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May 19, 2009, marks my one-year anniversary of Blogging here at Blogspot.com. Having posted so many Blog Bits over the course of a year, I see how easy it is for some of the installments to get buried so deep they’re never viewed by human eyes again.

I’ve decided to honor my one-year anniversary by listing some of my better Blog entries here - conveniently linking them in a kind of “Greatest Hits” compilation page.

I don’t know if these Blog Bits really represent The 10 Greatest Hits of Xtremely Un-P.C. And Unrepentant (and let’s face it, the word “greatest” is relative and doesn’t necessarily imply that I’ve ever written anything that was worth a damn). But these are what I consider to be probably, possibly, perhaps, maybe the best stuffs I’ve posted here. I could be mistaken, and almost certainly am. However, as I’ve stated elsewhere: This is just my opinion, but here Stephen T. McCarthy is the king. I’m Stephen T. McCarthy, and it’s good to be the king!

In truth, this Blog’s greatest hit was probably "BORN TO BE FILED" which I posted on 2009, January 6th. In that Blog Bit I reprinted a brief article written by Kurt Williamsen for The New American in which he quoted the Constitution law scholar Edwin Vieira, Jr. who theorized that the moment USAP signs any legislation that would further infringe on any gun owner’s Second Amendment rights, a lawsuit would undoubtedly be filed against USAP, and at that point, the corrupt judges would not be able to dismiss the suit and the court would be required to demand that USAP produce his birth certificate for public evaluation.

I can’t help wondering if this isn’t one of the primary reasons USAP inexplicably backed off from his gun control proposals recently. Is he afraid of inciting a lawsuit which would force his hidden birth certificate out in the open?

The reason I say BORN TO BE FILED is probably Xtremely Un-P.C.’s greatest hit is because there was a noticeable spike in visits to my profile page immediately after I posted it. But because I was responsible for only a small amount of the text in that post, I have decided not to number it amongst this Blog's 10 greatest hits. In other words, I’m ignoring this Blog’s only real “hit” in favor of a collection of Blog Bits which I myself wrote. You can search through this Blog and find BORN TO BE FILED on your own if you’d like. No link provided. I already gave you the posting date, what more do you want? Sheesh! I’m tired of doing everything for you people.

But for those who want to revisit some of my old stuffs, or for those who want to just skip past all the very crappiest stuffs and read the merely crappy stuffs, I give you: Xtremely Un-P.C. And Unrepentant:
“Greatest Hits, Vol. I” :

Monday, June 16, 2008
Things are not what they seem. The Repugnantcan and the Dumb-O-Crat parties are both controlled by a separate entity. An evil entity. We do not have a two-party system, but an illusion of choice and an Elite Squad of conspirators deliberately leading us into a Global Tyranny. This is the truth, and there’s not a damn thing funny about it. Probably the most important piece I’ve ever posted.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
This is my review of one of the best must-read political books ever written: “The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve” by G. Edward Griffin.

Monday, June 23, 2008
This is my review of the baseball book “Diamonds Are Forever.” In my opinion, the best collection of words I’ve ever assembled. For what that’s worth.

Monday, June 23, 2008
EDJUCATION-R-US: "We B Edjucatin' U." [Issue #1: Polatics & Soshial Studies]
A quiz I constructed to test your knowledge of politics and socially relevant events and people. I wanted to balance some of this collection’s Blog Bits of conservative anger with a little bit of humor. All anger and no laughter would make Stephen a dull boy.

Monday, July 14, 2008
My review of the best and most important book ever written: “The Holy Bible” by God! This is my preferred version, translated from the ancient Aramaic language into English by George M. Lamsa and published in 1933.

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Prior to the presidential election, I made it very clear how the American People were not being given any real choice; a vote for USAP or a vote for McLame amounted to nearly the same thing. If you don’t understand that, then go back to the top of this list and read STOP BEING A “USEFUL IDIOT” again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
The day after You The People elected USAP to the White House, I told y’all exactly what I think of most voters in this country. I had to include a little humor at the end of this Blog Bit to keep myself from exploding.

