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The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”
~ Psalm 14:1

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness … For since the creation of the world, [God’s] invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made … so that [unbelievers and the unrighteous] are without excuse … professing to be wise, they became fools…
~ Romans 1:18-22

The Greek word translated “fools” there is moraino – literally, “simpletons.” It is the root of the English word “morons”.
~ John MacArthur
‘Can God Bless America?’

Most of the self-professed unbelievers aren’t really atheists.
They’re just haters.
~ Stephen T. McCarthy

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I can stop trying to “play nice” and get back to telling you what I REALLY think:

In December of 2009, I posted a blog bit here titled “Fighting For The True Meaning Of Christmas”, in which I wrote about the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee (SMNSC) in Southern California. [See the link at the bottom.]

Of all the charitable organizations I donate money to throughout the year, the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee has always been my favorite. In a nutshell, here’s what it’s all about . . .

Every year in December, a coalition of 13 Santa Monica Christian churches and the Santa Monica Police Officers Association erect 14 life-sized dioramas or crèches along Ocean Avenue so that people driving or walking along the Palisades Park can see the unfolding of the Christmas story - the birth of Jesus Christ.

2011 marked the 57th year of this tradition which, due to the number of scenes and their arrangement, is unique in the United States, as far as I know. I literally grew up with this tradition (being younger than 57) and I can distinctly recall our family driving alongside that 14-part Nativity Scene on Christmas Eves when I was young.

Over the decades, the SMNSC has had to fight off one obstacle after another in order to keep the tradition alive – from funding issues to bogus “Separation of Church and Stage” challenges to ordinance maneuverings by the City Liberals in “The Soviet Socialist Republic Of Santa Monica”. Keeping this tradition alive hasn't been easy.

"Why for fifty-six years I've put up with it now!
I MUST stop Christmas from coming.
But HOW?"

Well, this year, the so-called “atheists” (who are largely “pseudo-atheists” as I will explain shortly) came up with a new dastardly trick from their black bag of evil in an attempt to kill the Nativity Scene tradition in Santa Monica.

Damon Vix, a self-professed atheist (sorry, Damon, ain’t buying it, man!) appealed to a number of out-of-town atheist organizations (filled with pseudo-atheists) and prompted them to petition the city of Santa Monica for spaces to occupy along Ocean Ave. thus competing with the SMNSC and trying to wrest control of the area from it.

A new lottery system was introduced by the notoriously liberal leaders of “The People's Republic Of Santa Monica” to secure the lots available along Ocean Ave. The many pseudo-atheists who applied for the available lots got all but four, leaving one for a Jewish organization to erect their yearly menorah, and the SMNSC’s 14-booths showing the story of Christ’s birth were reduced to three this year.

According to one article, the atheists didn’t even use all of the lots they’d won in the lottery [and most of those that they did use were occupied by a single, simple sign saying something stupid].

Why did pseudo-atheist Vix go to all this trouble, and why did the so-called “atheist” organizations rally around him? Well, Vix says that the Nativity Scenes depicting the birth of Jesus and His family’s flight to Egypt and later to Nazareth “are offensive."

A Los Angeles Times article, “In Santa Monica, Battle Over Christmas Displays Takes A New Twist”, informs us that:

Damon Vix called national organizations seeking help because he felt marginalized by the display, and tradition alone didn't merit saving it. Vix, a 43-year-old prop maker from Burbank, said the display "defines Santa Monica as a Christian city, and I feel very excluded by that."

Well, my first response is this: Hey, Damon Vix, you whining weenie! If you don’t like it, if you find it offensive, if it makes you feel “marginalized” and “excluded”, then why the f##k don’t you just stay in Burbank? Who the hell said you had to go to the western-most edge of Santa Monica and then drive down Ocean Avenue along the Palisades Bluffs and look at the Nativity Scenes displayed there? Me, I generally just DON’T GO to places where I feel uncomfortable. Problem solved!

