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A couple of months ago, I was thinking about my all-time favorite motion picture KOYAANISQATSI while I was playing the film’s soundtrack album. And while track number six, “Pruitt Igoe”, was coming through the speakers of my compact disc player, I got to wondering exactly what that title referred to. So I Googled it and I wound up at Wikipedia, where I was in for a bit of a surprise.

The Philip Glass musical composition titled “Pruitt Igoe” is heard during that portion of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ when the viewer is shown numerous controlled demolitions of apartment buildings. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Pruitt-Igoe:

Pruitt-Igoe was a large urban housing project first occupied in 1954 and completed in 1955 in the U.S. city of St. Louis, Missouri. Shortly after its completion, living conditions in Pruitt-Igoe began to decay; by the late 1960s, the extreme poverty, crime, and segregation brought the complex a great deal of infamy as it was covered extensively by the international press. The complex was designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki, who also designed the World Trade Center towers.

At 3 PM on March 16, 1972 — less than 20 years after construction — the first of the complex's 33 buildings was demolished by the federal government. The other 32 buildings were destroyed over the next two years. The high-profile failure of Pruitt-Igoe has become an emblematic icon often evoked by all sides in public housing policy debate. The Pruitt-Igoe housing project was one of the first demolitions of modernist architecture and its destruction was claimed by postmodern architectural historian Charles Jencks to mark "the day Modern architecture died." Footage of the demolition of Pruitt-Igoe was incorporated into the film Koyaanisqatsi.

I got to thinking about this architect, Minoru Yamasaki, and what bad luck his buildings encountered at the hands of the United States’ federal government. First, Uncle Sam destroys his Pruitt-Igoe creation in 1972, and then twenty-nine years later, Uncle Sam brings down Yamasaki’s most famous creation, the World Trade Center towers.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: What does he mean Uncle Sam brought down the World Trade Center towers?
C’mon! C’mon! Not for a moment do I believe that some airliners caused the World Trade Center towers to collapse on themselves controlled-demolition-style. And even if someone WANTS to believe that (and I know many Americans do want to believe it, rather than face the awful truth), do tell me what caused World Trade Center tower #7 to collapse remarkably like towers #1 and #2 collapsed (and like Pruitt-Igoe did), even though tower #7 was never struck by an airplane and other buildings in the immediate vicinity did NOT collapse in like manner?
Yeah, it’s a terrible thing to have to admit that some highly placed individuals in the federal government would deliberately murder about 3,000 innocent fellow Americans as a justification for executing foreign policy plans in the Middle East. Who wants to believe THAT? Certainly not I. But I am not afraid to face truth, because I sincerely believe the Man who said that once we know truth, truth will make us free.

If there are dirty, murderous dogs in high places, they need to be exposed, prosecuted for their crimes, and removed from their positions of leadership!

Take a look at the video clip links I’m providing below and see if the similar nature of them doesn’t somehow unnerve you.

There are some good books available on this subject [e.g., chapters 6 through 15 of David Icke’s “Alice In Wonderland And The World Trade Center Disaster: Why The Official Story Of 9/11 Is A Monumental Lie”, and Jim Marrs’ “Inside Job: Unmasking The 9/11 Conspiracies”, and “Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline Of The American Empire At The End Of The Age Of Oil” by Michael Ruppert].

However, if you just can’t drag yourself away from Dean Koontz and Dan Brown long enough to read something REAL, perhaps you could manage to find the time to, at the very least, watch a couple of excellent documentaries on this subject. I most highly recommend:
[Watch the 3 minute video preview in the upper right corner of the linked page.]

and . . .
‘9/11: Press For Truth’:
[Movie Trailer Video.]

The ‘Press For Truth’ movie trailer doesn’t come anywhere close to doing justice to the documentary itself. Don’t let it turn you off. Rent or buy the movie and turn it on!

Both ‘Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup’ and ‘9/11: Press For Truth’ will leave you with a great many questions that DEMAND reasonable answers. Unfortunately, providing reasonable answers to the Americonned People does not appear to be priority Number One for our dear, dear Uncle Sam.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
‘Loyal American Underground’

Video Links:
YouTube video of the “Pruitt-Igoe” sequence in ‘Koyaanisqatsi’
[Watch the first 7 minutes – up until you see the haze over Los Angeles.]

YouTube video World Trade Center South Tower collapse
[A 10-second video.]

Oh yeah? Who says there were no “Explosions!” prior to collapse?
[This 2 minute, 17 second video begins after a 30-second commercial, but it’s definitely worth waiting for.]

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  1. You say "I am not afraid to face truth" - yet continue to hypothesise (even siting David Ike's book!) that any officially recognised/proffered explanations must be wrong: de-facto "lies" - without any emphatic proof to the contrary… I'd say that your approach was irresponsible, and typical of all conspiracist critique's.

      First of all, this is the USA and the word is "hypothesize". Secondly, the word you were looking for is "citing", NOT "siting". Third, there should be no apostrophe in the word "critiques". Otherwise, your comment was obviously composed by a brilliant, highly educated, intellectual, and I cower in my boots at the prospect of having to reply to it. Nevertheless, I shall give it a go:

      Note that I recommended "chapters 6 through 15 of David Icke’s 'Alice In Wonderland And The World Trade Center Disaster'." That indicates that not only have I read the book but I determined that chapters 1 through 5 and 16 did NOT contain information that I necessarily agreed with and could recommend to my readers.

      You, on the other hand (being the great intellectual you obviously are) dismiss the whole book out-of-hand without having read any of it.

      Have you heard THIS one?:

      There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is condemnation before investigation.

      The officially recognized (with a "z") explanations are not wrong because they "must be wrong". They're wrong because they're lies. (Newsflash: It's not uncommon for governments to lie to the people they govern. Get your head out of the sand, you little Pollyanna Ostrich!)

      The point of this single post was NOT to absolutely prove the lies and conspiracy regarding 9/11. That would require books and documentaries, such as I recommended in this post. And THAT was the POINT OF THE POST! To direct readers to sources of evidence proving the 9/11 deception.

      But while I have your attention, allow me to repeat this question directly to your NON-BRAINY-MOUSE self:

      "...do tell me what caused World Trade Center tower #7 to collapse remarkably like towers #1 and #2 collapsed (and like Pruitt-Igoe did), even though tower #7 was never struck by an airplane and other buildings in the immediate vicinity did NOT collapse in like manner?"

      And I will add that no structure in the history of burning buildings has EVER collapsed like that one did as a result of internal fires. None. Ever. Anywhere!

      You seem to think you have all the answers (except when it comes to spelling and punctuation), so... 'splain that to me, Lucy.

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'


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