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Below are a couple of recent stories I came across at the websites 'POLICE STATE USA' and 'WORLD NET DAILY'. Again we have Uniformed Totalitarian Dogs (aka “Pigs With Badges”) abusing their power and... NOT using their power when they SHOULD! Read on and you'll see what I mean. [For the full stories click the links.]


ALASKA-CANADA BORDER — A group of boy scouts on a back-country excursion were detained, searched, and threatened with arrest after one scout took a photograph of a border patrol agent.  The Scoutmaster says that one of his scouts had a gun pointed directly at his head during the 4-hour ordeal.

The incident occurred earlier this month, when Iowa-based Boy Scout Troop 111 took a drive up to Alaska to do some camping.  Their passage through the American border left the scouts traumatized.

As the four van-loads of scouts and leaders went through a federal checkpoint crossing into Alaska, one of the boys, eager to document his trip, got out his camera.  When a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent witnessed him taking pictures, things grew hostile.

Agents forced the occupants of the van to exit and submit to an extensive search.  They seized the boy’s camera, deleted the pictures, and threatened the minor with imprisonment.

The agent immediately confiscated his camera, informed him he would be arrested, fined possibly $10,000 and 10 years in prison,” said Jim Fox, Scoutmaster of Troop 111, in an interview with KCCI.

Meanwhile all of the occupants of the van were having their personal belongings shuffled through by federal agents.  Hostilities peaked when one scout reached for his luggage without permission.

[The boy] hears a snap of a holster, turns around, and here’s this agent, both hands on a loaded pistol, pointing at the young man’s head,” Mr. Fox recalled.


Police officers in Jackson, Mississippi, are being accused of letting thieves walk away with the property of pro-life activists who were exercising their First Amendment rights on public sidewalks, and a video has been posted to support the claim.

The video shows the activists approaching police and reporting the thefts. An officer, who is holding a drink and appears to be leaning up against a vehicle, states: “I see that. I’m dealing with something right now.”

The video accompanies a lawsuit against the city’s police department over the officers’ behavior.

The complaint was filed by Pro-Life Mississippi and a number of individuals against Police Chief Lindsay Horton, the city and officers Jesse Robinson, James McGowan, Mary James, Marie Hampton, James Ross and Willis Thomas.

The police department refused WND’s request for comment, and the city attorney’s office did not respond to a WND message. [...]

The lawsuit alleges:

In June, there were threats of arrest for exiting a parked vehicle to share pro-life literature on a public sidewalk.

In March, there were multiple threats of arrest and orders that pro-life speakers move.

In February, and in December 2013, there were arrests of people with pro-life signs or literature for sitting in chairs on public property.

Other arrests have been made of people holding pro-life signs.

Charges were dismissed in most cases, and the legal firm said that in some cases, police even refused to inform the courts of the charges.

Also, personal belongings have been confiscated and converted to police use, the claim alleges.

[To see the video, click the link below...]

And then we have these pseudo-conservative clowns at Faux News telling us how wrong it is for citizens to film police officers because... “There’s enough stress on police” already.


It is helpful to examine how the American media subtly influences audiences toward tolerating oppression when they should be resisting it.  Illustrating this point, two major cable news hosts devoted airtime toward denigrating citizen activists’ efforts to hold the government accountable.

The topic of discussion earlier this week on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor was the subject of filming police officers during on-the job duties.  Or, as host Bill O’Reilly describes it, “spying on the police.”

Mr. O’Reilly and guest commentator Megyn Kelly proceeded to attempt to marginalize a group known as Cop Block (, which has dedicated a great deal of effort toward seeking accountability among police officers through the use of cameras.

The two hosts showed nothing but contempt toward the concept of filming police and the individuals who spend effort to do it.

There’s enough stress on police, without these clowns chasing them around,” Mr. O’Reilly sneered.

Gun-toting law enforcement [Cough!-Cough!] officers are largely out-of-control from coast-to-coast! Keep filming them, People!

