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This month marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing incident. Back on Monday, April 15, 2013, I published a blog bit about it titled IT’S DÉJÀ BLEW ALL OVER AGAIN. That post began with these two paragraphs:

When I learned about this at 1:00 P.M. today, my first thought was: I wonder which government agency or combination of government agencies is responsible for this.

I expect this story to get weirder and weirder as the days, weeks, and months go on. There will be questions. There will probably be few logical answers. Just call it a “hunch” on my part.

In the comment section I wrote this:

I'm certainly not (yet) saying that Uncle Sam was behind this, but... as ALWAYS, Uncle Sam is my first suspect. Let's just say it has something to do with years of in-depth research and a certain Uncle's track record. Experience has taught me that if you make government your Number One suspect, you will eventually be proven right far more than you're wrong.

I spent very little time following up on this story, until these last two weeks. With April 15th approaching, I decided to start digging backwards through the rubble to see what I might find.

I found plenty that confirmed my initial suspicion. But I don’t want to drag you through every particle of dust, so I’m just going to post links to a couple articles that really impressed me quite a bit. Both of these were composed by women – let’s hear it for the ladies!

One thing that has troubled me since the Sandy Hoax Elementary School shooting is the question: Why would Uncle Sam fake it?

I mean, the 9/11 False Flag operation in New York City in 2001 certainly proved that Uncle Sam has no compunction about sacrificing the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent Americans in order to achieve His agenda.

So why would Uncle Sam(e) fake deaths and injuries at Sandy Hook and in Boston rather than just commit the real terrorist act, and not have to worry about “staged carnage” being detected?

Well, at the end of her detailed analysis, Sheila Casey actually proposes a rather logical answer to that question.

By Sheila Casey for ‘VETERANS TODAY: Military & Foreign Affairs Journal

BOSTON BOMBING - Did You Notice This?

And here’s another one worth reading:

This article contains these paragraphs:

My background:  I am an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon.  For many years I was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, the only Trauma Hospital in San Francisco.  For 25 years, I took care of massive injuries from gang wars, explosions, severe motor vehicle crashes, survivors of attempted suicide from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

I am fully qualified to assess the supposed injuries at the total HOAX “bombing” that took place at the Boston Marathon.  And I am not the only one who is writing about this. There are many others who also understand that it was a HOAX!

The documentation for what I have written below is contained in the links given at the end of this article.  Please read those articles and view those videos so you will have some facts – evidence – before you make up your own mind.

Now, I have only explored some of the things linked at the end of this article, so I’m not going to vouch for all of it. Nor am I going to say I agree with Doctor Day about all of her conspiracy (and spiritual) beliefs. But I will say... there’s more to explore if you want to walk through this door.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. Wow. Just wow. I read the first article thoroughly with the accompanying photos taken in real time at the scene. There is no blood. Then there's red stuff too light to be actual blood. And the guy whose legs are blown off should be gushing blood, but isn't, and no one is actively helping him. Of course, no one who really had their legs blown off could live with badly wrapped tourniquets for seven minutes. He would have bled out before that time. No EMT would put someone with severed legs in a wheelchair. The people with the empty gurney wouldn't have rushed by someone in a wheelchair with severed legs. And there would be a blood trail if someone's legs were actually blown off. But there isn't. And the likelihood of the guy remaining conscious after that... not bloody likely.

    1. ROBIN ~
      I was about to give you an "A+" but on second thought... The grade? Fuhgeddaboudit. I think you're ready to teach this class.

      One of the real clinchers for me is seeing photos of bystanders gathered around and concerned about other "victims" while the WORST "victim" - the guy with no legs - just lies there unattended. It's flippin' ridiculous.

      The one thing I've learned since my education began in the very late 1980s or the dawn of the '90s, is this:

      Always suspect Uncle Sam FIRST.
      Make Uncle Sam your first suspect
      and more times than not, you'll eventually be proven wise.

      Of course American "false flag" events go back much earlier than the Oklahoma City bombing, but that was the first one I really studied very seriously. And there have not been many "MAJOR" terrorist acts since that one where I can't find the hand of Uncle Sam.

      Bad, bad, sad, sad Uncle Sam.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    Robin, one last thought before I go to bed (I'm already late for that!) I have not found this mentioned in any articles or videos I've seen, but it occurred to me...

    In the interview with the hero "Cowboy Carlos" after the incident, he displays his bloody American flag. Well, we see it in his hand while he's walking across the fallen fence to get to "Miracle Man".