Sunday, November 16, 2008
THE 15 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (A Communist China Tradition)
QUIT BUYING SH#T MADE IN CHINA, INDIA, AND VIETNAM! Give a damn about your brothers and sisters who are being persecuted and enslaved in foreign nations. Screw Wal-Mart! I believe Jesus would rather you hung NO Christmas lights on your house than to hang Christmas lights made in China.

Sunday, March 8, 2009
We are being PUSHED into Socialism (goodbye Constitution!), and it makes little difference which type of Socialism we accept. This examination of the brand of socialism America increasingly embraces is one of the more important Blog Bits I’ve posted.

Sunday, March 22, 2009
If you think that what I wrote above in regards to an Elite group of conspirators deliberately leading us into a Global Tyranny was exaggeration, then read this. Don’t take my word for anything, but let some of the conspirators tell you in their own words what they think of you, your country and your Constitutional rights. Here is some of the horsesh#t straight from the horse’s mouth. (Anyone needing further evidence is encouraged to find the out-of-print book "Treason: The New World Order" by Gurudas.) This is one of my Top 3 most important posts on this site.


In the name of cross-pollination, I’m including links to three of my better Blog Bits from my other (mostly non-political) Blog titled Stephen T. McCarthy's STUFFS.

2008, May 22
Instructions on how to become a Master Smart-Ass. Learn from the best (me).

2008, Sept. 25
My brother Nappy and I take a trip to Martiniville (Reno, Nevada) where we drink martinis (and lots of other mind-altering liquids), make politically incorrect sexist remarks, argue about what makes an athlete an athlete, and generally raise as much hell as two old bastards can raise (which ain’t much). Be sure to pack your bottle of Excedrin for this trip because Nappy and I will need to hit that bottle after we’ve finished hitting the others.

2009, May 3
Travel back to 1970 with me while I relive one of my earliest schoolyard crushes, and experience again the excitement of Little League Baseball. These are all authentic entries from my 5th grade diary. I mean, my 5th grade JOURNAL. Uhp! I was an idiot! But you won’t need to poke fun at me because I do it for ya. You just sit back and enjoy the smart-assness.

I hope y’all get something out of this stuffs. It’s the best this smart-azz can do.


~ Stephen T. McCarthy
"As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
~ Proverbs 26:11

Saturday, May 16, 2009


While surfing around the I Can Has Cheezburger site recently, I got tubed by the best political Lol I’ve found to date. It was titled “THE SOCIALIST BRAIN OF A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.” What a gnarly ride! Cowabunga!

I contacted the gentleman who had posted this Lol on the site, practically begging for permission to use it here at Xtremely Un-P.C. And Unrepentant, but he replied:

“I can't take the credit for that pic. I found it while surfing google images under idiot liberals.”

So, unfortunately, I have no idea who the genius behind this masterpiece might be, but he (or she, if it’s Ann Coulter) is brainy as all get-out and twice as politically incorrect.

Hang Ten on this...
[For a slightly enlarged view click HERE.]

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
(a.k.a. ProvDog at 'I Can Has Cheezburger')


Saturday, May 2, 2009


I do not think we need fear too much about the Communists dropping atomic bombs on Washington. They would kill too many of their friends that way.
~ Senator Joseph McCarthy

There ought to be a drink named after Joseph McCarthy. Call it a SENATOR JOE. Something red, white, and blue. Check that. NO REDS. Just white and blue. Better yet, black and blue. And REALLY strong! But how are we going to concoct a black and blue alcoholic drink? Tell ya what, let’s just hoist a drink – any drink – in McCarthy’s honor, and remember a truly great American patriot.

On this date, May 2nd, Joseph McCarthy died in 1957. He was only forty-eight years old. He was also the most unjustly vilified person in American history. More lies have been said and written about the man than about any other person in the history of this world. And excluding Jesus Christ Himself, McCarthy is my all-time biggest hero. To say that I love Joseph McCarthy is to seriously understate my feelings for that fighting patriot.

