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In this first short video, Ron Paul puts Newt Gingrich down like a rabid dog. The video probably should have been titled “Old Yeller” rather than . . .

Ron Paul CASTRATES Newt Gingrich!

[And in case you’re wondering, the word in question that Ron Paul had previously applied to Gingrich is “chickenhawk”. Get it? That’s a cowardly war hawk.]

In this second short video, Newt offers us a half-assed remedy wholly insincerely; followed by a young Ron Paul giving us the whole truth and with full sincerity. This video also illustrates that Ron Paul has consistently given the American people the same warning/message throughout his three decades in Congress:

Newt Gingrich Vs Ron Paul: Federal Reserve Question - Huckabee Forum, Fox News

OK, in this final short video, a “Faux News” talking head has some positive words about Ron Paul’s candidacy:

Fox News says Ron Paul is the biggest threat to Barack Obama. Not Mitt Romney

That seemed positive, didn’t it? And in some respects it was. But are you an astute enough observer of psychological manipulation and media spin magic to spot the couple of places where that “Faux News” talking head very deceptively slipped in a kind of subliminal negative commentary against Dr. Paul?

In response to another poster’s comment in which he wrote “It's clear that Dr. Paul isn't the brawniest guy”, someone going by the name Deet wrote the following on 01/08/2012:

Are you aware that Dr. Paul played professional baseball with the Astros? That he is the ONLY congressman to ever hit a home run at the congressional baseball game? Or that he is an intellectual heavy weight without equal?

Can you even imagine the intestinal fortitude required to state a true but unfavored position on national TV, be laughed at, ridiculed, and demeaned, never strike back, blow up, or totally lose it, while standing your ground and be proven right. Can you even fathom the strength it takes to maintain one's positions under the weight of peer pressure that that would implode the deepest underwater sub ever made by man?

Could YOU even begin to take on, single handedly, some of the most powerful interest groups IN THE WORLD, including the unlimitedly funded Federal Reserve, and the MILITARY Industrial Complex, AND BE WINNING! He "may" not look "muscled up", but I can assure you, Dr. Paul is a real life "Superman" merely disguised as a harmless grandfather!

Well, Deet has it all right except for one detail. Dr. Paul did not play professional baseball with the Houston Astros, but he DID appear in an Astros uniform (remember that Dr. Paul is a TEXAS Congressman) at one of the Congressional baseball games.

["Ehh... nice swing, Doc!"]

When going to the polls during the Republican primaries, all voters need to keep in mind the adage
“No Newts Is Good Newts!”

It is patently clear to anyone with even two brain cells to rub together that a vote for any presidential candidate other than Ron Paul is a vote for “Mr. More O. Thesame”.


~ Stephen T. McCarthy

The following video came recommended by my friend Br'er Marc (the originator of that classic political analogy in which Republicans and Democrats were likened to "filtered and nonfiltered cigarettes" - both of which will kill ya, only at slightly different rates of speed).

At any rate, Br'er Marc's only criticism of this video was the mention of Ronald Reagan. And I agree wholeheartedly with Br'er on that; mentioning Reagan in the same breath with Ron Paul is to place "Dr. No" in inferior company. And, of course, Judge Napolitano is careful not to say too much and spill all the really important "New World Order" beans. Nevertheless, the following video is well worth watching.

**The Real Reason Why Ron Paul Is Feared And Censored**

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    This is a good video too brother. Though I don't agree with the Reagan comment.

    Br'er Marc

  2. You're right, BR'ER, it's a good one. I think I'll try to add it as an Addendum (if the system will let me, which it protly won't).

    Hey, I totally dropped the ball on mailing that DVD to you last week. Sorry, Br'er, it just completely slipped my mind. But I'll get it in the mail to you this Monday for sure.

    It's hell getting old! Ya gotta make allowances for me, man. You'll be at my advanced stage of brain-dead someday and THEN you'll un'erstan'.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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