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[*From the STMcC archive; 2006, July 31st.*]

*My grading scale is typical A through F, but with the very highest mark being an R, which is the equivalent of an A++. Why an R? Heck if I know. My Pa used to tell me that in high school he had a drafting teacher whose highest grade was an R. Pa never did learn what the R stood for, nor - sadly - did he ever achieve one.

Book: “THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A WOMAN” by Alice von Hildebrand; 2002

Grade: R

In a recent E-mail exchange with a 43-year-old female friend of mine living on the East Coast, I asked her to give me her definitions of the terms "Real Man" and "Real Woman." She replied with a beautiful little one-sentence definition of a "Real Man", but then followed that up with this:

"A real woman? That's easy: a girl who rides a motorcycle in a skirt..."

I can't even begin to describe the depth of my disappointment in that definition, coming as it does from a generally spiritually-minded woman. But then I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised seeing as how she (and every other female of her generation) has been exposed to 40 years of Feminist indoctrination. I thought how sad it was that she - a woman herself - had less understanding of what makes a "Real Woman" than I had, and here I - being a man - am a supposedly insensitive brute of a thing ("a bear with furniture" to quote the very funny comedienne, Elaine Boosler). This only goes to emphasize the point that those extremist social engineers we call "Feminists" have been so effective in twisting and confusing the minds of the vast majority of the female gender that even "spiritual" women no longer recognize what they are and what they are supposed to do in support of the human society (as dictated by their Creator, The Lord God).

I do not read anything without having a yellow (yellow ONLY!) highlighter nearby. I highlight favorite sentences and passages in EVERYTHING I read, that includes fiction and even magazines. 'THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A WOMAN' by Catholic writer and thinker Alice von Hildebrand is - at only 108 pages - not much more than a booklet, but don't let that fool you into thinking that she doesn't have much to say about the privileges of being a woman: my copy of her book is thoroughly filled with yellow highlighted sections. In fact, there are so many penetrating insights packed into each page that I have rarely highlighted so many sentences per page in any book other than The Holy Bible! When I first read 'THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A WOMAN', I was blown away by how much of great value Hildebrand had to say on the subject. (And I finished the book sort of feeling that I had been cheated by being born "a bear with furniture.")

Hildebrand dedicated her excellent book "WITH LOVING GRATITUDE TO MY DEAR FRIENDS WHO ALL LOVE TO BE WOMEN." Following is just a very small sampling of the many profound and extraordinary observations Hildebrand shares with us about the privileges of being a woman:

* As sanctity is devalued in [Socialistic feminist, Simone de Beauvoir's] eyes (as a poor substitute for great achievements), the highest praise that can be given anyone, male or female - namely holiness - is, to her mind, only a left-handed compliment... What characterizes holiness is this limitless readiness to serve others. [pages 6 & 32]

* Yet it seems evident that even in the face of their physical vulnerability, given their greater sensitivity, their more subtle intuitions, their talent for feeling themselves into others, women have greater possibilities of uplifting or of hurting others than those usually granted to the opposite sex. [page 9]

* Unwittingly, the feminists acknowledge the superiority of the male sex by wishing to become like men. [page 10]

* The denigration of women is clearly a sad consequence of original sin which has subverted the hierarchy of values... Original sin was a sin of pride, of disobedience, of irreverence, and of metaphysical revolt that led to an inversion of the hierarchy of values... As women are weaker than men, and as they do not bask in the limelight as much as men do, as they are less "creative" than the strong sex, they are bound to be the victims of this distorted hierarchy of values... but that feminists have endorsed this inversion is still more pitiful. Imprisoned in the spiritual jail of secular categories, they fail to understand that their true mission is to swim against the tide and, with God's grace, help restore the proper hierarchy of values. By living up to their calling, women will succeed in guaranteeing a proper recognition of the unique value of femininity and its crucial mission in the world... [T]he "weakness" of the female sex, as far as accomplishments and productivity are concerned, can be more than compensated by her moral strength when she lives up to her calling... But feminists - blinded by secularism - do what, in fact, will lead to a worsening of women's situation. Feminists are women's great enemy. [pages 21, 26 & 29]

* Nietzsche perceived clearly that the emancipation of women is a symptom that their feminine instincts are weakening... The whole tragedy of contemporary feminism - which Cardinal Josef Ratzinger [now the Pope] considers one of the greatest threats menacing the Church - stems from a lack of faith and a loss of the sense of the supernatural. Feminism is inconceivable in a world rooted in Judeo-Christian values... The new age philosophy of feminism, in waging war on femininity, is in fact waging war on Christianity. For in the Divine plan both are intimately linked. Not Socialism, as Simone de Beauvoir believed, but Christ is the great ally of women. Modern ideology wages war on the Gospel which teaches humility and that those who lower themselves will be exalted. [pages 30 & 32]