I find it very intriguing that McCarthy passed away on May 2nd. I have never read or heard where anyone else has ever made this observation, but I find it perhaps not coincidental that although very ill, McCarthy managed to hang on and make it past May 1st before giving up the ghost. May 1st (May Day) is almost universally celebrated by the Communists. Some have speculated that it’s because this is traditionally acknowledged as the day in 1776 that Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati, and there is certainly an ideological bond (if not an actual historical/biographical line that can be drawn) tying the Illuminati and the Communists together.

Whatever the reason for the communists honoring May Day, it would have made their celebrations double sweet if McCarthy had expired on that day in 1957. But that stubborn fighting man would not return to his Maker until the following day. I have often contemplated and relished this fact and I like to think of it as the last punch McCarthy threw at those bastards. And I also like to think that this original observation on my part somehow highlights the great kinship between Senator Joe and myself and the depth of feelings I have for that Real Man.

Another thing I find oddly intriguing is how I came by my pseudonym. Probably about a dozen years ago, while I was sitting in a Coco’s restaurant, I was attempting to come up with an appropriate pen name for myself. It had to reflect my spiritual world-view; it needed to illustrate my love for the L’s: Liberty and Literature; and it had to make reference to my Constitutional patriotism and disgust for Socialism. Honestly, it also had to reflect my love for Senator Joe. STEPHEN, the first person known to have been martyred because of their personal testimony on behalf of Jesus Christ met the first requirement. The middle initial T. for Henry David Thoreau (one of my very favorite writers and philosophers) met the second. And obviously McCARTHY nailed the third. There it was: Stephen T. McCarthy. In the late ‘90s, I began using that name in conjunction with my writings.

Despite my years of in-depth study in the subjects of Joseph McCarthy and “McCarthyism”, it wasn’t until I read - immediately upon its publication in 2007 - the book BLACKLISTED BY HISTORY by M. Stanton Evans that I learned, amazingly, Joseph McCarthy actually had a biological brother named Stephen T. McCarthy. I’m not a big believer in coincidences to begin with, and this bizarre “coincidence” only further established for me the fact that Senator Joseph McCarthy and I are Brothers In Arms. I couldn’t possibly have dreamed up a better pen name for myself all those years earlier. And in fact, I don’t believe I dreamed this one up either. I believe it was “given” to me by an Authority that knows and sees more than I could ever imagine.

Incidentally, the story of McCarthy and McCarthyism is an incredibly complex story constructed upon a simple good versus evil foundation. It’s an utterly fascinating topic and, in my opinion, it’s America’s current political problems played out in microcosm. Should anyone really wish to dig in and learn about it, there are many good, valuable books I could recommend - most, sadly, now out of print but available used from various sources. But I suggest you begin with the aforementioned BLACKLISTED BY HISTORY. It’s the most up-to-date and comprehensive tome and it is readily available.

At the conclusion of this Blog Bit, I will also link you to an excellent and lengthy online essay titled ‘The Real McCarthy Record’ by James Drummey. My many years of extensive independent research have confirmed the accuracy of this fine essay. I feel Drummey downplayed McCarthy’s drinking issue slightly, but otherwise, the piece is highly accurate. And even McCarthy’s notable battle with the bottle didn’t occur until after he was censured by the Senate, and even then, it never interfered with his duties. Nor is there any actual evidence that he ever appeared in any official capacity under the influence of alcohol, as his lying, immoral critics like to claim. Late in his life, after censure, he privately drank too much, and that’s the end of that story.

I almost miss my many debates with the Liberal Maroons at Amazon.com. I did not actively seek arguments with the many Liberals on that site in general, but when I found someone attacking the name and reputation of Senator McCarthy, that was a whole different story. For some reason, I took that sh#t personally. You could run your Marxist/Socialist mouth (or fingers) all you pleased and I wouldn’t come after you, but the minute you slandered McCarthy, you had me to deal with. And I had the facts on my side, and I knew what those facts were, too! Yes, if a person attacked McCarthy, he or she was going to have to debate me, unless I felt the person was so retarded that he or she was already their own worst enemy.

