Thursday, September 8, 2011


The dude’s in disguise! Whether you call him “Slick Rick” or “Scary Perry” the bottom line is that here you have an Elitist French Poodle trying to pass himself off as a Conservative Pit Bull Terrier.

As I did in my last Pro-Paul blog bit, here I’m posting a collection of some of the better Anti-Perry videos I have culled from days of YouTube surfing – I suffer the sunburns and the wipeouts so you don’t have to.

As before, I have selected predominantly shorter videos because I know that your MTV-attention span is short and “time is money for Harry Potter.”

The longest video in this collection features Alex Jones (just like in my Pro-Paul installment), and again, I urge you to watch it anyway because by now you probably have a jones for Jones that needs to be satisfied. And on top of that, Jones proved himself prescient, so let’s see if he can predict the future yet again – this time as it pertains to Sarah Palin's political future.

Attack of the Texas Chain Saw NeoCon Clones:

I disagree with this following videomaker’s remark that “a Rick Perry presidency would almost promise nuclear war”, and I wish he had urged the viewer to vote Ron Paul with a less defeatist attitude. Despite those couple of missteps, this is certainly a recommended video:

“…Even the damn Democrat opposed it!”

“Republicans Are Democrats Too!”

I like this guy, Mr. Viz Fact, and his snarky asides! Watch his brief but very informative video – you’ll be wiser for it.

Here’s additional info about the "Trans-Texas NAFTA Super-New-World-Order-Highway". You need to dig for the truth about these things, people, because the NeoCon whores like Michael Medved will only lie to you about them. You can't trust the "conservative-costumed" mainstream media outlets like Faux News and the talking heads that pretend to represent Conservatism - warmongers like Medved, Hewitt and Prager. You are responsible for your own education, my ferret-faced fascist friends. And you always were! :

Did you know that back in ’88 Rick Perry served as Al Gore’s presidential campaign chairman in Texas? Yep. That’s about as unconservative as conservatism can get.

Would you elect a Perry/Palin ticket to the White House? According to Alex Jones, that’s likely what The Elite Behind The Sheet are going to push on you. And Jones was entirely correct in announcing Perry’s run for the presidency BEFORE Perry announced it. Watch the video, all you D-FensDoggs & D-FensDoggettes of the ‘Loyal American Underground’ :

For the D-FensDoggs who prefer their political info dressed in nice, young, fine femininity - (“femininity” – ahh, now there’s a fresh idea whose time has come… back again!) - there’s this video:

OK, you got it now? Repeat after me . . .

YES to Ron Paul; NO to Rick Perry. YES to Ron Paul; NO to Rick Perry. YES to Ron Paul; NO to Rick Perry . . .”

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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