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‘A TO Z APRIL BLOGFEST’ [The Stephen T. McCarthy Way]


This blog will be inactive before the month of April ends. If it’s not, I will bring it to a sudden stop by hosting my own ‘Necktie Party’ and hanging myself to death with a pink polka-dotted tie. (No, I don’t currently own one but, doggone it, I’ll damn sure buy one for the grand occasion!)

However, it was nevertheless my wish to participate in my friend Arlee Bird's 'A TO Z APRIL BLOGFEST'.

I knew I wouldn’t be here for the finish, so I’ve decided to participate in my own unique way (heck, everyone knows I’m “speeeeecial”) by posting my April installments all at once below, right here. As my other buddy DiscConnected said, “Well, the other participants will be grateful that they’ll only have to visit your blog just ONCE in April.” (Hmmm... I wonder what he meant by that.)

Speaking of DiscConnected, in all fairness and in the spirit of ‘Full Disclosure’, I need to point out that not only is what I’m posting below NOT my own work, but posting it wasn’t even MY idea.

See, DiscConnected and I work for the same company, and lately the company has been on a big fundraising campaign for the ‘March Of Dimes’. Because of our mutually shared strong
Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion position, DiscConnected and I found ourselves in a discussion about the ‘March Of Dimes’ and the accusations that this organization contributes (whether directly or indirectly) to the practice of abortion.

I had always assumed that the ‘March Of Dimes’ (MOD) was all about attempting to find scientific cures for and/or preventions of birth defects, but DiscConnected had been led to believe that MOD was reducing birth defects in children by contributing to the aborting of the unborn who had been determined to be likely suffering from potential birth defects.

Our discussion led my friend to do some investigating and what he came up with convinced me that he had been correct from the start. In fact, his discovery that MOD donates money to Planned Parenthood was enough to persuade me that I must hereafter boycott MOD. It’s not that MOD gives money to Planned Parenthood for use in abortions but (as one Pro-Life activist has astutely stated), the money MOD gives to Planned Parenthood frees up OTHER Planned Parenthood money that can then be funneled to their abortion practices. That was certainly enough for me to begin boycotting!

However, for those who wish to know more details, below you will find an overview of “A TO Z” March Of Dimes transgressions that ought to concern every serious Pro-Life person. This is lengthy (take it one day at a time if you prefer) and at times it gets somewhat scientific – at least in terminology. But it more than convinced me that I must add the ‘March Of Dimes’ to the ever-growing list of groups and companies that I am monetarily boycotting. (Thank goodness I removed Taco Bell from that list or I would have starved to death years ago!)

(Twenty-Six Reasons For Boycotting
The 'March Of Dimes')
By Randy Engel

Friday, April 1, 2011:
A is for Alpha — The Beginning

On July 22, 1958, the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis/March of Dimes [MOD] announced it was turning its sights on preventing birth defects.

Still reeling from a bad corporate conscience and massive cover-up concerning the "effective, safe and potent" Salk Inactivated Poliomyelitis Vaccine, "a vaccine which turned out to be inadequately studied, seriously flawed and prematurely introduced," the MOD stated it would become a new conscience for America by extending its purview from poliomyelitis to birth defects.

Basil O'Connor, president of the NF, and a very powerful national medical figure, became interested in medical genetics through his association with the Jackson Laboratory at Bar Harbor. The MOD funded an instructional course on medical genetics designed by Johns Hopkins University and the Jackson Laboratory. The Bar Harbor grant has continued for more than 30 years — the longest grant in the 50-year history of the MOD.

By the start of the 1970s, the MOD's commitment to eugenics, and all that the commitment implies, was evidenced by the plethora of openly pro-abortion speakers on the MOD circuit; by the addition of known eugenicists to its various National Advisory Committees; by the eugenic writings found in their Original Articles Series; by their energetic funding and promotion of mid-trimester, non-therapeutic prenatal diagnostic research and clinical testing; and by their provision of seed monies to expand eugenic services at university-based medical centers throughout the United States.

Once the key officials of the NF/MOD accepted the fundamental premise of eugenics — that there are certain people who never should be born and that it is a positive act for families and society to insure that such persons are not born — the fate of the MOD was chiseled in stone. This report is the story of the NF/MOD's journey into the killing fields of eugenics.

Saturday, April 2, 2011:
B is for Baby Parts

As the battle over the use of fetal tissues and organs of aborted babies heats up in the U.S. and abroad, we should recall that the MOD has funded such practices for more than two decades.

In the early 1970's, MOD funded researcher John F.S. Crocker, M.D., of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The $19,000 study to examine environmental factors causing congenital kidney malfunctions involved "60 pairs of embryonic kidneys...obtained from human therapeutic abortions after five to twelve weeks gestation." Crocker's earlier animal studies were featured in the MOD'S Birth Defects Reprint Series (PERS — 166, 2/73).

In 1981-82, a combined MOD grant enabled Dr. Stanley J. Robboy and his colleagues at Massachusetts General to develop a method for testing the teratogenic and carcinogenic effects of drugs (DES) on developing human organ systems. The researchers isolated intact reproductive tracts from human fetal tissue obtained by D&C abortions of pre-born baby girls up to ten weeks, and prostaglandin abortions thereafter. The reproductive tracts were then implanted in laboratory mice to test the effects of diethylstilbestrol.

In 1983-84, a similar experiment was carried on the embryonic reproductive tract of the human male by Dr. G. Cunha, Robboy's associate at the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco. Twelve male reproductive tracts were obtained by D&C abortions, from which the gonads were removed and grafted onto mice. Additionally, the reproductive tracts of eight females obtained through D&C abortions were subjected to similar testing.

