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“Old Weird Harold and I - Old Weird Harold, we called him that because he was six feet nine and weighed 50 pounds - we used to go to every horror picture in the world. I'm telling you right now, we would go and we would see Frankenstein. We'd walk 100 miles to see Frankenstein. And mind you, we never saw the monster once, never saw him once, 'cause we were too scared to look at him!”
~ Bill Cosby
‘Old Weird Harold’

When I was a kid, my friend Old Weird Eric (he was six feet nine and weighed 50 pounds) and I LOVED the old Horror movies. We used to stay at each other’s houses on weekends and watch the scary movies they showed late at night on TV. We lost track of how many times we saw ‘War Of The Worlds’.

As I got older, I mostly lost interest in the Horror genre. Today, there are only a small handful of scary movies that really appeal to me – but I will say that the ones I still dig, I pretty much LOVE. ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ (1990), the original ‘The Wicker Man’ (1973), John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ (1982), the wrongly maligned ‘Ghost Story’ (1981), and even [*gulp*] ‘The Sentinel’ (1977) all have a common denominator: the horror is more psychological than gruesome. What makes them scary is that the viewer is as confused as the characters in the stories; there’s that constant worry, that constant fear due to the fact that we aren’t really sure what’s happening; we’re out of our “comfort zone” and into the “twilight zone”.

Movies where some madman is running amok with a chainsaw, or some dude is slicing and dicing with fingers made of knife blades – those seem more silly than scary to me. (The best parts of ‘The Shining’ are those psychologically disturbing moments that occur before the whole thing culminates in just plain “craziness” and “Here’s Johnny!”)

I did 97% of my fiction reading in my teen years and my early twenties. I’ve remained a book junkie but since that time I have concentrated almost exclusively on nonfiction. However, I recently read the book THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT by BRYAN PEDAS and BRANDON MEYERS. And, coincidentally, I read the book while working “graveyard” shifts at a retirement home where the average resident age is 86 and rarely does a week go by without some resident dying. ‘GRAVEYARD SHIFT’ meet “Graveyard Shift”!

There are some people and some things that seem to complement each other so perfectly that you have to suspect God created them (or made their development possible) so that they would ultimately work together to become something very unique, very special, very popular – maybe achieving more together than they would have apart from each other. Below is a partial list of classic companions:

CHEECH Y CHONG (“We’re just here together and, uh – I mean, like, we’re not TOGETHER, you know, like, THAT way!” ~Cheech Marin)
PEAS & CARROTS (Uhm... nah. Scratch that one off.)
SALTED AVOCADO & BUTTERED WHITE TOAST (You don’t think so? Try it just once and see!)
DAVID & DAVID (They released one brilliant Rock album, 'Boomtown', in 1986 and then went their separate ways forever.)
BOB & RAY (Genius radio comedians well ahead of their time.)

To that list I have no hesitation in adding...

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that they were born and raised in the same area and met each other at a very young age. I believe God had a plan and there is a very specific reason why “they’re here together and, uh – I mean, like, they’re not TOGETHER, you know, like, THAT way!”

BRYAN & BRANDON make a great writing team, and I was fully convinced of that even before I had finished reading ‘THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT’.

Bear in mind that I rarely read fiction to begin with, and I’m not a natural fan of the ‘Horror’ genre on top of that. Nevertheless, I HIGHLY recommend ‘THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT’ - it’s filled with psychological horror and surprisingly sharp (don’t cut yourself!) plot twists. If these stories could appeal to me – far from the ideal reader of this sort of book – then it’s going to knock you right out of your SOCKS & SHOES if you’re a fan of fiction and Horror to begin with.

The book begins on a rainy night when Leonard, a gravedigger with a grave to dig, decides to wait out the storm in the caretaker’s shed. He happens to discover an old, dark brown leather, blood-spattered book on a shelf. Leonard blows a thick layer of dust off the book, cracks the book open and cracks open a can of Hamm’s beer (Hamm’s beer – in my opinion, that’s where the horror in this book really begins to manifest) and Leonard begins to drink and read.

The ensuing chapters in the book that Leonard reads (and we with him) are separate stories of psychological horror, and if you think you know where these stories are headed... you have clearly lost your head, because there are some fantastic plot twists ahead. You think you’re reading the map correctly and driving down a straight desert floor highway at night and the next thing you know, you’ve come upon a hairpin turn at 75 miles per hour and YOU & YOUR CAR go flying off some Rocky Mountain way.

