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Narrated by Gary Owens

(1994 - VHS)  

When we slightly twisted fans of Ed Wood discuss the merits of his work, we must bear in mind that the very nature of it wreaks havoc on our grading scale. How does one actually assess anything having to do with Ed when "best" is "worst" and "good" is "bad"?

This very funny 50-minute documentary, cleverly written and directed by Ted Newsom and featuring the narration of Gary Owens, is excellent in that it fully achieves its goal. What is that goal? To take an irreverent snapshot of the life and "achievements" of Ed Wood, “Hollywood's Horrible Hack”. And that's good!

See? Now yer catchin' on.

The instantly recognizable voice of Gary Owens with his mock seriousness is a dog 'n' flea collar fit for 'LOOK BACK IN ANGORA.' (The title alone tells you what to expect.) The slapdash style of this documentary mimics the slipshod ineptitude of our hero's best (meaning "worst") work.

Is Owens disrespecting his subject? Well, yeah, of course he is - sort of. (But not in an overtly demeaning manner.) What do you want? A serious documentary about Ed Wood? Serious? About ED WOOD?!!! C'mon, get serious (meaning "loosen up").

We who appreciate Ed for the right reasons admire him because (as Owens says...) "Wood's films have become true cult classics; they triumph over all obstacles, including his own singular lack of ability." Ed Wood refused to quit; he did what he loved doing. Ed followed his dream: a ridiculous nightmare of inadvertent bad filmmaking which was "Stupid! Stupid!" (meaning, "Funny! Funny!") "His stream-of-consciousness dialogue," Owens tells us, "was like a ransom note pasted together from words randomly cut out of a Korean electronics manual." Now that's funny and accurate!

How Much Film Would Ed Wood Chuck If Ed Wood Would Chuck Film? He'd Chuck All The Film That Ed Wood Could If Ed Wood Would Chuck Film.

Fortunately for us, however, Ed Wood would chuck no film - he used it all! And this little biography pastes bits 'n' pieces of it together to give us a hilarious overview.

Sure, I liked Tim Burton's 'Ed Wood' treatment, but a movie by Ed is always going to be "worse" (meaning "superior") to a movie about Ed. So, for me, this goofy collection of clips and brief interviews is the perfect companion tape to my pink, faux angora-covered Ed Wood boxed set.

How's this for an amusing evening? . . . You invite your friends over, serve them hot sake in those authentic little Japanese sake cups, and show them ‘PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE’ and ‘LOOK BACK IN ANGORA’ in that order. You'll be immensely entertained and you'll find out just who your real friends are - because your real friends will love ya for it . . . (or they'll forgive you and love ya anyway).

‘LOOK BACK IN ANGORA': Yeah, it's "pretty bad"
(and that's "very good!")

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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Well, it certainly seems as if my blog bit “ILLEGAL ALIEN INFESTATION” was a total bust.

I can’t say I’m surprised, as I’ve noticed the pattern over the years: when a blogger makes demands on his readers, you know, writes about deep, serious matters of great importance – matters that can’t really be adequately covered in a paragraph or two - and/or when a blogger posts a multipart video that will require an investment of more than a minute and a half, and which will require the viewer to actually think about and attempt to mentally absorb complex information, that blogger is in deep dog
doo-doo right from the get-go. [“Ouch! It’s making me think. It hurts! It hurts! Make it stop!”]

And when he further compounds the problem by including an obstacle like spirituality and introduces to the topic a respect for The Holy Bible and proclaims that Holy Book’s relevance to his subject matter, that blogger has essentially committed 'Blog Bit Hari-Kari'.

When will I ever learn, and just transform ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’ into a forum dedicated to cute cat stories, tasty recipes, and/or the dissemination of vital tips about how to create more believable characters and build better plots for the writers of Young Adult fantasy fiction, romance novels, and Sci-Fi adventure stories? When will I change the name of this blog to 'Bread 'N' Circuses'?

At that point - and only at that point - will this blog acquire a genuine readership.

You know what I think I’m gonna do then, just for the hell of it?

I’m gonna take THIS video, and I’m gonna post it right HERE. And you wanna know something? There’s not a damn thing you’re gonna be able to do about it.


~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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When you have termite trouble you call the pest exterminator.

When you have stray dogs roaming through your neighborhood you call the Animal Control Department.

When you're being haunted by ghosts who you gonna call?

But who do you call when you're having problems with illegal aliens?

Certainly you can't call the United States Government because Uncle Sam ain't yakkin', and he's only inclined to cover up the problem.