Monday, April 4, 2011:
C is for Cystic Fibrosis

The funding of Cystic Fibrosis "Search and Destroy" (S&D) operations was given top priority in the 1980s by the MOD. CF is the most prevalent inherited disease among Caucasians in the United States, and the discovery of a prenatal marker for the disease would make possible "a new program of mass genetic screening of vast proportions."

In 1981-82, the MOD got the CF-S&D ball rolling with a $108,000 research grant to abortionist and MOD National Advisor Henry L. Nadler, M.D., for "prenatal diagnosis of cystic fibrosis."

In 1983, the MOD, in collaboration with the CF Foundation, awarded a $50,000 grant to pro-abortionist and MOD National Advisor Dr. Michael Kaback to study the family planning patterns of CF families and see "whether parents of affected children would be more likely to plan other pregnancy if a prenatal test [presumably backed by selected abortion of affected children] for CF were available."

In more recent years, Dr. Hope Punnett of St. Christopher's Hospital for Children ($20,000/4-1-8–3-31-85) and Dr. Harry Harris of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine ($60,000/87-88-89) have received research grants for expanded prenatal testing for CF.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011:
D is for Deceit

The fact that the National Office of the MOD deceives even their own chapters is demonstrated by the controversy surrounding the prenatal diagnosis technique of fetoscopy — a form of live fetal experimentation, funded by the MOD.

On June 3, 1980, the Pittsburgh Chapter of the MOD, in response to pro-life criticism, stated that "...the March of Dimes funds no phase of fetoscopy research," and that "March of Dimes funds are not now, have never, and never will be used in support of anti-life programs."

Actually, the MOD funding of fetoscopic research to identify "thalassemic fetuses by analyzing placental blood samples early in the course of high-risk pregnancy" has been well publicized in medical circles since such non-therapeutic research is prohibited under the moratorium of the federal NIH. Private foundations like the MOD are not covered by the ban.

Hence, over the last two decades, MOD funding of fetoscopic techniques and blood analysis to such physicians as Blanche Alter, David Nathan, Haig Kazazian, Yuet Wai Kan and Mitchell Golbus have kept the killing fields open in the genetic community.

As Alter explained at a MOD-sponsored seminar on disorders held in New York in December, 1980, "prenatal screening for hemoglobenopathies is now available — and should significantly reduce the incidence of severe forms of this disease."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011:
E is for Eugenic Mafia

Since the implementation of its eugenic policies and programs in the late 1960s, the MOD's various advisory committees for medical services, basic research, clinical research and Basil O'Connor Starter Research have been dominated by nationally known eugenic abortionists famous for their late abortion technical skills, especially prostaglandin-induced abortions, which provide fresh fetal tissue and organs.

These MOD National Advisors have included William Spellacy, M.D., Edward J. Quilligan, M.D., Leon Speroff, M.D.,* John C. Hobbins, M.D., Maurice J. Mahoney, M.D. and Henry L. Nadler, M.D.* Note should be made that Hobbins and Mahoney argue even in favor of the third trimester abortions (as in case of anencephaly) where (1) the disorder is incompatible with postnatal survival for more than a few weeks... (2) the presence of PND tests to affirm condition.

Other nationally known pro-abortion MOD Advisory members (including MOD Research and Medical Services grant recipients) are Kurt Hirschhom, M.D.,* Charles Flowers Jr. M.D., David G. Nathan, M.D.,* John T. Queenan, Kenneth J. Ryan, Rodney Howell, M.D., Richard W. Erbe, M.D.,* Leon Rosenberg, M.D.,* Mitchell Golbus, M.D.,* Laird Jackson, M.D., Michael Kaback, M.D.,* Norman Kretchmer, M.D.,* Amo Motulsky, M.D.* and David Rimoin, M.D. Ph.D.* (*Current National Advisors — 1989- 90)

Thursday, April 7, 2011:
F is for Fetal Experimentation

It has never been clearly enunciated for nor understood by the general public that all forms of non-therapeutic first and second trimester techniques of prenatal diagnosis (PND) have first been carried out on TBA patients, i.e. TO BE ABORTED women, and that these techniques are considered a form of LIVE FETAL EXPERIMENTATION.

It should also be noted that in many cases, it was the PND technique itself (i.e. mid-trimester amniocentesis or fetoscopy,) or first trimester chorionic villus sampling (CVS), which caused the death of the child and not the anticipated abortion.

Beginning in 1968 and continuing throughout the late 1980s, the MOD has funded and promoted all of the above techniques, including fetoscopy, chorionic villus sampling and maternal blood sampling.

In fact, it has been the financial backing of private foundations like the MOD that has permitted fetoscopic and CVS researchers, such as MOD medical grantees David Nathan, Blanche Alter, Yuet Kan, and Mitchell Golbus, to bypass the federal moratorium on live, non-therapeutic fetal experimentation.

Friday, April 8, 2011:
G is for Genetic Diseases Act

The MOD is a registered lobby in Washington, D.C.

In September of 1978, a "Dear Member" letter, signed by MOD president Charles L. Massey, was circulated to all members of the U.S. House of Representatives, stating that the National Foundation/March of Dimes "strongly endorse(s) passage of H.R. 12370" — which incorporated the National Genetic Diseases Act of 1976 (Title XI — PHSA) and provided for federal, tax-funded expansion of genetic services, genetic education and genetic laboratory facilities in order to "reduce the incidence of all genetic diseases" in the United States. (Note: UNALLOWABLE costs under Title X — PHSA were treatment and inpatient hospital care.) This landmark legislation which passed in November, 1978, was to the eugenicist, what the Family Planning and Population Services Act of 1970 was to the birth controller and abortionist.

In lobbying for the measure, Massey noted "The financial cost of treating and institutionalizing our severely affected survivors is staggering; we cannot begin to measure the cost...."