I referred to those debates as my “McCarthy Wars” and I never lost a single battle in those Wars. Eventually, Amazon.com, which is owned and run by Leftists, censored me by deleting my old comments throughout their website and removing my ability to leave comments on that site in the future. But I took that as a compliment to my patriotism and effectiveness. Just as the noble Senator, McCarthy, was censured by the Senate, I was censored by Amazon for similar reasons. I’m in great company and consider it an honor to have stood by McCarthy and been unjustly silenced as a result. For the full story, read Amazon: Just Another Way To Say “Big Bitch”; Part 1, and Part 2, and Part 3.

As my new friend Edward recently posted on Xtremely Un-P.C. And Unrepentant:

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your reviews on Amazon particularly on geo-politics, and especially on McCarthy which I thought was a detailed and very thorough analysis. I was shocked to see that Amazon had gagged you by deleting your brilliant ripostes to the comments aimed at undermining you and your reviews.

I think it was inevitable, since all the detritus thrown at you failed to stick, and you kept demolishing the attacks incisively and often with good humour, which served to strengthen your argument, and undermined theirs – no wonder they cut you off. They were beaten.

I still recall a couple of highlights from my McCarthy Wars at Amazon.com. For instance, one boob named Thiel posted a bunch of outrageous lies about McCarthy and then when I challenged him to prove them, he made it a point to tell me that he was a Harvard man, thinking that would intimidate this C-average high school graduate. Ha! It didn’t help him out of that bind but it did give me a hearty laugh. When I continually insisted that Thiel provide the evidence to support his charges against McCarthy, he suggested we each study some famous philosopher (I forget now which one he named) and debate that philosopher’s views instead of the McCarthy issue.

I told Thiel that he was like a man who enters a boxing ring and then prances around, making all sorts of victory poses for the spectators, but then runs out of the ring and heads straight for the synchronized swimming event the moment another boxer (me) climbs into the ring with him. Yes, I was definitely impugning Thiel’s manhood, but I’m not convinced the “Harvard man” was bright enough to realize that.

Another clown I remember mixing it up with was named Beusch. I called him Mr. Beusch-it. A couple of times he wrongly referred to me as a “facist,” so I told him to stop using the word until he could spell it.

During our debate, Mr. Beusch-it posted a long diatribe about the supposedly changing number of names of Communists McCarthy claimed to have on a list. And Beusch-it said to me:

“McCarthy backed down from 205 to 57 communists not during his Wheeling speech, but on the floor of the Senate on February 20, 1950 -- 11 days after the Wheeling speech (it's in the Congressional Record in case you want to read what actually happened instead of your buddy Drummey's creative account).”

Well, I responded by going point-by-point through his diatribe and I absolutely blew up every one of his fallacious arguments. I quoted McCarthy at length and then (truthfully) informed Beusch-it that I was quoting McCarthy directly from the Congressional Record which was in my lap as I typed. I could almost hear that clown yelp “Doh!

After later reading this rebuttal to Beusch-it, my good friend The Flying Aardvark sent me an e-mail that said, “Yowza! You tore him several new ones!”

Unfortunately, when Amazon obliterated all of my comments from its website, all of my grenades thrown at the McCarthyites in my McCarthy Wars were lost forever. All but one that is: About 6 months ago, I found buried in an old computer file my final posting to an anti-McCarthyite stooge calling himself Groupzero. I am posting it in the Blog Bit below, just in case anyone wants to get an idea of the tone and style I adopted in my McCarthy Wars. (I miss those days, because when it came to the anti-McCarthy Marxists, I was always RRRRREADY TO RRRRRUMBLE!)

Let’s examine some things that were said by and about Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Following are selected quotes BY McCarthy:

I thought we were losing to international Communism because of incompetence and stupidity on the part of our planners. I mentioned that to [Secretary of Defense, James] Forrestal. I shall forever remember his answer. He said, “McCarthy, consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.”