Secondly, is there any good reason why the “fool”, the “simpleton”, the “moron” Damon Vix SHOULD feel “marginalized” and “excluded”?

Of course there is, and of course he should - it’s only natural, seeing as how a 2011 Gallup poll found that 92% of Americans believe in a God, and 78% of that 92% identify themselves as “Christian”. [Christianity Remains Dominant Religion In The United States]

So, the fool, Damon Vix, has - by his own “supposed” lack of belief - marginalized himself. Like all (pseudo-)atheists he CHOOSES to be in the minority, and like most of them, he then whimpers because he feels he’s being “excluded”. What a puss!

(Dude, if you’re going to act like you’ve got the courage to hold a minority opinion, at least follow through with it like a man and stop crying like a little girl because the rest of us don’t share your non-belief!)

See, here’s the thing: According to that recent Gallup poll, only 8% of Americans do not believe in a God. Of that 8%, some are probably agnostic, the rest are presumed to be atheists. But I don’t believe that 7% or 6% or 5% of the remainder are genuine atheists.

Real atheists believe that this material life is all there is, and after death . . . NOTHING .

Well, when you believe in Nothing, there ain’t nothing to talk about. Therefore, I contend that the vast majority of real atheists out there (of which there are very, very few) probably rub elbows with us believers without us ever even becoming aware that they’re atheists.

During my life, there have been a few persons I had known for quite awhile whose unbelief I was blissfully unaware of for the longest time until it eventually just happened to come out in the course of casual conversation. These folks didn’t feel compelled to inform me, loudly, shrilly, angrily, that they didn’t believe in God and a hereafter; they felt there was nothing to talk about so they simply didn’t talk about it.

But these self-professed “atheists” who wear their atheism on their sleeves - who shout, who carry signs, who protest, who post bullcrap on blogs and in chat rooms, who make it a point at every turn to inform you that they “don’t believe in God”, who make certain that everyone within the scent of their anger knows that they are unbelievers, who pull out the same tired cliches (“God is a myth”; “there is no Santa Claus!”), who file lawsuits and join organizations devoted to suppressing Christianity and promoting atheism/secularism – there’s one thing I’m certain that all of these people have in common: They’re not atheists.

These, my friends, are “pseudo-atheists”, also known as “haters”.

Their blatant anger and their efforts to interfere with the traditions of believers and the public expressions of faith by Christians gives them away as poseurs. These people just want to rain on everybody else’s parade simply because they are MAD AT GOD! They hate Him.

Something has happened in their lives to make them angry at God, and so they lash out at Him and those who love Him in a vain attempt to hurt God or “get even” with Him. Maybe their faces are scarred from terrible acne as a teenager, or they were abused by a parent when they were little, or a beloved friend or family member suffered a painful disease and died, or they caught the clap from some mousetrap they bought last night. Whatever the reason or reasons, because these pseudo-atheists do not understand the ways of God (and are unwilling to attempt learning about them), and have wrongly concluded that God is “mean” because He didn’t intervene to save them from some form of pain, they attempt to strike Him and strike at what is His.

But since there is nothing they can realistically do to harm God – their arms are too short to box with God - they attempt to get even by the only means they think is available to them: they pretend to disbelieve in God’s existence. These sad, pathetic creatures think:

I won’t believe in You, God! And I will do all I can to persuade others to give up their belief in You! And I will try to kill the joy of those who do believe by interfering with their celebrations. I will eradicate the teaching about You and the references to You from every school and public place. You’ll see, God! I won’t believe in You anymore!

And so they launch into their pseudo-atheism with a religious fervor that rivals and sometimes even surpasses the fervor of those who publicly profess belief in God. They dogmatically accept every stupid-ass theory and pseudo-scientific explanation that erroneously presumes to explain how we got here WITHOUT God.

Do not be misled by them; all the loud and obnoxious, self-proclaimed atheists you know are really operating from the meanness of their hearts, not from any authentic atheism of their minds. As I said, their own emotional investment in this Nothingness that they claim to believe in gives them away as atheistic poseurs. Nobody who truly believed in Nothing could possibly get so upset with those who do believe in Something. It’s laughable right on its face.