If I had to name one short story in this collection as my favorite, it might be ‘AN AXE THROUGH BONE’; it’s highly imaginative and contains moments of black comedy (which I’m a huge fan of). Here are a few selected quotations 
from it:

“Clutching my axe to my chest like a prom queen clutching a bouquet of flowers.”

“The only difference between an axe murderer and a gardener is employment.”

“If people choose to remarry when their spouse dies, fine. I don’t care. But that’s not for me. My wife was not a dog – one dies, you just buy another. I will wait for her, and I will be with her again.”

Under no circumstances would I wish to spoil it for you, so I will merely state that the last thing Robb says to Officer Brody is absolutely CLASSIC!

The story ‘THESE WALLS’ lends new meaning to the expression “a haunted house”. It’s positively creepy how the 'B BOYS' manage to infiltrate the “mind” of Eastlake Manor, a Victorian mansion, and share with us its increasingly irritated thoughts and emotions.

There was only one story in the entire book that I essentially foresaw how it would likely end. I don’t know why I saw this one coming; maybe it wasn’t cloaked enough, or maybe I’ve seen some similar plot in an old ‘Twilight Zone’, ‘Outer Limits’, or ‘Night Gallery’ episode. I don’t know why I knew. But regardless, the writing was still excellent, so I didn’t feel disappointed that the plot twist at the end did not really send me flying off some Rocky Mountain way at 75 miles per hour.

I couldn’t help noticing that a character in one of the stories is named CARMELITA. Hmmm... a nod to Warren “Werewolves Of London” Zevon perhaps? Another one of my favorite artists with a dark comedy side to him. (‘Carmelita’ also happens to be one of my Top Ten favorite Zevon zongs; I can personally relate to it.)

BRYAN PEDUS & BRANDON MEYERS are extremely imaginative and talented, and they make an exceptional writing team. I suggest you buy and read this book, hitching your wagon to these rising literary stars, so that in the future you will be able to honestly say, “I was a Bryan and Brandon fan even before they were routinely being mentioned in the same sentences with Poe, Serling, Hitchcock, and King.”

THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT’ ends with gravedigger Leonard closing the old, blood-spattered leather book and leaving the caretaker’s shed, heading out into the wet cemetary to dig that grave after having finished his fourth can of Hamm’s beer. But... this story is not quite finished yet...

Leonard drank FOUR cans of Hamm’s?
That might actually be the most 
horrifying thing in the entire book!

“Vow, kids, vasn’t it SCARY vhen Leonard the gravedigger killed off those four cans of Hamm’s beer?”
~ Count Floyd
‘Monster Chiller Horror Theater’

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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Republican Vs. Democrat, Male Vs. Female, War Vs. Peace, Light Vs. Dark, Good Vs. Evil, Man Vs. Machine, Love Vs. Hate, Dog Vs. Cat, Sun Vs. Moon, Brain Vs. Brawn, Oscar Vs. Grammy, Angel Vs. Demon, Laurel Vs. Hardy, Beer Vs. Wine, TV Vs. Radio, Pitcher Vs. Batter, Paper Vs. Plastic, Reality Vs. Fantasy, Yeshua Vs. Beelzebub, Conservative Vs. Liberal, You Vs. Me, House Vs. Senate, Offense Vs. Defense, Kramer Vs. Kramer, Spy Vs. Spy, Fischer Vs. Spassky, W.C. Fields Vs. Sobriety, Harold Gimpy, Jr. Vs. Sheldon J. Pismire, Rock Vs. Paper Vs. Scissors, Islam Vs. Everything, Singer Vs. Singer, Band Vs. Band...

Shoop-Shooby –
Shooby-duh-Dooby-Doop-Dooby-Dooby-Doo-Wah –

Yes, it’s time once again for ‘Battle Of The Bands’ (‘BOTB’)
Alright, let’s get on it...

Do you know the song ‘The Weed Smoker’s Dream’?
Yes, you do. Well... you do... sort of.

According to Wackypedia, it was written in 1936 by Joseph “Kansas Joe” McCoy “and recorded by his band, the Harlem Hamfats. The song was subtitled Why Don't You Do Now on the original release. McCoy later rewrote the song, refining the composition and changing the lyrics entirely. The new tune, now titled Why Don't You Do Right?’, was recorded by Lil Green in 1941, with guitar played by William “Big Bill” Broonzy. The recording was an early jazz and blues hit.