Whenever I ask those who object to my methods to name the objectionable methods, again I hear parroted back to me the Communist Daily Worker stock phrase, irresponsible charges and smearing innocent people. But as often as I have asked for the name of a single innocent person who has been smeared or irresponsibly charged, nothing but silence answers.

Today, we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity.

[McCarthy had a good sense of humor, as the next few quotes will prove.]

From the book ‘McCarthy’ by Roy Cohn:
McCarthy remarked that Flanders’ unfounded attacks were not the result of viciousness but “perhaps senility,” later adding to reporters: “I think they should get a man with a net and take him to a good quiet place.”

If you’re not familiar with Dean Acheson, take it from me, the man was a traitor to the United States of America and to humanity at large. McCarthy often referred to that natty son-of-a-bitch as “The Red Dean of fashion.”
In a speech before the Senate, McCarthy once referred to Dean as, “The elegant and alien Acheson – Russian as to heart, British as to manner.”

Following are selected quotes ABOUT McCarthy:

M. Stanton Evans:
He was a tough customer who wasn’t afraid to mix it up with all comers as might be needed. At Marquette, he had been a collegiate boxer, known for his straight-on methods of attack and willingness to take a punch in order to land one. He was powerfully built, strong and fearless…

McCarthy didn’t fit in very well with the Washington social scene or its upscale customers. He remained a steak-and-potatoes guy whose idea of a good time was an all-night pokerfest, a day at the track, or a backwoods hunting party.

The impulsive, lone-wolf side of McCarthy’s nature would make him a problem in other ways as well – at least for some of his opponents, and occasionally even for his allies. Most notably, and central to the story, he simply couldn’t be CONTROLLED.

We now consider the rhetorical challenge more directly, on its own less-nuanced merits. Can we in fact name ONE certifiable Communist McCarthy ever came up with in all his speeches and contentious hearings? The answer is that it’s indeed hard to cite one such person – just as it’s hard to eat one potato chip or salted peanut. Once the process starts, the temptation is to keep going, which would result in a long string of names…

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover:
McCarthy is a former Marine. He was an amateur boxer. He’s Irish. Combine those and you’re going to have a vigorous individual, who won’t be pushed around … Certainly, he is a controversial man. He is earnest and he is
honest. He has enemies. Whenever you attack subversives of any kind, … you are going to be the victim of the most extremely vicious criticism that can be made.

Fulton Lewis, Jr.:
The forces that combined to first oppose, and then destroy Joe McCarthy – and they succeeded today [May 2, 1957] – were respectable people, people of position, people with pasts, who were afraid that unless Joe McCarthy was destroyed, they themselves, sooner or later, would be exposed and disgraced.

I have never seen such a shocking exhibition of distorted reporting and reportorial untruth, as I witnessed throughout the coverage of the Army-McCarthy hearings. It was a journalistic lynching party, spurred on by powerful and frightened groups, who were in for the kill. The objective was to discredit a man whom they feared as much as death itself. … And the same was true of the members of the Congress, particularly the members of the United States Senate, who were stampeded into passing judgment on him.

Never, in 35 years of reporting, have I seen such an organized lynching as was given to the junior Senator from Wisconsin, and I have no hesitancy in sitting here at this microphone and saying so, forever and forever.

Senator McCarthy was a much softer personality than the public was ever allowed to believe.

Lionel Lokos:
The sustained repetition of wholly undocumented hearsay, the fantastic propaganda of the Far Left and its liberal friends, have infected all but the staunchest anti-Communists. Some conservative voices have been silent in the face of the most blatant lies about the McCarthy effort. ... We need his courage and dogged persistence in the face of a hostile and bloated propaganda machine.

John T. Flynn:
I think it is a fair assumption that Senator McCarthy, a normal American, a newcomer at the time into the field of controversy with the Reds, must have been astounded at the blows that were immediately dealt him, not by the Communist Party openly, but by the New York Times, the New York Herald Tribune, various conservative magazines...

Roy Cohn:
He was rough-hewn, never managing to throw off his country-boy origins. He was warm and friendly. He took his job seriously but never himself. He would go to great lengths to help those he knew who were in trouble. He had more real personal courage than almost any man I ever knew.

