However, I personally definitely differentiate between the use of “i.,e.” and “read:” and always have a reason for choosing one or the other.

The specific use that you cited is not really a good example for me to use in explaining my selection process because that was actually a kind of unusual use of the word “read:” in that I was engaging in a bit of wordplay, insinuating that people ought to begin thinking of Sandy Hook as “Sandy Hoax”, just as I altered the name in the title of that particular blog bit.

[Those propagandists at the MSN News website are at it again. In the last few days they’ve posted two stories about the Sandy Hook (read: “Hoax”) Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.]

But generally, this is how I decide which to use...

As I’m sure you know, “i.e.,” is an abbreviation of “id est” which translates to “that is”, as in “that is to say...” [And by the way, although it’s never been one of my many writing failures, a lot of people wrongly use the abbreviations “i.e.,” and “e.g.,”. Somewhere in her book ‘Missed Periods And Other Grammar Scares’, Jenny Baranick addresses the correct usage of those two abbreviations: The Most Sex You Can Have While Improving Your Grammar.]

So, I use “i.e.,” in the standard way, when I want to add another word for clarification of something I’ve just written. Below are a few examples of my use of “i.e.,” which appear in various F-FFF blog bits:

Peter Schiff uses fish instead of dollars to explain sound economics as well as the opposite of sound economics (i.e., The Federal Reserve System).

[Oil] consumption is presently [i.e., 2006] growing 11 percent per year; doubling every 6.5 years. A crisis is inevitable by 2010 to 2015.
~ Dr. Chuck Missler

[2013 Update: I actually read this book... in the spirit of “know your enemy”. At one point in her book, HELLary Clinton praises the late Senator Margaret Chase Smith for standing up against the devil (i.e., Senator Joe McCarthy) and composing her ‘Declaration Of Conscience’ against him - which seven other senators signed. McCarthy was soon referring to Smith and her friends as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. McCarthy was great!]

Those occasions when I use “read:” I am not just attempting to clarify what came before it, but I’m also implying that there is some sort of deception or mass misunderstanding connected with the subject. In other words, I’m saying that for greater understanding you should “read: THIS word” instead of the original word or expression that was used.

Following are a few more examples of when I employed the “read:” rather than the “i.e.,”:

[SH!T! You wouldn’t believe the trouble I’m having trying to find examples of my use of “read:”. After about 25 minutes of searching, I finally found one, BUT not even on MY blog! I found the one just below on someone else’s site, where he had copied and pasted one of my old blog bits: http://www.skeptive.com/sources/89143/source_urls/216761.]

(And, of course, when USAP finally did produce [read: "create"] a birth certificate, it turned out to be a phony, proving that Lt. Col. Lakin was RIGHT not to follow the orders of a phony commander in chief!)

Well, my friend, that’s going to have to do because I can’t spend the rest of my life trying to find mo’ examples. But you get the idea from these examples, I’m sure. Notice in the above usage I was using “read:” to imply a deception. Barack Obama didn’t just “produce” his long-form birth certificate, he had someone “create” a bogus one in order to continue keeping the REAL one hidden from public view.

>>... And are you suggesting that our government would lie to us?

Oh, HELL NO, DiscDude! I would NEVER “suggest” that when it is much more appropriate (and honest) to come right out and loudly state it blatantly! And if you want to read more of that “loud, blatant stating”, be sure to read my reply to 6-B’s (Brother Beer Boy Bryan Bodyguard Betty) comment just below.

Great blog bit, and while the New Year celebrations got away from me, this was a great video. I really like the way that woman presents. I know you like Alex Jones (and you know I'm not big on his YELL EVERYTHING line of talking), but this is how I like to hear information. She's soft spoken and more presenting things as 'see for yourself why it's not adding up.' But she's not completely devoid of life. I think the part where she says (paraphrasing here):

Here's the doctor, at the scene, running in a t-shirt and jeans. He doesn't even look like a doctor. He looks like he's running a 10k.

I actually laughed out loud at that, maybe if only because I was thinking the same thing.

I've seen a few of these parts, like the laughter turning to sobbing just 5 seconds before an interview, but quite a bit of this was new. And really, really interesting.