The Massey letter cites Sickle Cell Anemia, Cooley's Anemia, Tay-Sachs Disease, Down Syndrome, Muscular diseases which could be reduced through genetic screening and prenatal diagnosis. Amniocentesis is described as a procedure that "saves thousand of babies..." How puncturing the womb with a needle, introducing the possibility of infection, miscarriage, and exsanguination, and mistakenly aborting "normal" children and deliberately aborting "affected" children, contributes to "saving" lives can only beunderstood within the context of a eugenic mind set which disinherits from the human family genetically handicapped pre-born children, but bankrolls the moral defectives who lobby for their slaying.

Saturday, April 9, 2011:
H is for Health by Death

One of the many tragic consequences of the institutionalization of the "Health by Death" Ethic by the MOD in the United States has been to divert medical science from its original objectives of cure, treatment and advocacy of the ill, the handicapped and infirmed, to the killing of the afflicted — prenatally by abortion and postnatally by infanticide and euthanasia.

Amniocentesis, it should be remembered, was a strictly therapeutic innovation for use in late pregnancy and during labor before the MOD mounted its multi-million dollar genetic services campaign of "preventing birth defects" by fetal euthanasia.

Once prenatal diagnosis became linked with abortion, legitimate scientific research for cures or treatment of disorders, especially Tay-Sachs and Down syndrome, fell dramatically.

Dr. Carlo Valenti, of Brooklyn's Downstate Medical Center, who has appeared at numerous MOD-sponsored genetic symposiums, has argued from the MOD pulpit for legal sanction of late eugenic abortions.

"Unrealistic" and "untreatable" were the words used by Valenti to describe the hope for treatment of most genetic diseases in utero. "...Although I would welcome an alternative to the abortion of a defective fetus. I reluctantly conclude that abortion must remain the solution to inheritable disease."

Monday, April 11, 2011:
I is for Insurance

Securing insurance funds for expanding health insurance coverage for genetic services including screening and prenatal diagnosis has been a major concern of the March of Dimes.

In 1982-83, the MOD, in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Community Health Services (HHS), funded a $181,968.00 one year study by the Health Services Foundation — a Blue Cross-Blue Shield affiliate — to determine if private reimbursement methods will remove financial barriers to obtaining genetic services, thus saving, according to MOD Vice President, Dr. Arthur J. Salisbury, the government billions of dollars in "custodial care" of "genetically handicapped children" born in the U.S. each year. No mention of increased coverage for treatment of disorders was mentioned in the HSF press release of March 1, 1982.

In its Final Report the HSF stated that screening and prenatal diagnosis were cost-effective when compared to the high cost of caring for "blighted" children, and authors cited the U.S.'s Tay-Sachs program as an ideal program. "Prior to screening in 1970, between 50 and 1,009 children were born annually in North America with Tay-Sachs Disease. In 1980, only 13 children in North America were born with the disorder. Cost-benefit studies performed on different communities' experience with Tay-Sachs screening along with prenatal diagnosis have demonstrated its cost savings potential. "(pg. 53)

Since there is no known treatment or cure for Tay-Sachs disease — in the womb or out — only the abortion of affected preborn children would make the Tay-Sachs program "cost-saving."

Remember Dr. Salisbury's complaint and the HSF "Health by Death" ethic the next time you read the MOD'S Position Paper on "Search and Destroy" approaches: "...The MOD does not ally itself with those who view abortion as a means of reducing society's cost for care of the handicapped, or as a means of 'purifying the gene pool.' "

Tuesday, April 12, 2011:
J is for Justice for the Unborn

Since the pro-life battle with the MOD began in the early 1970s, the movement has been virtually unanimous in its support of an MOD boycott. In 1978, the International Foundation for Genetic Research, popularly known as The Michael Fund, was formed to support pro-life genetic research under the direction of the world famous geneticist. Dr. Jerome Lejeune.

One of the few pro-life groups which has supported the MOD is American Citizens Concerned For Life. The ACCL defense paper, which was written by its Program Director, Raymond J. Di Blasio, Ph.D., is still widely circulated by the National Office, field staff and chapter administrators of the MOD to discredit pro-life critics.

According to Di Blasio, "...the March of Dimes' good deeds speak for themselves, and I feel some outrage that ideological zealots eager to invent new enemies should have forced this noble enterprise to defend its honor."

"Occasional misgivings...concerning the supposedly doubtful character of the March of Dimes," Di Blasio states, are "one of those despicable, utterly unfounded misconceptions that clings all the more stubbornly to some minds when it is forcefully reflected."

"As to amniocentesis" the ACCL director stated, "it is a dead issue to both ethicists and medical technicians; the primary question these days is the (medical) safety of its administration. BESIDES, THE BIG NEWS THIS MONTH IS THAT AMNIOCENTESIS IS ABOUT TO BE SUPPLANTED BY AN EASIER, SAFER TECHNIQUE." (emphasis added)

Di Blasio is of course making reference to chorionic villus sampling — the first trimester PND technique practiced on to-be-aborted women, developed and promoted by the MOD, and more dangerous than amniocentesis, and which has as its sole claim to fame, that it permits earlier abortion of affected preborn children. Unfortunately, these affected children have no multimillion — dollar public relations department to plead their case, but they should at least be able to obtain justice from those who call themselves "pro-life."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011:
K is for Kazazian

In 1984, Dr. Haig H. Kazazian of Johns Hopkins University, a long time MOD grantee and nationally recognized advocate of eugenic abortion was one of the first MOD grantees to receive MOD clinical research funds of $35,000.00 "to explore the safety and utility of first trimester diagnosis of hereditary anemias and other disorders, by gene analysis of chorionic villus samples."

