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Arrogant 'New England Patriots' pretty boy, Tom Brady, "on the carpet" again in Super Bowl XLII.
Did you know ‘The Declaration Of Independence’ refers to God four times?

Principally and first of all, I recommend my soul to that Almighty Being who gave it and my body I commit to the dust, relying upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins.
~ Samuel Adams
(American Patriot & signer of ‘The Declaration Of Independence’)

Let … statesmen and patriots unite their endeavors to renovate the age by … educating their little boys and girls … leading them in the study and practice of the exalted virtues of the Christian system.
~ Samuel Adams

The Rights of the Colonists as Christians - These may be best understood by reading and carefully studying the institutes of the great Law Giver and Head of the Christian Church, which are to be found clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament.
~ Samuel Adams

The Supreme Ruler of the Universe, having been pleased in the course of His providence to establish the independence of the United States of America … we ought to be led by religious feelings of gratitude and to walk before Him in all humility according to His most holy law … That with true repentance and contrition of heart we may unitedly implore the forgiveness of our sins through the merits of Jesus Christ and humbly supplicate our heavenly Father.
~ Samuel Adams

I have a thorough contempt for all men … who appear to be the irreclaimable enemies of religion.
~ Samuel Adams

May every citizen in the army and in the country have a proper sense of the Deity upon his mind and an impression of the declaration recorded in the Bible, “Him that honoreth Me I will honor, but he that despiseth Me shall be lightly esteemed.”
[from: 1 Samuel 2:30]
~ Samuel Adams, 1780

A lot of years ago, there was a Samuel Adams beer commercial that ticked me off. All I recall about it now was that I thought it was slimy in a sexual way; I think it had something to do with loose women and the men who do them – after an ice-cold Samuel Adams, of course. [Anyway, it was something along that general theme.]

I went into boycott mode and didn’t buy another bottle of Samuel Adams beer for over a decade. Then one day I saw Sam Adams on tap in my favorite bowling alley bar (yeah, I’m a classy dude); it was the only reasonably good brew the bar had to offer, and since I could no longer even clearly remember what it was about that ancient commercial that irked me so, my boycott ended. That was 2 or 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve had a total of maybe 2 or 3 bottles or glasses of Sam Adams beer.

Well, the boycott is on again, and this time it’s permanent. I will never forget the reason for the boycott THIS time!

On July 5th, World Net Daily featured an article titled...

Drinkers Boycott: American Revolutionary 'Would Be Disgusted By This'
Here’s an excerpt from the article:

A top beer-making company has deliberately omitted God from its new ad citing the Declaration of Independence – and now outraged Americans are vowing to boycott the beer brand on the company’s Facebook page.

In Samuel Adams’ July 4 commercial, a bartender asks, “Why name a beer after Samuel Adams?”

He adds, “Because Samuel Adams signed the Declaration of Independence. He believed there was a better way to live.”

Then the man recites the Declaration of Independence – but he omits “endowed by their Creator” from the segment.

“All men are created equal,” he states. “They are endowed with certain unalienable rights: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

He finishes the beer spot with, “Smooth, flavorful. We bow to no kings. Samuel Adams Boston Lager, declare your independence.”

But when Samuel Adams was asked why it omitted the Creator from its ad, the beer maker defended its decision and said it is prohibited from mentioning God in its advertising.

“The Beer Institute Advertising Code says, ‘Beer advertising and marketing materials should not include religion or religious themes.’ We agree with that and try to adhere to these guidelines,” Samuel Adams said in a statement to “Fox & Friends.”

The new beer ad has sparked a wave of online comments, including some of the following:

Boycott these commies and their cr-p

Sam Adams says they were just following regulations? The National SOCIALISTS said they were just following orders.

Sam Adams WAS a brewer himself. He was also a believer in God. ...liberal stupidity is limitless.

WOW. Sam Adams himself would be disgusted by this.