First off, the class picture photoshop thing. Not just that the pictures are extremely low quality and lack any detail (who, in 2012, didn't have a camera that took at least somewhat decent resolution pictures? Even the camera on my cellphone will take pictures good enough to show you my pores and gray hairs). But that they might possibly be from another time period to make it harder to identify anyone... that was unreal.

I kid you not when I tell you this. Go to 1:29:00 in the video when she's showing the class picture. Look at the top row, dead center, the kid with the brown hair and the awful blue, green, and yellow striped polo. See him? That looked exactly like me circa 1989. Not just the awful 'my dad cuts my hair' hairstyle, but I had that polo. Literally THAT polo. That was THE cool shirt to have in 1989, and I'd recognize it anywhere. Nowadays you'd never see a kid wearing a shirt like that. Or clothes like those. Those all look like the kind of clothes I'd have seen growing up in the nineties. Again, I'd recognize them anywhere - those look identical to my own class pictures.

This is what a class picture looks like now.

Notice how different the clothes are. The hairstyles. And also notice that the picture is huge, good resolution, and you can see everything in great detail. None of the faces are mysteriously washed out.

Brother, I live in the suburbs, a place that's nice but not nearly as nice as Newtown; I know 8 year old children that have iPads with cameras that can take pictures like the one I posted above. So... they're telling me the school doesn't have a camera capable of taking an even mid-resolution picture? All they have, in this rich town, is a grainy camera from the 90s that uses poor quality film and washes out faces?

Brandon's now-fiancee (this whole fiancee thing just happened yesterday and thus my lack of response until now, but that's another story for another day) is a teacher in one of the poorest school districts in Denver. Gang-related inner city type of stuff. And you'd better believe even they have a camera that'll take pictures in crystal clear, high resolution for class picture time.


Another part I found interesting, as you mentioned, is the walking in a circle around the firehouse. Another story for you. The two of us were both in drama in high school, and one of the things I always remember was a lesson in training the 'extras.' The kids in the background just there to act natural.

Well, the drama teacher always made the mistake of using that term. Just act natural. That almost seems as if to be the one command that makes people most likely to freeze up and act incredibly awkward.

So kids would just be up on stage walking in circles. The teacher asked, "What are you doing?" And of course they said, "I don't know, just trying to act natural."

If you don't pay attention very closely, it just looks like people are bustling about. But if you focus in on the things she points out in the video, well, it's just a bunch of people wandering around aimlessly, with no real purpose, trying to "act natural."

You know, I'm glad to see your answer to your new reader there, and I'll be completely honest, when I first glanced upon your blog I thought you might be a conspiracy theorist. We didn't land on the moon, lizard people are among us, aliens are brainwashing us stuff. It's easy to mistake that at first glance. But after you do some reading it's really a lot of, "Huh, that's a pretty big hole in (big government related story)." And it's also, "Wait, this guy's pretty damn smart and actually knows what he's talking about."

I'm no conspiracy theorist either, but you watch a full hour and a half video of stuff like this and you just see that the facts don't add up. And unlike conspiracy theory lalaland, it's not saying that every school shooting was faked. That's just crazy. Hell, I was in high school when Columbine happened and we knew a few of the people who were there; Columbine's only like 20-25 minutes away.

But hey, it's easy to be mistaken for a loon when you uncover things that go against the grain of what we're told en masse. Remember, Stephen, just act natural. Just like this extra in a James Bond movie.


6-B, first of all, I want to say, THANK YOU!! That was a fabulous 2-part comment and I am SO SORRY it has taken me this long to reply! But, I know you understand my circumstances (i.e., computer viruses, ‘SUCKS’ addiction, and all these voices vying for prime position in my head).

Applying a “the Moon is half FULL” spin to this, I can counter with: At least your excellent comment(s) got transformed into a front-and-center blog bit, rather than just buried in an old Comment Section. Eh?

