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[From the STMcC archive; October 7, 2005]


ONE WORLD by Tal Brooke is really nothing less than the ideal primer on the full scope of that oft repeated phrase, "The New World Order." It provides a quick, but incisive glimpse of every facet of this diabolically deceptive Cubic Zirconia. When the epiphany occurred for me many years ago, and I suddenly saw the Big Picture of my intensive studies, I entertained the idea of writing a book that would pull together all of the seemingly disparate threads of "The New World Order" to illustrate for my readers the full weave of the specious utopian dream. But shortly thereafter, I encountered Brooke's ONE WORLD and realized that I had been beaten to the punch. That's fine - as long as this Truth has been elucidated by someone, it didn't need to be me.

I can still clearly recall that night, sitting at my desk and believing that I was engaged in two separate studies: religion and politics. And then suddenly, in a moment, it was as if the curtain on the stage was pulled back to reveal all of the props, the painted backgrounds, and the costumed players who were acting out the play called, "The New World Order", just as it had been penned by the unseen playwright, the Prince Of Darkness. I was astounded to realize that all of the different scenes actually formed acts, and that the acts formed a unified but very dark story. I found there were no independent, nor secular parts, they all coalesced into a single production. And to carry this analogy one step further, one could argue that The Holy Bible is the review written by a Critic who has seen the dress rehearsal. He says it's a bad show, and it will close before its scheduled run is completed. And since the Critic owns the theater, we can take His Word for it.

One can separately study the different arms of the Shiva-like New World Order entity: G. Edward Griffin's, THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND: A SECOND LOOK AT THE FEDERAL RESERVE will give you a full understanding of the money powers behind it - the muscle, the bodyguard. Walter Martin's, THE KINGDOM OF THE CULTS goes into the spiritual forms it can assume and the sophism it employs. David Barton's, ORIGINAL INTENT: THE COURTS, THE CONSTITUTION AND RELIGION examines the legal bulwark of the entity and the judicial means by which it seeks to undermine the foundation of the Truth that opposes it. Or TORNADO IN A JUNKYARD by James Perloff, which unveils the pseudo-logical secular birthright that it claims and then uses to suck in those adherents who lack a spiritual bent.

And I don't propose that ONE WORLD should be read in lieu of any of those other titles, but ONE WORLD serves as an excellent overview that, like a road map, can be used to graphically perceive how these many paths converge at a predetermined "place" even when the traveler may have had a different destination in mind.

Tal Brooke writes with great power, passion, intellect, and lucidity! He has a creatively infused mind that can transform thoroughly researched non-fiction into a book that reads like a page-turning suspense novel. Like me, he is an "idea bulldog" who once he has gotten a grasp on the target, shakes it out violently and relentlessly until every piece has come loose. And now it can be observed and examined from every imaginable angle so that a full understanding of the machination can be obtained, and the functioning of its gears understood.

A couple of years ago I loaned my copy of ONE WORLD to a friend and later asked her if his writing reminded her of anyone she knew. "You!" she answered. She recognized the inner "GRRRRR!" that Brooke and I share. In many respects, ONE WORLD is the book I would have written if Tal Brooke had not. (Now, whether I could have pulled it off nearly so successfully may be quite another matter.) A couple of his chapters that castigate what I call "McChristians" brought to mind an essay I wrote many years ago, which segues into another observation:

Tal Brooke is a Born Again Christian and writes pointedly from that world-view. That's OK, because it is largely correct. But Brooke misses the nuance on a couple of occasions when he fails to recognize the subtlety that separates the wholly deceived New Ager from the kernel of truth that does exist in some "New Age" teachings, and which is responsible for pulling the person with that mind-set into the arena completely.

For instance, on page 57 he correctly identifies the "cornerstone of the New Age movement: MAN IS GOD." But on page 83 he lumps in with that definition the Gnostic idea that man is a "spark of the Divine." But these are NOT synonymous. In the first, it is argued that God does not exist apart from the mind of man, whereas in the second, the "spark" is not substantive apart from the Divine Flame that gives it birth and meaning. Brooke also dismisses the concept of reincarnation (with its ties to the New Age school) as being antithetical to the message of The Bible. This is simply not so. (See my blog installments titled "REINCARNATION & THE HOLY BIBLE".)

The Prince Of Darkness cannot draw people to himself by feeding them a diet comprised entirely of lies; that's too easily discerned even by the nitwit. His genius is in mixing his leaven (a Biblical symbol for sin and evil) with the overarching truths that call naturally to the mind of man, and which the mind can enthusiastically embrace. Not recognizing that the dough also contains the leaven that the devious cook has intended for him, the man ingests and assimilates it and, afterwards, unwittingly sends his compliments to the chef. (See Matthew 13:33 & 16:5-12) But having recognized the devil's leaven, Brooke has chosen to run the entire meal down the garbage disposal. I don't really have a problem with that. For most people, erring on the side of caution is preferable to running the risk of contracting "food poisoning"!