If you’re going to cheapen the Declaration of Independence (on Independence Day of all days) by quoting it to promote your beer [sales], at least quote it correctly.

You missed part of the Declaration of Independence. A little help for you. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights …”

I now declare my independence from Samuel Adams. You removed the Creator from the Declaration, I remove you from my shopping list.

So sorry you let advertising policy dictate to you instead of the Declaration of Independence. Will never buy Samuel Adams again. VERY BAD decision

Lost another lifelong customer with your ignorant July 4th ad.

I won’t buy your product anymore because you lacked the courage of the man you named your product after.

[Incidentally, according to the 2006 edition of the book ‘THE BLUE PAGES’, the Boston Beer Company – maker of Samuel Adams beer – made monetary contributions to the Democrat party exclusively. $4,250 dollars to the Dumb-O-Crats; $0. dollars to the Repugnantcans. I have a feeling that the Boston Beer Company’s political worldview has not changed since then.] 

The World Net Daily article also included the following two videos:

Recently, I found myself in an interesting comment section discussion with one of my blogging buddyettes, Robin of the blog ‘YOUR DAILY DOSE
Robin and I started out yakking about ‘The Wizards Behind The Curtain’ (International Bankers) who are building their “New World Order” Global Government [‘Bye-‘Bye, ‘Declaration Of Independence’ and the U.S. Constitution] with the help of devout and unwitting members of the Republican and Democrat parties.

That conversation eventually and naturally made its way to the hot topic in the news lately: the trial of George Zimmerman after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

I promised to give Robin my outlook on that, and to dig a little deeper, exposing what I believe is the root cause explaining why so many so-called “conservative” media celebrities (read: “the International Bankers’ lap dogs”) tell their listeners only part of the story.

If you’re interested in reading about that, click HERE.
~ Stephen T. McCarthy

YE OLDE COMMENT POLICY: All comments, pro and con, are welcome. However, ad hominem attacks and disrespectful epithets will not be tolerated (read: "posted"). After all, this isn’t, so I don’t have to put up with that kind of bovine excrement.


  1. I am a big believer in what I call the Trickle Down Theory. (I think the International Bankers are counting on it.) I shall take a moment to explain it, since I am not sure it is a commonly used expression. In every job that I have worked, the employees take their cue from The Boss. So, if The Boss is great, Middle Management tends to also be great, because they style after The Boss. And so it goes... If The Boss is a dick (excuse my language), then pretty much everyone in Middle Management ends up being pretty much the same. And so it goes... No matter what the scenario, it all trickles down from the top.

    In this case, the entire country, and a good bit of the time, the world, is looking at our President, and taking their cues from HIM. And everyone takes their cues accordingly. And it all trickles down. People can say that he can't know what all his departments are doing (i.e. DOJ and the IRS), but they are all acting in ways that they know are appropriate. Just like in any company. You know what The Boss expects and you do it.

    Now The Boss is cutting God out of this country. We all know that is happening. The example that you showed in that video where BO incorrectly quoted The Constitution is simply one example. He set the precedent, showing everyone else how it is NOW to be done. The people at Samuel Adams acted accordingly. Now, if any of those people were anything like the "Real" Sam Adams that commercial would never have happened. But, this is a different day. Hail to the king.

    1. ROBIN ~
      Excellent comment, as usual. I especially liked the last three sentences.

      I believe there is a lot of merit to your "Trickle Down" concept. I also know that underlings usually do what the chief wants because the chief hired the people who hired the underlings. Birds of a feather...

      And since pretty much the invention of Communist methodology, one of the premier tactics has been for communists to work their way into positions of authority and then see to it that everyone who gets hired under them is either a communist or a "fellow traveler". Infiltrate, and then help your comrades enter the arena. That accounts for one of the reasons that communists have had such a greater impact on society than one might expect based on their relatively small numbers.

      I will delve much more into the Communism angle in Part 2, which I hope to post sometime tomorrow night. (It is already about 90% composed.)

      Yak Mo' Later...

