Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Politically Incorrect . . . “And LOVING It!” (Or, “You’re Answering THAT Prayer?”)

Seriously, where you gonna find another blog that goes from English Pub/Punk Rock to a racist Black bird to Jesus Christ all in one blog bit? 

It was probably in 1977 (although maybe as late as 1978) when I purchased the “Licorice Pizza” (LP) ‘Teenage Depression’ by the English Pub/Punk Rock band Eddie And The Hot Rods.

I can no longer recall how I heard about them, but I know their name and their album cover art appealed to me immediately.

What I most remember them for is their super-charged, 300-miles-per-hour cover of Bob Seger’s song ‘Get Out Of Denver’. But I dug quite a few of the tracks on that album, including the title tune, ‘Teenage Depression’.

Well, last week while surfing the Net, I found where a collection of kids created a video for (and lip-synched to) ‘Teenage Depression’ by Eddie And The Hot Rods. (I want to emphasize that these people are NOT Eddie And The Hot Rods - they only play them on the Internet!)

Anyway, their video made me GOL (Guffaw Out Loud). Here’s their own description of the video . . . 

Things that suck in Austin [Texas]
Art guitars, hipsters, frat boys, wannabe filmmakers, Hillary Clinton supporters, Rick Perry, rebellious teenagers, Walmart, Segway tours, boy scouts, 3-legged dogs, happy people, road humps, unicyclists, The Gap, cute toddlers, Diesel Jeans, Hyde Park Baptist Church, special parking for Customers with Children, UTPD, UT Tower, the obese Yella Fella, Church of Scientology, U-HAUL, art cars, Mother's poorly cooked vegetarian food, $4.00 cottage cheese at Fresh Plus, Fox News, Chilis, Bikini's Bar & Grill, Hooters, Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks!!!

Honestly, I think you gotta cut at least one-fourth slack to a three-legged dog, and certainly Barack “Marxslim” Obama should have gotten “the finger” (doesn’t he also have an equally fake Texas birth certificate somewhere up his a-- ...sleeve?) Other than these couple of complaints, it’s hard to argue with these Texans. (Although, if I wanna get ultra-technical, I once had a damned good martini at a Chilis in Payson, Airheadzona.)

“Get out of my way, I need another shot of gin!” 

Enjoy . . . 

Eddie & The Hotrods - "Teenage Depression" - 48 hour BPM

I absolutely adore most of the old-school Disney animated classics, but because I am in full boycott-mode against the Disney Corporation, I will only buy their products that I really desire when I find them “used” - in which case Disney gets none of the resale money.

I have owned the movie ‘Dumbo’ on VHS for, like, ...forever! Unfortunately, I no longer have a VHS player. But this last Sunday I was ecstatic to find a used copy of ‘Dumbo’ at my local Zia entertainment store. I found a used copy of ‘Pinocchio’, too. (“OK, Lampy!”)

For a couple of decades now I have been unable to watch the “crow” segment in ‘Dumbo’ without thinking of that racist jackass Spike Lee. You ask, “Why not?” Well, isn’t it obvious? Ain’t this . . .

the cartoon version of this? . . .

When I see an Elephant Fly

That twerpy, "Tweeting" racist Black bird is almost enough to put me off my Disney classics!

Alright, I promised to take you from an English Pub/Punk Rock band to a racist Black bird to Jesus Christ, all in one blog bit. Far be it from me to break a promise: 

While surfing the Net the other day I also found the following video. I thought this was pretty interesting (although I’ve seen, heard, and read tons of similar testimony in my lifetime).

What happens when a Christian pastor’s son has a “Near-Death Experience"?

My favorite moment in this video is when the boy’s father (the Christian preacher) says with amazement, “You’re Answering THAT Prayer?” If his facial expression and tone of voice [at the six minute and fifteen second mark] doesn't convince you of his sincerity then you are a very, very poor judge of character!

By the 6:41 point in this video, the best has come and gone. Still, I recommend that you watch the rest of it because (with a few exceptions) I agree with what the narrator has to say about Jesus and the Atonement for sins that is available to us through the Messiah’s voluntary Sacrifice.

Here’s the video:

11 yr Old Went to Heaven and Back, and Tells What He Saw!

From English Pub/Punk Rock to a racist Black bird to Jesus Christ, all in ONE blog bit! Where else ya gonna find that scope, that spectrum? Damn! I shift gears and change directions almost as quickly as Barry Sanders did!

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. Never heard that Eddie and the Hot Rods song. Heard of the group but I guess I've never heard any of their music.

    Haven't seen Dumbo in years. I'm not a big fan of spending money that goes to Disney either. Frankly I don't see anything racist in the crows segment. I see a cartoon version of a style of race entertainment, but I wouldn't say any derogatory intent was in it.

    I've seen the Colton clip somewhere before.

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  2. SJM,

    I don't know what's more hilarious...the "racist jackass Spike Lee" comment or that Eddie and the Hot Rods FU video.

    Speaking of punks, a while back on my blog I linked to a couple of videos of the Ramones singing "Beat on the Brat" when the stock market tanked 500 points in a day.


    That can be a good thing when you're buying put options, but not quite as good as buying them the day before 9/11. Anyway, the concert was at a place called Glen Helen Park in San Bernardino. Were you there? It would have been in the spring of 1982. I knew that was a stupid question before I asked it but inquiring minds want to know. How big can California be? Looks like a beautiful place from the video.