Like Brooke, I had to learn of the New Age evil the hard way. Brooke was once a personally selected disciple of the false messiah Sai Baba of India, and followed him for 2 years. (See his book, AVATAR OF NIGHT.) I was a misguided, third-generation student of the Edgar Cayce readings.

Cayce was once asked by a seeker, "Would a study of THE SECRET DOCTRINE be of benefit?" His answer in reading #470-10 was, "The study of any portion of same would be of benefit, but only in so far as it will enable the self to open for that which may be given in its meditation. Commence, and then we may aid." THE SECRET DOCTRINE, in case you don't know, is one of the premier New Age "bibles." It was channeled by the luciferian Theosophical Society's founder, Helena Blavatsky, and contains the frightening assertion that "the Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the 'Lord God' are identical." -Vol. 2; pg. 132. You get that? Lucifer is god! [Thanks for recommending a book containing that great truth, Ed!]

Later, I spent 5 years intensely studying and practicing A COURSE IN MIRACLES. After nagging doubts forced me to appeal to Him for the Truth, imagine my chagrin at having Jesus reveal to me in no uncertain terms that, despite the clear-cut claim of A.C.I.M., He, Jesus, did NOT dictate the Course - that it is actually a demonic deception! Not everyone's ego can admit to being duped after investing so much time, and dedicating so much energy to a path; not everyone can go back to the drawing board despite the embarrassment. Brooke and I both deserve credit for that much at least.

"Imagine no possessions - I wonder if you can - No need for greed or hunger - A brotherhood of Man", John Lennon sang in Imagine, a song he proudly described as "virtually a communist manifesto." But when Lennon died, his estate was worth many, many millions of dollars. For tax purposes, he owned Hereford Cows that he had never even seen. Like all Utopia salesmen, when he denounced private property, he meant YOUR private property, not his own. He wasn't practicing what he preached, but then they never do!

In the current issue of the Phoenix New Times is a review of the book, THE SPACE BETWEEN THE STARS by Deborah Santana, wife of the famous Rock guitarist Carlos Santana. The article mentions that when she became pregnant in 1974, the couple's meditation guru, Sri Chinmoy, advised her to seek an abortion, which she did. This was the same Sri Chinmoy who served as the interfaith chaplain to The United Nations. It's a shame that this guru urging the nations of the world to seek Peace, Love, Understanding, and Equality didn't urge that any of those great virtues be shown to the individual that Deborah Santana was Divinely ordained to carry in her womb. That's because there is no real truth to the Utopia that the New Age promoters pay lip service to. These are simply hypocrites, figuratively selling their souls to demonic forces, and selling their twisted idealism to undiscerning and unsuspecting men and women. Peace for the Earth will not come by a Rock star's manifesto, a guru's advice, or the appearance of a Maitreya. It will come only when the Son Of God returns and brings it with Him as promised.

Until then, do yourself a favor and purchase ONE WORLD if you want to see how the incestuous relationship between the Media's Talking Heads, International Bankers, Secular Humanists, "Progressive" Educators, New Age Gurus, The United Nations, American Politicians, Secret Societies, Fabian Socialists, Darwinists, Marxists, and Technology is working in concert to construct the New Age World Order, the Dark Prince's inky social condition. (Even if all of these ideologues do not recognize their spiritual benefactor.)

And lest anyone be tempted to suspect that Brooke has reached conclusions that require a stretch of logic, he opens ONE WORLD with this succinct and transparent quote from Madeleine Albright's 1997 Harvard University commencement speech:

"Today, I say that no nation in the world need be left out of the global system we are constructing."

I cannot concur with ONE WORLD in its totality, and a book of this nature desperately calls for an index which, unfortunately, has not been provided. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest that you acquire, study, and take very seriously Tal Brooke's book, because I certainly do recommend it without reservation. This is one of the most important and penetrating books you could read about the times in which you live, so do read Brooke's somewhat futuristic work before it becomes merely a history book. This Brooke will carry you, the reader, to the stormy sea of the coming New World, and then identify the sly sharks that swim in it, so that you will not make the mistake of becoming their chum.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
'Loyal American Underground'

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  1. I recognized this review and do recall the book. From what you say about the book it's not new territory, but perhaps more enlightened. Each generation of prophetic books has new information which sheds more light on the topic.

    I can recall my father frequently talking about many similar and some of the same ideas when I was young. I heard about it on radio. My father had many books on the topic--many books which I still own. The Bible delivers the message but things that didn't seem to make sense then continue to become more clear as each year we get more information that adds another piece to the puzzle.

    Unfortunately, books like these will not be read by the people who need to read them. And most of the people who read these books will try to shake them off.

    We only need to look over the centuries. If every Jew had studied the Old Testament books intently without rebellious perception and then studied the New Testament and made all of the connections, all Jews would now be recognizing Jesus as the Messiah.
    But they didn't and we knew they wouldn't.

    Rebellion against the truth is just human nature, but it's got to be told over and over just in case those truth seeds fall in the right soil. I'd like to think that a few people might be intrigued by your review and read this book. Or better yet, read the Bible.