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Okay, I had to do a little digging to do a halfway intelligent post. First, I had to establish that there was such an institute and that it had such a code- yes on both. Does this institute really have the voice of the beer industry as it claims? By the members list, that would also be a yes. Does Sam Adams consistently follow this code- perhaps, but not when it comes to sex in advertising- one stunt resulted in a lewd conduct charge against the company. So I would have to say that while it is a dodge backed by evidence, it is a dodge nonetheless.

    Let me phrase this carefully- I think the Beer Institute's regulation on religion is a good one. It keeps nutjob brewers from making sport of God and the Bible, along with Allah and whatever patron the Atheists currently worship. But it is also blatently offensive to leave something out of a historical document you intend to use in an ad if it is specifically directed for the purpose it obviously is. Oh, but I forgot- I'm a Christian, and no one cares if I am offended.

    Given that, perhaps the tactic to use is to explain to the atheists and the "religiously sensitive" that Mr. Adams was a founding father who DID believe in and trust on the Cross of Jesus Christ- and as such, those groups should be offended BY the use of Mr. Adams AS a company symbol! Why, that is terrible that they should name a beer after some one who believed in...ughh...."God"!

    Let Boston Brewing try to spin their way out of that one. Although they probably would... as we learn from Barack Obama's Memoir, reality is just little bits and pieces of factoids that you can re-assemble to build your personal myth.


      >>... Does Sam Adams consistently follow this code- perhaps, but not when it comes to sex in advertising- one stunt resulted in a lewd conduct charge against the company.

      Hmmm... I don't recall having ever heard about a "lewd conduct charge", but I wonder if that might have been somehow related to the slimy sexual commercial I can now only vaguely remember being offended by.

      That was some good insight in your comment, and I believe we are essentially on the same page (nothing new there).

      I believe that the Boston Beer Company had a right to leave "the Creator" out of their commercial if they chose to. But I also think it was totally disingenuous to cite the Declaration Of Independence and then omit the most significant part of it. The Founders were referring to God-given rights as their justification to declare independence from England, and as you know, they also sought God's protection and guidance at the end of their 'Declaration'.

      I'm not sure I agree with any Beer Industry Institute's guidelines at all. I say let the First Amendment prevail and let any brewing company say anything it wants. The "nutjob brewers making sport of God and the Bible, along with Allah and whatever patron the Atheists currently worship" will feel the reaction to their decision in their wallets.

      I'm OK with it if some "nutjob" brewer wants to mock God and Christ in their advertising, because that just makes it easier for me to identify which companies I should boycott... in the same way that I am now boycotting Samuel Adams beer because they outed themselves for me on the 4th of July. The Boston Beer Company made it easy for me to target them with another (and this time absolutely permanent) boycott. [Thanks, Boston Boneheads!]

      Anyway, good, clever comment, my friend!

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. Here's a cut-and-paste on the "Lewd thing":

      "For instance, between 2000-2002, the Boston Beer Company sponsored a morning radio stunt titled “Sex for Sam,” which was “an annual contest where the goal was to have sex in notable public places in New York City.” Point 5b of the Beer Institute’s code says that beer advertising “may contain romantic or flirtatious interactions but should not portray sexually explicit activity as a result of consuming beer.” Point 6 prohibits “graphic nudity,” while point 2 says that beer should be marketed “in a responsible manner,” including proscription of “illegal activity of any kind.”

      Consider the case of “Sex for Sam 3,” in which “comedian Paul Mecurio encouraged Brian Florence and Loretta Harper, a Virginia couple visiting Manhattan, to have simulated sex in a vestibule at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on August 15, 2002.” The result of this stunt was an arrest for public lewdness." So not actually the company, but...

      Kudos for the research!

      I am certain that the "SEX FOR SAM" business is not related to my first boycott of the Boston Beer Company (as it was definitely a TV commercial that had irked me), but had I known about the SFS stunt, that alone would have been enough to boycott permanently.