Secondly, I want to say that you NAILED DOWN a few spot-on points in your 2-part comment. I love the fact that, although I have few readers, the comments I do receive are from very bright, thinking people who are well above the mass of ‘American Sheeple’ when it comes to intelligence and critical thinking ability. (It was not without good reason that I named you amongst my blog’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ way back when.)


>>... And it's also, "Wait, this guy's pretty damn smart and actually knows what he's talking about."

I thank you for the A-list compliment. To be honest, I was a straight “C” student in high school and have NEVER thought of myself as being “pretty damn smart”. What I am, however, is (truly) a voracious reader; I definitely do my homework and apply a decent “critical thinking capacity” to what I read. I read, I check, and I re-check before I make bold public pronouncements.

That’s the reason Liberals (and pseudo-Conservatives) have never gotten the best of me in debates. I’ve already deeply examined their evidence; I know EVERYTHING they’re going to say to me even before they say it, and I already have a better reply waiting for them when they eventually spew their garbage. Aside from that, no one – and I mean, NO ONE – can be snarkier than I can be. Even Ann Coulter would be sorry if she ever tried to tangle with me in an insult-for-insult exchange. And since ad hominem attacks are the only thing Liberals do semi-well (sure as hell they can’t think well!), I am ready for the Libidiots on every conceivable battle front.

Alright now, to quote Honest John: On to the theater!”

>>... You know, I'm glad to see your answer to your new reader there, and I'll be completely honest, when I first glanced upon your blog I thought you might be a conspiracy theorist. We didn't land on the moon, lizard people are among us, aliens are brainwashing us stuff.


Uhm... er... that is... hmmm...

Well, let’s leave the “lizard people” and the “aliens” off the table... for now, anyway. And... well... Beer Brother Bryan, I don’t exactly know how to break this to you but (fasten your seatbelt, Bro, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!)... uh... if, as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, here’s 1,001 words:
Photo Source HERE
Don’t give up on me too soon, 6-B; I haven’t led you astray before, have I? Here’s my story, and I’m sticking with it:

I realize you weren’t anywhere near born yet when Man first stepped on the Moon in 1969, but I was about 10 years old and I still remember watching that amazing feat on my Grandparents’ TV set with my entire family gathered around. It was an ASTOUNDING thing to view, and I had no reason to doubt what my eyes were seeing – after all, I was only about 10 and all the adults around me were seeing it and buying into it too.

For years afterward, I would occasionally look up into the night sky, stare at the Moon while thinking: Wow! Men have walked around on that!

Without having ever encountered any skeptics or anti-Moon-Walking articles, I myself, intuitively began to have little bothersome doubts beginning circa 1980 or so. The source of my slight doubts was this: I could remember only too well what American society was like, technologically speaking, in 1969-1972. Granted, the brilliant minds at NASA (read: wacky brains at ‘Never A Straight Answer’) were thinking well beyond middle class American society in that era, but I couldn’t help wondering if we REALLY could have had the necessary technology – ANYWHERE in the USA – to land men on the Moon and return them to Earth again at that time.

Over the next few years, I would occasionally run across some articles written by one skeptic or another. I’d make a mental note of it and move on, still carrying a little doubt (although no set-in-stone opinion) about Moon-walkin’ Americans.

Always the inquisitive type, it was probably about 12 or 13 years ago that I read the book DARK MOON: Apollo And The Whistle-Blowers by David Percy and Mary Bennett. Although it’s certainly not a flawless book, it was damn sure good enough to convince me that the Apollo Moon landings were a government-funded (read: taxpayer-funded) hoax.

You know me, Bro, I let the evidence dictate my beliefs, NOT my emotions or my desires. I have the identical outlook that Patrick Henry did: “For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and to provide for it.”
6-B, before you remove me from your will (Ha!), or even deny you know me (don’t be a Peter [read: “dick”] when The Lord is on trial!), please do the necessary research and critical thinking and determine FOR YOURSELF whether or not Uncle Sam’s story stands up. You’ll find that there are 1,001 details that don’t add up to 100%. I am now (approximately) 666.99% sure that no man has ever stood on the Moon and returned to Earth. That is to say, I am HIGHLY doubtful (pun intended) about Uncle Sam’s veracity, and I am positive that objective research on your part will leave you unencumbered from the false belief that Uncle Sam once put Americans on the Moon. (Ordinarily, I deliberately avoid using ten-dollar words like “veracity” and “unencumbered”, choosing instead to nickel and dime my way through blog bits [thanks for the wise advice, Douglas Hyde!] but in this case, I wanted to remind you that I’m not a TOTAL maroon, so I cashed in my change for two ten-dollar bills [read: "words"].)

