Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You’ll remember that on January 8th I posted a blog bit titled You’re A Mean One, “Atheist” in which I called your attention to the fact that this last Christmas season a bunch of fake atheists had organized in a (sadly successful) attempt to interfere as much as possible with the decades-old tradition of the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes.

The tradition began in 1953. Ordinarily, in December, a number of booths or “scenes” illustrating the birth and early days of Jesus are erected along the Palisades Park, where the bluffs meet the sea in Santa Monica, California.

Well, for years the dirty dog pseudo-atheistic antisocial Socialists have been trying to disrupt the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes and throw a monkey wrench into the enjoyment that believers derive from this well known city custom. This year they succeeded, and the unfolding story of the birth of Christ was reduced to just three displays.

My good ol’ pal Pooh read my blog bit pertaining to this subject and then sent me a link to a 27-minute YouTube video called ‘Where The Mountains Meet The Sea’.

The video is really a promotional movie made in 1959 – the year of my birth – and was probably commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce or some organization along those lines. The primary reason I am posting it below is to illustrate the fact that even as early as 1959 the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes was so well known and popular that it was mentioned in this promotional short.

If you don’t wish to watch the entire program, you can simply fast-forward to the 19-minute mark, which is the point where the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes are mentioned and shown.

 At the 16-minute mark, the video’s narrator refers to Santa Monica as “this progressive city by the sea”. Boy, is progressive ever the right word! Even in the 1970s, when I was growing up in that city, it was often derisively referred to as “The Soviet Socialist Republic Of Santa Monica” and “The People's Republic Of Santa Monica”.

There are two things in this video program that go to show just how far our society has fallen:

#1) The fact that what was appreciated and noncontroversial in 1959 was, in 2011, allowed by the
so-called city “leaders” to be hijacked and all but killed off by a small collection of ultra-minority extremists.

#2) Notice that when the Nativity Scenes are shown nineteen minutes into this program, they are NOT enclosed by chain-link fencing! That’s because back then there was very little concern about vandalism. It was almost unthinkable that anyone in ’59 would deface, destroy, or steal anything from a Nativity scene. However, in our modern, secular, enlightened, "progressive" society, what remains of the Nativity Scenes in Palisades Park must be secured behind fencing or it would be utterly wrecked - probably on the first evening after its construction.

On a slightly more personal and less political note, right at the 25-minute mark in this program we are shown a few seconds of film shot at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center. By coincidence, I was born in that hospital the very year this movie was made. The odds are 1 in 365 that the Medical Center was photographed on the day of my birth. I may have let out my first cry the moment the director yelled, “Action!”.

. . . And I’m still cryin’.

WHERE THE MOUNTAINS MEET THE SEA: Santa Monica, California (1959)

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

The ‘Santa Monica Nativity Scenes’ website

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  1. Gotta have some of that good ol "ism."

  2. BR'ER MARC ~
    Short but to the point! (Kinda entertainin' too.)

    I'd seen that before. And I still likes it. Especially this part:

    "Everything is fine!... Everything is fine!... Everything is fine!... Everything is fine!..." etc.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Brother,
    I found it knee slappin funny how acurate it is. The communist selling the "ism" (funny I might add) is telling them how he will give them free farm subsidies, loans, and all this free stuffs. Heck, our good ol U.S. of A has done all those things. This cartoon is prophetic man. Made in 1945!!! Some smart people knew what was going on. Sad that they couldn't stop it. Just shows ya one of mans common weaknesses: If it ain't buggin me right now I'm not paying attention to it. As I was telling Disc dude in his USSR blog, "it's easier to stop the damage while you see it hitting your neighbors house. But in this country no one does anything until it impacts them specifically." Or something like that. Point is it's too late once your in the middle of it. Most people won't get a clue until it's too late.

  4. BR'ER MARC ~
    You couldn't be more correct, man!

    Yep, your good Uncle Sam will give you all this "FREE" stuffs, and all you gotta do in exchange is surrender your "FREEDOM" (and a lot of the money you earn in the form of taxes and inflation).

    And you're also right that most people don't much care what's happening around them until it touches THEM personally. Only then do they start weeping and gnashing their teeth.

    Had all Americans stopped flying as soon as the TSA started in with the Totalitarian Sexual Abuse, that policy would have changed immediately due to airline company pressure. Now it's too late, for the Americonned People have already become conditioned to being groped and photographed naked when they fly. And once the over-the-top, extreme policy has been generally accepted, Uncle Sam is free to begin thinking about ways to expand it to even further curtail our rights.

    In the final analysis, however, it must be observed that the Americonned People are getting exactly what they collectively deserve!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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