      So, the Boston Beer Company is OK urging people to have sex in public places, but they feel "compelled" to exclude God when quoting from 'The Declaration Of Independence', eh?

      Yep, sounds like typical Liberal logic!

      Thanks for the update, CW.

      I too have declared my Independence from Samuel Adams beer!

      [Incidentally, I didn't get the caps mailed today, but I will tomorrow without a doubt. So be watchin' yer mail box, Bro.]

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  3. I'm sure you saw that lately we bought a Sam Adams summer pack just to try some new flavors. Not good, not bad, just okay. But definitely not worth repeating. Especially now. This is just cowardly.

    I hate that excuse of, "Well rules are rules, right guys?" No one held a gun to their heads and made them write an ad where the guy reads from the Declaration of Independence. They could have just stated that Sam Adams signed the declaration, and that Sam Adams was a patriotic brand. Or they could have made an entirely new ad. Instead, they made the ad anyway but cut out part of the declaration. If you're not going to quote the entire thing (or legally can't), then don't. No need to butcher it.

    On a lighter note, that comment you left the other day, where you linked the video of Richard Widmark pushing that old lady in a wheelchair down the stairs... I laughed myself hoarse. My poor granny, I can only imagine her tumbling down like that. Great clip. I'd heard of The Kiss of Death before, but never seen it.

    Also, it's interesting to hear that my Pat Metheny shirt showed up in a dream being worn by your friend Eric. Sounds like you have the most colorful dreams. I'll tell you something weird about myself (or at least I think it's weird)... every writer I've ever met always says they dream up story ideas. They have to keep notepads by their bedside even, so they can write them down before they forget them, and then it'll later turn into a novel. And yet... I've never dreamed up a story idea. My dreams are fairly mundane, and while I do get some dreams that come across as actual messages, I've never once dreamed of anything creative enough to turn into an actual story. All of my story ideas come to me just from thinking about them while I'm awake.

    So I'm not sure if I'm "broken" in that way, but I'm never at a shortage of story ideas.

    1. 4-B OLD SOUL ~

      >>... I'm sure you saw that lately we bought a Sam Adams summer pack just to try some new flavors. Not good, not bad, just okay.

      Yes, I did notice that. In fact, your "Samuel Adams Summer Ale" blog bit-ending label inspired me to pick up a bottle of it, since it was new to me. (That, obviously, was before this July 4th controversy regarding Sam and God.)

      I felt the same way about it... The first couple sips I thought it was a good, refreshing kind of Summer brew. But before the full 12 ounces were gone, I was not really digging it; a little too lemony tart for my tastes.

      >>... No need to butcher it.

      Libs always get out the meat cleaver when it comes to God. They think He's a pig. (But pig is not Kosher! And God is definitely Kosher.)

      I'm glad you liked the Richard Widmark clip. According to my Ma, it was that particular scene that really made Richard Widmark famous. (She told me about it when I was still in high school and thinking about trying to develop a career in Hollywood.) So, anyway, from my Ma to me, and from me to you.

      >>... Also, it's interesting to hear that my Pat Metheny shirt showed up in a dream being worn by your friend Eric. Sounds like you have the most colorful dreams.

      Oh, dude, some of them are UNBELIEVABLE! Like Lee's, they can go on and on and on.

      Off the top of my mind, I can recall only two times where I dreamed things that could have made good stories (for book or film). However, a number of times I have dreamed little snippets of things that later found their way into blog bits I've posted.

      As far as entire stories go... One I can no longer remember, except that it had something to do with alligators and it was so funny that I literally woke myself up by laughing out loud in my sleep. No kidding - when I woke up, I actually had tears of laughter rolling down from the corners of my eyes.

      The other one I even sent to some woman in Hollywood who developed new shows for TV, but never heard from her.

      In that case, I actually dreamed an entire episode of a nonexistent sitcom TV series called "Two Buttes Casino". It had really great characters (I still remember some of them) and the episode was really excellent.