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. Sheboyganboy SixJuly 25, 2014 at 9:21 AM


    I first read about these Scouts last night, and I was VERY upset for hours. Anyone who says that cops are not out of control is full of s**t up to their eyebrows. OK... perhaps there are a few Constitution-following law enforcement officers here and there, but the whole culture has become more and more "aimed" at demanding immediate obedience to them, personally. Any attempt to reason about this is met with "oh, but they have such a hard job!" or "we all owe a debt of gratitude to our 'first responders.'" BS. They applied for a job of their own volition. The jobs pay well. Their first duty is to protect the rights of the citizenry.

    Now THESE guys were Border Patrol, which at this point is just a joke. (That is not just a cliched saying: they are a literal JOKE! HA HA HA!) Border? What Border? We don't need no stinking Border.

    Tens of thousands of drug mules, terrorists, criminals, escapees from the looney bin, POUR across our southern border every month, and "Border Patrol" leave them alone. And when we don't leave them alone we give them gifts, bus them to hotels around the country, and welcome them (hoping they will join the Democrap party.)

    There IS no problem on the northern border, therefore (like cops everywhere) they strongly enforce laws that either don't matter, matter very little, or don't exist (like punishment for taking photos outdoors in a public place.)

    Scouts are inherently evil, anyway. They are probably right-wingers, and they definitely are definitely discriminatory bastards because they don't allow homosexuals to be in charge of large groups of kids. They probably deserve to have guns pointed at their heads!

    But not those poor underprivileged law-abiding masses from Latin America... or wherever they came from before Mexico!

    Makes me puke, as I said to you last night via the E.

      Excellent, excellent point made by comparing and contrasting the attitudes at our Northern and Southern borders.

      I thought about doing that myself in this blog bit but then thought: Well, there's a good deal of text here already (especially if readers click the links and read the entire articles referenced), and I'm curious to see if anyone else will highlight the difference in the way the borders are "protected".

      So I left that for someone else to say.
      Well said!

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Since most conservatives choose Fox News as their Go-To source for news, that bit on Cop Block was very interesting. It was the gentle persuasion to remind people to not step out of line with cops. That cops have a tough job. That cops are in the right. AND anyone who thinks that cops don't always act in the interest of the people are foolish. That really is media finesse at its best.

    Since I don't watch Fox News all that much I don't know this for certain... but I bet that they didn't cover that story on the Boy Scouts at the Alaskan-Canadian border OR the cops just watching (smirking) while the signs were stolen right in front of them.

    Yeah, I don't watch Faux News either (or ANY TV news program for that matter) but I sure wouldn't bet that those fake conservatives covered those stories either.

    No one can follow blogs like Police State, Police, and Pro Libertate for a year without coming to the conclusion that "MOST" cops are "bad eggs" or "bad apples".

    It's unfortunate that a few "good apples" can't improve the whole bunch.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. All of these stories are horrid, but the one about the Scouts is the most upsetting to me. I mean... REALLY? Boy Scouts??? How clueless could those border patrol dudes be? Never mind. Obviously, they're so drunk on their own sense of self-importance, they don't need no stinking common sense.

    1. Well, you know, SUSAN, one of those 18 Boy Scouts just might have been a terrorist who had infiltrated the troop. Better to hold them up for 4 hours at gunpoint and thoroughly check them all out than be sorry later.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  5. These are weird and disturbing stories.

    The scout story sounds almost like a joke that might appear on a website like "The Onion". Too unreal to want to believe and yet scary that it is true.

    The sign-stealer was totally strange. Seems like Mississippians would be on the pro-life side. I don't think I could have just sat back and watched that guy tote off my signs like that. I wonder if there is another side to the story that we're missing?

    Tossing It Out

    1. LEE ~
      The Scout story is not only true, but if you followed some of the Police-related websites I do for any length of time you would discover just how commonplace stories like that have become over the last 15 years or so.

      The Sign-Stealing video does not strike me as being so strange, although at one time it certainly would have.

      For one thing, I think you need to abandon those long ago established generalizations about certain areas being primarily one way or another (e.g., conservative, liberal; pro-life, pro-abortion; gang-infested, gang-free; illegal alien-infested, illegal alien-free, etc.) because while those generalizations used to hold basically true, they no longer do.

