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The real purpose of this blog bit is to direct you to the excellent blog installment “Ralph And Sam Are At It Again”, posted by my friend DiscConnected at ‘Back In The USSR’.

But knowing that you are Americans and accustomed to an entertaining opening act or two prior to the headliner appearing on stage, I have a little bread and a little circus to present you with before you settle in for “a really big show” at ‘Back In The USSR’.

Does anyone remember the ARCHIE BUNKER FOR PRESIDENT campaign back in the early 1970s?

[When I was a kid, we had a mug exactly like this one "in the house".]

Well, here’s a little taste of why that Archie Bunker For President campaign achieved more than fifteen minutes of fame (seventeen and a half minutes, to be precise) :

I found that video at YouTube and I wish to publicly praise Hendrix92TheUniverse for possessing the imagination and creativity to put it together.

Frankly, I would vote for Archie Bunker for president in 2012… if he were still alive.

But seeing as how Archie went to greener pastures some years ago, I have decided to give my vote to Walter, who isn’t dead but is merely deadwood. I mean, think of the advantage: your president can NEVER be assassinated by a gun-toting Leftist nut like Jared Loughner. Let someone like that put a bullet in Walter’s head and it will only piss him off further. Imagine a REALLY grumpy Walter!

Heck, the only way one could assassinate a President Walter is to place termites in his drink or entice him to sleep with a Ms. Piggy, who pretends to fall asleep and then drops a cigarette in his bed before slipping out the window.

My thanks to rusty6of6 for posting that presidential “coming out” announcement at YouTube.

Really, the best of all possibilities would be if Walter chose Ron Paul as his running mate. That way, even if some Demomarxist really did manage to slip Walter a Termite-Mickey Finn or set him up with a cigarette-smoking Ms. Piggy, Ron Paul would take over the Executive Branch of the Federal government: Goodbye Federal Reserve, goodbye deficit, and goodbye un-Constitutional treason!

Well, that’s a good segue into DiscConnected’s excellent blog installment about the Warner Brother’s cartoon featuring Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf.

Click the link below to learn how the American political scene today is similar to an entertaining old school Warner Brother’s cartoon:


~ Stephen T. McCarthy
'The bastard son of Genghis Khan and Ann Coulter'

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  1. I'll check out Radical Larry's post. I never watched much Archie back in those days, but he sure made some good points.

    Tossing It Out

  2. BOIDMAN ~
    You didn't watch "All In The Family"? ...Sheesh!

    I'm now in the process of collecting every season on DVD. That was one of the best TV shows ever, and Archie was, in my opinion, television's all-time greatest character.

    And bear in mind that first and foremost, I'm an "Andy Griffith Show" fan!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Thanks fer the plug, McDogg!

    Sorry-I already have a Ron Paul sign on my front lawn (check out my car as well) or I'd consider stumping for Walter.



    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. Excellent; I'm glad you did post these (since you'd said you were going to if I didn't, I waited for yours lol). Interestingly enough, the one you shared with me has actually been making the rounds, but I saw it from YOU first!!! That would be this one -

    So, the conservative bloggers are copying you!!

  6. Archie Bunker. I loved All in the Family and watched it as a kid whenever I could (parents usually made me go to bed ridiculously early - I generally missed "The Family Hour" on television.) When I couldn't watch it, I was right near and could listen.

    I can't fail to keep in mind a couple things now - that O'Connor was a communist, and that Bunker was in many ways a straw man for the left. Set up as a comic figure, a clueless but lovable bigot. Yet, he was quite often correct, and connected a lot better than I think Lear believed he would. Could anyone but a kid, as I was, have really related to the meathead? Who else would really think it was RIGHT of him to bring those unmarried hippies into the house and have them flat-out demand to get to stay in spite of the owner's objections? As a kid, you think he's being unreasonable; as an adult you say "Who the hell do they think they are?"

