Saturday, May 21, 2011


A smiley face found semi-hidden on Barack “USAP” Obama’s (fake) long-form birth certificate? The lying Marxist’s short-form birth certificate bleeding through the white long-form copy given to the press? The word “VOID” hidden just above the name “Barack” on the long-form copy?

WTF is going on here?

Now I’m forced to revisit that crazy thought that the name of the registrar at the bottom of the long-form birth certificate, UKL LEE, might really have been meant as a Hawaiian-themed “Ukulele” joke for anyone who would catch it. In fact, this whole long-form birth certificate is now beginning to look as if it were truly meant as a joke – a forger thumbing his/her nose at all the “birthers” and having a good ol' laugh. It’s becoming so blatant that one might even be able to make the argument that a person behind the scenes was setting USAP up to be caught!

That ANYONE ANYWHERE could take this long-form birth certificate seriously at this point is preposterous! Even those liberals who don't truly realize that they are Marxists ought to be mad as hell about this now. If liberals had any man-stones, they would be outraged by these latest developments in the 'BO BC Saga'. But, of course, liberals have no man-stones at all - to go right along with the grey matter they don't have.

USAP (and whoever did the actual forging of this document for him) has made a complete mockery and a joke of our Constitutional system. They're actually joking about it right on the very document that was supposed to finally resolve this "Obama birth" question.

So, why aren’t the mainstream media watchdogs barking about this? (You know why, and so do I!)

Hokey-Smoke! This story is getting wilder by the week and is now heading straight for Carnivalville. Something Wacky This Way Comes, and yet the story appears to be the real deal. And in my opinion, this Undocumented Socialist Acting as President, this USAP sonofabitch, should be impeached before noon today!

A "Must-Read":

Computer experts find anomalies embedded in White House release

This one's definitely worth reading too:

Newly found details about birth registration show president's certificate out of sequence

And by the way, although I once cast my presidential vote for Alan Keyes (a Black man), I guess I’m a racist:

~ Stephen T. McRacist

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  1. You ARE a racist!

    Farging racist bastige!

    Shouldn't USAP be the most pissed?

    If this was a forgery he paid for, he obvusly didn't get his money's worth.

    You would think that with more than three years to prepare, this thing would have been spot on!

    A happy face...REALLY? You'd think Mr. and Mrs. Obama's anchor baby boy would have demanded better from his cronies...

    -Gone Ta Kenya

    >> . . . You would think that with more than three years to prepare, this thing would have been spot on!

    Well, in all seriousness, YES, that's CORRECT!

    The Marxist fu#kwads had about 3 years to prepare this document. Although, to be fair, I'm sure that Obama and his fellow Marxist assholes were sure that they would never be REQUIRED to present a long-form birth certificate to the Americonned people (aka "Americonned Assholes").

    However, the combination of 'Bad Hair Decade' Trump's celebrity and various states proposing more stringent proof of a presidential candidate's Constitutional viability, and the growing suspicion about Barack Of#ckwad's place of birth, forced the White House's USAP to come up with SOMETHING.

    Nevertheless, you are correct: as I and others have suggested, it is almost beyond belief that THIS is the best they could present to the Americonned Assholes as proof of his Hawaiian birth.

    Did they REALLY expect that THIS totally OBVIOUS forgery would put an end to the speculation that the 'Asshole in Chief' was not born in Fuckwaii?

    NO! Even those pricks and cunts are not stupid enough to think that this OBVIOUS FORGERY would end the rumors. This was clearly meant to "out" the president, or to add fuel to the fire, or to further antagonize the "birthers".

    Did you read that article? Did you see that "smiley face"? Previously, I was merely skeptical; now, I am fully PISSED OFF! - as should be EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN who gives a flying fuck about this country!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. I'm still not sure of the motive.

    If it's an attempt to discredit "birthers" it seems like he timed it too early (next spring would have been better).

    If it was a rush job to silence The Donald, I'm not sure why he caved under the pressure.

    The machine is not run by fools...but they're doing a good job of concealing their endgame on this one (not THE endgame, mind you-but often I can figure strategy out and this one has me stumped).

    I'm not so pissed off as you, but as I've said before, I'm disappointed in our countrymen and women.

    We deserve better leadership, and people should be outraged, and no one seems to care.

    And that makes me sad.


    Well, as I said in my previous comment, I'm fairly certain that the motive for releasing this phony long-form birth certificate was to quiet Trump and to try to head off at the pass state legislatures that have been threatening to pass laws requiring future presidential candidates to prove their Constitutional viability before their names can be placed on the state ballots.

    So, yes, I do think this was kind of a rush job that Team Obama did not anticipate having to undertake.

    But Trump was making a lot of noise, polls were showing that an increasing number of Americans were skeptical about Obama's Hawaiian birth, and his chances of being reelected would have been greatly hindered if any states really did follow through on their threat to require he show his long-form before having is name printed on the ballot.

    So, the motivation behind this is not such a mystery to me. I think USAP was being gradually backed into a corner and displaying the long-form became a necessity that they originally did not anticipate.

    What I'm about to write will seem kind of screwy, sort of twisted in an illogical way but...

    The fake birth certificate itself does not anger me as much as the smiley face on the fake birth certificate does.

    I mean, these P&Cs - USAP and the sort of people he associates with - are liars. Lying is what they do; it's almost a natural part of their nature. We have to EXPECT them to lie because, to Marxists, lying is simply par for the course.

    So, the fake birth certificate does not surprise me nor make me over-the-top angry, because it's to be EXPECTED from these P&Cs.

    But what pisses me off the more I think about it is that smiley face on the bogus birth certificate. They didn't even have enough respect for us to create a reasonably good forgery - and we were owed that much, I think! "If you're going to lie to us, at least have enough respect for us to lie well!"

    But the birth certificate is so badly, so blatantly falsified, and that smiley face is essentially Team Obama's way of giving us the finger and taunting us. It's as if they're saying, "OK, you want a birth certificate? We'll give you one. We'll crap one out of our butts, mockingly hand it to you, and laugh in your face."

    That's what that smiley face on the birth certificate says to me.

    It also pisses me off that a person or persons behind the scenes in the state of Hawaii (or "Fuckwaii" as I think I'll begin calling it) is obviously helping Obama cover up the fact that he was not born there.

    You know I seldom use the sort of language I have in these comments, so that gives you some idea of just how mad I am about this now.

    And furthermore, although this smiley face is not yet known to a great many Americans, as time goes on, it will become common knowledge, and yet even then, I anticipate that few Americans will care, or experience the righteous indignation that I am currently feeling.

    And that makes ME sad (and mad)!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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