... “One of the best-known versions of the song, Peggy Lee’s, was recorded on July 27, 1942 in New York with Benny Goodman. It sold over 1 million copies and brought her to nationwide attention.

“Lee often stated that Green's recording was extremely influential to her music. In a 1984 interview she said:

‘I was and am a fan of Lil Green, a great old blues singer, and Lil recorded it. I used to play that record over and over in my dressing room, which was next door to Benny's (Goodman). Finally he said, 'You obviously like that song.' I said, 'Oh, I love it.' He said, 'Would you like me to have an arrangement made of it?' I said, 'I'd love that,' and he did.’

Why Don't You Do Right?’ was not the biggest hit Goodman and Lee put out; it only reached #4 on the Billboard charts. But it defined Lee's sultry and rich vocal style early on in her career.”


In 1978, two years after he made the movie Carrie, director Brian DePalma made another (bad) movie about a psychic teenaged girl. This one was called The Fury and it starred Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes, and Amy Irving. I certainly didn’t star in it – I didn’t even speak in it – but I did appear in it...

‘The Paragon Institute’ (owner/operator Charles Durning) was a place where psychic young people lived and further developed their abilities. And that’s where Charles Durning (in “real life”, Mr. Demille DePalma) put Amy Irving and myself back-to-back in regal looking, high-backed leather chairs and I mentally transmitted to her the images that I was seeing on flash cards, and she mentally received those images I sent and pointed them out when the correct flash card was shown to her. Ooh! The magic of Hollyweird! (Psst... Just between you and me, DePalma told Amy Irving in advance which symbols she should point to. But don’t tell anyone else because it’s a Hollyweird secret how these sorts of special effects are achieved.)
Charles Durning and Amy Irving in ‘The Fury’. A couple of caption possibilities for this photo come to my mind but... they’re both “dirty”.
I’ve told you all this only so you would believe me when I tell you that I once met the next contestant in this Battle Of The Bands’ installment. Yes... I once met... Jessica Rabbit.

In the (great!) movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Kathleen Turner supplied Jessica Rabbit’s speaking voice, but it was Amy Irving who did Jessica Rabbit’s singing.

And now I give you Jessica Rabbit’s version of ‘Why Don’t You Do Right?’


Alright now, “you know the gig”... I welcome EVERYONE to vote for their favorite of these songs in the comment section below. And feel free to tell us WHY you chose one song over the other. (NOTE: Comment Moderation is activated. All submitted comments that do not transgress "Ye Olde Comment Policy" will be posted as soon as possible. Thanks for taking the time to comment.)

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~ Stephen T. McCarthy
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For Part 1 click HERE:
“There are only two kinds of people in the world.
I don’t like either of them.”
~ Miss Ann Thrope
Now, I’ll bet you think I’m going to say that the group most responsible for Barack Obama being in the White House is Black voters and all the other Democrats.

Or maybe you think I’m going to point the finger at Republican voters who failed to show up at the polls to vote for Mitt Romney.

Or perhaps you think I’ll blame The Tea Party people who refused to vote for Romney - the lesser of two evils – because he just wasn’t “conservative” enough.

No, nope, and wrong again, Fishface!

OK, then you think I’m going to say that the reason we have that grey Marxist Muslim (President Marxslim) in the White House for a second term is because the Dumb-O-Crat party cheated and voting was rigged to favor Obama.

Well, I think that’s half right (in the same way that Obama is half Black). In my entire life, I never followed a presidential election as closely as I followed the 2012 election. I boldly said that Mitt Romney was going to win (which is not to say that I like and voted for ‘Mittens’ - I don’t and I didn’t). But EVERY SINGLE INDICATOR leading up the election pointed toward a Mitt Romney win.

Yes, I do my homework (no, I NEVER use the excuse, “My dog ate it”), and I don’t like getting a failing grade, especially when I’m as confident of passing the test as I was in the 2012 presidential election!

Steve [not me] • 2 years ago
Let's see.
Ballots not mailed to military.
Black Panthers at polling places.
Voting machines changing Romney vote to Obama.
GOP poll watcher forcebly removed from polling places.
No Photo ID required.
Obama murals in polling places.
Election Judges with Obama hats signing in voters.
25,000+ Dead on voter roles in
San Francisco.
Announcing to Democrats only that absentee voters can have ballots printed at polls.
Nothing here must be GOP paranoia.

