Monday, September 29, 2008


The e-mail below from RON PAUL and his CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY was sent to me on September 25th.


As I write this, the Dow Jones is down, Jones – like by 777 points; the NASDAQ is also down like Jones – nearly 200 points.

Knowing that the lying, egg-suckin', chicken-stealing, gutter trash Socialists in Washington and the lying scum mainstream Wall Street investment media will try to spin this major downturn as being the result of Congress (for once doing something RIGHT and…) not approving the Bailout plan, I’ve decided to post this letter from Ron Paul.

Don’t be fooled AGAIN, you Americonned citizen - recognize the truth THIS TIME. Ron Paul has routinely been portrayed by the mainstream media and mainstream politicians as a screwball, and that ALONE should tell you something: they attack what they fear, and what they fear is The Truth. Here’s The Patriot Paul with The Truth:

Dear Friends:

The financial meltdown the economists of the Austrian School predicted has arrived.

We are in this crisis because of an excess of artificially created credit at the hands of the Federal Reserve System. The solution being proposed? More artificial credit by the Federal Reserve. No liquidation of bad debt and malinvestment is to be allowed. By doing more of the same, we will only continue and intensify the distortions in our economy - all the capital misallocation, all the malinvestment - and prevent the market's attempt to re-establish rational pricing of houses and other assets.

Last night the president addressed the nation about the financial crisis. There is no point in going through his remarks line by line, since I'd only be repeating what I've been saying over and over - not just for the past several days, but for years and even decades.
Still, at least a few observations are necessary.

The president assures us that his administration "is working with Congress to address the root cause behind much of the instability in our markets." Care to take a guess at whether the Federal Reserve and its money creation spree were even mentioned?

We are told that "low interest rates" led to excessive borrowing, but we are not told how these low interest rates came about. They were a deliberate policy of the Federal Reserve. As always, artificially low interest rates distort the market. Entrepreneurs engage in malinvestments - investments that do not make sense in light of current resource availability, that occur in more temporally remote stages of the capital structure than the pattern of consumer demand can support, and that would not have been made at all if the interest rate had been permitted to tell the truth instead of being toyed with by the Fed.

Not a word about any of that, of course, because Americans might then discover how the great wise men in Washington caused this great debacle. Better to keep scapegoating the mortgage industry or "wildcat capitalism" (as if we actually have a pure free market!).

Speaking about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the president said: "Because these companies were chartered by Congress, many believed they were guaranteed by the federal government. This allowed them to borrow enormous sums of money, fuel the market for questionable investments, and put our financial system at risk."

Doesn't that prove the foolishness of chartering Fannie and Freddie in the first place? Doesn't that suggest that maybe, just maybe, government may have contributed to this mess? And of course, by bailing out Fannie and Freddie, hasn't the federal government shown that the "many" who "believed they were guaranteed by the federal government" were in fact correct?

Then come the scare tactics. If we don't give dictatorial powers to the Treasury Secretary "the stock market would drop even more, which would reduce the value of your retirement account. The value of your home could plummet." Left unsaid, naturally, is that with the bailout and all the money and credit that must be produced out of thin air to fund it, the value of your retirement account will drop anyway, because the value of the dollar will suffer a precipitous decline. As for home prices, they are obviously much too high, and supply and demand cannot equilibrate if government insists on propping them up.

It's the same destructive strategy that government tried during the Great Depression: prop up prices at all costs. The Depression went on for over a decade. On the other hand, when liquidation was allowed to occur in the equally devastating downturn of 1921, the economy recovered within less than a year.

The president also tells us that Senators McCain and Obama will join him at the White House today in order to figure out how to get the bipartisan bailout passed. The two senators would do their country much more good if they stayed on the campaign trail debating who the bigger celebrity is, or whatever it is that occupies their attention these days.

