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“...But even to say, ‘God allowed 9/11 to happen’...”

“It happened, Nouriel. Therefore it had to have been allowed to happen. That’s not the question. Rather, the only question is whether it was allowed to happen for no reason or whether there was, within it, a redemptive purpose.”

“On 9/11 people were asking, ‘Where was God?’”

“Where was God?” he said, as if surprised by the question. “We drove Him out of our schools, out of our government, out of our media, out of our culture, out of our public square. We drove Him out of our national life, and then we ask, ‘Where is God?’”
~ The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn
Page 31

Early last year I posted a blog bit here called THE “HO BIB” TELLS ME SO. Therein I shared with my vast following of loyal readers [*sarcasm*] some insights that I believe were given to me about Biblical End-Time references related to the United States of America.

It wasn’t pretty, and if my interpretations were correct, some prophetical verses in The Holy Bible indicate that in “The Last Days”, so to speak, New York City will be detroyed in an hour, and with it, America’s place in the power structure of “this world”.

Well, just a couple weeks ago, my brother Nappy directed my attention to the World Net Daily’s website review of a newly released book by Jonathan Cahn titled
THE HARBINGER: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret Of America’s Future’.

The book proposes that there was a connection between the Old Testament verse Isaiah 9:10 and the destruction that came to New York City on 9/11/2001.

I found the review sufficiently intriguing to special order the book from my local book store (because at the liquor store, where I spend most of my money, they said they didn’t have a copy and couldn’t get one delivered).

The book is only 253 pages long and it is a very fast and light read, considering the weighty subject matter. As far as the topic is concerned, this “stuffs” is right up my alley; I absolutely love books that delve deeply into the most remarkable artifact on planet Earth: The Holy Bible.

I myself have always enjoyed digging deep into Bible passages, contemplating them, seeking that mystical, half-cloaked, esoteric gold ore that only the most diligent Bible students are able to bring to the surface (with the necessary assistance of God’s Holy Spirit).

In some ways, ‘The Harbinger’ reminded me of those Robert Cornuke books I dig so much – ‘In Search Of The Mountain Of God’, In Search Of The Lost Ark Of The Covenant’, ‘The Lost Shipwreck Of Paul’. The primary difference being that whereas Cornuke’s books were facts written in a nonfiction format, Jonathan Cahn’s book presents facts that are written in a fictional format. And that brings up the only negative remarks I have to make about ‘The Harbinger’ . . .

I’m sure the book’s author (and Messianic Jewish believer in Jesus Christ) Jonathan Cahn realizes that few Americans read nonfiction anymore. (Sadly, I think STMcC is a dying breed, as nonfiction is about all I read.) And so he decided to take these facts pertaining to 9/11 and his incredibly awesome insight into the Isaiah 9:10 Old Testament passage and wrap them inside a very superficial, fictionalized outer shell. Think of it as an M&M: thin candy coating on the outside; deep, rich, substantial chocolate on the inside.

Personally, I feel that the book would have been better had it been stripped of all the fictional dialogue and “mysterious prophet” candy coating and presented strictly as nonfiction. I’m a Dragnet - “Just the facts, Ma’am!” - kinda guy. But to be entirely honest, had Mr. Cahn NOT wrapped these amazing insights inside a thin, candy, fictionalized coating, it’s likely that only Stephen T. McCarthy and a small handful of other “Dragnet” Americans would have ever considered reading the book. (You know Americans today, they just gotta be entertained.)

Cahn’s characters are merely vehicles for the dissemination of the information, so they’re rather cut-out cardboard-like one-dimensional. The exception being his nameless prophet character. “The Prophet” actually has some personality, but I couldn’t help thinking that he seemed and sounded so much like “The Master” – Don Shimoda – in Richard Bach’s ‘ILLUSIONS: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah’, that I strongly suspected Cahn must have read ‘Illusions’ at some point in his life.

Cahn’s dialogue is actually pretty natural sounding, but I eventually grew weary of it regardless. All of the words and sentences that get repeated by the listener in the dialogue exchanges and the interruptions where the listener completes the speaker’s thought, finally got tiresome for me. But you know what? Putting up with that pattern was a very small price to pay for the astounding information that one will surely take away from this book.

And now on to what I liked about ‘The Harbinger’:

The Biblical insight that is revealed in these 253 pages is jaw-droppingly amazing!