(Let's not forget that Jesus Christ said that He "did not come to be served, but to serve." [Matthew 20:28] And after all is said and done, who would you prefer to be remembered in this world as being most like, Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Mother Teresa and even Jesus Christ Himself? ~STMcC)

* Here is a truth worth meditating upon: Women are more geared to piety because they have a keener awareness of their weaknesses. This is their true strength. [page 66]

(And lets not forget that Saint Paul was directly told by Jesus Christ that his strength would be "made perfect in weakness." See 2 Corinthians 12:9. ~STMcC)

* [Regarding the context of women and childbirth, the great Christian commentator, G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936) writes...] "No one staring at that frightful female privilege, can quite believe in the equality of the sexes." [page 87]

And in keeping with the spirit of that observation, I am about to reveal one of my secret inner beliefs; something that I - until now - have never told a single person, but a thought that I have entertained in my heart and mind for many years:

It seems to me that if all of the world's masterpieces of art, and all of its most uplifting and poetic writings, and all of its most emotionally moving musical compositions were gathered together in one place, they would still not come close to equalling the beauty in the simple God-created concept of a mother feeding her infant child from her own body. Maybe you wouldn't expect such an idea coming from an "old school" man like myself, but there it is! That's what I really think. And the world's most supreme beauty is something that I, being a male, will never experience! Now, try to imagine the revulsion I felt during that disgusting scene in that disgusting movie, 'Million Dollar Baby', when Clint Eastwood tells his female boxer: "I want you to jab, right in the tits, until they turn blue and fall off." (Incidentally, I saw that movie ONLY so that I would feel justified in posting a negative review of it.)

Never having been a Catholic, the only aspect of this book that I have less than glowing comments for are its few instances of Catholic dogma with which I do not concur. But these are rare occurrences and easily ignored. In light of the spiritually deep and worldview-altering insights that Alice von Hildebrand shares with us, lowering this publication's grade because of them would be an irresponsible act on my part.

It seems that God never intended me to marry and become the head of a family. One problem was that - in this feminist-dominated era - I could not find "Real Women" potential mates. One great, notable exception was (my ex-girlfriend) "The Countess", a Real Woman for sure! But evidently marriage was just never in the cards that God dealt to us.

At nearly 47, a "family" is now out of the question for me. But, if I'd gotten married and had children, there are maybe half a dozen books that I would have insisted that my children read and display a comprehensive understanding of. I assure you that 'THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A WOMAN' by Alice von Hildebrand would have been one of those select books. And I don't mean just my girls would have had to read it; it would have been on the REQUIRED READING LIST for my boys as well. Why? Because once a man has understood the awesome privilege and responsibility that God has entrusted to the female gender, he would thereafter be perfectly incapable of sexually, physically or emotionally abusing women!

I now urge you to read 'THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A WOMAN' and then to pass it on to your own daughters before "Real Women" become an even greater rarity in our culture than are "Honest Politicians.” And as it stands right now, I'd call that one a draw.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy



  1. I've spent years and years arguing and exhorting and finally lamenting and mocking feminism in almost all its forms - but it's nice to know that the mere *title* of this booklet would make a feminist's head explode - PRIVILEGE?!?! The entire concept of feminism is rooted in the unshakeable belief that men as a class are privileged and women as a class are oppressed - period. To hear a woman describing womanhood as a privilege...well that would be more than enough to do the trick :D Thanks!

  2. Well, Anniee, you are SO right! And yes, the title alone is rather telling - a complete reversal of the Feminist's world-view. Ha! Well, Alice von Hildebrand's text successfully justifies her use of the word "privilege" in the title.

    There are four books I would categorize as “essential reading” pertaining to the anti-feminist viewpoint: “LEGALIZING MISANDRY” by Nathanson & Young; “WHY WOMEN AND POWER DON’T MIX” by McDermott (an extremely insightful book, the very poorly chosen and unindicative title notwithstanding); and “THE GENDER AGENDA” by O’Leary (

    But I think “THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A WOMAN” would top my list, particularly for women, and especially for those with any sort of spiritual bent. If you read it, I would definitely be interested in your feedback. And thanks for the comment, Anniee.

    ~ Stephen
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>

  3. OK, after the third time I've read this in the past couple of years I'll get it.


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