Thursday, June 9, 2011


Think of this blog bit as an addendum to my last blog bit, Friggin’ Fact: Barack “Usap” Obama’s Birth Certificate Absolutely Proven-2-B-A-Forgery!

For a period in the mid-1980s I worked professionally in Inglewood, California, as a sign designer for commercial properties. In fact, a few examples of my handiwork can still be found in and around Los Angeles.

For instance, my sign at a popular eatery in Culver City called Johnnie’s French Dip Pastrami Restaurant on Sepulveda Boulevard still stands.

The big yellow “JOHNNIE’S / We Proudly Feature Vienna Beef Products” sign is one of mine:

As a result of my work designing large signs for businesses, I became very well acquainted with various different typefaces.

Furthermore, I worked for years as a voluntary correspondent for a spiritual organization’s prison outreach program; consequently I wrote countless letters to inmates all across this country. And until just about 10 years ago, I did nearly all of my writing on manual typewriters. A lot of people alive today have never once used a manual typewriter, but I not only used them, I preferred them.

In my lifetime I’ve owned two different heavy Royal manual typewriters and one portable Remington Rand manual, and I have typed hundreds of thousands of words on these various machines. So, I not only have knowledge of typefaces but also have a lot of experience with the joys and frustrations that result from extensive use of old manual typewriters.

Having studied the examples of various typefaces Mr. Paul Irey, a retired professional typographer, found within the supposed “authentic” long-form Barack “USAP” Obama birth certificate, there is not the slightest sliver of emanations of penumbras in my mind that the document is a fraud composed of multiple different typefaces.

I have firsthand experience with every manner of operator and machine error when it comes to manual typewriters (from failing to properly depress the shift key to carriage progression malfunctions) and I can state unequivocally that the most glaring examples in Mr. Irey’s display of inconsistencies in the Obama birth certificate are not results of machine imperfections nor operator errors. Let’s look closely at some of them:

E - #s 11 & 176: Note the different angles of the serifs at the bottom extension. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but those are unquestionably two different angles and not a result of excess inking on one of the letters.

a - #s 23, 56, & 130: Focus on the inner closed "stomach" portion of the "a". They are clearly different shapes, thus they are different typefaces.

e - #s 25 & 67: Notice how the "crossbar" on number 25 angles upward slightly, while the "crossbar" on number 67 runs straight across. If those two letters were struck by the same typewriter, the ONLY way you could get the upward angle on #25 is if you were to loosen the paper from the platen in the machine and tilt the paper slightly. And why would a typist do such a thing? In my opinion, this is one of the most blatant proofs that the birth certificate was assembled using text from a variety of other sources.

i - #s 58 & 63: Again you have a difference in the angle of the serifs up at the top, just below the dot.

t - #s 66 & 186: Examine the space created by the "hook" at the bottom of those letters. 66 turns upward in a nice, evenly rounded manner, while the upward turn of the "hook" on 186 is much sharper - not coming to a point exactly, nevertheless "angled" rather than "rounded". These are obviously letters from two different typewriters.

There are so many flaws in the long-form Barack Obama birth certificate, running the gamut from the chronologically incorrect registration number in relationship to the birth certificates of the Nordyke twins, to the computer layering effect of the document displayed on the White House website, to the smiley face and the “TXE” misspelling in the Alvin T. Onaka rubber stamp, to the multiple typefaces found within the inserted information on the document, that it seems almost preposterous to assume anything other than that someone worked determinedly, diligently, doggedly – and every other “d-ly” way – to ensure that Obama’s birth certificate would appear as fraudulent as possible!

In other words, it’s nearly impossible for me to believe that this document was falsified with the intent of fooling people. Could anyone REALLY do this bad a forgery job inadvertently?

And why would so many different typeface characters of the same letters be used? Theoretically, all one would need is one example of each letter of the alphabet (upper and lower case) and one example of each numeral 0-9 and a set of punctuation marks. All of which could be extracted from one, or at most two, authentic 1961 Hawaiian birth certificates. So why the plethora of typefaces utilized in the construction of this one fake document?

Which causes me to reiterate my earlier speculation that the person who undertook the job of forging this birth certificate on behalf of the Marxist in Chief was in fact blowing the whistle on the presidential impostor. As it stands right now, it seems to me that the secret intent of whomever put this phony document together may have been to “out” Barack Obama. I know it's never wise to underestimate the stupidity of Dumb-O-Crats, but even a Dumb-O-Crat isn’t so dumb that he or she couldn’t do a better job than this of forging a birth certificate. Right?

Mark my words, there is a great story behind the story and someday the hidden facts of it will be common knowledge.

The multiple typefaces found in the Barack “USAP” Obama birth certificate are not so much a “smoking gun” but more closely resemble a “confession of guilt”.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. I was confused at first-how do Vienna Beef products tie in with USAP's birth certificate?

