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Some people will accept the idea that UFOs exist only when pigs take wing.

How about me? Do I believe that alien entities exist and that they inhabit our airspace with their own types of transportation?

Do bears bear? Do bees be? Do ducks duck? Do flies fly? Do dogs love menudo?

Yes, of course I do! In the past I have even posted a couple of things about that on this very blog [see the links at the bottom].

Before I had graduated from the seventh grade I had read every book on UFOs and “extraterrestrials” then available at my local library. (Admittedly, there weren’t near as many published then as now.)

It took me decades though to come to the realization that UFOs and their occupants are demonic in origin.

I have recenly been discussing this topic with a woman where I work and as a result I wound up watching a number of related videos at YouTube. Just last week I found a rather interesting one and have sent links to “the woman at work”.

In the Email I sent her, I included the following remarks:

As is always the case, there are lots of voices shouting back and forth in the comment sections - “FAKE!” / “REAL!” / “FAKE!” / “REAL!” – and I’m not in a position to say who is right.

I do know, however, that if this is a hoax, it’s pretty well done – certainly faked 1,000 times better than Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate was. See what y’all think:

UFO Sighting In Sweden 2012

UFO Sighting In Sweden 2012 Interview

Expert analysis UFO Sighting In Sweden 2012

Regardless of whether or not the above video is authentic, pure fear will prevent many people from looking squarely at the UFO issue and taking it seriously. But after studying the subject for parts of 5 decades, I know for certain that UFOs are real. And I am nearly as certain that they represent demonic activity.

I also strongly suspect that they will play a part in the Biblical “End-Time” that is coming sooner than later. You’d better prepare your minds for it, because this is one thing you don’t want taking you by surprise.

Maybe you’d better lay off ‘The Hunger Games’ and read something about UFOs instead. You know, something more REALISTIC! You don’t want Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen to be the only damned things you know about on the day an alien demonstrates “miracles” before your eyes and encourages you to trust her.

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related to UFOs:

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  2. Ya know brother you and I have the same belief system on UFO's. From a common sense point of origin why would UFO's mimic haunted houses, possessions, and other things that are associated with Satans kingdom? 1. Mysterious out of the place thing happens, that is not Godly in origin 2. There is no benefit to it or it has temporary benefit which ultimately leads to the persons downfall. 3. It only seems to happen enough to get the attention of some, but not too much as to get people to really start thinking about it. All things devil related seem to do that. Just my observation.

    Br'er Marc

  3. You know, Neil Degrasse Tyson has a great theory on why UFOs don't visit us. Because we're stupid. He compared it to talking to a squirrel. Would you sit and have a conversation with a squirrel? Probably not, because it's really stupid. Too stupid to communicate with us. Now imagine a supremely intelligent (if it can travel all this way, it's probably pretty damn smart) being floating down and seeing us, a bunch of overgrown monkeys, watching Jersey Shore and falling over drunk. I'd probably laugh and turn back around too.

    Also, re: today's comment, you'd better believe we'll still be around for our good blog friends, and that most certainly includes you. We're just cutting down on reading/commenting of our entire blogroll (mommy blogs, whiny blogs, general BS blogs we don't want to read, etc).

    I'm looking forward to this beer test. Let us know when it's up.


    Other research done on this issue:

    The DOH of Hawaii stated in a letter that she had seen the original birth certificate being copied onto security paper and that was the document that she gave to Obama’s lawyer. That physical copy was passed around in the White House press room and everyone there got a chance to hold it, and feel the seal. One reporter even photographed it.

  5. BR'ER MARC ~
    Yes, that makes sense. Still, I can only offer strong opinions on things I have studied sufficiently enough to warrant my strong opinions.

    There are just too many things we don't yet understand about our world and science is making new amazing discoveries all the time.

    I won't close the book on things I don't believe I have a full enough understanding of yet. For instance, the study of quantum mechanics has actually created more questions than it has answered, BUT... it does force us to remain open to many, as yet, not understood ideas. There are definitely forces at work that we can so far only guess at.

    We've been over this before but, there are a variety of different types of ghostly manifestations. Who is to say that they all share the same origin, purpose, and explanation?

    One type is where a human observes ghosts that do not seem to even be aware of the human, they do not interact in any way with the human. For example, ghosts seemingly marching into battle on an old Civil War battleground; or a ghost dressed as a nurse walking up the stairs of an old building that was used a century ago as a hospital. The ghost never looking at, speaking to, or in any way even acknowledging the human being's presence.

    These types of encounters are intriguing because they suggest at least the POSSIBILITY that what the human has unconsciously tapped into and is observing is simply energy remnants remaining on the screen of time and just replaying themselves over and over like a tape loop.

    In other words, an energy loop of past, emotionally-charged events that continue to replay themselves, regardless of whether or not a receptive or "tuned in" human being is there to witness it.