      [If you recall, in 2010 I made a trip to Appleton, Wisconsin, to honor, and pay my respects to, and show my appreciation for Senator Joe McCarthy. I was ASTOUNDED to see how many illegal immigrants were in that little Podunk town! That's when I KNEW that the government statistics on the number of illegals in this country was absolute bullshit, understated by probably two and a half times. ...Of course the first thing some dumbshit, logic-avoiding Liberal would axe me is: "How did you KNOW they were in this country illegally?" Well, the fact that they were in Whiteville Nowhereburg, Wisconsin, and couldn't speak a lick of English was a pretty damned good clue... to anyone who can think with a lick of intelligence... which excludes most Liberals... of course.]

      The anti-Christ spirit is alive and well EVERYWHERE in America today.

      As for the sign-stealing, it wasn't just one guy. The video clearly shows at least three different guys (two White and one Black) walking off with the signs.

      And I agree with you that I wouldn't be able to just stand by and let that happen. There would have been a fight, and I would have thrown the first eight punches.

      Some people in the Comment Section of that video criticized the pro-life people for allowing that to happen. When it became clear the cops were just going to stand by and watch it happen, the commenters felt that the pro-lifers should have dispensed justice themselves in a physical way.

      I KNOW I would have, but then I don't claim to be an "orthodox" Christian, nor even a good example of whatever sort of Jesus-follower I am.

      But the pro-lifers were in a lose-lose situation. The cops weren't going to protect their property, and if they decided to do it themselves and a fight erupted, it was a foregone conclusion that the cops would have lied and said the pro-lifers started it, and arrested them.

      As I said, anti-Christ is alive and living large in the USA today, and that anti-Christ spirit is thriving just as well in police departments across the country.

      None of this should surprise you, since it was all recorded many years in advance in the very Bible you own and read.

      "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  6. I don't get your problem here. Everyone knows that Boy Scouts are homosexuals, which makes them pinko Commie bastards.

    And with all those merit badges, they are probably skilled survivalists-terrorists in the making.

    Those cops were simply being cautious.

    On a serious note, it amazes me that the management pool for police organizations is obviously as bad as it is.

    They should have learned after the King fiasco, which was before EVERY PERSON IN AMERICA had a PORTABLE CELL PHONE CAMERA.

    Everything they do is under a microscope.

    Even the officer on the break (drinking a drink). Without the whole story, it's hard to tell whether the theft was happening right at that moment or not-even if not (I doubt it would be news if that were the case, though), he still needed to find a better way to communicate that he would deal with if after his break.

    No question there are some bad cops out there. But even the good ones need to be coached on how to behave in a world where everything you do and say is being recorded by someone...

    And while I would agree with O'Reilly that being a police officer is a stressful job, that does not excuse the behavior.

    You want to limit your potential of ending up on the news?

    Learn how to behave!

    1. LC ~
      I get all the sarcasm 'n' all but...

      A cop is never "officially" on a break. If there's a crime that needs to be responded to, the break ends IMMEDIATELY.

      That actually applies to most security officers as well. For example, where I work, the ONLY department personnel who AREN'T required to "clock out" (i.e., pause their hourly wage) for breaks and lunch time are the Security Department personnel. Reason being that at any moment when duty calls, we must walk away from our break or meal and respond to the business at hand. (It doesn't always, or even often, happen that we must walk away from our meal, but it DOES happen from time to time. Bottom line, police and security work trumps break-time every time.)

      So, there was NO EXCUSE for the cop to ignore the crime (whether in real time or not) and continue drinking his beverage.

      Furthermore, in that video, one of the pro-lifers complains to a female cop that those thieves are walking off with their signs and you can clearly hear her reply: I'm watching.

      That alone answers the question about whether the crime was being reported to the assholes... uhm... 'scuse me... the "pigs" in real time or not.

      [And don't even get me started on the topic of female pseudo-cops, because I'm Politically Incorrect enough as it is!]

      And, incidentally, being a cop is not nearly as stressful as the cops want us to believe it is. I've been on countless police ride-alongs in my day and most of them are real snoozefests.

      I'll agree that cops deal with idiots on a regular basis, but that's just part of the job and if they can't handle it without losing their patience... then maybe chopping wood is what they were really meant for, and they should leave the police department for a career they're more psychologically suited for.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'


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