During this time period. Dr. M. Golbus of the University of California (SF) received $50,000.00. Well-known prostaglandin-abortionist Dr. Maurice J. Mahoney of Yale also received $35,000.00 for CVS grants for developing a PND technique which would permit the First trimester abortion of affected pre-born children.

Moving into the 1990s, the MOD continues to pursue its dream of a first trimester, safe and simple prenatal test by awarding Dr. Kazazian with a more recent (89-90) Clinical Research Grant of S50.000.00 to refine and apply methods of "enabling accurate, timely prenatal and carrier diagnosis" for Beta-Thalassemia, Hemophilia A, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Cystic Fibrosis — none of which are treatable disorders in-utero.

Thursday, April 14, 2011:
L is for Lymphocytes

From the early 1970's to the present time, the MOD has demonstrated a special interest in non-evasive, simple and safe early prenatal diagnosis techniques to supplement or replace mid-trimester amniocentesis, thus shifting the abortion timetable of affected children from the second to first trimester of pregnancy.

One such MOD grant was awarded to Dr. A. de la Chapelle of the Department of Medical Genetics of the University of Helsinki, Finland for the isolation/purification of human fetal lymphocytes found in maternal blood to determine fetal genetic diseases early in pregnancy.

It is instructional to note before hand that the de la Chapelle grant had been preceded by the controversial Adam grant of $9,240.00 (7374) which covered travel expenses to Helsinki and lab and technician costs for fetal brain metabolism studies on living, human babies aborted by hysterotomy (and still attached by the umbilical cord to the mother) who were decapitated and their heads mounted on perfusion equipment by Adam and his colleagues. According to Arthur A. Gallway, MOD V.P. for Development, (1) the "research" was "done legally and ethically under Finnish law" (2) "the investigators did not participate in the decision to terminate pregnancy" and (3) "they were concerned with the ethics of discarding such fetal tissue without seeking to find ways to improve the life and health of live born premature infants." (Emphasis added)

Having experienced considerable pro-life flack over the Adam severed heads grants, it seems incredible that the MOD should turn around and award de la Chapelle research funds for fetal blood experiments involving more aborted babies.

Nevertheless, according to grant data published by de la Chapelle and associates in San. J. Immunol., (vol. 6, 1977) and credited to the NF/MOD (No. 1-405) and the Sigrid Juseluis Foundation, cell sources for the experiment were obtained from both maternal blood samples and "BY OPEN-HEART PUNCTURE OF 10 WEEK FETUSES THAT HAD BEEN ABORTED FOR VARIOUS REASONS, NOT CONNECTED WITH FETAL DISEASE..." (i.e. healthy unwanted babies).

Friday, April 15, 2011:
M is for Minors and Abortion

The 1989 MOD Position Paper "on Promotion of Abortion to Minors" (p. 14) states that MOD "educational materials prepared for use by minors, not present abortion as a way of dealing with teenage pregnancy," and that a number of MOD cooperative programs..."not on matters related to abortion...are specifically designed to restore and support parental guidance."

Left unsaid however, is that the MOD does promote pro-abortion materials produced by others.

For example, in its Professional Education Catalog under Perinatal Publications (p. 16), the MOD offers FREE Adolescent Perinatal Health: A Guidebook for Services, prepared by an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Task Force which included GABRIEL STICKLE, MOD V.P. for Education.

When the ACOG report was released in 1979-80, the MOD featured the guidebook in its Maternal/Newborn Advocate as "A positive approach toward improving health care for adolescents under age 17..." even though the rabidly pro-abort report endorsed first and second trimester abortion for minors without parental consent and a full range of contraceptive and abortifacient services, including "post-coital treatment." (p. 24-26)

On the educational front, the MOD has brought eugenics and abortion into the classroom and biology and science labs of American schools through its funding of the openly pro-abort Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) based in Boulder, Colorado.

Saturday, April 16, 2011:
N is for NOAPP (National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting)

The MOD has been funding NOAPP — a pro-abortion, pro-school based clinic agency — since 1983. NOAPP lobbies "reproductive rights" heavily on Capitol Hill.

MOD grants include an initial $1,000 PHE grant (83-84) for the production of a NOAPP newsletter with subsequent grants to publish the newsletter, and a CEG of $20,000 (1/1/90-12/31/90) for a series of training workshops on adolescent pregnancy program evaluation.

On March 25-27, 1985, the MOD co-sponsored and co-funded an adolescent pregnancy seminar titled "Inventing The Future," which included on its faculty, Mary Hughes, MOD V.P. for Community Affairs and NOAPP Advisory Council Member. Included in the "New Futures" Summary Report were numerous anti-life references and scenarios promoting school based clinics, compulsory population control, homosexuality, birth control ads and divorce.

Monday, April 18, 2011:
O is for Orwellian Newspeak

For an explanation of what is meant in MOD genetic circles by the phrase "therapeutic research" we quote Dr. Henry Foster, who served on the MOD'S Medical Service Advisory Committee in the early 1980's (the committee that reviews grant applications for funding of MOD medical service grants):

Having stated he personally had done "a lot of amniocentesis and therapeutic abortions, probably near 700," Dr. Foster defended fetoscopic research to detect thalassemia prenatally as "clearly therapeutic" since "it was done for the same reasons that we do amniocentesis, to decide whether or not the pregnancy should continue, and to provide a therapeutic abortion..."

Similar examples of Orwellian Newspeak can be found in much current MOD prenatal diagnostic literature.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011:
P is for Pope Blesses MOD???

One of the MOD'S top public relations schemes occurred in the summer of 1984 when the MOD published its Volunteer Newsletter featuring a cover picture of Pope John Paul II and headlined "Pope sends Blessing and Gift to the March of Dimes."