Question: Would the government that deliberately sent innocent Americans to their deaths to further a political objective (e.g., the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Boston Marathon) refuse to fake Moon landings even if it thought it could gain something by the hoax?

In studying this subject, you will find a lot of pseudo-scientific, off-the-charts-and-over-the-wall Moony Loonies attempting to defend Uncle Sam’s hoax on various websites. Don’t let them buffalo you! Think for YOURSELF! Some of them are government-paid propagandists, and some of them are just fearful Americans who refuse to face the truth because of the Pandora’s Box it would open should they acknowledge their deepest fear (i.e., that the Good ‘N’ Godly Uncle Sam would commit such a massive LIE against the “Americonned Sheeple”). Don’t let their paid work or their desperate (pseudo-religious) fears turn you away from discovering the truth – whatever it may be.

Where to start? Well, aside from the previously mentioned book ‘DARK MOON’, there’s a three-and-a-half hour, 2-part documentary titled ‘WHAT HAPPENED ON THE MOON’, which is based on the first part of the book ‘Dark Moon’. NetFlix has it, but it might even be available for free viewing at YouTube – I don’t know.

But a time and dollar-saving place to start might be the lengthy but HIGHLY entertaining (pun again intended), uproariously sarcastic 13-part blog bit by David McGowan titled WAGGING THE MOONDOGGIE.

You can get to WAGGING THE MOONDOGGIE, Part 1 by clicking HERE. But be forewarned that this blog series is no longer up-to-date. For instance, NASA no longer claims that the original footage of the Moon landing is “lost”. Nowadays they’re sticking to the story that they taped over the original footage. [Much smarter’n losing it, eh?] However, NASA still claims that the blueprints of the astronaut “backpacks” and the Moon Buggies are lost [presumably just misplaced all these years later]. Frankly, in my opinion, one needs to be “a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg” to believe NASA’s story.
Below are some excerpts from that blog series:

A NASA statement released in July of this year contained a rather curious assertion: “Conspiracy theories are always difficult to refute because of the impossibility of proving a negative.” It is not, of course, NASA that is being asked to prove a negative, but rather those pesky ‘conspiracy theorists.’ NASA is merely being asked to prove a positive, which should be a relatively easy task. All they have to do is produce some actual evidence, beginning with all those reels of tape containing the telemetry data, the biomedical data, all voice communications, and all the original videotape. They could also release the plans and specifications for all that fancy space hardware. And maybe offer some kind of reasonable explanation for why so many of the official photographs are demonstrably fraudulent.

Alternatively, they could just send some guys back there, to prove that it can be done. It’s been thirty-seven years and counting since the last guests on the Moon checked out. NASA allegedly filmed that final lift-off from the Moon, by the way. In case you haven’t seen the historic film footage, you can view it here. It’s a very short clip and it’s actually quite funny, so be sure to check it out.

I can’t be 100% certain of this, of course, but I have a very strong hunch that NASA picked up the footage off the cutting-room floor after Ed Wood had finished editing Plan 9 From Outer Space. Actually, I probably shouldn’t joke about the clip because I do feel kind of bad for the guy that they had to leave behind to operate the camera. I wonder how he’s doing these days?

Actually, NASA claims that the camera was mounted on the abandoned lunar rover (even in space, Americans are arrogant litterbugs), and that the pan and zoom functions were operated remotely by the ground crew back on Earth. You couldn’t control your television from across the living room in those days, but NASA could pan and zoom a camera from 234,000 miles away. Awesome! And there apparently either wasn’t any delay in the signal or NASA had the foresight to hire a remote camera operator who was able to see a few seconds into the future.

