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[From the STMcC archives; September 9, 2004]
...And I thought to myself: ‘What better time than Easter Day 2012 to “resurrect” this old book review of mine?’ 
So, here she “arrr”, matey:
All hands on deck for the reading of Robert Cornuke's ‘THE LOST SHIPWRECK OF PAUL’, a seaworthy tale of Biblical proportions! This book should appeal to you if: A) you are a crusty, old, armchair sea dog; B) a Christian interested in Biblical archaeology; or, C) simply a reader looking for a good story. But you will especially love this book if you happen to be all three: A crusty, old, Christian, armchair sea dog looking for a good story related to Biblical archaeology. Now we're talkin'! 

This latest installment in Robert Cornuke's series of adventures that take him in search of evidence to support the Bible's historicity sets sail for the island of Malta, seeking the ancient lead anchors from the shipwreck of Saint Paul. Using the words of Luke recorded in Acts chapter 27 as his first mate, Cornuke calculates where these long lost lead treasures are apt to be found.
It turns out that the objects of our hero's quest had already been located and raised from the sea floor by Maltese divers in the late 1960s and early 1970s (although the island natives had no inkling of the tremendous importance of their discoveries since the traditional site of Saint Paul's wreck is a cove considerably further north). Unfortunately, this fact tends to let the wind out of the sails in Cap'n Bob's adventure just a little bit.

Nevertheless, this is a slightly padded but worthwhile story that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that these recovered artifacts, which meet all of the demanding criteria, are indeed remnants of
Saint Paul's misadventure at sea. And once again we come face to face with the prospect that, despite the hysterical ranting to the contrary by society's willfully ignorant atheistic and unthinking agnostic bilge rats, the Bible is a reliable historical document! So there! - Let 'em stick this in their dinghy and smoke it!

This title is certainly superior to Cornuke's disappointing ‘IN SEARCH OF THE LOST MOUNTAINS OF NOAH’, but not nearly as suspenseful as his most important book ‘IN SEARCH OF THE MOUNTAIN OF GOD (THE DISCOVERY OF THE REAL MOUNT SINAI)’. But all in all, ‘THE LOST SHIPWRECK OF PAUL’ manages to stay afloat while both enlightening and entertaining. It's a quick read, making it an ideal companion on a plane flight or for a weekend at the beach; although I doubt that I would pack it along on a pleasure cruise, if you catch my "drift."

And now on to ‘The Tune Of The Day’ :

Oh Happy Day- Glen Campbell

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. OK, I'll put it on my TBR list.

    Nice song. I'll share one of mine with you.

    My family bought tickets to see Brad Paisley at the Teton County Fair in Jackson,WY the week my Chemo Therapy ended. They wanted to celebrate. Little did they know I would still be sick as a dog for the next year, thinking dying would be easier than trying to survive.

    Anyway... we're at this rowdy outdoor fairground concert. I'm huddled under a blanket in a camp chair like some invalid, thinking, gee this is fun. Trying to put on a good face for the family. After all they have been through a lot too, but I'm wishing I could be at home laying on the bathroom floor when Brad Paisley starts singing this song. The whole place gets real quiet. Fortunately, it's dark, because like I don't stand out enough in this crowd of rowdy cowboys, tears are streaming down my face as I'm thinking he's singing just for me and maybe I can get through this thing.

    Wish I could just give you a link, but you know me and the computer. Go to YouTube, put in 'In the Garden' Brad Paisley. Enjoy.

  2. NITRO ~
    Thanks for that! For both the song and the background story. I can picture the circumstances and the scenario in my mind.

    I liked the song, too. That is some seriously cryin’ fiddle at the end, and there’s some subtle but effective guitar playing earlier in the song. This may have been the first Brad Paisley song I’ve heard. All I really know about him is that, based on the pictures I’ve seen of it, I like the look of his guitar.

    I’m not really a Country music fan overall, but those few performers I do like, I am pretty crazy about. And one thing I’ve always liked about the Country genre is that, unlike in most forms of Rock, you will hear plenty of songs about traditional values and respect for God and Jesus. Can you imagine a Hard Rock or Heavy Metal band ever playing a traditional hymn?

    OK, since we’re “In The Garden” here, and since we’ve been doing Van-The-Man recently, here’s another one for ya:

    A link to a totally different song – a Van original – but also titled ‘IN THE GARDEN’.

    He really sings it like he means it, and I like how he modulates his voice, at times very whispery and other times deep and booming. This song was recorded later in Van’s career, after his voice had become lower and richer. You may already be familiar with it, but if not, HERE IT IS.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  3. You are so right about country music vs. rock with respect to having 'no fear' about proclaiming whose side they are on. Not necessarily a BIG fan of Brad, but I will never forget him and that particular song.

    Not heard with this one by Van before. I can visualize it also. Thank you.


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