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Stephen T. McCarthy here and winging it without the brains of this outfit, my inflatable girlfriend, Ariel. This is the second issue of pointless postings:

Opposing abortion, illegal immigration, and gun control, like I do, and favoring greatly reduced federal authority and a return to states’ rights, like I do, and having voted for Ron Paul, like I did, it seems that Butch Napolitano And The SumDunce Kids consider me a potentially dangerous character. Maybe y’all shouldn’t read any more of this Blog; I’d hate to be a bad influence on ya.

As I have done for the last 8 4ths, this Fourth Of July I will read “The Declaration Of Independence” from “When” to “Honor.” I invite you to join me. Just bring your sombrero, your perro caliente, your cerveza, your lentes, and somebody else’s Social Security number. Viva la Revolucion!

Have you heard that O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake are suspected of having killed their women? Yup, it’s true. Semi-reliable sources also inform us that pop star Michael Jackson has died. We have not been able to confirm the accuracy of that report yet, but standby and we will pass along further information to you just as soon as it comes in.

Do you need a gauge to determine just how far the U.S.A. has fallen morally and socially? Try this one: There is now a place calling itself “The Divorce Store.” As if divorce wasn’t sad and bad enough, it’s now somewhat imagined to be just another commodity that an American might purchase at a “store.” The end is near. In fact, it’s halfway down aisle 6, on the left side, upper shelf. Just let me know if you need a store clerk to help you get one of the divorces down.

I’ve been saying it for years: Real Men don’t use drinking straws! Why do waiters and waitresses (Oops! I mean the genderless term “food servers”) bring a drinking straw to the table whenever I order iced tea? What the hell?! Don’t they know that Real Men never use drinking straws? It’s fine to bring straws for women and children, but for men? REAL Men? And isn’t it obvious that’s what I am? Damned food servers! Look, the day you can show me a movie that includes a scene with Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Richard Roundtree, Audie Murphy, or Robert Mitchum sucking out of a drinking straw, that’s the day I’ll rethink this thing. But until then, Mr. and “MS.” Food Server, you can take that straw and you can stick it… well… stick it in Ariel’s… uhm… diet Pepsi.

One of the most ludicrous things I can think of about modern America is that BILL MAHER once had a television program called – of all things – “Politically Incorrect.” There are few people in this country more consistently politically correct than Bill Maher. I mean, here’s a guy who supports gay marriage, criticizes religion, and serves on the board of PETA. He’s an environmentalist who believes in anthropogenic global warming. He also supports the killing of the unborn (i.e., murder, though euphemistically referred to as “pro-choice”). Maher also supports the death penalty. All of these things are considered politically correct by our Elite Puppeteers in 2009.
- - -
Yes, granted he believes in legalizing marijuana – which I would consider still politically incorrect at this time; as well, he supports euthanasia – also politically incorrect, at least according to the man on the street. And true, what he said about the 9/11 terrorists which cost him his job some years back was, at that point, politically incorrect (although factually correct). But for every politically incorrect idea that Maher supports, one could find five P.C. beliefs he holds in accord with the Elite Social Engineers behind the scenes. That he could get away with calling his former show “Politically Incorrect” is outrageous. Maher is a sham and the fact that he has been considered politically incorrect for so many years goes to show what a sham American society is, too!
- - -
“I know the morals and values folks want us to take time out of the school day for prayer and the Ten Commandments and abstinence training, and to learn at least two theories of evolution – the one agreed upon by every scientist in the world [sic], and the one that involves naked ladies and snakes.”
~The Politically Correct maroon BILL MAHER
- - -
If y’all want to see something REALLY politically incorrect, click HERE.

A good friend of mine recently confessed to me:
“I am always confusing Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich -- yes, I know Gingrich was Speaker of the House.”
- - -
I forgave her confusion:
“Well, that’s understandable: they’re both fat, White Neocons. I can’t stand either one of them!”