Below are the first four installments of a 12-part video concerning our illegal alien problem which you might learn a great deal from. At the end of segment 4 you will see where you're being given the opportunity to click a link for segment 5, and so on and so on, all the way to the 12th and final installment:

[Additional commentary below...]



'Return of the Nephilim' - Chuck Missler

Part 5 Of 12

Part 6 Of 12

Part 7 Of 12

Part 8 Of 12

Part 9 Of 12

Part 10 Of 12

Part 11 Of 12

Part 12 Of 12

You see what I did there? You thought this blog bit was gonna be about Arizona's SB-1070 legislation and illegal immigration, didn't you? By now you ought to know not to try predicting what I will say and do because, if nuttin' else, I'm unpredictable and stumbling to the beat of my own drunken drummer.

I first became fascinated by the subject of UFOs (or "Flying Saucers" as they were often called at the time) when I was in fifth or sixth grade, and before I had graduated junior high school, I had read every book on that topic in my local library; I was aware of Project Blue Book at a very young age.

In my 51 years, I have undoubtedly read at least a couple dozen books on UFOs, and I recommend the following three titles for those who wish to pursue the subject further from a spiritual standpoint:

ALIEN ENCOUNTERS: The Secret Behind The UFO Phenomenon
by Doctor Chuck Missler

by John Weldon & Zola Levitt

ALIEN INTERVENTION: The Spiritual Mission Of UFOs
by Paul Christopher

Have you ever seen an Unidentified Flying Object? I've had two unexplained experiences - both of them while living here in Phoenix, Airheadzona. In the first sighting, I saw two "flying things" simultaneously, and they were so close to the ground when I first noticed them that I could have thrown rocks and hit them. Glad I didn't, however, as it's probably not too smart to throw rocks at the devil's emissaries.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ten out of ten psychiatrists recommend brain cell flossing to their patients who still support Barack Obama.

Well, not really, but you’ll see where I got the “ten out of ten” idea from the article quoted below:

According to the World Net Daily (WND) article found HERE . . .

Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, the chief of Stand Up America, a national security expert and Fox News contributor, says the "Certificate of Live Birth" released in April by the White House as "proof positive" of President Obama's Hawaiian birth is a forgery, but the FBI is covering the fraud and no one in Congress is willing to tackle the situation because of fears of a "black backlash" if the failings of the nation's first black president are revealed.

"We've had three CIA agents, retired, and some of their analytical associates look at it, and all came to the same conclusion, that even the long-form was a forged document," Vallely said.

FORGED?! You don’t say? However could you tell?!

The article continues:

"No members of Congress will take this on. The word I get out of Washington is that they don't want to challenge this because it would be in fact a felony offense and in some cases may be even treasonous and [they are] afraid of a black backlash from some of the urban areas," Vallely said.

When Obama released the purported long-form certificate, officials in the Hawaii Department of Health and governor's office refused to simply confirm to WND that the image being presented by Obama was an accurate representation of the records maintained by the state.

Vallely also made similar statements in an online radio program in which he supported Lakin, the Army doctor who refused orders because neither the military nor the White House would document Obama's eligibility. He spent five months in Fort Leavenworth and only recently was released. His comments start at about 3:30 of the YouTube video.

There, Vallely said, "Obama's birth certificate – I've had retired CIA agents and other investigators go over the birth certificate that was produced and by far, 10 out of 10 have said it's a forgery. So we still have that corruptness going on in the White House. There's a great number of organizations and people still trying to find out who Barack Obama is, where he was born, what his legitimacy is as president of the United States. We know for sure that the Constitution has been violated in Article 2, particularly when you look at the natural-born status."

Unbelievable! This Barack “USAP” Obama birth certificate story is AT LEAST one thousand times BIGGER than was the Watergate scandal but hardly anyone wants to touch it!

I just read the developing news at WND and their second in a series of three articles indicates that this thing may be about to bust wide open. But oddly enough, the Republican party STILL wants nothing to do with it.

Well, that’s not so odd, really, when a person truly understands The Hegelian Dialectic concept of the contemporary American political scene. [See the “X-Y-Z” link at the end.]

While there may be some concern on the part of some of those mangy, flea-infested dogs in the Senate and in the House that Black people would riot in the streets if Obama were ousted from the White House for lying, forgery, and perjury. (Perjury: remember that day he placed his hand on a Holy Bible and swore to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic? Well, he himself is one of the Constitution’s “foreign” enemies. And I don't see him protecting the Constitution from himself, do you?)