    I've looked but I can't find another blog that goes from English Pub/Punk Rock to a racist Black bird to Jesus Christ all in one blog bit.

    When that 11 year old kid starts talking about real live dead people that he never met, even the biggest skeptics have to wonder.


    Eddie And The Hot Rods never made it big; they didn't have any Billboard hits in the U.S. to my knowledge. Although they were probably somewhat well known in the U.K., they remain a very obscure act here and I doubt one in a hundred Americans has ever even heard of their name, let alone their music.

    Still not sure how I learned about 'em, but their album 'Teenage Depression' did make it onto my stereo's turntable a good amount of time back in my "yout".

    And I think you may have misunderstood me a little bit. I was NOT implying that there was anything racist about that "crow" scene in 'Dumbo'.

    I was merely stating that one particular crow with the glasses ALWAYS makes me immediately think of Spike Lee, who IS a racist. That's all I was sayin'.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. SigToo ~
    I'm glad you enjoyed this, Brother, and that you're in sync with my sense o' humor. (Sometimes I feel I'm misunderstood. But apparently not by you!)

    >> . . . on my blog I linked to a couple of videos of the Ramones singing "Beat on the Brat" when the stock market tanked 500 points in a day.

    Ha!-Ha! What a GREAT association to make! (I watched the YouTube video you left the URL for. Thanks!)

    No, I was not at that concert (I never saw the Ramones in concert anywhere), although San Bernardino was certainly not so far away that I wouldn't have been willing to drive their for a concert.

    Did you ever hear of 'CALIFORNIA JAM 2'? It was a California "Woodstock-like" music festival. I drove a good distance to attend that. Probably circa 1978, maybe. What a disaster that was though. Left very early.

    My Punk Rock phase did not last long but while it was in full swing I did own two Ramones albums; their debut and 'Rocket To Russia'. My favorite Ramones song? You guessed it, Bro... 'Beat On The Brat.' Ha! (The only other song I really liked a whole lot was 'We're A Happy Family'.)

    A song that was recorded many years later for the movie 'The Nightmare Before Chirstmas' always reminded me a bit of 'Beat On The Brat'. I sometimes get it stuck in my head for hours or even days. Particularly this one verse:

    Kidnap the Sandy Claws
    Beat him with a stick
    Lock him up for ninety years
    See what makes him tick


    >> . . . I've looked but I can't find another blog that goes from English Pub/Punk Rock to a racist Black bird to Jesus Christ all in one blog bit.

    :o) I was pretty sure I had cornered the market on that hop, skip, and jump!

    >> . . . When that 11 year old kid starts talking about real live dead people that he never met, even the biggest skeptics have to wonder.

    Yes, they definitely should. But truthfully, over the years I have encountered incredible stories and situations very similar to this one. And some even considerably more astounding.

    There are even some true "reincarnation" accounts that are rather mind-blowing. But, of course, orthodox Christians always dismiss these as "tricks of the devil" because they upset their dogmatic theological apple cart.

    Yeah, there are some true stories out there that blow our preconceptions to smithereens.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend! I always like it when you stop by.

    ~ Stephen

  5. Yeah, I wasn't suggest that you said it was racist, but I believe it has oft been cited that this and certain other cartoons were ridiculing black people by depicting certain mannerisms and I see nothing racist about it. I'm not sure if I've ever seen Song of the South but I know that one has been lambasted for being racist and I'm thinking it might be a similar situation.

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  6. Never been into "punk'.

    Love Dumbo,although it always makes me cry when they take him away from his mother.My copy is...you guessed it...on VHS keeping company with Roger and Franks. I must admit, I almost fell off my chair laughing at that comparison of SL and the Crow.

    Talked to more than one person I knew and trusted with similar experiences to that little boy. Of course, you've got to believe to be believed and believe me that isn't easy. Most people don't like to talk about it outside a very closed circle of trust.

    Thanks for the inspiration - glad you liked it.

    Yes, you're right. OK, Disney was denigrating Black folk, eh? That's why it is the crows who supply Dumbo with the key to his eventual success and happiness: the ability to fly.

    [I love when the leader of the crows tell's Dumbo's mouse pal, "You gotta use chology. PSY-chology!"]

    As for 'Song Of The South' - not only is it my all-time favorite Disney movie, it's one of my TOP 25 favorite movies PERIOD!

    And yeah, that one puts Black people in a bad light, too. Uh... well... except for the fact that Uncle Remus, the ig'nant Black man on the plantation is the smartest character in the whole damn movie!

    The old White grandmother is the only other adult in the movie that seems to have an inkling about what's going on and what needs to be done in the situation.

    Uncle Remus is unquestionably the hero in 'Song Of The South'.

    It's actually a crime against the American people that Disney will never release this movie to the public again. A true classic in every sense of the word!

    [And there's a very short segment in the movie where Uncle Remus and Br'er Frog are sitting on a log, fishing. A line gets cast into the water and the cork on the end of it plops right into the water, in front of the movie-viewer's face. Although only a couple seconds long, it's my favorite bit of animation I've ever seen. SO CREATIVE!]

    Damn the Disney Corporation!!!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. FarAwayEyes ~

    >> . . . Of course, you've got to believe to be believed and believe me that isn't easy.

    To quote Maxwell Smart: E`HUH?!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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