I have a political rule of thumb: do not debate politics with anyone who still believes that there are two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. If the person is still blind to the fact that there is only one political party in this country disguising itself as polar opposites and pretending to do battle, then I am wasting my time trying to get through to that person in a political argument; he or she hasn’t even graduated yet to a point where meaningful political dialogue can take place.
- - -
I’m pretty good about obeying my rule of thumb, but every once in awhile I’ll throw a political punch or two just for the heck of it. When – a tool of the Elite Social Engineers – posted an article meant to dismiss the idea that USAP’s meeting with HELLARY CLINTON and the Bilderberg group was significant, I created an account at just so I could comment.
- - -
At one point in the debate, a person going by the pseudonym SamsClubber posted the following:
- - -
There is nothing new about these Bilderberg annual meetings. The Clinton's have gone. It is also interesting to note, that CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) members are in both parties. Colin Powell and Newt Gingrich for example.
In fact, that is probably how this elite worldist group got Newt Gingrich to sit down and do a Global Warming Nonsense Commerical with the nutcase Nancy Pelosi.
These groups probably mean well, and infiltrate nicely into the various political parties while maintaining their own objectives of instituting their world view, but they are subject to failure. The League of Nations was a notable example. The collpase and failed state of Mexico before it can become part of the governing North American Union is another example of one more glitch in the We Are Global One.
The fact that China is really not a US partner in ANYTHING is another example that would hurt the Clinton's and Henry Kissinger's feelings.
- - -
Sometime later, a self-confessed “Liberal” named Kenric responded to SamsClubber:
- - -
It sounds like in your ideal world the two parties are Conservative Republicans and Moderate Republicans, because Powell is the latter. Granted, he supports many liberal ideals and endorsed Obama, and I actually don't understand why he's not a Democrat, but he's not.
- - -
That’s when I reentered the debate to essentially support SamsClubber and enlighten the Liberal Kenric:
- - -
KENRIC: Of course you don't understand why Colin Powell isn't a Democrat. That's because you REALLY don't understand what's going on here. What the so-called "Conspiracy Theorists" have been saying is way over your head. "See Hillary Run; See Dick (Cheney) Act Like A Dick" is more your speed.
- - -
I haven’t received a reply from Kenric yet… but I look forward to that day. Let the games begin!

This is another thing that’s been bugging me for years: I can’t believe how often people say it incorrectly. Listen up, nitwits, the proper way to say it is, “I COULDN’T CARE LESS.” Why is it that so few say it correctly? No less than 8 out of 10 times, the person will say, “I could care less.” I even find it consistently written incorrectly in newspaper and magazine articles! You’d expect that at least the professional writers would “write it right.” Teachers and public speakers get it wrong on a regular basis, too! Do you realize that when you say “I could care less” you are actually saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you meant to say? The idea that you’re intending to convey when you say “I COULDN’T care less” is that this thing (whatever’s being discussed) is of such little interest to you that there is NOTHING out there that you care less about! That when it comes to caring, this is scraping the very bottom of the barrel. But when you say “I could care less” that’s like saying you COULD care less. Get it? In other words, you haven’t yet reached the very bottom of the barrel of caring. I’m only pointing this out to you people because I care more than I do not.

Is the Idiot a Liberal because she’s an Idiot? Or is the Liberal an Idiot because she’s a Liberal?

I think that great Greek philosopher ANONYMOUS said it best:
- - -
“Nonconformists are easy to spot because they all look alike.”
- - -
Ain’t that the truth? You can tell in a moment who society’s rebels are because they’ve pierced and tattooed their bodies as a display for the rest of society. They want us squares to see that they “don’t follow the status quo.” The only problem is that – as is always the case – the nonconformists have all conformed to the commonly accepted rebel fashion. (Remember the acid-dropping, longhaired, tie-dyed protesting rebels of the ‘60s? They all looked alike, didn’t they?) And these pierced and tattooed pseudo-rebels now come in all ages: teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, and even a few seventy-something-year-olds. How pathetic is that?!
- - -
Now perhaps someone will try the specious argument that these pierced and tattooed maroons aren’t really attempting to express societal rebelliousness, but merely believe they are beautifying their bodies. Uh-huh. Right. I’ve got a message for that fifty-something-year-old overweight woman standing in line before me at the supermarket: Wanna beautify your body? Get off your lazy butt and drop sixty pounds! Trust me, it will make you look more attractive than that dragon tattooed on your left shoulder blade, which you yourself aren’t even able to see. (It’s there for the benefit of others, isn’t it? “Oh, look at me, everyone! Look at me!” your tattoo screams!)
- - -
It won’t happen this way, but I’d do a jig if on The Day Of The Lord it turned out that tattoos were actually “the mark of the beast.” Wouldn’t that be delicious if everyone who “followed the crowd” to the tattoo parlor had unwittingly paid money for and received the devil’s mark? What if they have “fake-rebelled” themselves right into hell? What if the tattooer’s needles really symbolize the devil’s pitchfork? HA!
- - -
Well, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then here’s a thousand and ten words from me for all you phony rebels out there: 1,010 Words.

I’ve received a jury summons in the mail. Ooh! Don’tcha just hate it when that happens?! Well, looks like it’s time to break out the ol’ “Kill ‘Em All And Let God Sort ‘Em Out”
T-shirt. That ought to keep me off a jury. (Always does.) I can’t get stuck in a courtroom all day when there are so many daytime television court programs I wouldn’t get to watch!