    But, in the photo where he is helping wheel "Miracle Man" down the street in the wheelchair, where is the flag?

    I don't see it in either hand. And even if it could be seen, is it believable that he'd still he clutching it after having applied something like a tourniquet to "Miracle Man's" stump(s) and wheeled him down the street?

    Did he roll it up and put it in his back pocket so he could create a tourniquet or two? Is that believable?

    So then, the question is... How was the hero "Cowboy Carlos" able to be in possession of that same flag long after the incident, to display it while being interviewed?

    There are 1,001 things about this whole event that don't add up once you start really digging into it.

    In other words... it's total bullshit (as usual).

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Very interesting indeed. The first article is convincing. The video about the tweets is curious although I found some other material on the net that refutes these as being faked.

    I was this would all get settled once and for all and get exposed to a point beyond doubt.

    I wonder what would happen if one of these false flag operations got indisputably expose and blew up all over the media one day. I would expect that there would be congressional hearings that would be widely covered for a few days and then some airliner would disappear or a celebrity would do something weird and the media would forget all about the hearings and be all over the new stuff. The hearings would go on for a long time, people would stop caring, and the congress would stop caring and dismiss it all with some bogus conclusive report that exonerates the government.

    I'd check out more of the links and all but my computer has started running very slow and freezing up and I'm getting sleepy. I think that's all part of some government mind control plot too but I have no idea what to do about that.

    By the way have you checked out any of my song posts at my Wrote By Rote blog. Link is below.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  4. LEE ~
    In all that I have seen, I've yet to find the Boston Globe tweets debunked. If someone can prove that, I'd like to see convincing evidence (after which I would remove that video from this blog bit).

    The only things I've found that question the tweet(s), are challenges regarding the time it (they) occurred, stating that the tweet was referring to another device that the authorities had located AFTER the first two bombs had already gone off. They claim that the tweet was a warning that the bomb squad was going to conduct a controlled demolition of a third incendiary device found in that same area.

    However, the Governor of MA. clearly stated that NO OTHER explosive devices were present other than the two bombs that went off (see the governor's statement below on this Associated Press-released video)...

    Wikipedia is a propaganda site if there ever was one, but even Wiki refutes the rumor that any other bomb was found and detonated by authorities:

    “A number of news reports stated that more bombs had been found nearby and the Boston Police Bomb Squad said they would perform a controlled explosion on the 600 block of Boylston Street, but in the end no other bombs were found.”

    These two sites BELOW claim to have debunked the conspiracy rumor surrounding the tweets, but they have done nothing but introduce more unanswered questions. (You have to carefully examine the debunkers, because many times all they do is muddy the water and give the “appearance” they’ve debunked something when they haven’t really. And everyone who WANTS to believe the conspiracy theorists are wackos, will latch onto the pseudo-debunking, not thinking deeply enough about it to realize that it only brought up more questions).

    You’ll note that they are questioning the timing of the tweets, not their authenticity. And they’re claiming that the tweets referred to a third device that the authorities had found and were going to detonate in a controlled demolition.

    But we already know from the governor’s statement that NO other devices were found, other than the two bombs that did explode.

    So, if the Boston Globe (a local newspaper on the scene at the time; not some West Coast paper getting late-breaking news) tweet was authentic (and I’ve not seen anyone claiming they were faked by someone outside of that local newspaper), and that it did NOT pertain to the original bomb that went off, then were supposed to believe that the bomb squad located a third bomb and was one minute away from detonating it in a controlled environment. BUT, with the device rigged for detonation, and only 60 seconds remaining before they detonated it, someone happened to notice that it wasn’t actually an unexploded bomb after all, and they called the controlled demolition exercise off?

    If there’s something wrong with the way I’ve laid this out, please point it out to me. But this seems to be what we’d be expected to believe IF we believe the governor, and the Wikipedia site, and the authenticity of the Boston Globe tweet(s).

    >>… I wonder what would happen if one of these false flag operations got indisputably exposed and blew up all over the media one day.

    There’s simply no point in speculating on the remainder of your scenario because your initial premise – that the mainstream media would ever expose one of these “false flag operations” – would NEVER happen! The mainstream media is entirely controlled by the Wizards Behind The Curtain.

    No, Brother, I’ve not had time to check out the songs at your ‘Wrote By Wrote’ site, but I’ll get to it soon’z ah can, now that you’ve pointed this out to me.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’


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