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Last December, a friend of mine posed an excellent question to me in an Email exchange. Just a few days ago, something caused me to recall that question and the response I sent to my friend. And then I got to thinking how our exchange would actually make a fairly good blog bit. I feel that this subject is of sufficient importance to make the posting of my friend’s question and my answer to him worthy of its own blog installment. I hope you feel the same way. And so here goes – my friend’s question and the answer I sent him:

Are you in agreement that the subversion [Senator Joseph] McCarthy was blowing the whistle about wasn't just garden variety espionage? That it was part of the larger New World Order/capitalist conspiracy? I read an argument once by someone who claimed it was isolated and had no larger implications.

Well, that’s a good question, and any answer anyone gives is speculative and arguable. My guess is - like everyone else’s - merely a guess, but it IS an educated guess based on a lot of research into Joseph McCarthy.

Obviously I have not found anything conclusive nor anything that seems to slant strongly in one direction or the other, so I can only base my belief on what I know about McCarthy and a few glitterings of circumstantial evidence.

First, what facts do we know about McCarthy? Well, contrary to the liberal and media-fueled image of him being like a Neanderthal, McCarthy was extremely intelligent! It would surprise most people to learn how bright he was; he unquestionably had a well above average I.Q., and even one or more of his critics acknowledged that he had near photographic recall.

Yes, McCarthy was tough as nails, both physically and mentally – he could be a take-no-prisoners brawler when he needed to be – but he relied on his mind even more so. And I find it nearly impossible to believe that McCarthy was not to some degree or level aware of the underlying reasons for all the intrigue and the reluctance on the part of Washington to dig deep into the question of subversives. He was way too smart to have been totally in the dark about it all, and if ANYONE knew about the deeper conspiracy, then McCarthy had to have known as well. That’s just my opinion, but it’s a firm opinion.

Also… even if McCarthy had believed that he was fighting solely against Communist infiltration of the government when dealing with the Truman Administration, when he ran into the same exact sort of obstructions in rooting out Communists when the Republican Eisenhower Administration took over, he was just far too intelligent a man to have failed to notice that something much bigger and much deeper than mere Communist infiltration was occurring.

We must also remember that McCarthy was undoubtedly aware of the ongoing work by the Reece Committee (and the Cox Committee which had preceded it) and those investigations into the major foundations such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford. Those investigations were certainly uncovering some very bizarre, difficult-to-explain activity related to Communism, and money being funneled by wealthy “Capitalists” to “Socialists”. McCarthy was nobody’s fool, and the Internationalist aspect of it would undoubtedly have been apparent to him.

And then we must consider the statement he made toward the end of his anti-Marshall speech before the Senate when, after revealing all of the ways in which Marshall had harmed America’s best interests and assisted the Communist cause overseas, McCarthy concluded:

“How can we account for our present situation unless we believe that men high in this Government are concerting to deliver us to disaster? This must be the product of a great conspiracy, a conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man.

“Who constitues the highest circles of this conspiracy? About that we cannot be sure. We are convinced that Dean Acheson, who steadfastly serves the interest of nations other than his own, who supported Alger Hiss in his hour of retribution, who contributed to his defense fund, must be high on the roster. The President? He is their captive. …”

Well, here we see McCarthy alluding to Acheson's “Internationalist” world-view, and of course, we both know that our Presidents are, at the very least, tools or “captives” of the Elite – that is when they are not actual A-List Elite party members (i.e., I would label “W” more as an active participant, and an Obama as more of a tool – or “fool” if you prefer). And in my opinion, if McCarthy was alluding merely to a Communist conspiracy here, that statement would appear a bit too overblown, too grandiose. To be sure, McCarthy had his flaws, and he was not above inflating or overemphasizing some statements for effect, but I see in his statement here, something more than a remark about the Communist conspiracy. I think he was hinting at something much bigger and something much more sinister. For instance, note his use of the word “circles”“Who constitutes the highest CIRCLES of this conspiracy?” I immediately think of the Illuminati / Freemason structure of circles within circles.

And of course, McCarthy was well aware of the Alger Hiss / United Nations connection and knew of the interest Wilson and FDR had in creating a world body.

Yeah, I could be mistaken, but I think McCarthy knew more than he even let on publicly. And I also think the Establishment knew he was always going to be a loose cannon, that he could never be bribed nor controlled, and that he was destined to eventually let the big cat out of the bag. And that’s why they went to such lengths to first shut him up and then shut him down. I believe they viewed McCarthy as the most dangerous man in America! They knew he was on the trail of Oppenheimer and that he wouldn’t stop there. They knew he was a REAL patriot, a GENUINE maverick, and that he wasn’t afraid to fight against overwhelming odds. He HAD to be stopped!