      However... about 10 years later, I saw for the second time, an episode of 'Frasier' that I had seen only once before, 10+ years earlier, and guess what...

      Yep, the episode of 'Two Buttes Casino' that I dreamed was exactly like the episode of 'Frasier'. Except the characters were totally different, and it took place in this cheesy Vegas casino rather than in the Seattle coffee shop that Frasier and Niles frequented.

      Guess my subconscious is a damned plagiarizer, but it's so much smarter than my conscious mind that it takes my bean 10+ years to discover the crime. Ha!

      The mind is so amazing, ain't it?

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

      POSTSCRIPT: Did you make the "Joe Walsh" connection in this morning's comment at ABFTS? Half asleep as I was, that lyric seemed to fit perfectly, you Beer Boys being in Colorado an' all.

    2. Ooh, yes, your mention of Rocky Mountain Way was much appreciated. I do love a good musical reference.

      The mind is indeed amazing. My wife and my grandma, for example, both always have premonition dreams. It's pretty incredible.

      When we first started dating, the wife and I, I had saved up a little money to buy a new car, but didn't tell her (we were still in the first-met phase, so what we were buying wasn't really a discussion point). So I called my wife and told her I was coming over to pick her up, and I was bringing a surprise, having just bought the new car. She asks, "Is the surprise that you painted your car black? I just had a dream that you painted your car. Or at least I think you did, because it looked black and different in my dream." So I went and picked her up in... my new black car, my previous car being red. No idea why she dreamed that, especially over such a mundane, seemingly irrelevant thing, but the fact that she dreamed about me buying a car just hours before I actually did is still pretty amazing.

      As for my grandma, she recently dreamed about the death of my grandpa. Not sure if you saw that part from my grandma post, but someone in the comments jokingly asked for a grandpa story, and I told them the sad truth, that I've never known my grandpa and neither has my dad, because he was a deadbeat and left when my dad was about 4. No one's really seen him since (other than random sightings), but when grandma came to visit she told us she had a dream where an old man came to her with flowers. He said to her "I just died, and I need to ask your forgiveness before I enter the kingdom." She asked, "Who are you? You don't look like anyone I know." He laughed and said "I know you probably don't recognize me because it's been about fifty years, but I'm your husband. Please forgive me for all I've put you through." She forgave him, and then he walked away and she woke up.

      Did some digging, and public records confirm that he recently died.

      On another note (and after seeing the comment below from the wonderful FAE) I had a video to share with you. This is from Mark Dice, and he's an author of NWO/Illuminati books who did an experiment in which he went around with a clipboard and asked people to sign a petition to support Obama repealing the Bill of Rights in favor of the NWO. Look how many people just blindly sign it without actually absorbing what he's saying. I'd say we the people are definitely Americonned, wouldn't you? This video is every bit as sad as it is funny.

    3. 4-B OLD SOUL ~

      ['4-B Old Soul'... that sounds like it could be the name of a craft beer, doesn't it?]

      Dude! What a FANTASTIC comment! Man, o man, o man!

      The story regarding your Grandma's dream about her husband's death is astounding. And the fact that you did some research and confirmed he had recently passed just puts the icing on a remarkable cake!

      Man, I LOVE some of the comments I get on my blog bits. No blogger gets better comments than I do. I swear that's TRUE!

      The video... I went to it, but when I saw it is 4-minutes long, I realized I'd have to come back after work to watch it. Right now, I have to package this collection of caps for CW Martin so I can mail it this morning. Then I have to shower and get into my monkey suit for work.

      But... I did see just the first 14-seconds of that video, and already my jaw was dropping. How did you find that clip?

      Well, I shall return.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    4. Hey Bryan – Thank you for that ‘wonderful’ comment; in more ways than one. I LOVE that story about your grandparents. I don’t know why, but it does seem that women are more sensitive to things like this. I’ve had more than a few experiences myself. Not so much premonitions, but interactions with people who have either passed out of this life or those I haven’t seen in quite some time. It’s more than interesting and always makes me wonder – why me?

