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(Or, ‘The Socialists Who Cried Conservative’)

by Stephen T. McCarthy

Once upon a time, there was a number of conservative Americans. When the conservative people saw how socialists calling themselves Democrats or Liberals had stolen their liberties guaranteed to them by the Bill of Rights and had pissed all over the U.S. Constitution, they knew something had to be done.

Then a group of politicians calling themselves Republicans said, “We have seen the destruction done by the Democrats. Like you, we are political conservatives, and if you vote us into authority, we will reverse the damage done by the Democrats. We will reduce the size of government, we'll cut federal spending, and we'll return your individual rights to you and honor your state’s right to govern itself.” And the Republican media pundits said, “Yes! Protect the Constitution by voting Republican, and things will improve!”

So, the conservative people voted Republicans into power. And the Republicans stole the liberties guaranteed to The People by the Bill of Rights and they pissed all over the U.S. Constitution.

So, in the next election, the majority of people voted the Republicans out and the Democrats back in. And the Democrats stole the liberties guaranteed to The People by the Bill of Rights and they pissed all over the U.S. Constitution. The conservative Americans knew something had to be done.

Then the group of politicians calling themselves Republicans said, “We agree with you conservative Americans. If you vote us into authority, we will undo what the Democrats have done. We'll reduce the size of government, cut federal spending, return your individual rights to you and honor your state’s right to govern itself.” And the Republican media pundits said, “Yes! Protect the Constitution by voting Republican, and things will improve!”

So, the conservatives voted the Republicans back in again. And the Republicans stole the liberties guaranteed to The People by the Bill of Rights and they pissed all over the U.S. Constitution.

So, a majority of The People became disgusted and brought the Democrats back into power, and the Democrats stole the liberties guaranteed to The People by the Bill of Rights and they pissed all over the U.S. Constitution. The conservative Americans were angry and they said, “Doggone it! Something MUST be done about this terrible situation. Our country is being destroyed!”

And the group of politicians calling themselves Republicans said, “We agree with you conservative Americans. If you vote us into authority, we will undo what the Democrats have done. We'll reduce the size of government, cut federal spending, return your individual rights to you and honor your state’s right to govern itself.” And the Republican media pundits said, “Yes! Protect the Constitution by voting Republican, and things will improve!”

And the conservative Americans dug up the graves of George Mason and Thomas Jefferson and they beat the Republican politicians and the Republican media pundits to death with the bones of patriots past.

The moral of this story is: Beware of Socialists in Republican’s clothing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Speaking of Thomas Jefferson, he wrote the following in the Declaration Of Independence. Perhaps you’ve heard of it… unless you’re an Airheadzona high school student:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Hmmm… “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,” eh? Nope. Doesn’t ring a (Liberty) Bell, does it? No, not much it doesn’t.

Last August, I got into a bit of a snit when a friend of mine told me after hearing USAP’s speech at the Democratic National Convention that she had decided to vote for him. She told me that USAP “seems really sincere.”

I responded:

Yeah, so did Hitler, in the beginning. So did Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao and pretty much every other dictator we could name. So did Clinton and Bush. I wonder how many times over the five (?) years we’ve known each other I have said to you:


And what has Obama done in the past? Well, if you’ve looked beyond the mainstream media at all, then you know that he is nothing more than a … Marxist; he doesn’t give a rat’s a## about the Constitution and the American tradition.

In April of this year, an intelligent, genuinely conservative and genuinely patriotic friend of mine wrote the following to me:

It is just that I like neocons better than undistilled, flat out red socialist radicals like Obama. I see neocons' glaring faults. They are maddening. Neocons ALMOST have principles... a few may even HAVE some. They just water them down and abandon them so that whatever good they could have done is usually lost. But, in at least STATING principles occasionally, they are closer to correct than libs, though most of the time almost indistinguishable. At least one might be able to have a conversation with them, which I find impossible with liberals.

I replied:

Yes, I know. My contention, however, is that the Neocons always intend to move in the opposite direction of their stated beliefs once they assume power. In short, it's not that they get confused or simply lose their way in the process; it's that they are lying from the outset. I couldn't even count the number of times I've said,

"It's not what a politician says he stands for and promises to do that counts, it's only what he does that matters. And if a person wants to know what a politician will do in the future, he or she only needs to look at what that politician has done in the past."