And for 2,000 years they have attempted to crush Christianity and Christians.

Note: Christianity and Christians are STILL standing!
How could it be so?

When will they finally become intelligent enough to concede that their arms are too short to box with God, and if God wills that Christianity shall remain in “this world”, no professed believer in Nothing will ever reverse that ruling?

A young man who wishes to remain a sound Atheist cannot be too careful of his reading. There are traps everywhere -- ... Really, a young Atheist cannot guard his faith too carefully. Dangers lie in wait for him on every side.
~ C.S. Lewis
(former atheist turned major Christian thinker/writer)

Let’s suppose that 92% of Americans believed in a Great Pumpkin, and of those believers, 78% of them believed in the version of The Great Pumpkin that supposedly was born to a virgin pumpkin and later sacrificed his life by volunteering to be made into a Pumpkin Pie Of Salvation, by which all true believers in The Great Pumpkin Pie Of Salvation were saved from their sins.

And let’s say these folks also believe that The Great Pumpkin wants them to be good to others, to love and pray for their enemies, to help the less fortunate and to spread these teachings of The Great Pumpkin.

Now let’s suppose you are one of the 8% of Americans who really and truly believes that The Great Pumpkin and His Pie Of Salvation is a myth, a joke, a preposterously stupid, retarded belief.

Do you think you would spend a lot of time trying to debate with these Great Pumpkin believers? Would you waste the minutes of your life writing rebuttals to the Great Pumpkin myth in books and on Internet sites?

I wouldn’t. No. In the first place, I would probably be laughing too hard to accurately strike the correct letters on my keyboard or to put pen to paper. And even if I COULD write or speak rebuttals despite my laughter, I wouldn’t even bother. Why should I? If belief in The Great Pumpkin by these fools, these simpletons, these morons, actually causes some of them to behave better than they might otherwise do – if their fear of The Great Pumpkin’s retribution, or their love of The Great Pumpkin’s principles made them less likely to burglarize my house or steal my car or rape your daughter - I would be GRATEFUL for their belief in that ridiculous myth!

I damn sure wouldn’t join a group with a title like “The Anti-Great Pumpkin Brigade” or “Americans United Against Great Pumpkinism” (or "American Civil Liberties Union"). How utterly laughable would THAT be? What need would there be and what good could come from joining other Great Pumpkin disbelievers in some formal organization?

And I definitely wouldn’t be saying to them:

“There is NO Great Pumpkin! In fact, the reality is, there’s nothing but you and me and these 80 years we’re living through. Oh, and incidentally, you shouldn’t burglarize my house or steal my car or rape my neighbor’s daughter because that would be... uhm... well...  that would be mean… er... that is, in my opinion... it would be mean... and in my neighbor’s daughter’s opinion, too. Even if we really have no right imposing our opinions on you in this ‘survival of the fittest’ environment”.

What, am I a friggin’ idiot? If their belief in The Great Pumpkin and his Great Pumpkin Pie Of Salvation makes my life a little more secure, a little less crime-infested, I would be a fool, a simpleton, a moron, to try to convince these people that there are no moral restraints on bad behavior other than that a majority of society’s members might think it to be “mean”.

And lastly, The Great Pumpkin would provide me with a lifetime of laughter. Surely, I would be immensely entertained and looking forward to every October when the Pumpkin Festivals started up again and I could take pictures of people singing songs in praise of The Great Pumpkin, giving orange gifts to each other, and setting up Pumpkin Patch scenes in booths along Ocean Avenue so they could drive along and watch as the story of the birth of The Great Pumpkin unfolds.

I would hardly feel “threatened” by The Great Pumpkin and his hordes of foolish followers! And I sure wouldn’t put up signs alongside the Great Pumpkin displays, arguing for the sake of passersby that the Great Pumpkin is just a myth. What a colossal waste of my time, energy, and money THAT would be!

