Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Doggone, how can I get the toys to them? They gotta have toys! Otherwise their lives will be nothing but school and chores and washing their stockings and... their stockings... THEIR STOCKINGS!
~ Kris Kringle (Mickey Rooney)

Now there was one special toy he just HAD to deliver. Suzy, a tiny little girl who was very, very sick, had asked Kris for a toy Noah's Ark. Kris just couldn't disappoint her.”
~ Fred Astaire
This is an early Christmas present for my dear friend FarAwayEyes. A little bird told me that she's been feeling “twenty shades of blue”, and I thought this song might cheer her up.

FAE is the sort of rebel who would walk into a Jimmy Buffett's 'MARGARITAVILLE' and order a... Mojito. I like that about her. (Eat yer heart out, Jimmy Buffettburg, you Chicken McNugget in hell!)

'DOING NOTHING' - Bruce Blackman


Feel better, FAE?

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


For Part 1 click HERE:
At last it's here, the third and final installment of this series. I apologize that it's taken me so long to complete this, particularly since I know how eagerly you've all been awaiting this denouement to the series. It's a wonder y'all haven't died from holding yer breath so long. (Ha!) I have the very best excuse in the world for the delay: lack of inspiration, also known as apathy or resignation to fate.

At this point you'll need a reminder of how this thing began. If you recall from Part One, I was explaining how to defeat Liberals and other idiots in a debate. I laid out three essential rules and they were...

1: I’ve had plenty enough debates with Liberals to have learned not to fall for the ol’ red herring down the rabbit hole” trick (as Maxwell Smart might have put it). In other words, don’t let them lead you down some path that diverts the focus from the original argument into complex absurdities.

2: Liberals figure that if they throw enough bullshit at the ceiling and walls, some of it will stick. The trick is to control the debate so they can’t fling their poo. In other words, #2 is simply a slight variation on #1: Don’t follow the red herring down the rabbit hole but, rather, scrape the bullshit off the ceiling and walls and FORCE the Liberal to stay on the head of the pin!

3: And, unfortunately for many conservative would-be heroes, this is the single most important rule: There is no substitute for really KNOWING the facts. (And if you’ve got a cutting sense of humor, by all means cut with it; the devil HATES to be mocked!)

Now I am going to share with you an old debate I had with some maroon who thought he was going to buffalo me about Barack “Marxslim” Obama's phony, forged, felonious long-form birth certificate.

The dude's name was Dan Lynch, and when you consider how many blog bits I'd previously published about Barack Oliar's fake birth certificate, it's kind of funny that he challenged me about it in the comment section of a blog installment that really didn't even pertain to Obama's birth certificate. The blog bit was titled SEMJASE SEZ: EARTH WAS COLONIZED BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS (Or, BETWEEN A ROCK AND A SPACE PLACE) and was posted on April 29, 2012. It was primarily about an alleged UFO video filmed in Sweden and my only mention of Oliar's birth certificate was this:

I do know, however, that if this is a hoax, it’s pretty well done – certainly faked 1,000 times better than Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate was.”

This character, Dan Lynch, seized upon that remark and challenged me about the birth certificate, ultimately trying to muddy the water with 7 URLs for me to check out (including, hilariously enough, one that led to Wackypedia, as if I were too stupid to know what a propagandistic website Wackypedia is!) After trying to bury me in URL BULLSHITLAND he administered what he thought was the coup de grace by informing me of the following:

The DOH of Hawaii stated in a letter that she had seen the original birth certificate being copied onto security paper and that was the document that she gave to Obama’s lawyer. That physical copy was passed around in the White House press room and everyone there got a chance to hold it, and feel the seal. One reporter even photographed it.”

So how did I answer him? Well, I applied the 3 Rules For Debating Liberals. (Pay special attention to how I employed Rule #2.) Below is my two-part response to which Loony Lynch never replied, and that came as no surprise to me:
B.O.'s  FAKE  B.C.
Part 1 Of 2:

First, I want to remind you that it was you who posted this URL on my blog and called me out; prior to April 29th I was happily unaware of your existence. So don’t blame me for how this goes – you brought it on yourself.

Secondly, I apologize for taking so long to respond. Honestly, beating Liberals in debates was NEVER a challenge and sadly, after all these years, even the joy has gone out of it for me. On my list of priorities, exposing your preposterous opinion about Barack Obama’s birth certificate ranks very low [...] And frankly, I wouldn’t even bother replying to you except my Brother insists I do so because he can’t stand seeing you Liberals get away with so much nonsense.