What happens is that one “coincidence” relating to Isaiah 9:10 and September 11th gets placed on top of another “coincidence”, and then another one on top of that. And then another one, and another one, and pretty soon the incredible “coincidences” just begin dog-piling on top of each other until it finally reaches the point that only a blind person (or a “pseudo-atheist”) could deny that what Jonathan Cahn has unveiled is an authentic, Divine prophetic warning from the Old Testament that relates every bit as much to contemporary America as it did to ancient Israel!

Speaking in general terms, nothing I encountered in ‘The Harbinger’ caught me by surprise. Read through my old blog bits and comments and you will find countless allusions and outright, direct statements in which I make known my unshakeable certainty that the United States of America is going to be severely punished for its sinful, immoral, wicked ways. On at least three different occasions, I have posted this Billy Graham quote on my blogs:

“If God doesn’t judge America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Not long ago, I read a little gem of a book titled ‘Can God Bless America?’, published by John MacArthur the year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The book had been sent to me by my old friend Kevin, “The Kansas Kid”.

Now I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I don’t agree much with John MacArthur, but he surely nailed it in ‘Can God Bless America?’ Here are a few selected quotes from it:

Originally, “God Bless America” was a prayer for Divine blessing. In its current form it sometimes seems nothing more than a patriotic battle-cry. …

If God did bless America, what would He be saying about His holiness? What would He be saying about our morality? What would He be saying about our spiritual condition? Can God bless America without compromising His reputation as a holy God? That is the vital question. …

Frankly, our nation is in no position at the moment to be blessed. We’re actually more likely to be cursed by God. … All who resist God are, in effect, in league with the devil, whether they realize it or not. …

Perhaps no society has ever taken a more dramatic turn against God than America did in the latter half of the twentieth century. Divine judgment seems inevitable if our nation continues down that road. … We have no right as a nation to anticipate anything but God’s judgment.

So, no, it didn’t surprise me to find ‘The Harbinger’ making the claim that 9/11 was a chastisement from God and a warning that even worse chastisement is coming unless this nation repents from its wickedness and turns toward God. [Overturning the concept of legal abortions is the VERY FIRST step I would recommend to you, America!]

But what did catch me by surprise in ‘The Harbinger’ was seeing how remarkably the Isaiah 9:10 & 11 verses apply to America’s 9/11 disaster and the subsequent events and prideful attitudes adopted by our so-called “leaders”. Even down to the smallest details in that Bible verse and the smallest details of those tragic events a decade ago – the how, when, and where of their unfolding – are captured in this truly mind-boggling book.

Regardless of how much or how little a reader currently knows about The Holy Bible and Biblical prophecy, ‘The Harbinger’ is going to snap his or her eyes wide open and shake their being to the very core.

And if it doesn’t? Then that reader is in the midst of a personal, spiritual crisis from which likely only prayer and the Grace of God can save them.

I wholeheartedly urge everyone to read ‘THE HARBINGER’ by Jonathan Cahn. It will dramatically alter the way you think about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the relevancy of The Holy Bible to our modern times.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


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  1. Humans have a natural tendency to search for patterns to explain past events...even when no pattern actually exists. At least that is what I used to think. Have you ever read any of Nassim Taleb's books such as 'The Black Swan' or 'Fooled By Randomness'?

    I'm a skeptic but 'The Harbinger' not only made me question my own beliefs but I recently found myself picking up a Bible that one of my previous employees gave to me several years ago to search for Isaiah 9:10. Maybe there is hope.

    Keep up the good works, STM. I see you have postponed your retirement from the blogosphere.


  2. SIG2 ~
    Thanks for the encouraging words!

    Are you the Sig of "Beaded Bear"? I assume you must be, and if so, I left a message for you in a recent 'STUFFS' blog bit. I even put your name in the TITLE!

    No, I have not read any of Nassim Taleb's books. But I have read TOO MANY other things pertaining to The Bible and have had too many remarkable spiritual experiences in my own life to chalk all "coincidences" up to... uh... coincidence.

    Which, of course, is not to say that there's a pattern behind EVERYTHING. I do believe in coincidences, but I think they are more often the minority.

    There is stuff in the Bible Code that is mathematically astronomical, and so and so forth.