You really have to hand it to the NASA boys – those guys think of everything.
It would appear that what was deployed by the mother ship to shuttle our guys down to the Moon was essentially an oversized Jiffy-Pop container (with the brainpower of a digital watch). The show’s narrator was quick to point out that the astronauts had to be very careful while moving about in their bulky suits lest they puncture or otherwise damage the delicate skin of the craft. What wasn’t pointed out was that the vacuum of space had to be very careful as well – careful not to rip the pressurized craft to shreds the instant it was deployed!

One would logically assume, by the way, that the LEMs would have been kept safely tucked away within the mother ship until lunar orbit was achieved. But according to NASA, that’s not the case. The official legend holds that the lunar modules were deployed shortly after leaving Earth orbit, about three hours after blasting off, and that they then docked in a nose-to-nose configuration with the command and service modules while both spacecraft were flying through the vacuum of space at either 17,000 or 25,000 miles per hour, depending on the source.
NASA claimed, by the way, to shoot for 99.9% accuracy in the manufacture of its Apollo spacecraft, which shouldn’t have been a problem for a workforce composed of Nazi rocket scientists, bra seamstresses and surfers. Even if that lofty goal had been attained, however, that would still have left 9,000 defective parts per launch vehicle (6,000 if the figure of 6,000,000 parts is correct).
“It’s a journey we can’t repeat with today’s technology, but in 1969, a group of astronauts risked everything to walk on the Moon.”
~ ‘When We Left Earth’,
The Discovery Channel, 2010
By the way, 6-B, did you ever see the movie ‘WAG THE DOG’? If not, you needs to put it on your “To See” list. Once in a Blue Moon (pun still intended), Hollywood actually tells the truth.

Whoever it was who, long ago, redefined the NASA acronym to mean Never A Straight Answer, that dude or dudette was right on target:
Determining that NASA lied to us really isn’t that difficult.
I mean, it ain’t like it’s... [wait for it]...

... Rocket Science.
Additional Links:
“Wang dang, sweet Poontang! Moontang!”
(Sales of ‘TANG’ [<< link!] were poor until NASA used it on John Glenn's Mercury flight, and subsequent Gemini missions. Since then, it was closely associated with the U.S. manned spaceflight program, leading to the misconception that Tang was invented for the space program.)

Now, Peoples, I reiterate... if you haven’t already read it, please go check out Robin’s blog bit INTELLIGENCE

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

Dorker Vibes, if you’re still monitoring my blog... I assure you that I’ve not forgotten about you. Technical difficulties and time issues have prevented me from further investigating the availability of that album. However, I promise that (God willing) I WILL get back to you about it, one way or the other. I am a man of my word.

YE OLDE COMMENT POLICY: All comments, pro and con, are welcome. However, ad hominem attacks and disrespectful epithets will not be tolerated (read: "posted"). After all, this isn’t Amazon.com, so I don’t have to put up with that kind of bovine excrement.


  1. Oh dear, you're going to make me eat my words, aren't you? Well let me grab a delicious Hop Knot to wash them tasty words down with before we begin...

    First off, I'd never noticed that about the Lion King. I will say, though, as a little kid I always wondered why Simba, who grew up to be the "bad ass lion", wasn't bad ass at all. Not just that Nala "pinned him" again and, let's be honest, was about to kill him until he identified her. But in the end, he didn't do any real fighting. If memory serves me correctly, the lionesses and Timon and Pumba and even the old monkey with the stick do all the fighting at the end while Simba confronts Scar. And at first, he doesn't even fight him. He just banishes him. Then Scar blinds him with sand (or something of the sort), and they have a very quick fight, at which point Scar falls off the cliff, to the ground where he's killed by the hyenas.

    King of the Jungle? Yeah right. In the real world, he wouldn't even be Middle Management of the Jungle.

    Onto the goods...

    Not gonna lie, I have previously done zero research into the moon landing. None. Nada. Never even thought about it (the moon doesn't interest me). So when I said what I said, I was merely using it as an example of something the typical conspiracy theorist believes.

    In all fairness, if you'd asked me what I thought a conspiracy theorist was 2 years ago, I would have said "one of those nuts that thinks the gubment's after them!"