But I consider addressing you on this matter to be a colossal waste of my time, akin to arguing with a two-year-old who insists that the ocean is made of blueberry juice.

I glanced at the websites you linked me to and found them irrelevant in this discussion about whether or not Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent. True to the form of your type, you want to obfuscate the facts, bait and switch, introduce lots of meaningless ‘round-‘n’-‘round hearsay, and generally just sidestep all the important evidence while piling two tons of hay atop the needles that really make “the point”. (Yeah, I know how it works; I’ve been debating the “Dan Lynches” for years and I’ve encountered all the evasive techniques.)

You can point to people who say they’ve seen Obama’s authentic long-form Hawaii birth certificate and I can point to people who have been in a position to see it but say they couldn’t locate it, who claim that it doesn’t exist.

And I don’t give a damn what some judge, federal employee or state bureaucrat says; liars can be bought and criminals can be blackmailed, and our court system, our federal and state governments are overrun with liars and criminals. So don’t give me any of this “So-And-So said that...” It’s all irrelevant and means nothing to me or to anyone else who understands how corrupt government officials are in the United States today.

So I’ll tell ya what we’re gonna do, buddy. We’re going to take all the speculation, the hearsay, and all the other B.S. off the table and deal strictly with the facts that anybody with even one working eye can examine for him/herself. I am going to ask you a few straightforward questions and you are going to answer me plainly, directly, in your own words. If you can’t do that, you lose by default and I’ll not reply to any future nonsense posted by you on my blog.

I think we can probably both agree that if Barack Obama has a real, authentic long-form Hawaii birth certificate, he would not have had to forge one. If he had a real one, he would have shown it to the American people. Therefore, if the one that he and his White House displayed for us can be shown to be a forgery, then we can conclude that there’s no good reason to believe that Obama has a genuine one that he could have shown instead.

That being the case, I want you to tell my WHY there are so many different typefaces on Obama’s birth certificate as seen

Being a former professional designer of commercial signs, it is outrageously obvious to me that a multitude of different typefaces were utilized in the forging of Obama’s birth certificate. However, it hardly takes a person who has used a lot of different typefaces in professional work to see the markedly different typefaces that were employed in the manufacturing of Obama’s phony birth certificate.

The variety of typefaces is sufficient on its face to show that the document is fraudulent. (Unless you want to tell me that someone had a good reason for typing the original birth certificate in a whole bunch of different typewriters.)

Continued Below...

Part 2 Of 2:

Then I want you to tell me why the Alvin T. Onaka rubber stamp supposedly used on Obama’s original birth certificate shows a smiley face in the “A” of Alvin, when no other Onaka rubber stamp imprint shows that same smiley face. Also, I want to know why that same rubber stamp imprint on Obama’s birth certificate shows the word “THE” as
“TXE” instead, in the statement “I CERTIFY THIS IS A TRUE COPY OR ABSTRACT OF TXE RECORD ON FILE IN THE HAWAII STATE DEPARMENT OF HEALTH”. Why is that misspelling not found on any other known Onaka rubber stamp imprint?

Both of these unexplained anomalies can be found in photographs toward the bottom of the Web page

And finally, I want you to logically explain to me why the postal service stamp on Obama’s Selective Service registration shows the date as "July 29, 80", rather than the year being indicated by four digits (1980) as it is on other postal service stamps. The photograph shown
HERE (right next to Obama’s forged stamp) indicates that, only two days later, the same post office where Obama’s Selective Service registration was supposedly imprinted was utilizing a stamp that had all four digits of the date included (1980, not 80).

OK, those are facts that anyone can see, stripped of conjecture, hearsay, and wild imaginings. How do you answer them? If you’re going to respond to me, make it direct, make it concise, make it MAKE SENSE! If you can’t answer these simple questions sans the customary mumbo jumbo and diversionary tactics, then don’t waste any more of my time.

Naturally I’ve assumed you’re a Liberal at heart because I can’t believe anyone but a Liberal would attempt to defend this patently phony birth certificate.