Make no mistake about it: The minuscule number of genuine atheists go quietly about their business, their unbelief rarely even mentioned, for they say nothing when they believe there’s Nothing to talk about. Meanwhile, the greater number of obnoxious, radical, loudly self-proclaimed pseudo-atheists prove themselves to be liars; lying not only about the “Separation Of Church And State” myth, but lying even about their supposed “atheism”.

If I could work my will, every idiot pseudo-atheist would be boiled in figgy pudding and buried with a stake of holly through their heart. After that, I would sentence them to ten years and one day in a Russian gulag or the Chinese laogai. That would give ‘em a firsthand chance to enjoy the zero-tolerance-for-God environment they claim to so desire.

Damon Vix and his “atheist” organizations HADN'T stopped Christmas from coming.
Somehow or other, it came just the same.

All you radical, strident, so-called “atheists”, it’s well past time you acknowledged the simple fact that you are not nearly as “atheistic” as you are “assholeyistic”.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of love, The Great Pumpkin tells his believers:

Liberals’ creation myth is Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which is about one notch above Scientology in scientific rigor.
~ Ann Coulter

100 REASONS WHY EVOLUTION IS STUPID - Kent Hovind [Full Length]

~ Stephen T. McCarthy





  1. yeah, well what really pisses me off are these weak-kneed sisters in government to allow this s*&t. A tradition of 57 years pissed away with a lottery that they concocted to protect their sorry asses.

    Setting aside your excellent point about the vast majority of the nation being Chrisitan, tradition is worth something and the city council should say "if you want your stupid atheistic crap somewhere, we'll find another street for you and you'll be happy, or you get NOTHING." Just say NO.


    It was perfectly clear to anyone with even half an ounce of brains that these pseudo-atheist snots were not half as interested in spreading their glorious news that there is no God and no Son Of God as they were in simply trying to kill off this longstanding Christian tradition and to piss on the pleasure of Christians who look forward to seeing this very unique "Reason For The Season" display every year.

    In other words, just as I said in the blog bit: these people are "haters", plain and simple.

    And I know how I am called to pray for their enlightenment and all that, but being a poor excuse for a follower of Christ (even if I do hold a number of beliefs anathema to mainstream Christianity), sometimes I feel more like kicking someone's butt than praying for it.

    Did you notice anything unusual at the bottom of this blog bit? Was something conspicuous by its absence?

    This is the first time I deliberately did not include the "Ye Olde Comment Policy" message at the bottom, which forewarns that any submitted comments that include insults and ad hominem attacks will be banned.

    This is one time I decided I don't wish to play by the Marquis Of Queensberry Rules. It's been 13 months since I've had the opportunity to publicly humiliate a Liberal, and I'm pretty much spoiling for a fight at the moment. (I've even got John Lee Hooker playing as I type this, so you KNOW I'm in a Bruise-y mood!)

    Plus, I've got six suitcases chock full of A-list insults and they are just itching to see the light of day!

    So, I decided to take the handcuffs off any and all would-be commenters only so that I could take the handcuffs off myself as well.

    I'm "READY to RUMBLE!"

    My good ol' buddy A-Dogg once nicknamed my arguing style "Martial Arts Debating". And I'm afraid that if I don't get a chance to practice my skills on someone soon they may atrophy. What a shame THAT would be!