Someday I should write a brief Blog bit about this observation because, honestly, it's the single greatest truth that I have learned in my years of studying the political scene.

And recently I added:

I think this Blog Bit will explain where I'm essentially coming from in my dislike of Neocons such as Gingrich, Rush, Beck, and all the others. In a nutshell though, my contention is they are simply playing "Good Cop" to the Liberal's "Bad Cop." But you realize, of course, that when a police agency plays "Good Cop/Bad Cop" both sides actually represent the agency. It's a game to sucker the suspect. Well, I think it applies equally to politics. But hopefully I'll make my viewpoint more clear in the forthcoming Blog Bit.

Well, that forthcoming Blog Bit has arrived, and THIS is my #1 Rule Of Politics…

I’ll state it concisely first and then elaborate: The only true conservatives on the political scene today are “Constitutionalists.” To believe in a strict adherence to the Founding Fathers’ position on federal restrictions dictated by the Constitution and its Bill of Rights is the only genuine conservatism that exists. Today, nearly all Republican politicians referring to themselves as “conservatives” are lying about their conservatism to get your vote.

What is a real conservative trying to “conserve”? The form of Constitutionally limited Republican government designed by our Founding Dads! We certainly don’t desire to conserve the latter day socialism institutionalized by Liberals and Neoconservatives (read: Fakeconservatives).

There is a game being played on the Americonned People whereby socialists known as Democrats appear to war with socialists known as Republicans. The only difference is that the socialists calling themselves Republicans CLAIM to stand for conservative values in order to capture the vote of the Americonned People who identify with conservatism. In essence, it’s the Hegelian Dialectic played out by two political parties who are ever consciously moving the masses Leftward.

In order to quickly get my point across, I’m going to briefly throw a spotlight on the man who has falsely come to symbolize genuine conservatism today: Ronald Reagan.

Reagan is supposed to be the great representation of conservative political ideals, but a close examination will prove that he has been placed on his Republican Pedestal of History solely for what he said, not for what he actually did, because what Reagan did rarely matched his conservative rhetoric.

Any so-called conservative presenting Ronald Reagan as the epitome of their position is no conservative at all. If you tell me, “Ronald Reagan was a great conservative president”, my response to you is, “Get thee behind me, Liberal: for thou savourest not the things that be of Constitutionality, but the things that be of socialism.” (I’m sorry if this troubles those of you who think of Reagan as a great American hero, but when we know the truth, the truth will make us free.)

The evidence against Reagan’s conservative bona fides would swallow this Blog Bit, but to put a nugget of it in brief: Despite cutting tax rates, Reagan also “chalked up more government debt than all the Presidents before him combined.” A reduction in taxes without a reduction in government spending only adds to the deficit, and adding to the deficit does not a conservative make! [See: ‘The Shadows Of Power: The Council On Foreign Relations And The American Decline’ by Perloff.]

Ronald Reagan (along with George H. W. Bush) was a member of the World Federalist Association. “This group openly called for immediate world government.” It’s aim was to “create a world federal government with authority to enact, interpret and enforce world law adequate to maintain peace …. World law should be enforceable directly upon individuals.” Bye-bye Bill of Rights protection for American citizens!

At a 1983 economic summit, Ronald Reagan said: “An integrated world economy needs a common monetary standard … But, no national currency will do – only a world currency will work.” [See: ‘Treason: The New World Order’ by Gurudas.]

Asked on March 17, 1980, during the Florida primary, whether he would allow any Trilateral Commission members in his Cabinet, presidential hopeful, RONALD REAGAN, replied, “No, I don’t believe that the Trilateral Commission is a conspiratorial group, but I do think its interests are devoted to international banking, multinational corporations, and so forth. I don’t think that any administration of the U.S. government should have the top 19 positions filled by people from any one group or organization representing one viewpoint. No. I would go in a different direction.”

Just prior to the election, REAGAN was asked who really ran the country and he answered, “I think there is an elite in this country and they are the ones who run an elitist government. They want a government by a handful of people because they don’t believe the people themselves can run their lives … Are we going to have an elitist government that makes decisions for people’s lives or are we going to believe as we have for so many decades, that the people can make these decisions for themselves?”