[March 2011 Addition: I ought to have also mentioned that Senator McCarthy strongly felt that an investigation into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was long overdue, and he made known his intention to conduct such an investigation. As Roy Cohn stated: “Senator McCarthy had found the CIA to be a very ‘juicy’ target…” The CIA director, Allen Dulles, took the position that no employees of the CIA could appear before any Congressional committee. Let that sink in a little bit – even though it's hardly an unusual stance considering that President Truman had issued an order in 1948 that the loyalty and security files of all government employees were off-limits to Congressional committees. And lest anyone think this was strictly a typical pro-communist, pro-subversive Democrat ploy, be aware that not only did the Establishment’s Republican President, Eisenhower, not rescind this un-Constitutional policy, but he likewise enforced it against Congressional committees seeking to ferret out subversives in the U.S. government during his time in the White House. And I believe McCarthy’s desire to conduct a future investigation into the CIA is one of the principal reasons that the Establishment set the dogs upon him and made shutting down McCarthy priority number one.]

I believe McCarthy was attempting to dismantle what at that time was the Elite’s most valuable asset: Communists within the Federal government. I think he saw that as America’s and the world’s most imminent threat. Communists were the Elite’s most active and valuable “moving part” at that time, and I believe McCarthy felt he needed to render that part “motionless” as soon as possible.

And you saw what sort of opposition and criticism he received for merely fighting against Communist subversives. He had a hell of a time convincing people that Communism had infiltrated the government in a very dangerous way. Now imagine if back in, say, ’52, McCarthy was saying that Communism was merely a tool of a group of hidden Elites who were attempting to gain control of the entire world. Imagine trying to make that fly in ’52 when, with all the evidence we have accumulated since then, we still can’t make it fly for most Americans in 2010!

So, I think McCarthy was going after the most active arm of the New World Order conspiracy that he felt he could have some measure of success against from the position he occupied.

I’m not the only one, it seems, who holds this view. For example, in his book THE SHADOWS OF POWER, James Perloff is alluding to the same thing when he writes:

He [McCarthy] has been reviled by nearly every Establishment journal in or out of print not because he denounced some minor government employees as subversives. The international bankers would not lose sleep over such people whether they were innocent or not. McCarthy was crucified because he discovered that there was more than a tip to the iceberg. As Anthony Lukas explained in his New York Times article on the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations]: “Though his nominal targets were Communists in Government, by the Fifties few Communists retained important positions, and as McCarthy bulled ahead it became clear that his real target was the Eastern Establishment, which had run the nation’s foreign policy for decades… McCarthy never explicitly attacked the Council (as he did the closely allied Institute of Pacific Relations). But many of those he denounced were or had been Council members: Frederick Vanderbilt Field, Alger Hiss, Lauchlin Currie, Owen Lattimore, Philip Jessup, Charles Bohlen and Dean Acheson.”

Now I don’t fully agree with that Lukas statement in all respects, but you get the idea. Apparently, at least three persons – Perloff, Lukas, and myself – believe that McCarthy knew the identity of the REAL enemy.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. Sadly, Stephen, as I've said before-Americans WANT Communism.

    They don't know that's what it's called, but the overwhelming majority wants the government to provide for them and protect them and free them up for the important stuff like Wii games, American Idol, NASCAR and monster truck pulls.

    And they're willing to pay the taxes for it. Because deep down, I think they know their tax burden is incredibly high, between income taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes property taxes, cable bill taxes, phone taxes, hotel taxes, rental car taxes...all to insure they do not have to think.

    So put down the banner, and accept the fact that while Joe Mc may have been right, by the time he championed the cause, the cause was already lost.

    Larry The Red

    >>.....So put down the banner, and accept the fact that while Joe Mc may have been right, by the time he championed the cause, the cause was already lost.

    There's no "MAY" about it! Joe McC was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! However, so are you... in one respect: While the cause was definitely NOT yet lost at the time Joe McC was championing it, it damn sure is lost TODAY!

    The "Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends" blog is all about A LOST CAUSE!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Great blog bit and I'm glad you put it in here. This stuff can't be said enough...

    Brer marc

  4. Thanks, BR'ER MARC!
    God bless ya, my friend. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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