    Yeah, 'The Harbinger' is another one of those. If I were not already a believer, the stuffs in that book would have me reevaluating my world-view also.

    >>...I see you have postponed your retirement from the blogosphere.

    I expect the first shoe (we'll call it "Stuffs") to drop within a week. The second shoe will drop a little later. (It wouldn't be any fun if I didn't leave someone WAITING for the other shoe to drop, eh? ;o)

    Thanks for commenting here! I was disappointed that, until you came along, no one saw fit to say a thing about this.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Yes, not many comments on the subject. Maybe everyone's reading.

    (different Sig)

  4. SigToo ~
    More likely watching 'American Idol' or sumthin'.

    Sorry about the name mix-up! Sig is so unusual that I figured you must be the "Beaded Bear" Sig who has occasionally dropped in here with a comment.

    So, you must have been reading my blog secretly for awhile then, huh? (Do I know you by any other name?)

    Do you have a blog or website I could check out? I didn't know there was anyone watching this mess "from the wings", so to speak.

    In fact, had I known ANYONE "out there" was reading this mess, I probably would have tempered my tongue (or "fingers"). It's easy to forget sometimes that more than just a few friends are able to see this... "stuffs".

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. I do my best work from the shadows. I probably have commented a couple of times as Anonymous or Sig in the past regarding police brutality, or your Christmas light roof hanging acrobatics, or 'soon-to-be' President Ron Paul. Oh wait, I just remembered Churchill's famous quote, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter" disregard that overly optimistic Ron Paul statement.

    I'm not a monkey but I played one on the internet at This was an honest, but unedited, attempt to help level the playing field for traders/investors after the 2008 stock market meltdown. Hopefully I inspired a few humans out there over the last three years. I abandoned the jungle this year to focus my efforts.

    Please don't 'temper' anything. True honesty is hard to come by. (I know you won't anyway). A while back you had posted your Jim Morrison look-alike photo and then compared that to a recent photo 30 years later. I feel your pain but I'm pushin' 50 and relatively speaking, you're not doing so bad. Those pretty young co-eds don't give me the time of day anymore, but at least my wife still comes home every night. Gratitude is so important, isn't it?


  6. SigToo ~
    Wow! Not only are you NOT the other Sig, but you're not even the same gender.

    Oh, yes, the 'police brutality' post - I remember that one. I recall that my dear departed friend Anniee had a great deal to say about that.

    I have posted so much stuffs that I didn't even remember writing about my Christmas-Lights-Roof-Hanging-Acrobatics. But - Ha! - I know what you're referring to. I must have mentioned how my Christmas season always officially began when I cursed the guy who had the house before me and installed those hooks every which way.

    >>...Oh wait, I just remembered Churchill's famous quote, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter"

    Oh, man, is that ever true! I have officially thrown in the towel on the Ron Paul candidacy. The handwriting is on the wall now. It's just too much to expect the average voter to recognize the "Dr. Truth" even when he's looking them right in the eyes and telling them the facts while everyone around him is lyin' and spinnin' their bullshit.

    When the media completely ignores the real Constitutionalist, and when that faction of the political realm that you have come to trust (Pseudo-Conservative, Fake-Constitutionalist NeoConservatives) informs you day after day on the radio and on Fox News that "Dr. Truth" is a "dangerous nut", it's apparently just too much to hope that the average Americonned citizen will be able to see through the lies, think independently, and vote correctly.

    It's a done deal. We - America - will go out as "it is written" of US. It's very frustrating to know the truth and see it veiled by the media magicians so that the average citizen is unable to discern it. Very frustrating... but there's just no way to get through to most of them.

    >>...I'm not a monkey but I played one on the internet at

    Oh, thanks! I will definitely check your site out this weekend!

    >>...Please don't 'temper' anything. True honesty is hard to come by.

    Thanks! Yes, I would stop blogging before I'd sugarcoat the truth. I do, after all, have to live with myself later.

    >>...but at least my wife still comes home every night.

    Ha!-Ha! Yes, well, there is THAT! And at least you have someone to go home TO! Me, I just got my Brother, and he ain't much to look at.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Bro! And I will look into yer own blog bits in the next couple days.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. SigToo ~
    It's the damnedest thing, Brother! Numerous times last night, and again this morning, I've found that I am unable to access your MonkeyThrowDart Blogspot blog!