    There are just too many variables for me to reach conclusions about ALL such phenomena.

    Not so with UFOs. I believe I have gathered plenty enough information on them over the decades to pronounce all of it as being demonic in origin. I have found no solid evidence to suggest otherwise.

    From a strictly logical point of view, your position has merit. But I don't believe that human logic has yet advanced to a point that all the necessary information has now been obtained so that a final judgment is in order.

    My mind remains open to various explanations about certain things.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. BEER IN THE SHOWER BOYS (a.k.a. BEER B's) ~

    I'm afraid Neil Degrasse Tyson's theory, while good for a quick laugh, does not really hold up.

    The fact is that these "intelligent beings" HAVE been visiting us. And not only visiting us but even interacting with some of us.

    As I said in the blog bit, 4+ decades of very serious study on this subject and a lot of deep reflection on it has convinced me that these entities are truly demonic - ALL of them - and it will come as a surprise to most folks to learn that in a few places, the Holy Bible alludes to them, their history on this Earth of interacting with mankind, and to their ultimate agenda.

    The Bible also tells us that God will deal with them in time, and in no uncertain terms.

    I realize this topic probably isn't exactly your bailiwick, but if you'd like to explore it further, four excellent starting points would be the following books:

    ALIEN ENCOUNTERS by Chuck Missler.

    ALIEN INTERVENTION by Paul Christopher

    ENCOUNTERS WITH UFOs by Weldon & Levitt

    And, INTRUDERS by Budd Hopkins, which will scare anyone in their right mind right out of it!

    Glad to know you'll return to check out the upcoming BEER BLOG. It's a blog bit that will be ongoing - being updated as the tests continue until the final winner has been declared.

    Obviously we don't know yet which Brew will become the "Top Of The Hops", but over the coming weeks we intend to find out.

    Another Taste Test is scheduled for later tonight, after which I will attempt to (if not too intoxicated to pull it off) post the blog bit with its results for the first 4 Tests.

    Crack open a brewski and stay tuned here...

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. I tend to believe the same as you. It seems nonsensical that we have been visited for centuries with no notable contact. Groundwork is being laid.

    There is a Christian film (entertainment variety not documentary) with a story line based on the same concept. Unidentified is not too bad for a low budget film but I found the ending to be in pretty poor taste. It still might be something you might enjoy.

    Places I Remember
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  8. BOIDMAN ~
    >> . . . Groundwork is being laid.

    Oh, so right you are, Brotherman!

    'UNIDENTIFIED' sounds like something I might very well be interested in viewing. Thanks for the recommendation! I will check at NetFlix to see if it is available through them and if so, I will add it to my queue.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. I got Unidentified through Netflix so I'm sure it's still available. It's a film by Rich Christiano who has done a number of Christian entertainment films. If you do see it, please let me know your thoughts about it and especially about the ending, which I found to be very odd for a Christian film.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  10. BOIDMAN ~
    You got it, Bro!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  11. Holy carp Stephen, now you're scaring me. This carp scares me. I used to read everything I could get my hands on regarding UFOs, then while I was living in CO, I saw some things that scared the carp out of me. After talking to some friends, who lived way out of town, and the things they had witnessed, I walked away from all of this. Basically decided I would rather not know.

    It's strange (yeah, right!) that you would connect this to demons, because the things that I was going through at the time would have certainly made the 'master demon' very angry.

    I want to take my time with all the links and previous posts before I say more.

    We'll have to discuss this more thoroughly at some future time. I too have witnessed some strange stuffs in the sky that couldn't be described as anything less than "Unidentified Flying Objects".

    I am entirely convinced that all - ALL! - of these things (other than the ones that are examples of our own secret technology) are demonic in origin.

    Extraterrestrials? Spacemen and Spacewomen? FUHGEDDABOUDIT! There is no good reason to assume that, but plenty of logical reasons to believe that they are anti-Christ entities.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  13. Part 1 Of 2:

    First, I want to remind you that it was you who posted this URL on my blog and called me out; prior to April 29th I was happily unaware of your existence. So don’t blame me for how this goes – you brought it on yourself.

    Secondly, I apologize for taking so long to respond. Honestly, beating Liberals in debates was NEVER a challenge and sadly, after all these years, even the joy has gone out of it for me. On my list of priorities, exposing your preposterous opinion about Barack Obama’s birth certificate ranks very low, especially with so much happening to me these days. And frankly, I wouldn’t even bother replying to you except my Brother insists I do so because he can’t stand seeing you Liberals get away with so much nonsense.

    But I consider addressing you on this matter to be a colossal waste of my time, akin to arguing with a two-year-old who insists that the ocean is made of blueberry juice.