Do I think vote fraud contributed to Barack Oliar’s reelection? You bet I do!

Consider the following:

*  In at least five voting districts in swing states, Obama received 100% of the vote in the last election. Not one person even made an error voting and cast a ballot for Romney. Not even one.
*  Several other districts in states such as Florida and Ohio, areas dominated by Democratic operatives, the number of people who voted outnumbered those who were registered.

The network switched to video of the 35th ward, where people waiting in a school to vote were walking past a mural of the president, even after Republicans sued to get it covered up. “This remained untouched for hours as people voted!” said reporter Eric Shawn.
“Don't get me wrong - we were f#cked if Romney got elected, too. I'd be dogging Mitt if he'd gotten the nod, it just would have been a little more creative effort. ... I'm leaving the ‘Ron Paul’ sign on my lawn so everyone knows not to blame me.”

However, all that being said, I’m still not putting the bulk of the blame on vote fraud. Below you will find a large number of comments I left some time ago in the Comment Sections of these fine bloggers’ blogs:
See if you can figure out where I’m going with this. Can you predict beforehand where I am going to lay the lion’s share of the blame for Barack “Marxslim” Oliar’s entire presidential career before I reveal it in Part 3? (It’s really quite obvious because I laid it all right out in the open in the following blog comments, not anticipating at the time I wrote them that I’d ever collect them in one place and reconstruct them as their own multi-part blog bit.)

Read the following statements that I have made on other blogs and try to follow the bouncing ball and connect the dots before I spill the whole can of beans in the third and final installment of this series.

This installment is rather lengthy, so you may want to read it in two or three separate sessions:

Well, indeed, there are not TWO political parties in the USA, and there hasn't been during the lifetime of any of your readers.

There is only ONE political party: 'THE NEW WORLD ORDER' Party.

And for that reason, the march to the goal could be accomplished regardless of whether a Democrap or a Repugnantcan sits in the White House. 'The New World Order' Party doesn't care which affiliation the Americonned People choose during an election.

Of course, the program can usually move toward the goal at a slightly faster pace when the Democraps are in control, so that's always attractive to The NWO Party.

But I am fairly convinced that in fact Obama did NOT actually win the election; there was an awful lot of voter fraud in the all-important swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania that the Repugnantcans allowed to occur, and but for that, Romney would have won... just as I had predicted he would.

Regardless, Romney or Obama, it's the same goal and the same eventual result for the Americonned People.

The very fact that Barack Obama still sits in the White House when he could literally be in prison if the Repugnantcans wanted him there (due to federal crimes that Obama is truly guilty of), PROVES that the best friend Obama has is the Repugnantcan division of The NWO Party.

>>... Consider Bob Dole running against Clinton 2. Quiet campaign, hardly heard from him. Excuse: Ran out of $$$.

Yeah, your suspicion is more than justified.
In my recent blog bit comment exchanges with
Bryan of the 'A Beer For The Shower' blog, I told him about an old friend of mine whose nickname was "Torch".

Torch was the son of a famous California Congressman, and because of that, Torch was actually traveling across the country in 1996 with Bob Dole during his presidential campaign.

I remember Torch later telling me in conversation how baffled he was by Dole's demeanor in private as opposed to his demeanor on the national stage. Torch said that on the plane, while flying from state to state, Dole was outgoing, quick-witted, funny, and extremely erudite. But as soon as the cameras were rolling, Dole turned into this boring old man.

At the time, I was still a political neophyte, having only just learned about the Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations two years earlier. So, like Torch, I figured that Dole was just camera shy, maybe uncomfortable in the national spotlight. And that's why his real personality just disappeared when the cameras started filming.

Now, all these years later, I know EXACTLY what was happening, and my earlier thoughts were merely the naive speculations of a political neophyte.

When McCain ran against Obama, the REAL goal of "The Wizards Behind The Curtain" was for Obama to win. And that's why McCain deliberately said things that ensured Obama's victory. (McCain told the war-tired Americonned People that he could envision the U.S. Military being in the Middle East for 100 years; he told the Americonned People who were disgusted by the Economic Recession that our economy was essentially sound. Only someone who secretly MEANT to lose the election would have said those things!)