And yet, after becoming president, Reagan assembled a “transition team” of 59 Elite people representing international bankers and multinational corporations to select, screen and recommend appointees for major administration posts. Of that 59 person team, 28 were Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members, 10 were members of the secret and elite Bilderberg Group, and 10 were members of the Trilateral Commission. [See: ‘The Unseen Hand’ by Epperson.] There’s an incestuous relationship between all three of these conspiratorial groups. President Reagan ultimately named to his administration the following Council on Foreign Relations members (primarily Global Government-promoting Keynesian socialists). This is a partial list:

TREASURY SECRETARY: Regan (former Trilateral Commission member)

The bottom line is: Although he talked a good game, and although he may have truly desired to do right by his country, the fact is that Reagan sold out to The Secret Elite. He was just one more in a long line of pseudo-conservatives fooling the Americonned People in order to get votes. At best, Reagan was an enabler of traitors; at worst, he was a liar and a traitor to his country. One thing he certainly was not, however – he was NOT a conservative American patriot. That Ronald Reagan has come to symbolize the modern conservative movement perfectly illustrates just what a sham the Republican party really is! Like other presidents before and after him, Reagan was dishonest when he put his hand on The Holy Bible and swore to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

But this pattern of fake conservatives fooling the people hardly begins or ends with Reagan.

Remember when the Republicans destroyed the Democrats in 1994 based on a so-called conservative Contract With America? Did you notice how quickly and strikingly the federal government adapted to Constitutional limitations right after Newt Gingrich and his fellow "conservative" politicians took office? Yeah, me neither. Well, color me surprised! Promises, reneging; promises, reneging, ad infinitum. Has a pattern developed here, Thomas Jefferson? We won’t even discuss “W” and how he increased the cost and scope of government even beyond that of Bill Clinton And His Jolly Band Of Lying Liberals. A fairly strong argument could be made that the last president to remain true to his oath of office was Grover Cleveland. Yeah, that was a few years ago.

Nowadays we have pseudo-conservatives with their own TV stations and radio programs, continuing to brainwash the authentic conservatives in America into believing that they have a voice in the media. But these people are all frauds; they’re not really conservatives like you and I. They say the right things, but they avoid mentioning the meaningful issues.

Rush Limbaugh? I agree with most of what he says, but it’s what he DOESN’T say that disturbs me! He won’t address the real heart of the trouble. What are the two biggest political problems in America today?

1: Our complete disregard of Constitutional restrictions. (Important!: By definition, this would include our illegal Federal Reserve System. The Fed is illegal because it’s un-Constitutional! See: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve’ by Griffin.)

2: Foreign and domestic policy being dictated by nonelected Elites in nongovernmental organizations (e.g., the CFR, international bankers, corporate representatives, etc.) rather than by a Congress coerced only by The People it legitimately represents.

These are the 2 biggest problems in the U.S.A. today, and why aren’t Limboob, Bill O’Really?, Sean “You’re An
Un-American American” Hannity, and Michael “Trotskyite” Medved shouting about them every day on their programs? Why are they always just Yakking Around The Bush but never trying to drive a stake into the heart of the monster? Wanna know why? Because they’re all frauds; secret Keynesian socialists in Republican’s clothing, and they exist to speak just enough truth to convince you they represent your ideas and concerns, but they don’t fully ACT on the conservative Constitutional principles they claim to love. To borrow an appropriate tune title from Pat Metheny: (It’s Just) Talk.

The Republican media pundits serve one purpose, and that is to convince you to vote Republican again next time around. This way the One-World Fascist Agenda (“New World Order”) can continue unabated while you get the satisfaction of throwing the current crop of bastards out of office. Back and forth the political pendulum swings: Democrat-Republican, Democrat-Republican, Democrat-Republican, but the slide into statist tyranny deepens with each swing of the political pendulum.

Here’s a little test I’ve devised to help a person figure out whether or not a Republican is a real (Constitutional) conservative: If he has his own segment on Fox News, he’s not. If he broadcasts behind The Golden EIB Microphone or praises the man who does, he’s not.