    ~ Stephen
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Stephen,
    Lets not stop there brother. Lets talk about the religion of atheism. After all it was the religion of choice of Marx and Engels. I have read stories of Russian soldiers professing evolution to their christian prisoners while they torcher them. Over 8 million people in Russian died under the Stalin and his communist religion of atheism. Oh the atheists love to mention the crusades, a few bad Roman Catholic Priests, and other pseudo christians, but they FAIL, FREAKING FAIL, to look at the bones hiding in their own religous closet. Hitler and Stalin promoted the religion of athiesm. Sure Stalin had government front churches that were used for nothing more than the soviet government to spy on christians, root them out, imprison them, and eventually murder them. These fake churches did well for Stalin in hiding The Soviet Unions true intentions. Stalin murdered christians by the thousands. Stalin murdered over 70% of his COMRADES who put him in power. Hitler was also atheistic by tongue (though appears to also be deeply into the occult). Pastor Richard Wurmbrand tells all about Stalin and Hitler (as he lived under both) in "Tortured For Christ." If all you are is matter, and not a spiritual being than disposing of you is no more evil than putting down the local stray cat, or crushing a rock. The religion of atheism allows murder without remorse. That is the true TRUE history and belief system of the Pseudo-atheists. When it's fruit is fully formed it is the spirit of persecution and murder. What are the rewards awaiting the pseudo-atheists? Stalin had to sleep in 8 different rooms which were locked. He had his chef taste everything before he ate it. If trying to destroy God is such paradise, than why were so many of them murdered in Russia? Why couldn't the atheists trust themselves? And if someone looking here thinks this is just one mad man. Think Again!!!! This happens EVERY TIME THE RELIGION OF ATHEISM DOMINATES ANY GOVERNMENT !!!!

    The religion of atheism while wielding sword of communism (or any other ism) IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE MURDERS OF MAN AND WOMEN THAN ALL OTHER RELIGIONS COMBINED!

    So Mr. Vix, I'm offended by your displays worshiping the religion of Hitler and Stalin (and probably Mao). By the way Mr. Vix, Stalin, Hitler and Mao all murdered and imprisoned their own party members. So if you should win please don't occupy the cell next to me.

  4. I had NOT noticed that you'd removed your comment policy quote.

    I hope someone wades into you, like that asshole attorney with the shovel icon. HEY! You reading this, sphincter-face? Whatcha think of Christmas displays on public property?

    You're listening to Hooker, I've put on The Who.

    I thought your analysis was spot-on that they are haters rather than adhering to some principle they hold dear. Like those SOBs that have sued over and over to make them take down the cross on top of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla, CA. A cross of some kind has been there since 1913. Christians and traditionalists and rational people have been finally ruled against in the 9th circus court, and the decision will go the US Supreme Court.

    Haters, as you say.

    Kick butt, as you say.

  5. BR’ER MARC ~
    Well spoken, man – passionately and truthfully.

    But one correction, Brother, if I may...
    It’s even worse than you stated here:

    >>...“Over 8 million people in Russian died under the Stalin and his communist religion of atheism.”

    According to R.J. Rummel in “Death By Government” – considered by many to be the most accurate, authoritative analysis of the subject - over 42 million human beings were murdered under Stalin’s regime, making “Uncle Joe” the worst mass murderer in mankind’s history; followed by Mao Tse-tung who was responsible for nearly 38 million deaths.

    Yeah, compare those numbers to the Crusaders and the pseudo-Christians in Salem, MA., etc.

    My many years of studying “McCarthyism” naturally led me into an extensive study of Communism and life under Communist dictatorships. I have a head full of information about our lovely Communist friends and their methods of torturing and killing. In fact, there are some images in my mind that are WELL BEYOND “HORRIFYING”! Images of murders that took place under Communist regimes that I will never ever – as long as I live – be able to eradicate from my mind. Believe me, Bro, it’s a terrible burden to mentally bear!

    I could describe a murder that occurred in Cambodia under Pol Pot. It’s something that was done to a Khmer Rouge deserter and was so horrifying that I will never be able to wipe the image from my mind. I wouldn’t dream of writing it here because I don’t want anyone else to have to carry that mental picture around with them until the day they die, but if anyone is too curious about it, they’ll find it on page 603 of “The Black Book Of Communism”.

    It was no lucky coincidence that the first words of this blog bit were, “Atheists of all countries, unite!” Just exchange the word “atheists” for “working men” and you have the last sentence in Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’.

    Thanks for your fine comment, BR’ER! It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to find you here.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


    >>...“I hope someone wades into you, like that asshole attorney with the shovel icon.”