Why did Bob Dole's brilliant personality disappear when he stepped off the airplanes? Because he knew his job was to LOSE the election to Bill Clinton - The Wizards' choice for president.

The same crap gets replayed time after time. And on those occasions when the Republican DOES accidentally win the election, he immediately begins acting like a liberal, big-government Demoncrat (think: George W. Bush).

>>... Edward Snowden ... is currently hiding somewhere in Hong Kong, while "patriots" like John Boehner call him a traitor.

My friend, it comes back, time and time and time again, to what I have spent nearly 20 years trying to convey to genuinely patriotic Americans: Forget what the two primary political parties in the U.S. "claim" to support, care about, and represent. The bottom line is ALWAYS this:

The Democrat and the Republican parties are two different sides of the EXACT SAME COIN. They are both controlled by and do the bidding of unseen puppeteers - namely, INTERNATIONAL BANKERS - and every bit of the so-called "fighting" between the two parties is meant solely for public consumption. The "endgame" is Divide And Conquer, and BOTH major political parties are IN ON IT.

There is no real difference between the Limbaugh/Hannity/Coulter faction and the Matthews/Obama/Pelosi faction. It's all a matter of getting you to root for Punch or Judy, while BOTH puppets are being controlled by the SAME PUPPETEER. I don't care how it looks, I don't care how different the arguments seem, the end result is ALWAYS THE SAME. (Political History proves this.)

When push comes to shove, the two political parties will always converge, rather than REALLY oppose each other. If one of the two parties GENUINELY represented limited, Constitutional government, then considering how often the two parties have traded positions of power in the government, we shouldn't have ALWAYS moved toward the Left! We should still be somewhere in the middle. However, in your lifetime and mine, there has been a constant move toward the Left, regardless of the party in power.

>> . . . They truly think they will be a part of the elite, ruling class when their agenda is completed.

That is an excellent point and one that a few of my friends and I have discussed (and laughed about) for some years now.

The "Useful Idiots" are being USED, thus the word "useful", obviously. But here's what the IDIOTS don't see coming because they have an insufficient understanding of history and human nature:

After the USEFUL IDIOTS have been all USED UP by their puppet masters in creating the new utopia (read: Demonic Global Tyranny), they will be amongst the very first people liquidated. Why? You know why and so do I.

Because the real Elites will look at the former Useful Idiots and think this: You were SO STUPID that you were incapable of discerning that I was using you to enslave you and your fellows. And, I see how ready, willing, and able you were to turn traitor against your own Constitution and against your own citizens. First of all, we don't want someone as stupid as you in our own totalitarian society. And secondly, a traitor like you is too dangerous for us to support and allow to live. Therefore, you will die TODAY!

That is exactly how the future is going to play out for these Useful Idiots but they are too unintelligent and too unimaginative (thanks, Robin!) to envision that future scenario. Downsizers, you and I will likely die as well, but at least we won't die as stupid traitors to our own country! I think that's important; I think that means something. There are things worse than death.

Well, you've hit it right on the money. There is one additional fact that I want to add to what you've said:

The average garden variety Liberal is an idealist. They have never grown up enough to put their big boy pants on and face the reality, face the plain facts that the world they live in does not and never will line up with the ideal utopia they imagine in their ill-functioning minds. Liberals are immature idealists and very poor critical thinkers. The perfect little world they want to create can never come about so long as the brutish nature of mankind makes dominating one's fellow man such an attractive temptation.

All of that is true of the average, feeling-over-thinking Liberal. But there is another type of Liberal who is not just the poor-thinking, head-in-the-sand idealist who stumbles along making poor judgments and is too egotistical to acknowledge the errors of their so-called "thinking".

The second type of Liberal I refer to is the outright Communist. This Liberal understands completely that in order to remold society along Communistic lines, he/she needs to first totally break down the old lifestyle; until our former way of life has been razed, it's not possible to construct the new Communistic society.

So to THAT brand of Liberal, there are no "mistakes" being made; they are not making foolish judgments and refusing to acknowledge the failure of their actions. Their actual GOAL is to destroy our society from within - destroy us economically, socially, morally, and spiritually. If anything they do contributes in any way to that destruction, then they have NOT made an error in judgment but have succeeded and inched closer to their actual goal.

Now, the question is: But how many Liberals are really Communists as opposed to unwitting dupes? The answer, according to my many years of research is: Lots of them! Indeed there more "Useful Idiot" Liberals than there are outright Communist Liberals, but there are still far more Communist Liberals than most Americans realize, and many of them have risen to places of great influence and power.