A Rush Limboob can state the obvious all day long; he can Yak for hours about how wrong federal bailouts are (which of us conservatives don’t already agree with that?) But until he starts pointing his fat finger at the real cause behind the outrage – the Federal Reserve System - until Limboob starts criticizing the source of the trouble and calls for an audit of The Fed and then a discontinuation of that un-Constitutional Beelzebub, his “conservatism”?-- (It’s Just) Yak. And that goes for his every phony crony. Neocons all. The Federal Reserve System is our country’s single most egregious transgression against the U.S. Constitution. So, why is it not on the lips of “conservative” TV and radio commentators each and every single day? No! Answer the question, Reader. Answer it!

Pay attention! The whole point of this Blog Bit is to illustrate that anyone can say ANYTHING, but that doesn’t make it so. Ronald Reagan could call himself a conservative but that didn’t make it so. He could swear to uphold the Constitution, but that didn’t make it so. George W. Bush claimed to be a conservative but that didn’t make it so. He claimed to endorse smaller and less expensive government but he increased government’s size and cost even beyond his liberal predecessor, Bill Clinton. I guess it depends on what the meanings of the words “is” and “conservative” are.

Insincere Yakking doesn’t just apply to politics, of course; it can operate across-the-board. A woman can call herself “Christian” until the cows come home blue in the face, but saying she’s a Christian doesn’t make it so. Particularly if her beliefs are not in accord with the Biblical standard that defined original “Christianity.” I can say I’m a six-year-old Hindu girl from Dogbite Falls, Minnesota, but that doesn’t make it so.

In conclusion, I’ll reiterate what my years of study have proven to me is the #1 Rule Of Politics:


Do you wish to understand a politician’s real beliefs? Then put aside the things he or she has said and examine the history of their actions. How have they voted? What organizations have they joined? Whom have they previously supported? This is where you’ll find the answer you seek. (Yes, it will require a little homework on your part. If that’s too much effort for you, then you shouldn’t be voting. Voting is a responsibility best left to the Big Boys and Girls.)

For the media, the rule gets a slight twist:


Remember people, it is only your belief that mainstream politicians mean what they say that perpetuates the illusion of political options. Do your homework, investigate the background of your “conservative” politician of choice - or even your “liberal” politician of choice - and you will eventually wake up to see the reality behind the illusion. An illusion deliberately fabricated to keep you dreaming of “Change” without any real possibility of experiencing it.

Here’s the bumper sticker slogan:

The truth about a person ain’t in YAK, it’s in ACT!

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. Beware of Democrats in Republican’s clothing. Beware of Socialists in Capitalist’s clothing. Beware of Liberals in Conservative’s clothing. But most of all, beware of Men in Women’s clothing!

~ Stephen T. McCarthy

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  1. Stephen-

    You of all people should know that your blog needs to be shorter and use smaller words, preferably ones that are easy to sound out.

    The Ameri-conneds simply do not have the attention span to reach such a long passage.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm pretty sure there's a Hulk Hogan reality show on MTV....

  2. TODDFAN ~
    You are entirely correct. In fact, my buddy OL' WP recently left a comment on another Blog Bit stating that the short attention span of most Americans today is probably one of the principal reasons my Blogs attract no outside notice.

    I briefly thought about trying to reduce future Blog Bits to just the bare essentials, but then my obstinate nature kicked in again and I said, "I ain't changing for no one!" Well, my boxer shorts I'll change occasionally, but I do that more for me than for anyone else.

    To bastardize a line stolen from Steely Dan: "Sue me if I write too long."

    ~ STMcMe
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>

  3. Stephen-

    I'm rereading this post as part of your greatest bits collection.

    To this post, I can only make one final comment.

    Reagan was from California.

    You cannot trust people from California.

    No matter what they say, deep down, they're liberals, or worse, surfers and Beach Boys fans!

    On a serious note, I'd forgotten many of these posts, and probably was less open-minded to your theories upon my first read.

    I think what disappoints me the most was learning that Powell was CFR, as he would have been a candidate I'd have had hope for.

    I'll have to ask you about World Federalist Association-I do not remember hearing of them before.

    Sadly, like we've said before, the American'ts do not really know what the Constitution is all about, so how could they know what a threat Socialism/Marxism and a New World Order would be?

    Or as Neal Morse once sang, "At the end of the day, it's what you do not what you say..."

    Oh yeah, POWELL was/is deeply entrenched in the "New World Order" ideology.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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