    Yeah, you and me both!

    He felt I was getting a bit too personal in that LAST “discussion”, and that was with me refraining from the use of personal slurs and epithets. I knew I couldn’t go that route since I had the “Ye Olde Comment Policy” in effect. It wouldn’t be fair for me to sling the sh#t if I’m going to censor someone else’s personal attacks. I’m nothing if not fair.

    And that’s why I took the “Comment Policy” off for this particular blog bit. Should any pseudo-atheist come along and want to go full throttle with me, I want this one to be bare-knuckled – no gloves and no pulling punches. Not this time. “This coat ‘n’ tie is choking me!” [Google it.]

    It’s been too long since I’ve really had the opportunity to push the pedal to the metal, to open ‘er up, “Going Like Sixty.” [A Bob & Ray reference there, Bro!]

    But the person whom I would MOST like to see posting a comment here is Damon Vix. (Whose parents undoutedly wanted to name him “Damien” but weren’t sure of the spelling.)

    >>...“You're listening to Hooker, I've put on The Who.”

    Woo-Hoo! Listening to The Who, eh? I know what THAT means: Sheboyganboy be kickin’ booty TONIGHT! Love it, man! I’m just glad you’re on MY side when you’re listening to The Who.

    >>...“Like those SOBs that have sued over and over to make them take down the cross on top of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla, CA.”

    Yep, I’ve heard about that one.

    >>...“Christians and traditionalists and rational people have been finally ruled against in the 9th circus court, and the decision will go the US Supreme Court.

    Well, as you know, I don’t always agree with Ann Coulter, but she hit the nail on the head when she wrote of Darwinists [and other liberals]:

    “They didn’t win on science, persuasion, or the evidence. They won the way liberals always win: by finding a court to hand them everything they want on a silver platter.”
    ~ ‘Godless’, pg. 200

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  7. I rate this post AAA -- An astute assessment.

    If everything that was deemed offensive by somebody or some group was blacked out, then I guess we'd all be blind and deaf.

    A Faraway View


    It's always telling to note that those who always seem to be shouting the loudest and most often for "diversity", "tolerance", and "multiculturalism" are also usually the same folks who are so eager to see the views they dislike censored from the public square.

    The hypocritical Libs!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. It's been awhile STM. Reading this makes me remember why I love ya man. It reminds me of the reason I reached out to you at Amazon years back. Hope all is well friend.


  10. OL' WP (BREEZEMAN) ~
    I'd say it's been longer than that, Brother. (How long is "awhile"?)

    I sometimes wondered what ever became of you. I'd even wondered if I might have written something somewhere along the way that offended you and sent you off. (Although I couldn't imagine what that might have been.)

    I'm still here. Same ol' me. Nuttin' much to report, other than that "this world" is going to hell in a handbasket... but then you already knew that.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  11. "I'd say it's been longer than that, Brother. (How long is "awhile"?)"

    Ok, it's been QUITE awhile.

    "I sometimes wondered what ever became of you."

    Still kicking, life and time constraints keep me from visiting, reading and commenting on all your blog post, but I'm kinda like the good Lord, and Santa Claus, even if you don't see me I'm watching, and I see you!

    "I'd even wondered if I might have written something somewhere along the way that offended you and sent you off."

    Impossible! I'm one of the few that "gets you" bud. You'd have to completely change character to offend me.

    "this world" is going to hell in a handbasket... but then you already knew that."

    Yes I do know this. I came through to see your reply to my comment, but I'm going to venture over to your 'stuffs" blog and catch up a bit.


  12. OL' WP ~
    While you're at 'STUFFS', please take a look at the one titled "The Reincarnating Jesus", as I think you might find that more interesting than most.

    There's a link to it in the column at the right edge of the page under the category "The Best O' Stuffs".

    Let me know if you find it at all compelling, eh? (Most of my Christian friends won't even touch it, but I know you think "outside the box" at times.)

    Yak Later...

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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