McCarthy was never pompous; he had simple tastes and a horror of the fancy life. He was miserable in a salon and rarely went to the parties for which Washington is famous. In all the time I knew him, I can only recall two formal Washington functions he attended. He had a miserable time at each. … He would never have made the list of best-dressed men: he paid little attention to clothes and before he was married, his ties and socks would match his suit only on a lucky day.

When he wasn’t working, McCarthy could always be found at home. He was once described by a woman journalist as “home-loving, wife-loving, baby-loving,” which may sound sticky but isn’t far from the mark.

What is indisputable is that he was a courageous man who fought a monumental evil.

McCarthy did not conform. He was not a hypocrite who acted one part publicly and wielded his brass knuckles in the cloakroom. He was the maverick, the unpolished one who did not speak softly, who upset hallowed traditions. Senator William E. Jenner, the quick-witted Indiana Republican, phrased it best: “Joe,” he once told McCarthy, “you’re the kid who came to the party and pee’d in the lemonade.”

They gave Joseph McCarthy a state funeral in the same chamber where sixty-seven senators had voted to condemn him for unsenatorial conduct less than three years before. Joe would have loved the irony.

Remarking on that same irony, William Schlamm once said:
Never before had an outlaw been so honored by the posse.

William Rusher:
Of medium height, with rather hairy hands and a tendency to five-o’clock shadow, he was a thoroughly masculine example of the type called “black Irish.” His manner was pleasant, soft-spoken, almost shy. … Bitterness simply wasn't in character for him.

Perhaps in view of all that has been said about him, I should add what ought to be unnecessary: at no point did McCarthy recklessly or casually impute Communism to non-Communists who disagreed with him, or whom he personally happened to dislike.

He also shared with Bob Morris what I have concuded may be a characteristically Irish feeling that to decline to drink with him was truly and greatly unkind. Almost anyone, friend or foe, would be invited to join him in a drink, and the libation symbolically affirmed a friendship that, on McCarthy’s side, easily rose above political differences.

This mild, rather soft-spoken man came to represent to a large number of his fellow Americans and virutally all foreigners, evil incarnate.

Joe McCarthy died on Thursday afternoon, May 2, 1957, in the National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, Maryland. … The next evening I walked down to Gawlor’s Funeral Home on Pennsylvania Avenue at 17th, to pay my final respects. Joe McCarthy seemed handsomer in death than he had ever looked in life, but the hairy hand that held a rosary was familiar enough. In the visitor’s book, not far above my own signature, a woman had inscribed beside her name a quiet valedictory: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

[William Rusher’s 1968 book ‘Special Counsel’ is about America’s Congressional fight against Communism in general, and only one chapter specifically relates to McCarthy. Nevertheless, it supplies several interesting personal touches about McCarthy by a man who knew him, and it is an excellent publication overall. Its final chapter includes this valid point: “What America has most to fear is not the Communists either at home or abroad, but our own good-hearted, well-meaning fellow citizens of the liberal persuasion, whose unintended effect has been to sap the survival powers of free societies everywhere.”]

Medford Evans:
Who was Joe McCarthy? He led the Fight for America. He lost. Which means that you and I lost.

The great commandments of Communism are: Thou shalt hate God, and thy neighbor as thyself.

You can imagine the approaches that must have been made to McCarthy. How many times do you suppose he was taken up on the mountain top and shown the kingdoms of the earth and promised them in return for just letting up on Communism? They probably wouldn’t have wasted much time threatening him, but they would have promised him anything. No deal. … Joe McCarthy never sold out.

Many if not all of those who destroyed McCarthy KNEW that he was a good man. Indeed, that was the reason why he was destroyed – he was too fearless to be intimidated, too innocent to be corrupted, too charismatically gifted to be ignored.

The restoration of McCarthy … is a necessary part of the restoration of America, for if we have not the national character to repent of the injustice we did him, nor … the intelligence to see that he was right, then it seems unlikely that we can or ought to survive.