Barack Obama is not just a Useful Idiot Liberal but an actual Communist. He's also a tool of the New World Order elites, just like so many of the so-called "conservative" Republican presidents (and Congressmen) who preceded him in the White House have been tools of the New World Order elites.

I have been covering this on my political blog for years; there is nothing new about the betrayal - the Republicans, the "Conservatives", the Mainstream Media, the so-called "Conservative Media" - it has all been ONE with the Liberals for the longest time.

"They" are masters of the Divide And Conquer tactic and they deceived the decent people into believing that they represented their conservative, Constitutional voices in politics. They never really did. Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Colter ...I tried to get We The People to listen, to understand that those phony conservatives were really selling them out by fighting over the piddling details while never addressing the "real" MONUMENTAL traitorous transgressions against our Constitution and way of life.

Only a few listened; only a few understood what I was saying. The others focused solely on the words, the rhetoric of the Republicans, and never paused long enough to discard the words and examine ONLY what was DONE by those pseudo-conservatives.

And now, here we are: Some of the People are waking up, but it's way, Way, WAY too late to postpone the inevitable. Done deal - just like God told us it was. "It is written." No man can rewrite what God has written. Now we'll all deal with it.

I was so impressed with some of the comments you recently left on my friend Arlee Bird's blog (regarding Gun Control) that I decided to start 'Following' your blog.

One wee bit o' quibble though with this blog bit:

>> . . . Democrats create a crisis and then tell America that they are the saviors and their plan is the only way to beat the "crisis" that they created.

That's true enough, but to identify the Democrats solely is to leave half of our opposition out of the picture. The Republican party is secretly working with the Democrat party to deliver us into the prophesied global tyranny.

The Republican party says most of the right things (to get the "Conservative" vote) but DOES most of the wrong things. The Dems and the Reps are simply two different sides of the very same coin, as most of their actions (not their words) prove.

Anyway, I'm eager to see what you will be posting here, because your comments at 'Tossing It Out' were impressive and illustrated the fact that you know the direction that we, as a country, are going in, as opposed to the direction in which we SHOULD be moving.

I hope you will not think me “argumentative” for returning to this post and responding to your reply. It’s just that on my own blog, many of my readers and I engage not in “a comment exchange” but in ongoing “discussions”. My friend Arlee Bird has publicly stated that’s one of the primary reasons he respects my blog and has recommended it many times to his own blog’s ‘Followers’.

You wrote:
“I don't know if I agree if they [Republicans] are secretly working with the Democrats but the outcome seems to be the same. Thanks for pointing this out.”

Well, I’m not quite done pointing this out (although this will likely be my last post concerning the topic on THIS particular blog bit).

I’m sure you’ll recognize the following paragraph:

“…mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

That, obviously, is the writing of Thomas Jefferson from ‘The Declaration Of Independence’. Note that he called us to be watchful for “a design” of abuses and usurpations, pursing invariably the same Object”.

When a person decides to completely throw out ALL of the political rhetoric they’ve heard from their “supposed” “Conservative” representatives, and evaluate ONLY those representatives’ actions - divorced from their words - it becomes painfully obvious that for a very long time “abuses and usurpations” have occurred, weakening our Constitutional rights and the country’s prosperity as a whole. In other words, it becomes evident that there must be “a design” behind the slide to the far Left.

To the Left, ALWAYS a slide to the LEFT. Why is there NEVER a “compromise” to the Right? Why does every political compromise ALWAYS lean toward the Left? If you flipped a coin 100 times and it came up “tails” 100 times, wouldn’t you begin to suspect that the coin was somehow “rigged”? And why should the political realm – with two ostensibly opposing viewpoints but the same “winner” time after time – be excused from that suspicion?

I’ll give you just one recent example, although I could show this same “pattern” going back for many decades.

In June of 2012, ‘The Daily Beast’ had an article with the following headline:

Bear in mind that John Roberts was “supposedly” conservative and was named as Chief Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court by Republican president George W. Bush.

Here’s an excerpt from the article mentioned above:

A sharply divided Supreme Court upheld the individual insurance mandate in President Obama’s health care law on Thursday, handing the White House a major victory on its major domestic achievement four months before the election.