    So you can see where I was coming from, I hope, and it wasn't actually meant to imply that I knew the moon landing to be real. I still don't know a damn thing about it other than what you posted here. I'm gonna check out the stuff you listed after, but wanted to comment first.

    And the moon landing thing is fine and all, but if you start showing me proof that lizard people live among us, well, I'm just gonna have to put myself on the first banana flavored rocketship out of here and let the Van Allen Radiation Belt disintegrate my poor body. I don't think I can handle that kind of paranoia.

    Once in a Blue Moon (pun still intended)

    As long as that pun isn't a reference to that particular "Tang" flavored Coors, then pun completely acceptable.


    "I could be wrong again. I remember once in August 1993, I was wrong... and I could be wrong again. - Paul Simon

    1. 6-B ~

      >>... let me grab a delicious Hop Knot to wash them tasty words down with...

      Hop Knot? I've heard of that. Isn't that what you wacky Colorado folks smoke to get happy? ...No, wait. I'm thinking of Hemp Knot.

      >>... Then Scar blinds him with sand (or something of the sort), and they have a very quick fight...

      Close. It was burning embers. And my little Sister could have kicked Scar's arse, with one thumb in her mouth and the other hand clutching her 'Yakky Cathy' doll.

      >>... In the real world, he wouldn't even be Middle Management of the Jungle.

      Ha!-Ha! You'd have been a great 'League Of Soul Crusaders' member! (That's the highest compliment I can bestow upon anyone.)

      >>... when I said what I said, I was merely using it as an example of something the typical conspiracy theorist believes.

      I understand. And that one is "the king of conspiracy theories". I mean, when a person believes that American astronauts never walked on the Moon, that person is "certifiably" Moony loony and should be locked in a padded room so as not to harm himself or others.

      And that's the reason I decided to spend so much time responding to that aspect of your comment. When a person finally arrives at the firm conviction that the U.S. Guvment lied about the Moon landings (and continued to lie about it through numerous Dumb-O-Crat and Repugnantcan administrations), it then becomes easy to imagine that there isn't ANYTHING that Uncle Sam would refuse to do in his quest to establish the 'New World Order'.

      Come to the truth about the Moon landings, and one will NEVER be so easily fooled by Uncle Sam again!

      [*'Kodachrome' is playing. Man, I LOVE this song! "Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away!"]

      >>... And the moon landing thing is fine and all, but if you start showing me proof that lizard people live among us...

      Not to worry, Mister Bryan. The "lizard people" aren't really people at all. They're demons. So set your mind at ease, BBBBBBrother.

      >>... Blue Moon (pun still intended)

      Actually, I don't find 'Blue Moon' to be absolutely horrible. I mean, it ain't like it's OE800, or something. However, it's also nowhere near as good as 'Colorado Native'. But, of Coors, you already knew that.

      >>... "I could be wrong again. I remember once in August 1993, I was wrong... and I could be wrong again. - Paul Simon

      Ooh! Well played, 6-B! I even had to Google that to find out what you were referencing. And then I was inspired to remove 'Living Water' by The Malibooz from my player and to put in 'The Essential Paul Simon' instead. (I'm more of a 'Disc 1' man myself. You know, 'Old Skool' an' all that.)

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Let me first congratulate you on writing possibly the longest blog bit ever. (Read: I peed twice before I made it all the way through.)

    I appreciate you promoting my little ole blog. I really wasn't trying to make a big statement with that blog. It was more like I had a realization and wondered if anyone else ever thought the same thing. Many people who readily accept that the news is a propaganda machine still find it somewhat difficult to accept that we are being conditioned through other broadcasts (i.e. movies and TV shows). I find that to be somewhat astonishing. But, that's the way it is. Maybe the day will come when everyone is AWARE of what happened during these times, but I am not at all certain of it. In fact, it makes me wonder about the truth in the historical accountings that currently exist.