In actuality, the alleged gift of $2,000 was a personal gift of a Vatican Bank official to an old friend who was being honored at a MOD fund-raising dinner in Hartford, Conn. Likewise, the Papal Apostolic Blessing was secured by the same Vatican official from the Rome offices which issue such honorariums.

The "financial donation" and "blessing" were given to the MOD —

• Despite the fact that the Holy Father has repeatedly condemned "neo-natal euthanasia" when the discovery of a prenatal deformity is the equivalent of a death sentence.

• Despite the fact that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has condemned "any directive or program, ..of scientific organizations which in any way were to favor a link between prenatal diagnosis and abortion."

After the post-publicity dinner, the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio reputed the inference that the MOD has received "official church approbation."

The Volunteer cover was kept in circulation until the MOD National Office ordered its chapters to remove it from circulation in 1989-90.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011:
Q is for Question: What are "Genetic Services"?

"Innovation" and "leadership" are the words the MOD uses to describe its role in supporting "genetic services."

One of these "innovative" genetic service centers is the Prenatal Genetics Clinic for Prenatal Diagnosis and Consultation/Wisconsin Clinical Genetics Center located at Rockford Memorial Hospital. The Rockford/University of Madison genetics complex has been the recipient of thousands of MOD dollars in the form of Basil O'Connor, Clinical and Basic, Social and Behavioral and Reproductive Hazards in workplace grants.

In December, 1980, Renata Laxova, M.D., of the WCGC unleashed the ugly truth about the eugenics war on the pre-born at Madison in a Pediatrics article titled "Prenatal Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases" (p. 66- 76). Mid-trimester amniocentesis or fetoscopy combined with pregnancy termination of affected children to eliminate pre-born children with (1) chromosomal disorders (2) neural tube defects (3) metabolic disorders (4) sex linked blood or muscular and other inheritable disorders were "grossly underutilized," complained Laxova. Included in the comprehensive genetic services program are late abortions "complicated" by live births, which have made Madison General Hospital and the University of Wisconsin Hospital the scenes of numerous pro-life pickets.

Despite bad press, MOD monies have continued to pour into Madison, including a $10,800 (84-85) grant to spread the positive message of eugenics to clergy, teachers, professionals and the public, statewide. However in 1983, more "live births" complications inspired the possibility of revising late abortion killing procedures.

At the Genetics Center of Baylor College of Medicine, another MOD institution grant center, "In the circumstance of a lethal (sic) diagnosis PAST 24 weeks, pregnancy termination can be registered by our institutional review mechanisms..."

Thursday, April 21, 2011:
R is for Right-To-Life

The contempt which National Officers and Staff of the MOD have exhibited toward pro-life critics is reflected in the now famous VOSS Memorandum circulated from the MOD'S Public Relations Department to all chapters nationwide in 1975-76.

Titled "Pro-Life Agitation," the internal memorandum was designed to counter "Pro-Life Resistance" to the MOD'S growing eugenic policies.

Interestingly, the memorandum features the familiar argument that prenatal diagnosis is not a "search and destroy mission," but rather "life-saving." Where did this rationale originate? The answer is — with a pro-abortionist.

In the early 70's, prior to Roe vs. Wade, the MOD financially underwrote and co-sponsored a symposium on ‘Advances in Human Genetics and Their Impact on Society’ featuring a number of key eugenicists who publicly hailed the "enormous" humanitarian gains of PND combined with selective abortion of affected children. According to Dr. M. Neil Macintyre, of Case Western, "Incongruous as it may seem to some readers, prenatal genetic evaluation, coupled with therapeutic abortion to eliminate a defective conceptus, is both a life-giving and a lifesaving procedure."

However, as pro-life ethicist Prof. Arthur J. Dyck of Harvard has pointed out: "To decide that a given set of diseases is to be eliminated by elimination of the diseased, is one of the principles on which programs of eugenics and euthanasia rest."

Further, Dyck remarks, if both physician and society should "be impartial" regarding eugenic abortion, "What advocate is left for defenseless Life?"

Friday, April 22, 2011:
S is for S.K.A.T. (Sex, Knowledge and Attitude Test)

In 1980, the MOD awarded a $25,974 Public Health Education Grant to Dr. Peggy Smith, Population Program of Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX to provide funds "for the development and implementation of a teacher training kit for Parenting Education" (emphasis added) as part of MOD'S program "to protect maternal and newborn health."

Fourteen public school teacher trainees underwent a nine-week, 72 hour, sexual attitudinal desensitization and restructuring program, after which they taught 35 teachers in a 48 hour class setting. Evaluation of both trainers and trainees involved the use of various S.K.A.T. tests including the Autoeroticism Scale, the Abortion Scale, and the Sexual Myths Scale.

A significant shift toward more "liberal" view, especially toward masturbation and other sexual perversions was reported.

According to the project director, the proposed pyramid training model "maximizes opportunities for future project replications," was "cost-effective," and could be used as "a model for school based staff development programs in human sexuality."

Saturday, April 23, 2011:
T is for Tay-Sachs

Tay-Sachs Disease (TSD) is a fatal inborn metabolic disorder which primarily affects children of Ashkenazi Jews. In the early 1970s, it was the first disorder which met the key criteria for prototype “search and destroy" (S&D) programs for untreatable, recessive autosomal disease.

In 1975, the MOD co-funded the first International Conference of Tay-Sachs Disease: Screening and Prevention, and its local chapters notified area physicians that TSD could be prevented "since intrauterine diagnosis of an affected fetus could be legally followed by termination of pregnancy."

The MOD has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into TSD genetic services and research programs, the largest single recipient being pro-abortionist and MOD National Advisor, Dr. Michael M. Kaback of UCLA.