Senator Joe! Someday in Heaven, sir, I will shake your hand. But for now, I’ll have to settle for raising mine with a drink in it (Jameson Irish whiskey, naturally!) and toast your patriotism, your courage, and your fighting spirit. You were gone before I was born, Senator Joe, nonetheless, I love you, sir.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

Postscript: Don’t stop now! Read 'The McCarthy Wars: A Bullet From My Musket' (my Blog Bit below this one). But more importantly, read ‘The Real McCarthy Record’ by James Drummey and maybe even The “Real Man” Series: #12) Senator Joseph McCarthy.



Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
~ Isaiah 5:20

As mentioned in the above Blog Bit, what follows is the last round I fired in my Senator McCarthy debate with a Liberal at Amazon.com calling himself Groupzero.

April 9, 2008:

Mark well what has transpired here and let it be a lesson that you carry with you from now on. Retain this episode in your memory as a typical example of what occurs EVERY TIME an anti-anti-Communist liberal encounters an informed pro-McCarthy, pro-Constitution American patriot.

In his review of "Point Of Order", Groupzero wrote that Senator Joseph McCarthy was "an opportunist who ruined the lives of numerous innocent Americans."

Now note that when Jill Cooper asked Groupzero on Jan. 24, 2007 to name just one innocent person who was slandered by McCarthy and had their life ruined as a result, Groupzero responded with two names: Milo Radulovich and Annie Lee Moss. This is when I entered the picture and pointed out that the first person he mentioned had no connection with McCarthy whatsoever, and the second person he mentioned was PROVEN to have been a Communist working in a sensitive government job, just as McCarthy had said she was.

Let it also be noted that when I accused Groupzero of getting his information from the movie "Good Night, And Good Luck", he attempted to spin that charge and pretend that I was the one using the movie as an information source when this was OBVIOUSLY untrue. His deviation from truth is apparent in his review and in his EVERY post here.

Later, Groupzero calls McCarthy a "closet-homosexual." This personal smear of McCarthy rendered by Groupzero was no more truthful than his statements that McCarthy had falsely accused and ruined the lives of Radulovich and Annie Lee Moss. Hopefully you have noticed that Groupzero is in fact guilty of doing to McCarthy THE VERY EXACT THINGS that he has falsely accused McCarthy of having done to others. That is, publicly spreading lies designed to castigate and ruin the personal reputation of an innocent person. That's the way it is with many liberals, they commit what is called "projection." The Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines projection as "the tendency to ascribe to another person feelings, thoughts, or attitudes present in oneself."

Nearly 15 months have now passed since Jill Cooper first asked Groupzero to name one innocent person whose life was ruined by a McCarthy lie, and yet he still has not provided us with EVEN ONE name (other than the two names he gave and got totally wrong). He has probably searched many liberal internet sites and the libby Hollywood propaganda pieces and to his great disappointment discovered that there were no innocent people ruined by McCarthy. So, in desperation, he has offered this pathetic analogy:

>>[Anyway, I didn't answer your question because it's a ridiculous question. It's like asking how many Jews Adolph Hitler personally killed. None, but that's not the issue. Was Hitler responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews? Yes. Was McCarthy responsible for the ruination of thousands of innocent Americans' lives? Of course he was.]<<

Let me point out that there is no comparison between what Hitler did and what McCarthy attempted to do. Hitler was a demented racist dictator bent on killing all who stood in his way while attempting to create and control an insane political machine. Unlike Hitler, McCarthy did not institute and orchestrate any pogroms; he was simply trying to expose individuals who had surreptitiously entered highly influential positions in our government, individuals who were loyal to a foreign and highly un-American system of government and were attempting to subvert our Constitutional Republic. These people were being placed in these positions and protected by other anti-Americans. And being a loyal and patriotic American citizen who had been entrusted by those who elected him, and who had sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, McCarthy was bravely attempting to remain true to his oath of office. (If all of our elected representatives had taken their oaths as seriously as McCarthy did, the U.S.A. wouldn't be the wreck that it now is in 2008!)