But I believe the bigger issue – well beyond anyone’s fear that Black people will riot if Obama is found guilty of a felony or felonies, impeached and removed from office – is that ‘The Democrats Vs. The Republicans’ is really just a big show maintained by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for public consumption only. It’s all just a 'Punch And Judy' marionette show, with both political parties having their strings pulled behind the scenes by the CFR.

[Democrat on the Left; Republican on the Right.]

The fighting is made to look real to convince the Americonned people that there’s a political war a-goin’ on. But the secret battle plans are drawn up behind the scenes, beyond the view of the public, and those plans call for the Democrats, who openly represent Socialism of the Marxist variety, to gradually gain more and more ground. Meanwhile the Republicans, who secretly represent Corporate Socialism of the Keynesian variety but who openly pretend to stand for fiscal and social conservatism, gradually give ground, all the while shouting loudly and swinging wildly at the wind to give the impression that they oppose the Democrats. In truth, the Republicans and the Democrats are coming together and meeting in the middle after each skirmish, with the Republicans - by desigin - losing more than they win, while the painted battleground backdrop or "war theater” (pun intended) is gradually shifted ever Leftward.

In a nutshell, the Republican party does NOT want Obama removed from office because the Marxist in Chief plays a very good villain in this show, this phony fight - and because the CFR (which includes plenty of Republican members) has written the screenplay and is directing this show, and they have the Democrats winning as many of the fake fights as possible.

Obama ain’t goin’ nowhere, no matter how badly that long-form birth certificate was forged; he’s too good an actor in this production to impeach him now.

However, I believe the idea that many Black people would riot in the streets if Obama’s long-form birth certificate was shown beyond any reasonable doubt to be a forgery and he were removed from office is being overstated. Therefore, I have included a poll here for Black people to vote in.

I want everyone to read the “X-Y-Z” article linked at the very bottom, but I want ONLY Black folks to vote in the following poll:

If it were shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the birth certificate Barack Obama has presented to the American people and displayed on the White House website was fraudulently manufactured and he was impeached and removed from office as a result, would you consider rioting in your city?

Please vote ONLY once in the poll at the upper left-hand column, and vote ONLY if you’re a Black American. I thank you.


~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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The real purpose of this blog bit is to direct you to the excellent blog installment “Ralph And Sam Are At It Again”, posted by my friend DiscConnected at ‘Back In The USSR’.

But knowing that you are Americans and accustomed to an entertaining opening act or two prior to the headliner appearing on stage, I have a little bread and a little circus to present you with before you settle in for “a really big show” at ‘Back In The USSR’.

Does anyone remember the ARCHIE BUNKER FOR PRESIDENT campaign back in the early 1970s?

[When I was a kid, we had a mug exactly like this one "in the house".]

Well, here’s a little taste of why that Archie Bunker For President campaign achieved more than fifteen minutes of fame (seventeen and a half minutes, to be precise) :

I found that video at YouTube and I wish to publicly praise Hendrix92TheUniverse for possessing the imagination and creativity to put it together.

Frankly, I would vote for Archie Bunker for president in 2012… if he were still alive.

But seeing as how Archie went to greener pastures some years ago, I have decided to give my vote to Walter, who isn’t dead but is merely deadwood. I mean, think of the advantage: your president can NEVER be assassinated by a gun-toting Leftist nut like Jared Loughner. Let someone like that put a bullet in Walter’s head and it will only piss him off further. Imagine a REALLY grumpy Walter!

Heck, the only way one could assassinate a President Walter is to place termites in his drink or entice him to sleep with a Ms. Piggy, who pretends to fall asleep and then drops a cigarette in his bed before slipping out the window.

My thanks to rusty6of6 for posting that presidential “coming out” announcement at YouTube.

Really, the best of all possibilities would be if Walter chose Ron Paul as his running mate. That way, even if some Demomarxist really did manage to slip Walter a Termite-Mickey Finn or set him up with a cigarette-smoking Ms. Piggy, Ron Paul would take over the Executive Branch of the Federal government: Goodbye Federal Reserve, goodbye deficit, and goodbye un-Constitutional treason!

Well, that’s a good segue into DiscConnected’s excellent blog installment about the Warner Brother’s cartoon featuring Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf.