    One interesting and funny thing was that if you pay attention, he never does use the so-called "n" word. The first time it's heard on the show is at the Jefferson's house. George is dismayed by his son's fiancee's parents being a mixed-race couple, and they start fighting. Archie isn't the focus, and he merely keeps quiet and watches the angry scene unfold, laughing. Because this time it isn't him. At one point the husband gets rather insulting, and George tells Weezie, "See! Any minute now he'll be calling her a nigger!"

    Archie is delighted and shocked, saying to Edith, "You hear dat?! I ain't used that woid in tree yea's!"

    Sally Struthers, whose father had I believe passed away, said Carroll was a real father figure, and the scene where he comforts her after her miscarriage was quite authentic.

    The show did jump the shark, probably after Mike and Gloria left, though there were signs before that, like when Mike and Archie got drunk in the basement. Oh, it was moving, but you could see what they were doing. The episodes with Archie doing drugs and Edith almost getting raped were truly excruciating. But there were the Lorenzos and other things to enjoy.

    But yes, a trip back to 704 Hauser Street is always welcome. Pardon me if I stick mostly to early seasons lol.

  7. McANNIEE ~
    >> . . . So, the conservative bloggers are copying you!!

    Ha! That'll be the day. They would have to read me before they could copy me.

    But it is kind of odd if that video clip is currently making the rounds because it was created and posted last October. (I guess it takes awhile for a video catch on.)

    I found it myself at YouTube while doing some searches for YOU. Hmmm.... Maybe the conservatives really do read my blog.


    Yes, Archie Bunker was orginally conceived by socialist Norman Lear to be the show's resident buffoon, and although he was, of course, a bigot and said a lot of ridiculous things, by and large, the silent majority in America loved much of what he stood for and articulated (even when he WAS mispronouncing the words right and left).

    A lot of people in America - those who considered themselves to hold traditional, conservative values - did indeed love Archie and felt that, in some ways, he truly did represent their viewpoint.

    I know this came as a surprise to the show's socialist creator. Archie was never really meant to become the show's hero, in the same way that Bart was supposed to be the most beloved character on The Simpsons, but America had other ideas and embraced Homer instead.

    Yes, "All In The Family" eventually got tired and worn out, and even O'Connor, in my opinion, began to "phone in some of the performances"; he was becoming too predictable in his mannerisms and reactions.

    But for some years, O'Connor gave TV its all-time best acting. And I'm afraid I have to disagree with you about the "Archie And Mike Locked In The Basement" episode ("Two's A Crowd" - Season 8). Yes, the show was well past its zenith at that point, but O'Connor's acting in that episode was extraordinary, and it really gave us some additional, humanistic insight into his character.

    When I began purchasing the Season DVD sets, I made it a point to buy Season 8 first, solely because of "Two's A Crowd".

    'All In The Family'; Season 8 -
    "Two's A Crowd":

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. Excellent analysis, nice.

    Ok, just so it's clear, I love the episode in the basement (there are, IIRC 3?). O'Connor was wonderful, and yes, Rob Reiner is a fine actor himself, with a good sense of comedy. All I'm saying is you could sort of see where Lear was going with it at that point. Archie didn't want to be pitied, IMO. We knew he was human and loved him already, for many reasons.

    "I found it myself at YouTube while doing some searches for YOU. Hmmm.... Maybe the conservatives really do read my blog."

    Haha - I JUST found out from my brother in law how to check my stats, and you know who reads? You and google crawl. So it works out well. (I'm exaggerating but the joke works better that way. See? I ruined it.)

  9. McANNIEE ~
    Has you checked out DiscConnected's blog bit yet? The one I linked to this one? If not, please do when you has the time. It's a weiner. Uhm... I mean, "winner". (Why does everyone have wieners on the brain these days, huh?)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: I used to check out my blog's stats once in awhile, but it got to be too depressing. I don't think I've so much as glanced at the stat page even once in 2011. The lack of comments tells me all I need to know about the size of my wien-- READERSHIP! Damn-it! Did it again!


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