    Tossing It Out

  2. r-LEE-b ~
    Yes, I would agree that ONE WORLD by Tal Brooke does not represent "new territory", but this book shines when it comes to presentation and depth of thought. Whereas most other publications of this nature focus primarily on one or another aspect of the New World Order agenda (and usually ignoring the important demonic dynamic - the spiritual side), this book provides a more comprehensive overview of the topic. For this reason, it might very well be the best one out there.

    I usually recommend a person start with "The Creature From Jekyll Island", particularly if they're coming from a more secular background. But for the individual who is grounded in Biblical/spiritual principles and End-Time prophecies, ONE WORLD is a great starting point. Most people, to begin with, can't wrap their minds around the idea of a conspiracy of the rich and mighty intent on gaining global control. Throw demonic forces into the mix and they're really going to scoff.

    So ONE WORLD is for the more mature, spiritually-minded investigator who can accept the idea of global conspiracy AND the possibility that it's founded upon a wicked spiritual agenda. (I'll bet this book would really upset your new friends Trish & Rob MacGregor - if I'm remembering their names correctly.)

    The Bible, of course, is the most important book on the planet and it does represent accurate prophecy from God to mankind. But it mostly presents The Big Picture: yes, there will be a global government; yes, there will be a global currency; yes, these things will be evil and be based upon satanic activity manipulated by a beast of a man (or a devil, if you prefer).

    But ONE WORLD examines the puzzle pieces individually and explains how they operate and how they come together to form The Big Picture. I can imagine how a book like ONE WORLD might inspire some folks to dig in to The Bible even if they weren't previously interested in God's Bestseller.

    We can't alter what The Lord has declared, but we can hope to educate enough people that they might be able to delay the inevitable for another generation or two. If I had children and grandchildren of my own, I would be even more committed to trying to awaken the ignorant American sheeple than I currently am, because I wouldn't want my children and grandchildren to have to endure the Biblical End-Times if they didn't absolutely have to. As you know, it's literally going to be "hell on Earth".

    I don't have any offspring, so as far as I'm concerned, it can begin tomorrow morning and I'll celebrate that "the end is near".

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. I am surprised by you knowing Edgar Cayce. I remember my family moving into a house back in the fifties and finding a book by him, or it was about him, either way, it was an old book that someone had left in a dresser drawer. What has stayed with me was the fact that when others tried to find out information not related to an illness or sickness, but to material gain, he awoke with a headache and feeling drained, to the point that he had to go to bed.
    I also agree with you about people who are willing to give away my moeny while they live in a 14 room house.
    I'm going to read One World!

  4. JUDY!3 ~
    Hey, I'm glad to learn that you're going to read ONE WORLD. I'm sure you will find it quite interesting. And I'm guessing that the author is writing more from your religious perspective than from my own, so that aspect of it might appeal to you even more so than it did me.

    The story of Edgar Cayce is one of the most fascinating I've ever come across and it raises many questions. At one time, I was nearly an expert on the material that was recorded from his "readings".

    Yes, whatever book you ran across was written ABOUT him, not BY him, as he never wrote a book. And what you say about his returning to consciousness feeling physically ill when someone had surreptitiously tried to gain information for material wealth from him is true.

    But equally true, he did not appear to suffer ill effects when he himself went into a reading hoping to gain wealth. He did this often, for a friend in the stock market, and for others searching for oil. The difference, however, was probably in the motivation. Cayce's own efforts were geared toward gaining money (via the stock market or oil) only in order to build and operate a hospital that would treat patients exclusively in accord with the recommendations for improving a person's condition that came through his health readings for that individual. So, in other words, Cayce's own quest for wealth was ultimately a selfless endeavor. It was also ultimately unsuccessful.

    After studying the Cayce readings intensely for close to two decades, I finally came to the conclusion that although Cayce was a very good, God-fearing man, with a great empathy for his fellow beings, he was also on the naive side and eventually, unfortunately and unknowingly, allowed dark forces to sometimes come through his readings, or co-opt his gift from God.

    I think he should have kept his readings exclusively in the realm of promoting good health for the ill, and I think he should have had more faith that if God wished him to have a hospital, God would have made sure that occurred, and without any real thought or effort on Cayce's part. In short, Cayce had his own idea of how to best use his gift, and I think he should have let the One who gave him the gift in the first place determine that.

    Thanks for your comment, J!3.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. I agree about letting God dictate how to use his gift, but I think letting God be in control, rather than ourselves, is the number one issue we have to deal with. It's a daily struggle to sit back and allow someone else decide what and when I need something. At least, it's a daily struggle for me.

  6. J!3 ~
    What you wrote reminded me of the lyrics to the Gospel song "If I Got My Ticket":

    I hear big talk about the Gospel Train,
    I want to get on it - yes, that's my aim.
    Turn at the station and patiently wait;
    The train is comin' and it's never late.
    So long comin' that it worried my mind.
    I thought it was late but it was right on time.

    Judy, if you're serious about getting a copy of Tal Brooke's ONE WORLD, here is probably the best source I know of - the website of the author's own publishing enterprise:

    ~ Stephen
    "As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11


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