      On another note, I watched the video clip your provided. It should be inconceivable that people would sign a petition like that without even stopping to think, but as I said below it’s a matter of conditioning, and the wizards have done a good job of working the Americonned people over and over and over. This is a process that has been going on since long before you were born. Don’t even get me started about public education in the States. Anyway…thanks for the link and the family stories.

      Sorry, Mr. McCarthy about taking over your comment section to talk with someone else, but this was genuinely interesting, and too good to pass up. After all these aren’t the type of things that normally get posted on ABFTS.

    5. 4-B OLD SOUL ~

      Just now watched the entire video. Unbelievable! Believable, but UNBELIEVABLE!

      At least half of those people probably didn't know what the word "repeal" means. And NONE OF THEM knew what the Bill Of Rights is.

      We need to repeal the Bill Of Rights in order to protect our liberty!

      Thanks a lot for posting that link, Bryan. I did like that last guy's reaction: ...You're crazy. I won't talk to you anymore.

      I read a few of the comments that viewers posted there. One person said that they almost envy the blissful ignorance of those people. I've had that same thought myself from time to time. Learning all I have about the "New World Order" has NOT made me a happier dude.

      And one person called the following song lyric the second best of all time:

      "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then."

      That really IS a great line. And I recognize it, too, but I'm not exactly sure what song it's from. I kinda wanna say it's from a Bob Seger song, but I'm not certain.

      Now I'm off to Google that line and find out which song it comes from. It's definitely from a tune I've heard many times - that much I do know.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    6. "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then."

      Against the wind...

    7. Stephen - if you haven't Googled it yet, the answer is indeed Bob Seger, and the song is called Against The Wind. Great song.

      Man, I LOVE some of the comments I get on my blog bits. No blogger gets better comments than I do. I swear that's TRUE!

      You really aren't kidding. I'm downright envious. We get upwards of 50-70 comments per post, and while we definitely appreciate them, the majority of them aren't very, uh, how do I say this gently? Mentally stimulating. While it's a nice ego scratch, I guess there's only so many ways people can say "LOL this was funny good post guys!" and really, in general commenting is a lazy man's game, so no one's looking to start a conversation with you, they're just showing their appreciation and moving on.

      So yes, your blog win hands down with comments. Quality > quantity any day.

      And FAE, we leave politics and religion off of our blog (something we almost never talk about with anyone, period), so it's nice to be able to pop over here and unwind. You can just grab a beer, see a familiar face, and say what you feel without any judgment. It's always a pleasure. Feel free to cross-comment to me any time.

      And you're 100% right, it seems like women are more in tune with that kind of thing. My wife got it from her mother, and her mother got it from her mother before her. They all have those premonition dreams, or those feelings deep down when something really good or really bad is supposed to happen. I've had a few small experiences with those who have passed on, but nothing like the women in my family, and never any dreams that foretold something to come.

      Oh, and I know that this kind of thing's been going on for a long, long time. I'll tell you, I was pretty "Americonned" myself for the longest time. Took a while to accept it, but once I did and my eyes were opened, wow. It's a real life changer. I will say though, that I've always been pretty savvy, and if a random man asked me to sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, I'd have questioned it immediately no matter how uninformed I once was. I'm not one to do things blindly and I'm one to always ask questions, which I guess is one of the blessings that helped me rip that veil off of my eyes.

      Yep, I Googled it right after I left here. It's funny that I could hear that line in my head in Bob Seger's voice (which is why I guessed him) but I couldn't recall the song. Sad because I used to own the 'Against The Wind' LP back in the days of "Licorice Pizza".

      But I never owned the album on CD, and I never hear the song anymore. When it comes to Seger, for me, it's the albums 'Beautiful Loser' and 'Night Moves' that really stand out.

      CW --- I mailed the caps today in a cardboard envelope - first class - so you should have them by the end of this week.