It seems to me one of two possibilities explains your desire to defend the indefensible: 1) either you know the birth certificate is fake but you’re willing to argue that it’s not because you’re a die-hard Lib or a government disinformation agent (in which case you subscribe to the premise that “the end justifies the means”); or 2) you REALLY DO think the birth certificate is genuine, in which case all this boasting on your blog about your capacity to think intelligently notwithstanding, you’re really just the little caboose on the Brain Train.

~ D-FensDogg
‘Loyal American Underground’

Not surprisingly, Mr. Lynch replied to my questions with nuttin' but the sound of silence.

Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio conducted an intensive investigation into Barack Oliar's birth certificate and after more than a year, he and his investigating team came to the conclusion that the document was fraudulent.

YouTube –
World Net Daily / Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference:

However, the average person with an average intellect could easily come to the same conclusion that the Sheriff's team did after no more than an hour's worth of honest, objective study of the document.

If that's so (and it IS) then why have the Republican Senators, Congressmen, and media talking heads (like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, and Glenn or Glenda “Marshmallow Head” Beck) refused to inform the Americonned Sheeple about the phony birth certificate? In fact, why have some of them not only refused to tell the truth about it, but have even gone on the attack, ridiculing and mocking the so-called “Birthers”, those people (like myself) who have insisted all along that Barack “Marxslim” Oliar is not eligible to be President and has committed a felony by knowingly passing off forged federal documents about himself?

It’s like when the networks bring on the three remaining
Klanners in America on TV.”
~ Ann Coulter

Hey, Ann, you ever heard of... KLANSMEN? Because Dictionary.com has never heard of “Klanners”.

Why don’t we go after the things that are provable, after the things that actually you need to stop right now?” Beck concluded. “And if you want to argue, then let’s argue based in fact, based on things that are provable and true.”

Oh, unlike Barack's fake birth certificate, right Glenda? Because there are no provable facts related to that? Or provable facts related to his equally fake Selective Service Registration card, or the bizarre circumstances related to Oliar's Social Security number?


Why do the Republicans not tell the truth? Why do they criticize the American citizens who DO attempt to make the truth known and assign silly nicknames to them like “Birthers” (or in the case of 9/11, “Truthers”)? Some people will try to convince you that the Repugnantcans are simply afraid of being labeled “racists” if they tell the truth and impeach and prosecute Barack “Marxslim” Oliar. But does ANYONE really believe a person like Ann Coulter is afraid of being called a “racist”? She has already been called every name in the book for many years. One might make a case that the weenie Glenn Beck would fear being called a “racist” but that argument would never hold water with Ann Coulter. And yet she too mocks the “Birthers” and dodges the birth certificate issue. Why?

I've been saying it since I first started this 'FERRET-FACED FASCIST FRIENDS' blog: There are NOT two political parties – the Repugnantcans and the Dumb-O-Crats! There is ONE party with two different faces, and that one party with two faces is controlled by a powerful cabal behind the scenes which is formulating a single global government that the cabal will ultimately control. This future global government is referred to as the New World Order, and there are references to it in God's 'Holy Bible'.

The purpose of the two-faced political party conducting the fake fights for public consumption is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER the Americonned Sheeple. It makes no difference which puppet you vote into power, you always get the same Puppeteer:

Why do the Republicans allow Barack Obama to remain in the White House when he could easily be charged with a felony, tried, convicted and imprisoned? Why? Because the Puppeteer behind the scenes that controls the Republicans - as well as the Democrats - WANTS Barack Obama in office. Why? Because right now, he is the best man for the job of fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

The DVD 'AGE OF DECEIT' (which I received from the lovely Flyin' Aardvark for my birthday) could almost be described as the movie version of Tal Brooke's excellent book 'ONE WORLD'. I strongly urge you to watch at least the first 12 minutes of the following movie:

Fallen Angels And The New World Order

To Watch An Enlarged View Of This Movie,
Click The URL Link Below

If the Power Behind The Scenes were to reveal its true method and put it on a single political bumper sticker, it would look like this:
A good number of my older posts regarding the deceit of Barack “Marxslim” Obama can be found collected here:

If you're inclined to read only one of those blog bits, I recommend BARACK OBAMA: KENYAN BY BIRTH, COMMUNIST BY CHOICE because I think it contains some particularly odd and fascinating information.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

YE OLDE COMMENT POLICY: All comments, pro and con, are welcome. However, ad hominem attacks and disrespectful epithets will not be tolerated (read: "posted"). After all, this isn’t Amazon.com, so I don’t have to put up with that kind of bovine excrement.