F.A. Hayek won the Nobel Prize for showing how central banks' manipulation of interest rates creates the boom-bust cycle with which we are sadly familiar. In 1932, in the depths of the Great Depression, he described the foolish policies being pursued in his day - and which are being proposed, just as destructively, in our own:

Instead of furthering the inevitable liquidation of the maladjustments brought about by the boom during the last three years, all conceivable means have been used to prevent that readjustment from taking place; and one of these means, which has been repeatedly tried though without success, from the earliest to the most recent stages of depression, has been this deliberate policy of credit expansion.

To combat the depression by a forced credit expansion is to attempt to cure the evil by the very means which brought it about; because we are suffering from a misdirection of production, we want to create further misdirection - a procedure that can only lead to a much more severe crisis as soon as the credit expansion comes to an end... It is probably to this experiment, together with the attempts to prevent liquidation once the crisis had come, that we owe the exceptional severity and duration of the depression.

The only thing we learn from history, I am afraid, is that we do not learn from history.

The very people who have spent the past several years assuring us that the economy is fundamentally sound, and who themselves foolishly cheered the extension of all these novel kinds of mortgages, are the ones who now claim to be the experts who will restore prosperity! Just how spectacularly wrong, how utterly without a clue, does someone have to be before his expert status is called into question?

Oh, and did you notice that the bailout is now being called a "rescue plan"? I guess "bailout" wasn't sitting too well with the American people.

The very people who with somber faces tell us of their deep concern for the spread of democracy around the world are the ones most insistent on forcing a bill through Congress that the American people overwhelmingly oppose. The very fact that some of you seem to think you're supposed to have a voice in all this actually seems to annoy them.

I continue to urge you to contact your representatives and give them a piece of your mind. I myself am doing everything I can to promote the correct point of view on the crisis. Be sure also to educate yourselves on these subjects - the Campaign for Liberty blog is an excellent place to start. Read the posts, ask questions in the comment section, and learn.

H.G. Wells once said that civilization was in a race between education and catastrophe. Let us learn the truth and spread it as far and wide as our circumstances allow. For the truth is the greatest weapon we have.

In liberty,

Ron Paul

Now that you’re pointed in the right direction, make damn sure you also learn what Ron Paul had to say about The Economy and The Iraq War by reading this EXCEEDINGLY IMPORTANT article from early 2006. He foretold all that we are experiencing!

Afterwards, you really ought to buy, read, and come to understand THIS BOOK, so that the Elite can't take us for a ride again. This is perhaps the single most important political book I've ever read:

[Link:] "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by Griffin

How long are we going to let the lying, unethical, immoral money managers on Wall Street and their pathetic little lap dogs in Washington D.C. treat us like they OWN us?


You must KNOW The Truth
BEFORE The Truth can make you free!
[John 8:32]

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, hot dog! Chuck Baldwin of The Constitution Party hit the nail fairly squarely on the head. His brief article, “CAN TWO WALK TOGETHER WITHOUT AGREEMENT?” – based on the Amos 3:3 Biblical verse - really goes to the heart of the Sarah Palin selection as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

Mr. Baldwin and I might not see entirely eye-to-eye when it comes to whether or not we believe that Palin is a true and thorough conservative of the limited government, strictly Constitutional, purely patriotic variety, but I don’t find a whole lot to argue with in his assessment. I will say, however, that I believe a “real” conservative (a la Ron Paul) would not want his or her name and reputation sullied by appearing on the same ticket with John McNeocon. (And in an oblique manner, Baldwin even illustrates this point in his article by mentioning the fact that Ron Paul stated he would have been forced to turn down any invitation to run with McNeocon.)

Had I been previously considering casting my vote for McCain (not in a million years! not if you stick a million needles in my eye!), the sheer transparency of his pandering to women generally and more specifically to disgruntled Nurse Hellary Ratched voters by selecting Palin would have turned me off big time. (Sorry, John, I’m not one to fall for the ol’ banana in the tail pipe!) This man is PURE POLITICIAN, while I’m looking for a LEADER and a STATESMAN to occupy the White House.