      BRYAN --- You do get a lot of comments, and some of them are pretty clever, too. But, yeah, for depth and patriotic fervor, F-FFF is the place to be. In an I.Q. contest, I'd put my regular readers and commenters up against any other blogger's regular readers and commenters.

      FAE --- Actually, in my sphere of experience, I don't think it's held true that women seem more sensitive to those "supernatural" sorts of things and spiritual dreams. I haven't seen a "gender gap". But I do think women seem more open to discussing those things, which maybe gives the impression that they experience them more often. I think a lot of males keep mum about them, fearing that their buddies will think them peculiar, or "a weird duck".

      Me, on the other hand... well, you know I don't much care what others think of me, so I feel pretty "liberated" in speaking openly about them.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

      POSTSCRIPT: If I don't get Part 2 of this blog bit posted tonight... it's FAE's fault... and she knows why!

    9. STMc - you may be right. I have only known one other man who would admit to experiences like this. Only one of the reasons that I like and appreciate you.

    10. FAE ~
      Believe me, there are plenty. They just don't discuss it openly very much.

      In fact, the most "spiritually sensitive" person I ever heard of (outside of The Bible) was a dude. I'll be mentioning him in SES 11 or 12.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  4. While I agree that this seems like some very unfortunate advertising that certainly didn’t need to happen; THIS IS NO ACCIDENT. It’s more like conditioning the American people to think and BELIEVE that this is exactly how The Declaration of Independence is written. Come on, you and I both know that most Americans believe that if it’s in the media, it must be true. Would Samuel Adams lie to you? How clever to use something as ‘American’ as one of the Founding Fathers and beer to help steer ‘we the people’ in the wrong direction.

    The wizards own advertising and rather than thinking that the Ad Men who help you to think what ‘they’ want, are only following the lead of the ‘Commander in Cheese’, it’s more like they are setting the pace and dictating the logic. It’s a grand scheme of conditioning the Americonned People to think, act, and feel exactly what they want them to.

    I would not be surprised to hear of, at the very least, earth tremors, in the Boston area as Samuel Adams is most likely rolling in his grave.

    But then, I’m not telling you anything that you didn’t already know, am I, Mr. McCarthy?

    1. Ahhh, so true, FAE!

      TV and movies are two of the most effective weapons that "The Wizards Behind The Curtain" have for conditioning us. Most of the Americonned Sheeple are totally oblivious to what is being done to them on an hourly basis.

      I know I've written this before (probably a few times), but I'll never forget the author of the book ‘THE UNSEEN HAND’, A. Ralph Epperson, telling me in a private telephone call (well, presumably it was private, if you know wot I mean... and I know you do) that this "New World Order" thing goes much deeper than most people would dare imagine. We were yakking about 9/11 at the time - so that phone call was probably in late 2001 or early 2002.

      Anyway, I know now (and even knew then) that he was right. Sometimes I don't even tell "the rest of the story" (as Paul Harvey would say) because I know how insane I come across to a lot of people already, without even spilling all of the beans I have counted.

      Just like how Ron Paul would not talk about the 9/11 reality, because the Americonned People who didn't understand The Constitution already thought he was nuts when he talked about the un-Constitutionality of The Federal Reserve and Foreign Aid, etc.

      Sometimes it's better to tell just SOME of the truth, rather than to tell ALL of it and lose EVERYONE.

      I never lie, but occasionally I hold back a little bit. It's difficult enough trying to get people to understand that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are "New World Order" Globalists, without trying to prove to the people that those "conservatives" are also demonically possessed!

      ...Well... I've said too much...

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

  5. This is a great thought provoking post! Given the direction of our country under this current regime, we are MOST definitely headed in the WRONG direction. Given the most recent comments today by our illustrious (NOT!!) attorney general, we are even more and more screwed!!


    So sad!!!!


    1. SHOES ~
      You are entirely correct, Buddy!

      Sadder still is that everything is "progressing" according to the plan. It's all too predictable.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'


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