    The moon landing. That is something that I have given absolutely zero thought to before now. I must admit that I have rather blindly accepted the truth of it. I suppose that is mostly because I don't have a spectacular interest in space travel. If I did have that interest, it would already have been disturbing that we can't achieve now (with our superior technology) what we already achieved in 1969. The fact that articles and video are "news" now indicating that we can't get past the radiation barrier seriously calls into question how we did it in 1969.

    Whenever the government perpetrates a hoax it is always with an agenda in mind. (Read: They want something.) The question I was left with after taking in all of this information about how unlikely a moon landing actually was is why? Why did they do it? What did they gain? What did they want to gain? I don't see the End-Game here. Was it just that they wanted more funding to go to NASA for some other reason? If so, what was it? Do you know? I feel a bit like Paul Harvey wanting to know The Rest Of The Story.

    1. >>... Let me first congratulate you on writing possibly the longest blog bit ever. (Read: I peed twice before I made it all the way through.)

      I thank you, ROBIN!
      In the future, I shall attempt to break my record by composing a “Three-Pee” blog bit.

      A couple of times I DID actually consider breaking this blog bit into two parts: 1) My response to your ‘INTELLIGENCE’ post, and... 2) my blog bit about “i.e.,” Vs. “Read:”, and the phony Moon landing.

      But ultimately I decided to leave the blog bit very, Very, VERY long in order to scare away the semi-literate, brain-dead maroons (Read: “Liberals”).

      >>... Many people who readily accept that the news is a propaganda machine still find it somewhat difficult to accept that we are being conditioned through other broadcasts (i.e. movies and TV shows). I find that to be somewhat astonishing.

      Even as old as I am, and as politically naïve as I was back then, I can still vividly remember when we were filming the ‘M*A*S*H’ episode ‘ARE YOU NOW, MARGARET?’ in 1979 or ’80, at Fox Studios.

      There was one or two politically retarded B.S. Liberal ideas slipped into the dialogue. At that very time, I thought to myself: This is NONSENSE! (i.e., M*A*S*H is paying my bills, but I’m not buying into their Liberal propaganda!)

      I would need to play the episode in order to give you the specifics, but in my DVD case, I wrote the following: “Anti-McCarthy / Pro-ACLU bullshit!” [Subtle, as always, eh?]

      >>... disturbing that we can't achieve now (with our superior technology) what we already achieved in 1969. The fact that articles and video are "news" now indicating that we can't get past the radiation barrier seriously calls into question how we did it in 1969.

      Ya think?

      Don’t go all “Conspiracy Theorist” on me just because of a few “impossible-to-‘splain” INCONVENIENT FACTS.

      >>... The question I was left with after taking in all of this information about how unlikely a moon landing actually was is why? Why did they do it? What did they gain? What did they want to gain? I don't see the End-Game here. Was it just that they wanted more funding to go to NASA for some other reason? If so, what was it? Do you know?...

      I likes me some ‘Paul Harvey’! But, I also want you to contemplate this for yourself. You’ve already taken a few steps on “The Yellow Brick Road”. Yes, what DID ‘The Wizards Behind The Curtain’ want? You tell me. You’ll be amazed how much you can figure out on your own, without axing the gas station attendant for directions, if you just activate that Divine Computer in yer skull.

      You already know EVERYTHING I know, you just don’t “know” it yet.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      ‘Loyal American Underground’

  3. Criminy, that post was even longer than it looks if one takes into account all of the links, videos, and other references. It would take me all week (well actually probably more) to research this stuff. Not that I'll take your word on all of it, but I won't dispute much either.

    I stopped being a Disney fan about 20 years ago when my kids were young. But there's always been some kind of agenda being pushed by Hollywood and even before that. I guess even Shakespeare had something he was trying to foist on the peoples. We all have our own agendas, but Disney backs theirs with big money and amusement parks. (read: bread and circuses).

    I may come back to some of this later, but right now I'm going to crawl back to bed to nurse some sort of weird leg problem I've developed. I'm sure there is some kind of government conspiracy behind my recent illnesses.

    Sorry that I've been a bit lax with blogging lately, but I sure have been sleeping a lot. I'd rather be awake and doing stuff.