In the 1980s, the TSD — S&D operations continued with MOD grants to such institutions as the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School "to test a new visual method for diagnosis, carrier detection, and prenatal detection of disorders such as Tay-Sachs and Gaucher Disease." (7/1/84-6/30/85) (7/1/87-6/30/88)

Monday, April 25, 2011:
U is for Understanding

The key to unraveling the mystery of the March of Dimes lies in an understanding of the role that money and public relations play in the success and survival of powerful national health agencies such as the MOD.

According to Dr. Herbert Ratner, editor of ‘Child and Family’ and author of "An Untold Vaccine Story", an expose of the Salk Vaccine Fiasco of 1955:

"To be realistic, the success of national health agencies, and the tenure of their top administrators, depends heavily on the talent of their public relations divisions and for the most part, is measured by the amount of funds garnered from the public...appearance, good or bad, premature or otherwise becomes habitual..."

When the agencies make seriously flawed decisions, says Dr. Ratner, and reputations and even the preservation of the organization is at stake, "the pressure and the temptation to cover up is intense," even when actual human lives are at stake.

The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions' 1962 American Character Critique of American Medicine captured the essential character of over publicized, media-type tactics of such agencies as: "Mass manipulation by hand-selected, well-subsidized, overly committed scientists backed by powerful public relations departments of wealthy national health agencies."

The recommendation of Dr. Ratner is that one become "less innocent and more sophisticated in regard to the trustworthiness of mass programs sponsored and supported by national health agencies, the alleged guardians of our health."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011:
V is for Villus as in Chorionic Villas Sampling (CVS)

CVS is a new prenatal diagnostic technique which can be performed between the 9th-11th week of pregnancy for direct chromosomal and biomedical studies. According to the MOD's head of CVS studies, Laird G. Jackson of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, CVS is preferable to mid-trimester amniocentesis, performed at 16 weeks gestation because, "Clearly, it would be preferable to identify genetic abnormalities before the 12th week of gestation, so that patients could opt for first-trimester termination of pregnancy, which is simpler, safer and less psychologically stressful than the mid-trimester procedure."

As with fetoscopy, Laird stated: "Our initial experience with chorionic villus sampling was obtained from a group of 60 volunteers who underwent the procedure immediately before termination of pregnancy."

According to another MOD grantee, Dr. Mitchell Golbus, it is "very necessary" for doctors attempting CVS to practice on TBA patients first.

The Jackson statements were taken from an article by Dr. Jackson titled, "First-Trimester Diagnosis of Fetal Genetic Disorders" (Hospital Practice, April 15, 1985), sent to this writer by Richard P. Leavitt, head of Corporate Communications for the National Office of the MOD in White Plains, New York.

In still another of its public relations schemes, the MOD press release on CVS dated 4/15/84, claims that "safe first-trimester diagnosis of genetic disorders MAY make it possible to intervene and treat problems before damage is done in the womb. [Emphasis added] The March of Dimes supports research on chorionic villus sampling and the Philadelphia registry in an effort to determine the risks and applicability of the new procedure." MOD'S reference to future therapy is ludicrous when one understands that the sole selling point of the more dangerous CVS procedure is that it makes possible an earlier eugenic abortion — the ultimate damage to the child in the womb.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011:
W is for W.H.O. — U.N. World Health Organization

The belief that first and second trimester prenatal diagnosis for untreatable disorders such as Tay-Sachs or Down syndrome is inextricably linked to abortion of suspected affected pre-born children can be validated at the international level by the action of the W.H.O.

A report titled ‘Prevention and Control of Genetic and Congenital Defects’, published in 1984 by the Pan American Regional Office of WHO, under the section dealing with the Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) testing for neutral defects (a test actively endorsed by the MOD and in effect at MOD-financially established genetic centers across the U.S.), reads:

"This primary prevention measure [i.e. AFP testing and amniocentesis] is already being applied voluntarily in countries with organized prenatal care programs and WHERE THERE IS THE LEGAL OPTION TO ABORT ABNORMAL FETUSES IN THE 2ND TRIMESTER. The technique is simple and the cost-benefit ratio very favorable." Listed as the first requirement for an effective AFP program was "Legislation permitting the interruption of pregnancy when the fetus is abnormal." (p. 12)

Thursday, April 28, 2011:
X is for X-Linked Disorders

The MOD has stated it does not support mid-trimester prenatal diagnosis for sex selection purposes, but this is not quite true.

Because of the relatively high risk of fetal loss following fetoscopy to detect sex-linked disorders such as hemophilia or Duchenne muscular dystrophy, an "alternative" genetic strategy has been to use amniocentesis or chorionic sampling to determine the sex of the fetus, and then abort all the males since there is a 50% chance the male offspring of a female carrier will develop the disease with the female offspring (at the same percentage) being only carriers.

According to Dr. Stylianos E. Antonarakis of Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Pediatrics, "We certainly can reduce the cases of hemophilia by two-thirds, perhaps 250 cases a year, if all the women who have an affected fetus elected to abort."

In "Guidelines for the Ethical, Social and Legal Issues in Prenatal Diagnosis," a $17,000 MOD study by the pro-abort think-tank known as the Hastings Institute, the Institute's Genetics Research Group recommended that "Prenatal ascertainment of sex in fetuses at risk for otherwise un-diagnosable sex-linked disorders should be available to parents who want it..."

Regarding sex selection across the board, the Hastings Report, which was sent to all MOD field staff, science writers and family interest editors throughout the U.S., concluded that "although we strongly oppose any movement aimed at making diagnosis of sex and selective abortion a part of ordinary medical practice and family planning. WE RECOMMEND THAT NO LEGAL RESTRICTIONS BE PLACED ON ASCERTAINMENT OF FETAL SEX..."