Click the link below to learn how the American political scene today is similar to an entertaining old school Warner Brother’s cartoon:


~ Stephen T. McCarthy
'The bastard son of Genghis Khan and Ann Coulter'

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Think of this blog bit as an addendum to my last blog bit, Friggin’ Fact: Barack “Usap” Obama’s Birth Certificate Absolutely Proven-2-B-A-Forgery!

For a period in the mid-1980s I worked professionally in Inglewood, California, as a sign designer for commercial properties. In fact, a few examples of my handiwork can still be found in and around Los Angeles.

For instance, my sign at a popular eatery in Culver City called Johnnie’s French Dip Pastrami Restaurant on Sepulveda Boulevard still stands.

The big yellow “JOHNNIE’S / We Proudly Feature Vienna Beef Products” sign is one of mine:

As a result of my work designing large signs for businesses, I became very well acquainted with various different typefaces.

Furthermore, I worked for years as a voluntary correspondent for a spiritual organization’s prison outreach program; consequently I wrote countless letters to inmates all across this country. And until just about 10 years ago, I did nearly all of my writing on manual typewriters. A lot of people alive today have never once used a manual typewriter, but I not only used them, I preferred them.

In my lifetime I’ve owned two different heavy Royal manual typewriters and one portable Remington Rand manual, and I have typed hundreds of thousands of words on these various machines. So, I not only have knowledge of typefaces but also have a lot of experience with the joys and frustrations that result from extensive use of old manual typewriters.

Having studied the examples of various typefaces Mr. Paul Irey, a retired professional typographer, found within the supposed “authentic” long-form Barack “USAP” Obama birth certificate, there is not the slightest sliver of emanations of penumbras in my mind that the document is a fraud composed of multiple different typefaces.

I have firsthand experience with every manner of operator and machine error when it comes to manual typewriters (from failing to properly depress the shift key to carriage progression malfunctions) and I can state unequivocally that the most glaring examples in Mr. Irey’s display of inconsistencies in the Obama birth certificate are not results of machine imperfections nor operator errors. Let’s look closely at some of them:

E - #s 11 & 176: Note the different angles of the serifs at the bottom extension. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but those are unquestionably two different angles and not a result of excess inking on one of the letters.

a - #s 23, 56, & 130: Focus on the inner closed "stomach" portion of the "a". They are clearly different shapes, thus they are different typefaces.

e - #s 25 & 67: Notice how the "crossbar" on number 25 angles upward slightly, while the "crossbar" on number 67 runs straight across. If those two letters were struck by the same typewriter, the ONLY way you could get the upward angle on #25 is if you were to loosen the paper from the platen in the machine and tilt the paper slightly. And why would a typist do such a thing? In my opinion, this is one of the most blatant proofs that the birth certificate was assembled using text from a variety of other sources.

i - #s 58 & 63: Again you have a difference in the angle of the serifs up at the top, just below the dot.

t - #s 66 & 186: Examine the space created by the "hook" at the bottom of those letters. 66 turns upward in a nice, evenly rounded manner, while the upward turn of the "hook" on 186 is much sharper - not coming to a point exactly, nevertheless "angled" rather than "rounded". These are obviously letters from two different typewriters.

There are so many flaws in the long-form Barack Obama birth certificate, running the gamut from the chronologically incorrect registration number in relationship to the birth certificates of the Nordyke twins, to the computer layering effect of the document displayed on the White House website, to the smiley face and the “TXE” misspelling in the Alvin T. Onaka rubber stamp, to the multiple typefaces found within the inserted information on the document, that it seems almost preposterous to assume anything other than that someone worked determinedly, diligently, doggedly – and every other “d-ly” way – to ensure that Obama’s birth certificate would appear as fraudulent as possible!

In other words, it’s nearly impossible for me to believe that this document was falsified with the intent of fooling people. Could anyone REALLY do this bad a forgery job inadvertently?

And why would so many different typeface characters of the same letters be used? Theoretically, all one would need is one example of each letter of the alphabet (upper and lower case) and one example of each numeral 0-9 and a set of punctuation marks. All of which could be extracted from one, or at most two, authentic 1961 Hawaiian birth certificates. So why the plethora of typefaces utilized in the construction of this one fake document?

Which causes me to reiterate my earlier speculation that the person who undertook the job of forging this birth certificate on behalf of the Marxist in Chief was in fact blowing the whistle on the presidential impostor. As it stands right now, it seems to me that the secret intent of whomever put this phony document together may have been to “out” Barack Obama. I know it's never wise to underestimate the stupidity of Dumb-O-Crats, but even a Dumb-O-Crat isn’t so dumb that he or she couldn’t do a better job than this of forging a birth certificate. Right?