    Then I realized that perhaps the hot dog manufacturers were behind this.

    Then I got to thinking-is the Texas cattle industry involved?

    I put it to you, McDogg-perhaps the conspiracy cuts into the entire agricultural industry!

    And let's not even talk about the dairy industry-anybody whose product life cycle ends with a guy delivering milk to your door has gotta be in on something!

    Is Obama responsible for crop circles?

    Scully, how deep does this go?

    Oh wait...this is really about the typeface, huh?

    Never mind...

  2. Since I already made a hot dog joke, I'll have to agree that this evidence is much more compelling than the smile in the "A".

    I felt Irey needed to say that the other birth certificates he examined all matched (within the document)-he does imply it.

    But near the bottom, he says what I would have led with-no two typewriters, even of the same make and model, will type any given letter exactly the same.

    The article does mislabel exhibit 4, right? These are letters from other certificates, not O'Kenya's? If the second set of two capital "A's" from Ex 4 were in Anchor Boy's certificate, not even CNN would be able to argue this one.

    But I still think we're getting four more years.


  3. WHAT?!

    "Mislabeled"? There ain't NOTHING mislabeled in that article! Every single flippin' letter displayed in Exhibit 4 comes directly from Marxist Kenya Phucker's long-form birth certificate as displayed on the White House website!

    And as foul as those capital "A"s look, they aren't even the most obvious examples of multiple typefaces. The worst trangressors are those I pointed out, and for the very reasons that I pointed them out.

    But you're right, we are certainly getting four more years of Marxist Kenya Phucker's presidencey IF... the Republican party runs either of the two chicks or Newt "CFR" Gingrich.

    If they run someone else like, say, Mitt Romney, it will be too close to call. Brother Nappy says Romney would have no chance against USAP, but Brother Nappy is... WRONG!!

    He thinks the Mormon association will kill his chances, but that seems pretty silly to me. At one time, it was also thought that JFK had no chance due to his Catholicism. Tell that to the history books!

    If a semi-Black Marxist from Kenya pretending to be a Christian can be elected president, it's just preposterous to think that a White RINO Mormon can't be!

    Of course, if Romney IS elected president, it just means four more years of Elitist corruption and un-Constitutional government for the USA, so it hardly matters whether it's USAP or RINO.

    But... Obama is VERY BEATABLE, provided the Repugnantcans offer up the correct candidate.

    Which, of course, is precisely why the Repugnantcans will likely make certain that the incorrect candidate is on the "R" ticket. Running Bachmann, Palin, or Gingrich will equate to running McCain in '08 (i.e., deliberately throwing in the towel and throwing the election).

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. The narrative above exhibit 4 makes it sound like those items are not from USAP's BC-I've quoted the text below:

    "To make the point even clearer, Irey annotated differences in typefaces that he felt made the argument the Obama birth certificate released by the White House on April 27 was a composite document constructed by extracting letters as needed from various authentic 1961 Hawaiian birth certificates that had originally been typed on different typewriters, as seen in Exhibit 4"

    However, the label on Exhibit 4 reads "Exhibit 4: Comparison of enlarged letters in Obama's document"

    They both can't be right.

    Of the A's I am referring to, one has the bottom of the triangle at a severe angle-I could not find that on the certificate.

    To my eye, that is the most easily visible difference.

  5. Belay that last comment!

    I read the text above exhibit 4 as saying Irey pulled these from different birth certificates.

    I printed it and reread and think I originally read right past the word "constructed."

    I am still not seeing the A's I am referring to on the document.

    These are marked as 'different in appearance' on Exhibit 4 (on the fourth row), the one on the left is the one I'm not seeing on the USAP BC.

    Is it there and I'm missing it?

    To my eye, that is the most easily visible difference.

  6. McDISC ~
    Oh, OK, now I can understand why you were misinterpreting what he wrote.

    No, ALL of those letters (typefaces) came from Obama's birth certificate and Irey is simply speculating that all those letters originated with authentic 1961 Hawaii birth certificates and were culled and rearranged in order to construct Obama's (fake) birth certificate.

    It looks to me like the "A"s in question are #215 and #203, found in Exhibit 2 located in the names "Dunham" and "Stanley" respectively.

    It would have helped if they had numbered the letters in Exhibit 4 the same way they numbered them in Exhibit 3.

    Anyway, you can save a picture of Exhibit 2 on your computer and then enlarge it. The many obvious differences in the letters will jump right out at you that way.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. Actually I was looking right at the BC, not exhibit 2, but I see the "A" in Dunham on exhibit 2 has the slant I'm referring to.

    It's just not as obvious on the scan of the BC.

    Of course, I read right past a few words anyway, so what the heck do I know?

    I was better off sticking with the Vienna Beef diatribe.


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