The MOD has funded research grants also to discover the gene marker for hemophilia B as a basis for PND (Jagadeeswaran-pudur $25,000: 9/11/84-8/31/85 & $20,830: 9/1/86-87) and for gene carrier tests for women carrying the gene for hemophilia A or B. (R. Janco, $15,000: 1/1/90-12/31/90)

Friday, April 29, 2011:
Y is for Yale-Harvard Medical Underground

Since the early 1970s, there has existed among various MOD-funded university-based genetic medical complexes a type of "medical underground," which co-operates at a number of levels to provide various types of research assistance — for example, supplying fresh human fetal tissues, blood or organs — to their colleagues in need.

A very rare opportunity to witness the activities of this underground was provided in the Feb. 2, 1977, issue of Medical Tribune in an article titled "Fetal Research Continued Despite Hysteria."

In an exclusive interview with Medical Tribune (p. 1-25), Dr. David Nathan, professor of Pediatrics at Harvard University, a MOD grantee and current national MOD advisor, disclosed how his fellow MOD-funded colleague, Dr. Blanche Alter and their fetologic hemoglobinopathy team, "master-minded a plane and bus shuttle of blood samples and patients and an interprofessional axis between London, New Haven and Boston in order that “knowledge go on, vital clinical testing go on, and when necessary, abortions go on.”

Through their fetoscopic trials, Nathan claimed, they have given the hematologic green light to abortions all over the world...

Dr. Nathan said, "I told the Right-To-Life group here...there was no way to pass a law to stop us...You can't stop knowledge."

About the same time of the Medical Tribune interview, Nathan defended the policies of the National Foundation/March of Dimes against "attacks by 'Pro-Life' or 'Right-To-Life'" groups in a special issue of the Villanova Law Review on "Research on the Fetus." Here Nathan warned that "because the foundation supports research on the developing fetus, it became the object of utterly mindless calumny."

Going into the 1990s, there is sufficient information to support the belief that the "underground" described by Nathan is alive and well today among MOD-funded researchers.

Saturday, April 30, 2011:
Z is for Omega — The End

Perhaps the most frequently asked question concerning the National Foundation/March of Dimes' role in spreading the gospel of eugenics is this — How did it happen? When did the MOD take the wrong turn in the road?

A similar question was raised in the final scene of the MGM movie classic ‘Judgment at Nuremberg’, based on the war trials of key Nazi leaders.

One of the convicted jurists (played by Burt Lancaster), expressing his deep regret at his role in the Holocaust, cries out to Judge Dan Hayward (played by Spencer Tracy):

"Those people — those millions of people — I never knew it would come to that. You must believe it! You must believe it!"

Hayward's response was simple:

"It came to that the first time you sentenced a man to death you knew to be innocent."

The answer regarding the beginning of the National Foundation/March of Dimes' role in eugenic killing, which has lead to the death of thousands of innocent pre-born children whose only "crime" was to be suspected of being "less than perfect," is this:

It began the very first time the national leadership of the March of Dimes knowingly gave its assent to the contract killing of handicapped children in the womb.

The rest is history!

Also by Randy Engel:

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
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  1. Well I expected something fantastic from you but I certainly didn't expect all 26 in one go.
    I have all mine up together waiting for each day.

    This was wonderful and enjoyed reading every single one though it took a good while to complete.
    Thanks for an entertaining morning,


  2. Holy Toledo batman did that just happen. Phew... that was a lot to take in. I'm only to C (on my own) and here you've already completed them all. Whoa, too cool.

    Here I was welcoming you to the challenge, going to share that I was a co-host and if you had questions to ask... Apparently I should say CONGRATULATIONS you completed the challenge instead.... what do you think?

  3. I was pleased to see your name on the list. I guess I read this little by little since I've got so many other blogs to visit today.

    I read A-- didn't realize this stuff about March of Dimes, but actually I don't recall hearing anything about this group for years. Guess I've boycotted it since I was a kid when we used to collect dimes in a little folder.

    Hope you make a difference. The post is not fun, but it is relevant and important.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  4. I have absolutely NEVER given to the March of Dimes and I never will. Though I have not known all this info what I have known is the MOD does support abortion and I will never give to an organization that supports abortions.

  5. Hi, Stephen (or whoever you are really). I read all the posting about MOD and its work through the years...believe it or not, I was around at its inception, and did not realize how motivational is has been in the matter of abortion. I am now a boycotter of MOD. Thanks for printing the article! Ruby

  6. YVONNE ~
    Yes, this is a major blog bit to get through. In fact, I myself did not read the whole piece in one sitting when I first encountered it via my friend DiscConnected.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! You're almost always the first to check in with me - I dunno how you do it.

    JEN ~
    Ha! Thanks!
    What do I think?...
    I think anyone who would use the phrase "Holy Toledo, Batman" is AUTOMATICALLY a friend of mine! I will surely check in on your blog soon'z I can.

    Yeah, this information certainly took me by surprise too. Being as staunchly Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion as I am, naturally I knew plenty about Planned Parenthood, and over the years I acquired a fairly good education about this subject from reading material I've received from American Life League (A.L.L.), a Pro-Life Catholic organization that I've donated money to (despite my not being Catholic). But I was definitely maintaining some misconceptions about 'March Of Dimes' and I'm glad our friend DiscConnected found this material and straightened me out.

    Yes, you're quite right, this post is NOT FUN, and in fact, I expect my 'A TO Z' contribution will, as a result, be the least popular of all. But this is a topic that is very important to me, and I'm glad I was able to participate in some way that I find meaningful.

    However... with about 1,000 'A To Z' bloggers, who woulda EVER thunk that I - Stephen T. McCarthy, "The Doggtor Of Goofiness" - would contribute the "LEAST FUN" posting? That's nearly impossible to believe, ain't it?