With protestors gathered outside the court's marble halls, Chief Justice John Roberts revealed that he had joined the liberal wing in a 5-4 ruling that the federal government indeed has the power to impose a penalty on those who fail to buy insurance - through its taxing authority, not under the Interstate Commerce Clause, as the administration had argued.

It was a stunning moment because the media and political establishments had essentially concluded after oral arguments that the mandate was toast.

Well, it was NOT a “stunning” moment for me! I could have predicted as much. Why? Because throughout my entire lifetime (I’m 53) the actions of Republicans have NEVER matched their rhetoric. (I’ve spent nearly 20 years studying this sort of thing in great detail, and I’ve concluded that the REASON the actions never match the rhetoric is because there is “a design” that is being followed to deliberately undermine the Constitution and dissolve the American Republic, and BOTH of the two major political parties are in on it. The political parties PRETEND to oppose each other but that is only a ‘Divide And Conquer’ tactic being utilized against We The People.

Downsizers, in closing, I want to remind you of something that you yourself recently posted on THIS blog:

545 VS. 300,000,000 PEOPLE
- by Charlie Reese

Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes? …

… If the tax code is unfair, it's because they want it unfair.

If the budget is in the red, it's because they want it in the red.

If the Army & Marines are in
Iraq and Afghanistan it's because they want them in Iraq and Afghanistan

… Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy”, “inflation”, or “politics” that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.

Beware of Liberals in Constitutionalist’s clothing!

Hello again, DOWNSIZERS ~
I really did not intend to post another comment on this installment of your blog, but since you asked me a question, I’ll answer it. And I thank you for not making me feel my comments are unwanted:

>> . . . Do you think George Bush had an ulterior motive when he appointed Roberts?

I do. The history of Republican-appointed justices to the Supreme Court indicates an ongoing pattern of deception.

>> . . . If they let the Democrats have their way with only a little bluster before going along with them, I wonder why they bother to put up the show at all.

It’s simply to deceive the American public into believing that it has “a choice”. As long as “conservative” Americans buy into the idea that the Republican party represents THEIR views and values, they will continue to fight against the Democrats by attempting to put Republicans in power.

The Republican party continues to “compromise” America Leftward while engaging in fake fights with Democrats, hoping that the voters will not realize that the nation’s continuous slide to the Left is by design. If the “conservative” voters catch on, they will stop voting “R” and the jig is up. Then a “REAL” conservative political party will be formed to oppose both the Dems and the Reps.

The purpose behind this whole deception is to ultimately surrender American sovereignty to a single Global Government.

The dogs may sound different when they “bark”, but the Democrat and the Republican parties both have sharp teeth which they use to rip away the meat of the U.S. Constitution. Not until the Constitution has become utterly meaningless (which it nearly is now) can it be replaced with a One-World Government.

During the 2008 presidential race, The New American magazine published a good article. If you’re interested, here’s a link to it:

And below is a brief excerpt from the article:

Republican presidents have appointed justices to the Supreme Court who generally do not reflect the official positions of the Republican Party, namely limited government, personal responsibility, lower taxes, respect for life, etc. The Republican-appointed justices mentioned above are just the beginning of a long list of such appointees who have rejected the basic philosophy of the GOP. This writer’s review of the records of all Supreme Court justices appointed by Republican presidents in the last 100 years shows that, by a large margin, they have been liberals and statists, rather than conservatives or conservative libertarians.

By 1992, at the beginning of the Clinton presidency, eight of the nine Supreme Court justices were Republican appointees. Yet, the court continued its destructive pattern of trampling on property rights, disrespecting the right to life, expanding state power, disregarding family and local autonomy, and (in general) imposing unconstitutional rulings. There was little attempt to restrain the unconstitutional excesses of the president or Congress.

In 2010, I posted on my blog an installment pertaining to this false notion that we have two political parties with widely differing opinions on how the U.S. ought to be governed. I quoted from the 1966 book ‘Tragedy And Hope’ written by Carroll Quigley, a highly influential “elite” professor (he was Bill Clinton’s mentor).

Here’s a link, should you have the time and inclination to check it out at some point:

Here’s an excerpt from the man’s book:

… the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. … either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.

And that, my friend, is EXACTLY what happens. If we use the Constitution as the standard by which we measure just how “conservative” a political party or a president is, then it becomes exceedingly clear that neither party is conservative, and there has not been a single genuinely conservative president in your lifetime or mine.

Bless And Be Blessed.

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~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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