    Tossing It Out

      Just woke up from another (prescription AND over-the-counter) sleep-aid induced long Winter's nap. These "graveyard" shifts be killin' me by degrees and chemicals!

      To be making my living this way at the age of 54... well, to quote Rocky Balboa: Stephen, "you shoulda planned ahead".

      More than anything else, what contributed to the excessive length of this blog bit (even beyond my standard verbosity) was the fact that I didn't just include MY thoughts, but also included the comments by Dr. DiscDude and Beer Boy Bryan.

      And Bryan's was even a 2-parter, but it was so excellent that I couldn't bear to edit it down, and I figured that if I just used a link back to where he originally posted it, probably very few people would bother checking it out, and I wanted it to be seen front-and-center. It was just too good not to feature it.

      Besides, like I stated above, the longer the blog bit, the more likely it is to keep away the riffraff. (Not sure how YOU got through. ...HA! I jest, of course.)

      Disney most definitely has agendas (plural). And yes, most people and organizations also have their own agendas. I admit that I too have an agenda. But what separates me from Disney is that I openly acknowledge my agenda AND it's a very positive (as opposed to negative) agenda. That's why I can afford to reveal it and not attempt to cloak it or spread it surreptitiously as Disney and others do.

      Sorry to learn you're still not feeling well. I feel your pain. Well, actually, I feel my own, because I gots me some stuffs goin' on right now too. Aside from the sleeping troubles, my arthritis has really flared up, then something nagging me in the left hip area, and to top it all off, I fear I may have developed a kidney stone again. Pick a problem, any problem!

      At any rate, thanks for stopping by.

      >>... Not that I'll take your word on all of it, but I won't dispute much either.

      Well, you know, Brother Boid, I don't ever expect or ask anyone to take my word for ANYTHING. I just hope to inspire people enough that they will begin to undertake their own research on these topics and ultimately decide for themselves, based on an intellectually honest analysis of the available evidence.

      >>... Disney backs [their agenda] with big money and amusement parks. (read: bread and circuses).

      Classic line there, my Friend! "Bread" as in money and "Circuses" as in amusement parks! That was brilliant!

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Like Robin said, you surely deserve a medal for the longest blog post EVER. I started reading it last night, (or actually, early this morning) but decided to call it a day and come back later to finish. LONG POST. (And I thought some of mine were long...)

    You sure put a lot into this one, dude. Kinda like throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Well, a lot of it stuck, and you've provided a lot of food for thought. I may not necessarily swallow it all, but I certainly respect all the research you've done.

    I'm not saying there aren't any nefarious conspiracies going on in the world, any more than I'm saying our dog never left any smelly piles in our yard. But I'm not compelled to go looking for conspiracies, any more than I feel the need to pick up the dog piles, squish it through my fingers, and take a good whiff... just to convince myself that it's real... and it stinks. But I don't have to, do I? Because you're on the job, and you seem to enjoy doing it. So you can continue to ferret out the evil plots, people, and conspiracies, and I'll continue to read your conclusions. Deal?

    Take care.

    1. SUSAN ~

      >>... Because you're on the job, and you seem to enjoy doing it.

      Truth be told, I don't enjoy it as much as some folks probably think I do. Honestly, I wish "this world" was very different from what it is, and I also wish I could trust my government and be proud of the country I was born and raised in.

      Sadly (and yes, I mean that word literally because it does leave me with a continual sense of sadness, despite my sense of humor that helps me), I feel it's better to know and face the truth. So I look for it.

      The following remark which appeared in this blog bit was not written lightly:

      I have the identical outlook that Patrick Henry did: “For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and to provide for it.”

      I've read The Book, so I know the Person I can really trust and I know how this will all end. (At least 500 fulfilled prophecies is the mark of a trustworthy Book.) Yes, it will end well for those of us individuals who have faith in the Messiah. But it will not end well for America collectively, because He is not mocked.

      I always hope that these sorts of blog bits will show readers that Uncle Sam is not their friend, but they do 'Have A Friend Above All Others.' (Sing it, Mahalia, SING IT!)

      Well... time to shower and get back "on the clock". Thanks for stopping by, taking the necessary time to read it, and for commenting.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'


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