McCarthy did not commit any egregious acts during his hearings to expose the traitors in high places; his methods followed the standard, previously determined protocols for subcommittee investigations. When he DID deviate from those protocols at all, it was only in giving greater latitude to the individual being questioned. McCarthy in fact bent over backwards to be MORE THAN FAIR to all who were brought before his investigating committee. (Sure, that statement contradicts the generally accepted beliefs about McCarthy, but until you have personally researched this subject, how can you KNOW who is telling you the truth, the media or me?) It was in fact McCarthy himself who said that it would be a very bad thing if a person who was not a Communist was labeled as such.

Because he can't find a single innocent person who was abused by McCarthy, Groupzero now wants to issue a blanket statement and say that if ANY innocent person ANYWHERE was falsely accused by ANYONE of being a loyalty or security risk, that it is somehow McCarthy's fault. But God Himself denounces Groupzero's methods! God says: "The fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor shall the children be put to death for their fathers; but a person shall die for his own sin." (-2 Chronicles 25:4) And again in Ezekiel 18:2-30: 'The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge' "As I live," says The Lord God, "you shall no longer use this proverb in Israel. ... The soul who sins shall die. But if a man is just and does what is lawful and right... he is just; he shall surely live. ... Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways."

Whereas I originally attempted to give Groupzero the benefit of the doubt, and simply assumed that he had been misled by the media about Senator McCarthy (just as most Americans have been), sadly, I can no longer do so. His latest tactics force me to conclude that he is maliciously lying about the Senator in order to further discourage those who might come to the truth. When he sees that none of the evidence supports his accusations and yet he still holds fast to them, I can no longer believe that this man has been duped by misinformation.

In my opinion, his position is mystifying: when more of his support seemingly goes to the Communists rather than to the sincere anti-Communist who LAWFULLY attempted to oust them from positions of power and influence, I am unfortunately forced to wonder to what degree he values our time-honored governmental traditions. Were they not worth a serious fight to preserve? But regardless of where his heart is (which I can't pretend to know), this sort of person disgusts me - he perpetrates great evil against the reputation of an innocent and amazingly courageous man in the name of a completely phony and totally un-American twisted concept of "justice."

There are a number of excellent books on McCarthy available, but for the person who wants just a solid overview of THE TRUTH, I would strongly recommend you read the free online article posted at this address:


Having spent many years researching this subject, I can personally confirm the accuracy of the article at the website above. For the person who wishes to study McCarthy and "McCarthyism" in even greater detail, I highly suggest you start with the recently published "BLACKLISTED BY HISTORY: THE UNTOLD STORY OF SENATOR JOE McCARTHY AND HIS FIGHT AGAINST AMERICA'S ENEMIES" by M. Stanton Evans. And I would follow that one up with "McCARTHY AND HIS ENEMIES" by Buckley and Bozell. There is simply no good excuse for you to be continually misled by a dishonest media and the disingenuous Groupzeroes in this world.

As for Groupzero and the others like him: let me promise you that there are two bets you can make with ANY liberal at ANY time and NEVER lose:

1) The phrase "separation of church and state" does not exist in The Declaration Of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, or The Bill Of Rights.

2) Senator Joseph McCarthy NEVER falsely accused a single person of being a loyalty or security risk.

If the Lib gives you a name and claims to have won the bet, you are a fool if you take their word for it! Follow it up with your own research before paying the money to him or her and you will unquestionably find that the person the Lib named either came up before some investigating committee other than McCarthy's (e.g., the House Committee on Un-American Activities). Or they may have provided a valid name, and research on your part will show that the facts in that person's history did indeed make them a security risk, just as McCarthy charged.

Trust me: when you insist that a person give names to prove their accusations that McCarthy smeared the innocent, you will ALWAYS get the double-talking tactics that you saw Groupzero attempt in this Comments section. This was a TRULY TYPICAL example of deception and evasion from yet another dishonest McCarthy hater. When it comes to the subject of Senator McCarthy, there is LESS THAN ZERO truth to be found in GroupZERO.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

"As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
~ Proverbs 26:11