Mark my words, there is a great story behind the story and someday the hidden facts of it will be common knowledge.

The multiple typefaces found in the Barack “USAP” Obama birth certificate are not so much a “smoking gun” but more closely resemble a “confession of guilt”.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Impeach and jail the mudderfudger NOW!

America, you are being given ONE LAST CHANCE to prove to me that you’re not the sick, twisted, morally bankrupt, and apathetic country that I believe you are!

If the Americonned People don’t rise up NOW and demand that this “USAP” – this Undocumented Socialist Acting as President – be forcibly removed from office and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for forgery and for impersonating a messiah, a Hawaiian, a decent human being, and a natural-born president, then the Americonned People can just bugger off and wallow in their red, white, and blue dung forever!

So many registered “Republicans” thought that going after Obama via the birth certificate angle was the wrong approach. I knew it wasn’t but I refrained from ‘splainin’ to ya why it wasn’t; I just didn’t want to spend my time ‘splainin’ it to ya. So, I just kept abreast of the story knowing - knowing! - that it would eventually bear fruit (and because I’m attracted to abreast from time to time).

And then others strongly suspected that the birth certificate was a forgery but they didn’t have the... something... I don't know, confidence maybe... to shout it from the rooftops, even after they saw that “smiley face” and the word “TXE” (instead of the word “THE”) in the rubber stamp text and signature of state registrar Alvin T. Onaka.

Well, now do you know the gig? If not, here it is: The jig is UP! This White House faker has been absolutely proven to be a liar and a presidential impostor.

Great gratitude to the World Net Daily website for sticking with this story like a dog gnaws a bone! Yes, 'Constitutional congratulations' to you, World Net Daily. Hell yes . . . go ahead and “spike the football!”

World Net Daily: Won
Barack & Michelle Obama: Phuck Off!

Click the blue link below, read the full story, and then jump on the bandwagon, you johnny-come-latelys.

Typeface Analysis Shows Images Come From Different Machines
Posted: June 07, 2011
8:28 pm Eastern

Don'tcha love it when this happens?!

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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Monday, June 6, 2011


Recently a bloggin’ friend of mine, The Shredder, posted some non-mainstream, mavericky “stuffs” that contradicts the generally accepted principles of eatin’ for good health.

Naturally I was interested since I ain’t nuttin’ if not non-mainstream and mavericky about pretty much everything including nutrition and commonly held health-related myths. Well, heck, wasn’t it I who - on September 11th, 2009 - wrote on this very blog, “We at ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’ believe that humor is good medicine. We believe the American Medical Association, the Food and Drug Administration, and the American Cancer Society practice bad medicine. We believe our borders should be protected to keep out illegal immigrants, potential terrorists, and foreigners like Barack Obama.” ?

Why, by golly-gee-whiz, heck YES, that was me who wrote that! And that was purty dern good writin’, wasn’t it? It’s a wonder no one reads this blog.

Anyway, The Shredder wrote the following:

I'll take butter on my broccoli, a human-sized portion of meat, and you can just put my damned apple in a pie crust where it belongs.

That made me laugh, and I responded in the comment section with this:

To celebrate this excellent blog bit, I just downed two high-cholesterol hard-boiled neggs, heavily salted!

And then I went on to essentially say that . . .

Yeah, the same Scumdog Billionaires (think: the Rockefeller family et al.) and their lying toadies (think: former FDA Commissioner Dr. Charles C. Edwards et al.) who are trying to tell us what to eat are the same Scumdog Billionaires and their lying toadies who are hiding the fact that a nutritional approach to cancer prevention/remedy has already been discovered. Unfortunately, it's natural, God-given, and - worst of all - inexpensive, and that's why it must remain unknown until an expensive laboratory formula can be found and patented to generate oodles of money for the Scumdog Billionaires and their lying toadies.

In the meantime, get your cancer, take your chemo, and when your purse or wallet is empty, go die as quickly as possible so as not to overly burden your good Uncle Sam.

My friend The Shredder responded:

I really would love to hear about this cancer prevention/remedy as I don't think I've heard of it before! And yes, there are lifetimes and fortunes built on keeping treatment expensive and fairly ineffective...and tragically in our dying. That doesn't mean that in this information age we can't help each other and spread the word all we can. Peace.

Of course, I have already mentioned this nutritional approach to cancer therapy a number of times on my blogs. You’ll find mention of it HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

Nevertheless, I’m pleased to write about it again HERE!

