Friday, November 20, 2009


Idealists are the easiest folks to dupe because they want so badly to believe that their utopian vision is attainable in “this world.” (I myself was once an idealist, but education and the wisdom that comes with age cured my illness.) Unfortunately, this also makes idealists some of the most dangerous citizens amongst us. They are just so susceptible to propaganda. And the Democrat Party (which long ago was taken over from within by Marxists and their fellow travelers) with its handmaiden, the liberal media, is unequaled when it comes to propagandizing the idealist dreamers in America.

The idealist learns just enough to recognize that the government is corrupted by Corporations and Big Buck Politicians; that it doesn’t give a rat’s patoot for the common man. And then being bombarded by sound bites from the media about how the Republican Party is dominated by these corporations and Big Buck Politicians, it’s easy to understand why most of the idealists eventually align themselves with the Democrat Party -- which likewise, but unbeknownst to the idealist, is dominated by corporations and Big Buck Politicians.

The bottom line is that, for both of the major political parties in the United States, it’s all about monopoly and the power that comes with it – the power to dictate life to the rest of society and to ensure their own station at the top of the political food chain.

The Republicans usually say the right things (with no intention of instituting the Constitutional principles they claim to embrace), and they aren’t too squeamish about being associated with success in the business world, which means a kinship with corporations and Big Buck Handlers.

The idealists, naturally, are repulsed by this and take hook, line and sinker the bait that the Marxists masquerading as “Democrats fighting for the little guy” have set for them. The next thing you know, the idealists are standing shoulder to shoulder against the Republicans, in lockstep with the Democrat Party, and are unwittingly destroying everything that once made America great.

In putting together my last Blog Bit here at Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends, I reflected upon three quotes that were called to mind and I thought that they really ought to be more widely known by the American public. And so, I give you three quotes pertaining to da dangerously duped Democrats:
[Quoting from the December 1937 issue of the ‘Communist International’:] . . .
“The Chinese Communist Party is guided by the new line of tactics of the Seventh Congress of the Comintern, and the historic report made by Comrade Dimitrov.”

This historical report, I should here explain, was the one in which Dimitrov laid down the trojan horse tactic for Communists everywhere in the world. They were instructed at this Comintern Congress to get influence inside the liberal movements everywhere by pretending to be democrats in order to destroy the non-Communist world from within.
~ Senator Joseph McCarthy
From The Congressional Record
1950, March 30th

Our task is to build an all-people’s front… with special emphasis on mobilization of the working class and the trade union movement on all levels, but especially the grass roots. … This front must include Americans who are racially oppressed and discriminated against because of their nationality, the professionals, intellectuals, farmers, youth, women, senior citizens, small and medium-size business people… a mass wave that will mainly express itself through the Democratic Party…
~ Gus Hall
Head of the Communist Party U.S.A.
1981, December

What America has most to fear is not the Communists either at home or abroad, but our own good-hearted, well-meaning fellow citizens of the liberal persuasion, whose unintended effect has been to sap the survival powers of free societies everywhere.
~ William Rusher
Former Special Counsel to the Internal Security Subcommittee of the United States Senate, 1956 – 1957
From his book ‘Special Counsel’, 1968

Vladimir Lenin’s basic plan was this: First, we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. Then we will encircle the United States, which will be the last bastion of capitalism. We will not have to attack. It will become so rotten from within that it will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands.

And who, in 2009, is prepared to argue that Lenin was wrong? America has indeed become rotten from within; rotten spiritually, rotten politically and rotten socially. And America is indeed falling before her conquerors like an overripe fruit.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt your chances of conquest if you can place Marxists and other Socialists calling themselves “Democrats” into the U.S. Congress, on the Supreme Court, and in the White House.

But voting for Republicans is not the answer, for they too are part of the problem. Voting for nothing but authentic
“Constitutionalists” is the only medicine for our country’s maladies.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
"As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
~ Proverbs 26:11


  1. Tough stuff, Stephen. Those are quotes that I'm sure will be ignored by the ones who should be hearing them and by those who don't want to hear them. Sad but probably true.
    Thanks for sounding the clarion call of warning even though it may fall on deaf ears
    By the way, in my post tomorrow (Sat 11/21) I will be giving you a plug -- hope some reader switch over to your station for a while.
    I just hope I didn't alienate too many of them with my debate post yeaterday.

  2. `
    >>[Tough stuff, Stephen.]<<

    Tough 'n' True.

    >>[Sad but probably true.]<<

    Sad but DEFINITELY true.

    >>[By the way, in my post tomorrow (Sat 11/21) I will be giving you a plug]<<

    Well, thanks much, Brother rLEE-b! I'll take a look. But I am under no delusion that my type of blogging will ever gain much in the way of an audience. What I write here is just too factual 'n' frightening for most Americans who (to coin a stolen phrase) "can't handle the truth."

    >>[I just hope I didn't alienate too many of them with my debate post yeaterday.]<<

    Brother, if a thought like that ever entered MY mind, I'd just have to cash in my Blogs altogether. For me, it's all about posting some slices of the Truth Pie. But if no one wants to taste it, that's their downfall.

    ~ Doggtor Unread in Blogland ;o)


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