Mr. Baldwin speculates that:

“The best thing that can happen to Sarah Palin is for John McCain to lose the November election. This would allow her to go into the 2012 elections as perhaps the Republican Presidential frontrunner. If McCain wins in November, and Palin is forced to serve at the pleasure of this globalist insider for four years, she will be forever ruined as a genuine constitutional conservative.”

Now, I can scarcely imagine that Palin would ever be the frontrunner in a future election; she’s getting her 15 minutes of international fame now, strictly for political expediency: put male parts on Palin and you wouldn’t know any more about her today than you did two months ago. Change her gender and she’d be hunting moose in Alaska this afternoon. You know it and I know it! Her selection by McNeocon was, however, a good move from a strictly political point of view: there’s a sucker born every minute and some of ‘em vote. But has Bullwinkle McCain truly pulled a rabbit out of his… uhm… hat? He’s thrown women a bone and it certainly won’t hurt his chances, but is it enough to walk away from what looked to be a brutal beating? I have deep doubts.

And as far as 2012 elections are concerned… color me skeptical – I’m not certain that our country will survive the next four years, regardless of whether it’s McNeocon or B.O. in The Whore House. I believe we’ve reached the beginning of the end.

But hey, enough of my yakking -- I don’t want you reading what I have to say; I only sent out the memo and called this meeting so you could see what Chuck Baldwin of THE CONSTITUTION PARTY has to say. Here’s the link, boys an’ girls:

Yakkingly Yours . . .

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

Sunday, September 7, 2008


[From the STMcC Archive: 2007, January 14th]

PRODUCT: Carolina 12” Steel-Toed Engineer Boots (Made in U.S.A.)


but when you plop these bad boy boots onto the coffee table, crack open your tenth Budweiser, and bellow for your little woman in the next room to keep the chips and dip coming, your Sunday NFL buddies – including that Chicago Bears fan to your right – will never suspect that this applies to you as well.

You know, throughout history, all the coolest people wore boots. Pirates wore them. So did cowboys, miners, and World War I soldiers (man, them doughboys was tough!) Nowadays, motorcycle gangs wear them. John Wayne wore boots. So did Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, and Nancy Sinatra. In fact, some people have been so enamored of boots that they named themselves after them. A few examples are: the original “Nature Boy”, Gypsy Boots; saxmaster, Boots Randolph; and funkmeister, Bootsy Collins. Yeah, when you’re in boots, you’re in good company. But ballerinas NEVER wear boots, and that’s exactly why you should!

These CAROLINA 12” engineer boots come in sturdy black leather (black, it’s the ultimate antiballerina color), and they contain an internal steel-toed covering which means that you’ll never again lose a game of Kick-The-Can to those neighborhood kids; and next Earth Day, when you kick that Greenpeacenik living next door to you in the can, he’ll really get your point. Maybe the best part about these Carolina boots is that they are made in America. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find footwear made in this country? I once wore out three pairs of foreign shoes trying to find one pair of shoes made in the U.S.A.

I’ve been wearing boots for most of my adult life, but I’ll admit that when I switched to these Carolinas, the first couple of days, my dogs were really barking. But after I gave them a day off for loud behavior, they’ve been quiet ever since. Now, until the dye dies, you may find that the tops of these boots leave a black ring around your calves. You can either wear higher socks, or just imagine that the rings are tribal bands tattooed around your lower legs. (Do like I did, and pretend that you’re tattooed and therefore in with “the in crowd” for the first time since “The Summer Of Love.”)

I actually prefer the cowboy boot style to the engineer design, but until I can locate a good American-made cowboy boot with a durable, oil resistant polyurethane outsole, I’ll stick with these cool Carolinas. I was so happy to find these boots and I dig them so much that I feel like breaking out into a pirouette. . . .

“Hey, watch it, fella! Can’t ya see I’m dancin’ here?”

~ Stephen T. McCarthy