I replied to The Shredder:

Well, really, first and foremost, I would recommend you read two excellent books on the subject:

1: “WORLD WITHOUT CANCER” by G. Edward Griffin.

2: “ALIVE AND WELL” by Dr. Philip Binzel Jr.

And then I got to thinking: I wonder if anyone at YouTube has posted the old documentary that Mr. G. Edward Griffin produced as a basic overview to his excellent book of the same title, “World Without Cancer”.

A quick search turned up that indeed someone had done so. And thus I wish to pause long enough to say major kudos Five-Star General kudos to RaisingKundalini who uploaded “World Without Cancer” on Oct 25, 2009. On behalf of humanity I say, “Nicely done. Thanks!”

In response to my link to the “World Without Cancer” documentary, my friend The Shredder wrote, “You and I are gonna save the world. ;)”

I answered, “Ha! Yeah, right after I finish this beer.”

At any rate, I am posting below all six 9-minute segments of the “World Without Cancer” documentary, written, produced and narrated by Mr. G. Edward Griffin. You really ought to watch this entire film. Yes, it’s old and there aren’t any whizz-bang high-tech computer graphics, because this reflects a time in this country when people were less superficial and more intelligent than they are now and would watch a program solely for the very valuable information it provided rather than to merely be mindlessly entertained by empty schlock.

The truth is, however, that the documentary is no replacement for the shocking book of the same title. If you really want to understand this subject, if you really want to become aware of just how and why LAETRILE (or B-17) works to kill cancer cells, and if you really want to realize just how the corrupt money powers and the corrupt American medical establishment have deceived We The People about cancer and have unnecessarily allowed millions of folks to die slow agonizing deaths in the name of profit and power, then you absolutely MUST read the books “WORLD WITHOUT CANCER” and “ALIVE AND WELL” - the latter being written by a doctor who helped cure many patients of so-called “terminal” cancer, even in its latest stages.

Both of these outstanding, important, eye- and mind-opening books can be purchased directly from Mr. G. Edward Griffin’s website REALITYZONE. << That’s a link. Click it, Healthboy!

Below are illustrations of the books, followed by the six-part documentary. To view the film on a larger YouTube screen, you can click the URL link below each video segment.

“This, then, is the double standard of the FDA. We can buy aspirin and a hundred other drugs of questionable safety by the barrel. We can buy alcoholic beverages by the case and tobacco products by the carload. In over four-thousand communities we are FORCED to drink sodium fluoride in the water supply. But when it comes to food supplements and vitamins, the FDA swoops down like the avenging angel and becomes the super guardian of the nation’s health.

“When a woman takes the life of her unborn child on the theory that she may do what she wishes with HER OWN body, she receives the sanction of the Supreme Court. But if she purchases Laetrile in an attempt to SAVE a life – either her child’s or her own – she has participated in a criminal act.

“How much longer will the American people tolerate this outrageous double standard?”
~ G. Edward Griffin
“World Without Cancer”; chapter 23, page 313

When Mr. Coe informed Judge Bohanon that the defense had concluded its testimony, the Judge turned to the FDA attorneys and said, “The court is now prepared to hear your witnesses and view your evidence.” One FDA attorney replied, “Your Honor, we don’t have any.” The rest of the dialogue went like this:

Judge: “You are telling me that you have filed suit in this court that Laetrile is toxic, and you don’t have a single witness or a shred of evidence to support such a suit?”
Attorney: “That is correct, Your Honor.”
Judge: “Then why have you filed such a suit?”
Attorney: “Because, Your Honor, Laetrile may be dangerous.”
Judge: “Dangerous to whom?”
Attorney: “Dangerous to the Federal Government, Your Honor.”
Judge: “How could Laetrile possibly be dangerous to the Federal Government?”
Attorney: “Because, Your Honor, the Government may lose control.”

With this the Judge, now obviously angered, slammed down his gavel and said, “Case dismissed!”

As Mr. Coe, Dr. Halstead, Bob Bradford, Betty and I left the court house, we saw a six-foot by four-foot poster on the wall in the lobby. It read in large letters, “BEWARE OF LAETRILE! IT IS TOXIC!” At the bottom, in small print, was the statement, “Must be posted in all Government buildings by order of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.”
~ Dr. Philip Binzel Jr.
“Alive And Well”; chapter 1, pages 17 & 18

Stay healthy and . . .
Bless And Be Blessed.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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