    I glanced at the websites you linked me to and found them irrelevant in this discussion about whether or not Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent. True to the form of your type, you want to obfuscate the facts, bait and switch, introduce lots of meaningless ‘round-‘n’-‘round hearsay, and generally just sidestep all the important evidence while piling two tons of hay atop the needles that really make “the point”. (Yeah, I know how it works; I’ve been debating the “Dan Lynches” for years and I’ve encountered all the evasive techniques.)

    You can point to people who say they’ve seen Obama’s authentic long-form Hawaii birth certificate and I can point to people who have been in a position to see it but say they couldn’t locate it, claim that it doesn’t exist.

    And I don’t give a damn what some judge, federal employee or state bureaucrat says; liars can be bought and criminals can be blackmailed, and our court system, our federal and state governments are overrun with liars and criminals. So don’t give me any of this “So-And-So said that...” It’s all irrelevant and means nothing to me or to anyone else who understands how corrupt government officials are in the United States today.

    So I’ll tell ya what we’re gonna do, buddy. We’re going to take all the speculation, the hearsay, and all the other B.S. off the table and deal strictly with the facts that anybody with even one working eye can examine for him/herself. I am going to ask you a few straightforward questions and you are going to answer me plainly, directly, in your own words. If you can’t do that, you lose by default and I’ll not reply to any future nonsense posted by you on my blog.

    I think we can probably both agree that if Barack Obama has a real, authentic long-form Hawaii birth certificate, he would not have had to forge one. If he had a real one, he would have shown it to the American people. Therefore, if the one that he and his White House displayed for us can be shown to be a forgery, then we can conclude that there’s no good reason to believe that Obama has a genuine one that he could have shown instead.

    That being the case, I want you to tell my WHY there are so many different typefaces on Obama’s birth certificate as seen HERE.

    Being a former professional designer of commercial signs, it is outrageously obvious to me that a multitude of different typefaces were utilized in the forging of Obama’s birth certificate. However, it hardly takes a person who has used a lot of different typefaces in professional work to see the markedly different typefaces that were employed in the manufacturing of Obama’s phony birth certificate.

    The variety of typefaces is sufficient on its face to show that the document is fraudulent. (Unless you want to tell me that someone had a good reason for typing the original birth certificate in a whole bunch of different typewriters.)

    Continued Below...

  14. Part 2 Of 2:

    Then I want you to tell me why the Alvin T. Onaka rubber stamp supposedly used on Obama’s original birth certificate shows a smiley face in the “A” of Alvin, when no other Onaka rubber stamp imprint shows that same smiley face. Also, I want to know why that same rubber stamp imprint on Obama’s birth certificate shows the word “THE” as “TXE” instead, in the statement “I CERTIFY THIS IS A TRUE COPY OR ABSTRACT OF TXE RECORD ON FILE IN THE HAWAII STATE DEPARMENT OF HEALTH”. Why is that misspelling not found on any other known Onaka rubber stamp imprint?

    Both of these unexplained anomalies can be found in photographs toward the bottom of the Web page HERE.

    And finally, I want you to logically explain to me why the postal service stamp on Obama’s Selective Service registration shows the date as "July 29, 80", rather than the year being indicated by four digits (1980) as it is on other postal service stamps. The photograph shown HERE (right next to Obama’s forged stamp) indicates that, only two days later, the same post office where Obama’s Selective Service registration was supposedly imprinted was utilizing a stamp that had all four digits of the date included (1980, not 80).

    OK, those are facts that anyone can see, stripped of conjecture, hearsay, and wild imaginings. How do you answer them? If you’re going to respond to me, make it direct, make it concise, make it MAKE SENSE! If you can’t answer these simple questons sans the customary mumbo jumbo and diversionary tactics, then don’t waste any more of my time.

    Naturally I’ve assumed you’re a Liberal at heart because I can’t believe anyone but a Liberal would attempt to defend this patently phony birth certificate.

    It seems to me one of two possibilities explains your desire to defend the indefensible: 1) either you know the birth certificate is fake but you’re willing to argue that it’s not because you’re a die-hard Lib or a government disinformation agent (in which case you subscribe to the premise that “the end justifies the means”); or 2) you REALLY DO think the birth certificate is genuine, in which case all this boasting on your blog about your capacity to think intelligently notwithstanding, you’re really just the little caboose on the Brain Train.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  15. Must commend you on a great response to Dan Lynch. That was classic.

    Tossing It Out

  16. BOIDMAN ~
    Ha! Glad ya like it, Brother.
    I had no idea anyone was actually "following" the exchange on this blog bit. In fact, I seriously doubt if even Dan Lynch is. But if he is, he now knows that he got himself in way over his head.

    He's just lucky he's not trying to debate me about Senator Joseph McCarthy. That's my specialty, and I REALLY don't pull any punches when some Lib tries to denigrate that great American hero.

    Wish I had a buck for every Lib who took me on over the McCarthy question and got his arse kicked every which way but loose.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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