My years of studying American history turned up a disturbing pattern. Time and time again, "Time" and most other mainstream media propaganda organs totally dismissed or minimized important occurrences until AFTER the damage was done. Our journalistic watchdogs seldom let the cat out of the bag until it was too late to do much about it. “Communists running rampant in American government? Pshaw! Castro, a commie? Relax, comrade, he’s only an agrarian reformer.” Of course, after the horse was loose, they’d close the barn door. “In hindsight, comrades, it seems McCarthy wasn’t a TOTAL nut. And yes, we suppose there were signs that Castro may have had Red leanings all along. Oops. Oh well. We’ll get ‘em next time. But for now, relax, we’re on top of this birth certificate thing and it all checks out fine.”

I’m strongly urging you all to see the new Alex Jones documentary “The Obama Deception.” When a good buddy offered to send me his copy but added that I already know this stuff, I gratefully declined his offer. A few weeks later, however, a copy arrived in the mail for my brother Nappy, sent by an old friend of his. It was in the house so I decided to watch it anyway. Yes, I did already know the vast majority of the material, but perhaps YOU don’t. This might really open some hypnotized eyes out there!
- - -
Other than the way the filmmaker attempted to portray John F. Kennedy as our last unowned president (which I find no convincing supporting evidence for and plenty that contradicts it) and Alex Jones’ use of the bullhorn which makes him come off appearing like some real extremist kook (which he’s not!), I thought this was a very well constructed presentation. Along with Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom To Fascism”, I’d say this is the best documentary I’ve seen that exposes the New World Order. In my opinion, it’s far superior to any of the other Alex Jones movies I’ve previously viewed.
- - -
One thing I especially appreciated was the interviews with a couple of young Black men who have seen through the deception and not allowed the issue of race to cloud their vision. Rappers “KRS-ONE” and founding member of Public Enemy “PROFESSOR GRIFF” prove that they see through the carefully managed political show that the Elite behind the scenes use to condition and control the masses.
- - -
Here’s just one piece of dialogue from the film that you might find interesting:
- - -
Narrator: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has proposed the extrajudicial banning of any American on the fraudulant “No-Fly List” from owning any firearm.
- - -
Emanuel: “That is, if you are on the No-Fly List because you are known as maybe a possible terrorist, you cannot buy a handgun in America." [*And then all the Useful Idiots in the audience applaud.*]
- - -
Narrator: Over 25,000 Americans are added each month to the “No-Fly List”, which numbers over a million people who have not been charged or convicted of any crime.
- - -
Did you notice how much evidence Emanuel feels the Feds should need against you in order to steal your Second Amendment right from you? “MAYBE a POSSIBLE terrorist”? Maybe? Possible? Nice to see that the Feds feel they should hold themselves to such a high standard of evidence before stripping perfectly innocent Americans of their Constitutional right.
- - -
I haven’t flown in a few years, and I wonder if I’m even still eligible to do so. Let’s face it, Butch Napolitano And The SumDunce Kids have made it clear that people who think like I do (you know, “Rah!-Rah! Constitution; Guard the borders; Protect the unborn” and all that) are potential threats to all the great things that America stands for.
- - -
Anyhow, make sure you see “The Obama Deception.” A few minor missteps aside, this is one movie that just might make you see that until We The People demand REAL “Change” there is no “Hope” of future freedom. I don’t care where you get a copy because I have no financial investment in it, but one way or another… SEE THE MOVIE!

A fat, lazy, ignorant, immoral, ungodly, and conceited country is now reaping what it has sown. America must now eat the sour fruit she cultivated. There is a price to be paid for watching reality TV, for listening to Oprah, for celebrating depravity, for disrespecting your body, for murdering your unborn children, for thumbing your nose at The Holy Bible, and for ignoring your own Constitution. And that price is paid in the coin of collapse. God’s judgment may not be swift but neither is it unjust. Yeah, Happy Fourth of July!

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
"As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
~Proverbs 26:11

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  1. I love the post, but I still don't think the Obama deception is THAT good. It' s a must see for people who don't know, but I still prefer America Freedom to Fascism.

  2. Thanks for the "love", Br'er.
    "America: Freedom To Fascism" may be better for an overall view of what's taking place, but remember, it was produced prior to USAP's election to the presidency and so it isn't going help those who have been blinded by the slogans "Hope" and "Change" to see immediately that USAP is really just another bought, paid for, and useful puppet of the New World Order masters. "The Obama Deception" shows pretty clearly that despite all the rhetoric and promises of "Change", USAP is just conducting business as usual with all the Usual Suspects behind him.

    "America: Freedom To Fascism" is probably a better overview, which addresses more facets of the N.W.O., but I think "The Obama Deception" may be more effective for "this time."

    I loaned it to my friend L.C. and he thought it was well-made and pretty effective. Like us, however, he wished Jones would lay off the bullhorn bit.

    ~ STMcC
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>


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