    BOID, I gotta tell ya, Brother, I am absolutely ASTOUNDED by how big this 'A To Z April Blogfest' of yours has gotten! Man, you've really hit on something super-popular here. Congratulations, my friend. If someone had told me when you first started blogging that Arlee Bird was going to eventually take the Blogosphere by storm by creating a blogfest that would attract 1,000 bloggers, I'd-a said, "Naaaaah. Get real."

    Who knows how big this thing will eventually get?! You may get MORE than "15 minutes" of fame outta this idea, Bro!

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm really glad I found (or, more accurately, "was given") a way to participate in it. You know what's kinda funny?: Last year I started but didn't finish your "A To Z April Blogfest", and this year I finished the whole thing on "Day One"! (I've always been somewhat extremist, with little middle ground to speak of. Ha!)

    Good for you, and GOD bless ya! I have never contributed to 'March Of Dimes' either, that I can recall (other than maybe dropping a little spare change into a drugstore donation container when I was a kid). But it was only by dumb-luck that I've never supported them because I too was unaware of all this information until just last week or earlier this week.

    I'm looking forward to reading your "A To Z" blog bits as the month of April moves along. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am so very, very pleased to learn of your anti-abortion viewpoint!

    GRAMMY ~
    No, I thank YOU for reading all of this and for the position you're taking on it. Our Great God bless you for it!

    I remember visiting your blog during last year's "A To Z April Blogfest" and I will surely visit again this year too! Thanks for commenting.

    Thanks To All For Reading And (In Some Cases) Commenting.

    ~ Stephen

  7. I just want to see you hang yourself with a pink polka-dotted tie.

    I'll lend you one of mine...

    To all readers-even if you do not share the view point Stephen and I do, I hope this will at least convince you to not take the press release on ANYTHING for granted and make sure charities (and politicians, for that matter) are who they claim to be before putting your money in the collection bin.

  8. Allright!!! Damn it!!! This is Nappy, and I have to just maybe, possibly, hmmm, just maybe, allright, admit that you did a pretty good job on this one Stephen. Now get off the computer and clean the living room for a change!!!

    >>...I'll lend you one of mine.

    Which one? The skinny one or the wide one?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. I'm so sorry to hear you really are quitting; you post some great stuff. But well done, and thanks for all the information. I haven't liked MOD since they started spreading idiotic rumors that your boyfriend yelling at you while you're pregnant causes birth defects and that it's abuse. If yelling is abuse I'm in mighty big trouble...except that it isn't. I'll tune in to watch you hang yourself with Disc's tie, too heh. And please don't lose touch even if you're not blogging; good friends don't come that easy.

  11. ANNIEE ~
    Thanks for the great compliment, but don't bury me - I ain't dead yet!

    I'll be back several more times before I'm done. I've got 3 A-List blog bits planned (and perhaps a few minor ones containing a bit of humor, to lighten the mood a shade). And one of the 3 A-Listers is about "ABORTION", so we can still have our previously discussed "comment section dialogue" if you want.

    >>...I haven't liked MOD since they started spreading idiotic rumors that your boyfriend yelling at you while you're pregnant causes birth defects and that it's abuse.

    I long for the "Good Ol' Days" when it wasn't her "boyfriend" yelling at her that caused a pregnant woman's baby to be born with birth defects, but her "HUSBAND" yelling at her that caused it.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  12. Yeah it was strange; they specifically referred to boyfriend and not husband. Which actually was why it bugged me so much because I wasn't married yet at the time even though daughter was on the way. (Been married ever since, though.) Maybe they just didn't want to acknowledge that a married man might yell at his pregnant wife; I really don't know. But I called BS in the WORLD can yelling cause birth defects? You could stand there and scream directly at my stomach for 9 months and there's no discernible reason why the baby would be born with a birth defect :/ ('Course they might be cranky and they COULD be born with congenital Bolshevism or some other condition that would fill you with shame. And rightfully so.)

  13. Stephen and Anniee-

    Shame on you both-they're (MOD) savin' babies!

    What are they savin' em for anyway? Until the economy gets better?

    Stephen, lest you long too much for those gold old days-the boyfriend caused the birth defect by yellin' but she got pregnant from a toilet seat...

    Wonderful post!

  14. ANNIEE ~
    >>...'Course they might be cranky and they COULD be born with congenital Bolshevism or some other condition that would fill you with shame. And rightfully so.

    Yep. Rightfully so.

    >>...the boyfriend caused the birth defect by yellin' but she got pregnant from a toilet seat.

    Yeah, I've heard of that happening. I heard one can catch the "KOOL-AID" from toilet seats also.

    ~ D-FensDogg
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  15. Sadly, no new comments on this post, which certainly has the most "meat" in the A2Z event.

    I just had to walk through a mob of people in our office bulding lobby who are able to balance their Christian beliefs with the March Of Dimes eugenics plan. But they're all chanting "we're saving babies!"

    Yep, just like Hitler was saving Jews.

    Sadly, Americans are willing to invest time in American Idols and can all sing the "Pants On The Ground" song.

    But we won't look past the slogans to see what's really going on in the world.

    Now I know why you're throwing in the blogging towel.


    GREAT comment, man! I couldn't have said it better myself. In fact, I probably couldn't have even said it as well.

    >>...But they're all chanting "we're saving babies!" Yep, just like Hitler was saving Jews.

    Dude, that is a classic line!

    ~ DisgustedDogg2

  17. Wow! How long did it take you to write all these articles. I could barely keep up with writing one post per day! and all of them great topics,too.
    Good job and Great meeting you through the A-Z :)


  18. Thanks, NUTSCHELL!
    Nice meeting you, too.

    ~ D-FensDogg
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