    Every time I attempt to bring it up I am IMMEDIATELY thrown offline. I've tried a variety of links from the Google "results page", and this morning I even tried to get there via a different route: I found where someone calling himself "The Reformed Broker" had put up a link to your site on his own.

    Same thing though. As soon as I clicked on it - BLEEP! - I'm offline!

    Have you any idea why this occurs? Are you yourself able to access your old site? Has anyone else ever reported this problem?

    Very strange stuffs indeed!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. Must be those damned solar flares again.

    Actually that's a first. I checked the traffic to the site and it seems normal, and I can access it from two different IP addresses so everything seems normal. If you get the time, try going here first:
    (Ivan is a Russian but don't let that bother you.)

    and then look down this guy's blog list for Monkey Throw Dart (it should be near the bottom. See if that works.

    BTW, what's with the youtube vid from your post today (tiny tim stairway to heaven)? Weird montage. Work in progress?


  9. SigToo ~
    Ha! No problem with Ivan being Russian. I actually feel for the Russian people; the majority of them would never have chosen to live under Communism, and due to all my studying of the subject, I think I have some idea of what they have suffered under that diabolical system.

    Well, I managed to get to Ivan's site with no problems but within seconds of clicking on his link to your blog I was booted offline again. I tried it twice with the same results.

    Someone somewhere has determined that I shall not read your posts.

    I mentioned this situation to my Brother earlier today and he told me that he encounters the exact same problem with one particular body-building website called "T-" something.

    Hmmm... Let's try this: Instead of me trying to get onto your blog generally, how about if I tried to access one specific post?

    Can you copy and paste here the URL to an individual blog bit? Maybe one particular post from a year or more ago? We'll see if I can sneak on from a singular, unique page address rather than on the Front Page which includes several posts all on one URL.

    As for today's video... I was just kinda fooling around, but there was actually some "meaning" behind it.

    I didn't put the video together so I can't say for sure what the creator had in mind, but I read some things into it for myself. For me, it really starts here:

    I give some clues to what I was thinking in the comment replies.

    This will add another layer of understanding:

    And then there's this old F-FFF blog bit:

    I don't know if you caught it or not, but right near the beginning of the Tiny Tim music video you can hear someone say something like: UFOs, friend or foe?

    So, the whole thing has some multi-layered meaning to me relating to demonic activity, the Illuminati, 'Big Brother', the coming Anti-Christ, etc.

    Mostly I was just trying to be a little imaginative with my blogs and trying to say something by implication rather than in my usual mega-text way.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. Interesting how you mention saying "something by implication rather than in my usual mega-text way". I have noticed over the years that I would pick up an entirely different group of reader when varying the style of communication. Different strokes, I guess.

    I'll have to re-visit your last post. I thought maybe it was related to the strange, internet-bumping events when trying to access my blog.

    Here's a random post from a year ago:

    Maybe the problem is a firewall issue, or maybe you could try to access the site by "enabling third party cookies" in your internet options settings. Sounds like there was no problem when you visited Ivan's mechonomics blog though. Hmmm, wish I had more expertise.

    Thanks for trying. Makes me wonder how many others have the same issue.


  11. SigToo ~
    Well, Brother, I tried it twice - once by putting the URL into my browser from this blog page, and the second time by trying to access it from the "cached" link on the Google search page - same thing: booted offline immediately. WEIRD!

    Really too bad, too, because anyone who finds my blog posts worth reading is undoubtedly someone who is posting blog installments that I also would find worth reading.

    >>...Interesting how you mention saying "something by implication rather than in my usual mega-text way". I have noticed over the years that I would pick up an entirely different group of reader when varying the style of communication.

    I have occasionally been told that my blog bits are not popular because they are too long. I used to think there might be something to that until a guy I know, DiscConnected, started up his own political blog [Back In The USSR], in which he has addressed some of the same issues I do but with much shorter individual installments.

    After maybe two years, 'Back In The USSR' has attracted about the same attention that 'F-FFF' has. So, I no longer think the length of individual blog bits has anything to do with it. I suspect the bottom line is simply that the Americonned People just don't wanna hear it: "No facts, no bad news while the TV is still workin'!"

    >>...I'll have to re-visit your last post. I thought maybe it was related to the strange, internet-bumping events when trying to access my blog.

    No, it was mostly about 'Big Brother' keeping track of us via technology. And, of course, I am convinced that - wittingly or unwittingly - Big Brother works for the devil. And then there's that suspicion of satanic backmasked messages in Led Zep's 'Stairway To Heaven' and the idea that UFOs are demonic in origin. I was thinking multidirectional when I posted that video.

    >>...Maybe you could try to access the site by "enabling third party cookies" in your internet options settings.

    You just went well beyond my computer literacy. I don't know nuttin' 'bout computers. I can "copy & paste" and "post blog bits", and that TOTALLY EXHAUSTS my computer know-how.

    But, yes, I was able to view Ivan's Mechonomics blog with no issues whatsoever. But I'd rather view YOUR blog, darn-it!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  12. Just found your post on Harbinger and quoted you at my blog where I've been hammering away against its critics for some time. Amazing how few GET IT but you're one of them. Thanks.

  13. CONNIE ~
    Thanks. Yes, that book, 'The Harbinger', is for everyone who doubts that history does indeed repeat itself and/or that the Old Testament is still relevant in today's world.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  14. Seems like a smoke screen that the prophet claims that "nobody" was behind these "coincidences". The defiance of the rebuild with hewn stone the replaceing the sycamore with a ceadar etc. etc.

    Although it is my understanding that these events are in fact true, I don't believe that these events are likely to be simply a series of coincidences.

    I think it is far more likely that they are a deliberate act by people who actively worship the devil. These people also, knew it was coming as they took out insurance on the event right before it occurred and did thier best to cover it up afterward.

    They are the ones in a position of wealth and power to perform these actions to mirror the Biblical account if the Israleites in 732 B.C.

    So to me, it's just another smoke screen to attempt to cover up the existence of the conspiracy against our nation by the richest and most powerful people in the world.

    I have personally witnesses the gradual ride they have taken us down the road to immorality. I suddendly realised some years ago that I was myself a product of it.

    A lot of people planned our demise from almost the beginning and they did it and they are still doing it.

    Read Morals and dogma and the protocols of the elders of zion to see the outline of the plan(s)

    *I do not belive anyone is bad because of thier race, but neither do I belive all "creeds" are good, or equal.

    Capitalism and representative democracy can create tyranny just as well as any other economic or governmental model. It may even be harder to get out from under a capitalist form than any other. If everyone is busy playing xbox, dying thier hair blue, doing drugs and having group sex, it just makes it that much easier to enslave them.

    1. ANONYMOUS ~
      You bring up a couple of good points. One of them being that the real foundation of all this is satanic / luciferian worship. That's the key ingredient that even many very astute students of The Conspiracy seem to miss. This is the work of satan, using evil men as his pawns.

      [Believe me, I am totally aware that 9/11 was a pre-arranged "inside job" which members of our Shadow Government are primarily responsible for. The 3 towers were brought down by explosives, NOT by airplanes - or fires as in the case of Tower #7.]

      I have read 'Morals And Dogma' and I know what's in 'Elders Of Zion' (although the latter I have not accepted as an authentic document).

      But I have studied the NWO Conspiracy intensely and have been aware of it since 1994. Since then, I have made a number of other folks aware of it with my writing. You'll find this blog LOADED with posts about God, Christ, satan, and the NWO Conspiracy.

      And my detailed Biblical studies lead me to firmly believe that it's all coming to a head here, likely, in 13 or 14 years - 2028 or '29. (I'll be posting on this topic here at F-FFF hopefully within the next few weeks.)

      Another good point you made was the possibility that some of the "coincidences" pointed out in 'The Harbinger' might actually have been consciously undertaken.

      I'm not sure how many of the evil conspirators (whatever you want to call them - Illuminati, International Bankers, Wizards Behind The Curtain) are informed enough to deliberately copy the ancient Israelite mistakes so as to mirror the Old Testament.

      However, their true master, the devil or beelzebub, is brilliant and fully aware of all the old details. It's interesting to ponder the possibility that he directed his human minions to act in certain ways so as to consciously play out those odd "coincidences". We already know from The Holy Bible that satan likes to copy God but with an evil twist. So, that's a very interesting idea you have introduced here.

      If you've not read 'ONE WORLD' by Tal Brooke, I highly, highly recommend it!

      Thanks for the comment.

      ~ Stephen
      'Loyal American Underground'


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